[Anime] What are you watching now?

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  1. Shynilyte

    Shynilyte Shyni

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    Old stuff I'm trying to finish:
    Yozakura Quartet
    New Getter Robo

    New shows:
    Symphogear G

    Shin Mazinger

    That's pretty much it right now. I might add Genei o Kakeru Taiyo, but I'm not sure if I'm actually gonna watch after the first episode.
  2. HurricaneDragon

    HurricaneDragon Member

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    Mobile Suit Gundam
    Gundam AGE

    Picked Up:
    Symphogear G
    Highschool DxD NEW
    Rozen Maiden

    Caught up on:
    Danball Senki Wars
    Attack on Titan

    Need to check out:

    Dee-ropped like it's hot:
    Dangan Ronpa (since we're getting the game now)
  3. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Member

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    Just got done with Bodacious Space Pirates and now I'm all sad :disappoin
  4. OpenLand

    OpenLand Member

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  5. DoGu

    DoGu Member

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    Recently finished Psycho Pass, and it was pretty good.

    Started on Death Note, Ao No Exorcist, and Steins;Gate. Actually, it's been a few months since I've actually watched a toku episode.. Ever since I went to Anime Expo, I've been addicted to anime.
  6. Hurricane Polymar

    Hurricane Polymar Member

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    Finished watching City Hunter, one of the best animes of the 1980s.

    For those who haven't watched it, it is a treat.
  7. nexusknight2

    nexusknight2 Member

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    Nobunaga the fool, Future Card Buddyfight, and Buddy Complex
  8. nexusknight2

    nexusknight2 Member

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    Watching SSSS Gridman
  9. nexusknight2

    nexusknight2 Member

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    Watching SSSS Gridman
  10. april70

    april70 New Member

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    Currently Watching

    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Series I
    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal Series II
    Pocket Monsters Indigo League
    YU Gi Oh Series II
    Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Series II

    I own up to Master Quest

    Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters actually. 4 kids had shortened the name.


    Chrono Crusade
    Dragon Ball GT
    Final Fantasy Unlimited
    The Slayers
    Transformers Headmasters
    Transformers Master Force
    Transformers Victory
    Transformers Micron Legend (US Dub)
    Transformers Super Link (US Dub)
    Transformers Galaxy Force (US Dub)

    Unicorn Trilogy watched as Armada , Energon and Cybertron in english.
  11. april70

    april70 New Member

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    Except for Chrono Crusade the completed list is due to the fact I own these. Saw Chrono Crusade on TV and Stream.


    Naruto Shippuden Series VI

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