What was the best part abotu portraying Cam?

Discussion in 'JASON CHAN' started by Storm Eagle, Feb 24, 2011.

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  1. What was the best part about portraying Cam? The deadpan one-liners (because the way you delivered them rocked), the character himself, or the relationships Cam had with his friends and family?
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    Storm Eagle, you're spot on - I loved the sarcasm. And therefore, the relationships he had with the others was kinda fun too - the tension and that fact that he was an outsider was an interesting thing to play - especially how to balance that with keeping him likeable.

    I remember one of the writers telling me they added a couple of sarcastic lines early on but wasn't sure how it would go because it's hard to keep a character likeable while being snooty! But after they saw the first couple of episodes and realized it kinda worked - they just went for it and so did I!

    I kinda liked the special relationship that Tori had with Cam too - that she was always supportive - could see through the sarcastic exterior to someone who just wanted to be accepted.
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