[Wanted] A couple of SH Figuarts and SICs

Discussion in 'Toys Unlimited' started by DJ-V, Sep 20, 2010.

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    [Wanted] A couple of SH Figuarts and SIC

    Hi guys,

    I am currently looking for a couple of SHF and SICs. I can't order online since my paypal account is forever gone due to my rejected credit card >_<..

    So yea.

    Money (Money order or US Cash)

    SHF Gohan
    SHF KR Accel
    SHF KR W FangJoker
    SHF KR Decade (Violent Emotion)
    SHF Diend
    SIC Faiz

    Thanks guys

  2. dchoc

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    Why not just order from online sites or from the middlemen?
  3. DJ-V

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    I do not have a paypal account to do so. My credit card has been rejected from my account..
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    Okay...but can't you just edit or mod your paypal account to do direct debit from your bank account? I don't -highly- recommend it, but the option is there. In fact, in the long run (unless you're racking up Credit Card points), it's a better option for both you and the seller.

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