Why are fansubbers dumbing down Blu-Ray rips?

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Dr Kain, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Why the hell are fansubbers dumbing down Blu-Ray rips to Kamen Rider series? Like someone is subbing Blade using the BDs, but they dropped them down to 480p. Why the hell would I want to watch a BD rip in 480p? That defies the whole point. Give me the freaking fansubs in 1080P like BD is meant to be!
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    The only fansub group I know that doing Blade right now is Excite Subs.

    If you want BD versions, I'd say just wait until they are done with the series. They've been known to go back and tweak their scripts a little bit to make their translations perfect. I'm sure once they are done, OCZ-Live or someone will partner the subs with BD video rips. Or, if you're that impatient, you could grab a copy of the fansub scrips and download the raw BD videos.

    I collect the SD releases for the the most part because they take up less file space on the various flash drives I own, and also I don't mind the lower definition. The only time I care is when it's either an anniversary special/series, a movie, or when it's a series that I am sentimental about. I imagine anyone else that downloads the SDs probably do so for similar reasons.
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