[WHAT IF...] Sylar (Heroes) has the power of KAMEN RIDER OUJA ??

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by thepan, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. thepan

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    The title said so ;) For fun only.

    but seriously guys, long time ago there is one extremely jaw-dropping cool fanart that I found on the internet (I think it's a thailand site) which have Sylar Wearing the Rider Belt with OUJA Card.

    I wish I remember the link for the image..doh! :shakefist.
  2. Aoiblue

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    Find that link!
    it sounds awesome!
  3. KingRanger

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    It would suck. The person that played Ouja was perfect. Why ruin it with some one not cool?

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