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Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by april70, Oct 17, 2019.

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    How do you guys watch the Ranger shows?

    Some of us don't have Nick so what are your ways to watch?


    MMPR - Super Ninja Steel

    Beast Morphers
    Stream on Mobile
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    Thank goodness for Netflix. I doubt there's very many Power Rangers titles I'd actually want to own.

    The 90's movies.
    The reboot movie.
    Maybe a little bit of the Mighty Morphin era, depending on if the DVD/Blurays extras have those bonus music videos from the VHS days. ("Fight", "I Will Win", "We Need A Hero", etc.)

    But that's about it, really. It's more for history purposes, and for the titles that didn't rely on any Japanese resources.
  3. april70

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    I watched all of Power Rangers on DVD. This was starting in 2013 when I got the Mega sets and then year sets from Lionsgate. Beast Morphers Part 1 next for me soon on DVD.

    Thanks to Lionsgate I watched the entire Nick run. Recently finished Super Ninja Steel. 1st release by Hasbro.

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