Which Power Rangers Season(s) Would You Like To See Getting A Movie Reboot?

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Sentaifan'07 Xman, Jul 20, 2015.

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    So, with the speculations of Saban Brands and Lionsgate rebooting Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers on the big screen in 2017, I have thought about what other Power Rangers season(s) that everyone would like to see getting a movie reboot. And I have to say, there are some that truly does needed to be reset and rebooted into a movie so bad. Where as a few are just fine as they, just doesn't really need to change a lot unless if there were some actual problems that needed to be fixed from the original TV run of their respective source materials. And since this is my thread, I will go first on listing what Power Rangers season(s) should be rebooted into a movie. Here are my choices......

    1) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy:
    -Just change the "Charlie Brown" patterns of the Rangers' suits and include the "Lost Galaxy" story arc as third part of the series, and make Scorpious look like an actual scorpion-like monster

    2) Power Rangers Operation Overdrive:
    -Change the rangers' ethnicities
    -Make the villains look like actual threats and more realistic
    -Give the Overdrive Rangers some actual personalities
    -Explore more on the whole "globe-trotting" theme where the Rangers are actually experiencing different cultures and myths
    -Keep the sixth ranger story arc separate from the main plot of the reboot and have it build up for a solo film for his character
    -Keep the mystery behind the Red Ranger being an android a secret, until the ending which would lead to a plot-twist
    -Make the Sentinel Knight more important, but don't give him all of the focus, but let him serve as a guide to helping him find the jewels of the Corona Aurora

    3) Power Rangers Mystic Force:
    -Focus less on the side prevalence characters and more on the four Mystic Rangers
    -Give less focus on the Red Ranger and Udonna's quest to find her son, "Bowen"
    -Make the Mystic Mother feel like she's an important character because it's a reformed Rita Repulsa
    -Make the villains, including Koragg, more threatening and give them some actual personalities
    -Have the Mystic Rangers try and preserve balance between the Mystic Realm and Briarwood in general. But at the same time, make them feel like the liaisons between both worlds
    -Make the background seem more light and colorful, but still maintain the serious tone of the show as well

    4) Power Rangers Jungle Fury:
    -Just make the story feel more emotional
    -Have Fran feel more resentful and jealous that she was never a Power Ranger, but make her feel more sympathetic
    -Focus more on Dai-Shi actually becoming one with Jarrod's heart, but at the same time, establish an actual struggle between the two characters where they're either agreeing with one another, or if Dai-Shi is truly taking control of Jarrod's heart and body
    -Make the Spirit Rangers actual rangers, but have the Pi-Zua masters find some new students who share the same animal spirits as them

    5) Power Rangers Wild Force:
    -Have it connected to Wild Force, but actually establish that the Galactabeasts are the missing Wild Zords, but choosing to stay on Mirinoi
    -Focus more on the characters of Taylor, Danny, Alyssa and Max interacting as a team
    -Give Merrick an actual personality
    -Lose the whole "Disney" fairy-tale background in the movie
    -Make the characters of Jindrax and Toxica more serious as villains
    -Make Cole know who his parents are, but remember them when he was a little kid
    -Make Princess Shayla more useful as a mentor and less of a live-action cheap Disney princess knock-off. In other words....make her like Xena: Warrior Princess or Zelda from "The Legend of Zelda"

    So, those are my choices of Power Rangers season(s) getting a possible movie reboot.

    But I wanna know from you guys, which season(s) would you like to see getting a movie reboot and how would like to change some aspects of their original materials?

    Let me know soon!
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    Lost Galaxy mos def though I am sick of peopl calling them Charlie Brown and shit like its our fault. lol.

    Samurai had those cool ass Mega Modes though could've been saved
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    I've done a fair amount of thinking on the subject, but it's not something I really take seriously. PR works best as a series. If they did reboots in any respect, yes, there's tons of stuff that could've been tweaked, salvaged, reworked, or even re-imagined, but most of the series' are fine with the tones that they had.

    Although, I'll agree some villains need to be fixed. Almost every villain from Dino Thunder-Overdrive lost all sense of menace Lord Zedd style from getting their asses kicked so many times & doing absolutely nothing about it in the long run, no matter how serious, intelligent or cruel we were initially led to believe they were. A lot of the time, I get that it was painted into a corner by the sentai footage- Sometimes I can't even get around that in my own versions- but a decent plot & the feeling that the show & characters are legitimately doing something & going somewhere would solve that, no problem. Another thing for LG, it kind of bothers me how Trakeena mutates with Deviot at the last minute, completely looses her mind, & that is never addressed or dealt by anyone on either side for the remaining five episodes she exists in (I'm counting the LR crossover).

    But, in the long run, I don't think this could ever be legitimately solved in film form. The best idea I had was starting with the initial MMPR plotline & then add in themes pointing to other teams & other series' (as if every season of PR was happening somewhere, almost all at once) like incorporating other series' villains & ranger cameos into sequels.

    Although, any real hope that this is going to be a good movie died a while ago. Even I admit It'd take me weeks of constant, nonstop work to manage a decent script that would both do the series' memory justice & make fans happy.:redface2: No one in hollywood is going to let that happen with the current, average persons' idea of what PR is. We'll be lucky to get something somewhere between Transformers & Daredevil in terms of bad...
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    Yeah, that is true. I mean, most of that has to rely so heavily on the Sentai footages, but I feel as though, with the exception of Messogog, that the majority of the villains from Dino Thunder-Operation Overdrive don't really have as much of actual objectives other than the fact that they are just plain "evil". But, then again....that's pretty much what we liked about most of them. Eh, but who am I too judge, I do hope that the upcoming movie reboot of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will change all of that.

    I always thought that it was mostly Deviot's subconscious taking over Trakeena's body in the last episode. I mean, isn't that what his main objective was this whole time?! To enter the cocoon and become invincible?! Not, that I would question the writing in that last part of the finale of Lost Galaxy, but, it's just that for me as a kid when I saw Deviot fusing together with Trakeena in the cocoon, I always that they would both not only share the same body, but also the same mind when they mutated into one.
  5. Shogun_Master

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    i don't mean that the Trakeena thing was a bad idea, I mean the writers could've done a lot more with the other characters, both good & evil, if that would've been addressed at some point. We knew it, but no one else seemed to, even the other villains who were there.

    I don't know, though. Maybe they thought they'd done enough of that in PRiS & were just trying to take the idea in a different direction. What if she can't be saved? But, the characters still never formally addressed the actual situation at hand.
  6. Sentaifan'07 Xman

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    Hmm....good point. Still, it was an okay idea, though. Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait and see in the future. Hopefully.
  7. Dr Kain

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    I really would only want to see amovie that bridges the gap between Zeo and Turbo. I want to know why Zedd and Rita gave up after they were so excited to be back. I want to know why Jason didn't seem to remember being the Gold Ranger. I want to know what made them decide to go from the most powerful powers in the universe to car power. Was the Zeo crystal overloading? Did they need to reform the crystal into the Turbo powers?
  8. FreedomR8G6B1

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    Just do "Gobusters" so they don't feel left out.
  9. Sentaifan'07 Xman

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    That is IF they intend to adapt Go-Busters into a Power Rangers movie.
  10. JackLovesZ

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    I immediately thought of Mystic Force.
  11. Sentaifan'07 Xman

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    So do I. I mean, I loved the idea that it's given us a "Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit"-vibe than it does as a "Harry Potter"-ish Power Rangers season, but, seriously....this show focuses waaaaay too heavily on the Red Ranger. And believe me when I say this....Nick is by far one of the absolute worst Red Rangers you will ever see in your entire life.

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