What do toku actors think of Americanized toku?

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    In the Tokusatsu Network interview with Keiichi Wada, he briefly expressed how he was a little annoyed that Power Rangers ended getting more attention than Super Sentai. Are there any other instances of Tokusatsu actors expressing disdain (or praise) for American tokusatsu shows like Power Rangers, VR Troopers, etc?
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    :confused: I have no idea on how many tokusatsu actors or actress feel about the American version of the shows that they have appear on. Do they like it or not?
  3. Herman the German

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    No one's asking for divination here. :v
    That said, it can't all be bad seeing things like Power Rangers S.P.D. being dubbed in Japan by their Japanese counterpart actors and such.
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    Well that whole thing was started by Yuji Kishi (Carranger's Red Racer). When he heard that Power Rangers Turbo was going to be broadcast in Japan, he found out who was casting voice actors for the Japanese dub and appealed to them, arguing that as the actor of the original Sentai version of the character he felt that being the dub voice of the Red Turbo Ranger . Despite not having any voice acting credits to his name at that point they nevertheless cast him as TJ. It turned out to be a complete change of direction for his career, as since then he's been primarily a voice actor (he's most well-known as Ken from the Street Fighter video games).

    This also started a trend where whenever a Power Rangers series gets brought back to Japan they try and hire as many of the Sentai actors as possible to be the Japanese dub voices of their PR counterparts.

    I can't think of any actors who have beef with PR, but we know that Naruhisa Arakawa (head writer for Abaranger, Dekaranger, Gokaiger and Akibaranger, and secondary writer on loads of Sentai going all the way back to Jetman) has a problem with them.

    Specifically, he claims that Power Rangers have on numerous occasions created episodes that are direct English translations of his Sentai scripts, then named the translators as the episode's writers instead of him. Apparently he contacted the PR production team (I'm assuming this is probably the Disney era team) numerous times requesting that they give him a proper writing credit for his episodes. He isn't asking them for any money; he just wants his name included in the "written by..." text even if it's alongside the translators' names. Yet despite his requests they still didn't put his name on the episodes. The result of all this? The notorious "Powerful Rangers" episode of Akibaranger.
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    From what I've seen, most actors are indifferent. They are okay with a different version of Super Sentai existing, and the international differences tend to interest or amuse them. If anything, they should be excited for the chance to come back and dub Power Rangers. That's double to pay check for them.

    I now have a new appreciation for that episode. But I can understand where he is coming from. It's only right to give him creative credit.
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    I could be wrong, but I believe ever since Saban took the reigns again, they at least always credit the original Japanese writer on every episode, regardless of similarities.

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