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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by scikaiju, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. scikaiju

    scikaiju science experiment gone wrong

    A new ultraman is about to grace the screen, so here's the series thread for it.
  2. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Active Member

    Did Crunchyroll even pick this up? And is anyone else really annoyed by the costume recycling at this point? I'm thinking of not watching this right away.
  3. Toku Girl 2009

    Toku Girl 2009 White Mask

  4. Toku Prime

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    Something interesting was recently pointed out to me on social media that I thought I'd share:

    In the first episode REM states that when Riku uses the Geed Riser he will transform into his "true form". During the transformation sequence, when Ultraman and Belial first merge, the first thing you see is a face. Then they give Geed a classic "rising towards the camera" sequence. The thing is, the face you briefly see isn't Geed's! It's the face of Belial's original form. Then as Geed begins to "rise" there's a very brief flash of the face of Belial's more normal "Reionics form".

    This seems to have caused quite a bit of speculation. Is it merely some symbolism? Or does Riku briefly turn into Belial before becoming Geed? (In which case, what did REM mean by "true form"?!)
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  5. scikaiju

    scikaiju science experiment gone wrong

    I was assuming his "real form" meant his Ultra look since he's not really human.
  6. Dr Kain

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    Finally had the chance to sit down, rewatch episode 1, and then watched 2 and 3. They were fantastic. The acting of the children has been pretty subpar, but that aside, I am enjoying this show a lot. I was shocked to see Dada appear, but it was pleasent for the short amount of screen time he had. The third episode though was easily the best of the three. The bit with Zero taking over the dude's body and beating the crap out of those wannabe gangsters was great. Loved their reaction when they ran into him again. Besides that, it still amazes me with how outstandingly detailed the miniatures are and the camera work is exceptional. Aside from some CGI'd moments, the fights are well choreographed. Looking forward to the next episode.
  7. PalleteRider

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    Geed so far has been really enjoyable. I love the fact that Riku is a toku fan, pretty much gives him a different personality compare to the other Ultras that I find quite enjoyable even though when I first heard it, I thought I would cringe. The only thing I could critique at the moment is that the transformation sequence, I really hope they can tackle it that makes it shorter and more streamline later in the story rather than using stock footage - feels like too much padding.

    On another note, I made an observation: I don't think the Geed Riser is a proper Ultra transformation tool in-universe since it was made to help the Ultramen for their battle with Belial, which indicates that they were going to fuse with powers of their members (or such). I got the feeling down the line, I think when REM said "real form" I think she was being more literal. Maybe Geed will have a real form and might end up creating his own transformation trinket?
  8. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Active Member

    So let me get this straight: After Belial succeeds in a full revival he travels to yet another universe, somehow manages to hold off all the Ultras including Ultimate Zero (how the hell did Ultraman Saga not one punch him?), this occurs some time after Ginga, possibly right after Orb, Hikari just so happened to make new capsules during this time, but only King was able to stop this and now his consciousness is throughout this new universe while these Little Stars hold some secret and Belial had a kid between almost destroying a universe (why?) and now. So.... Tsubaraya is really forcing continuity stretching at this point. X and Orb were a bit hard to swallow at times, but this is borderline driving mere decimeters near the cliff side.
  9. Jacky392000

    Jacky392000 Open Your Amazons!

    Geed is meh so far at the moment, no annoying bunch ala SSP thankfully but other than that the characters don't seem interesting. X is still a pretty tough act to follow. Orb ended well, but let's see how Geed will hold up...
  10. MegaRed

    MegaRed HENSHIN!!

    Orb and GEED have removed my least favorite element of Ultraman, the science military team, and I have been loving it.
  11. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    Funny you should mention that, it's one of the things I most miss about recent Ultra series. Without them it feels to me too close to the kind of thing Kamen Rider would do.

    I do enjoy how this series goes back to having it's main character be the Ultraman in disguise and the other is an Ultraman's host. It feels more "Ultraman-y" than the way Orb just seemed like Gai has a transformation item like every other toku.

    I have to give this show some credit. I never really liked Zero that much until now. He had two character traits - being cocky and waaay overpowered. Giving him his first long-term host has let me finally start warming to him.

    At the moment I have too many nitpicks with the show to find it great, but it's OK. It started to "click" with me after half a dozen episodes. I just hope it doesn't run out of steam towards the end like Orb did. *crosses fingers*
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  12. MegaRed

    MegaRed HENSHIN!!

    I do love me some Zero lol

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