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    Hawk and Reid stood by Lunden who sat in the open door of a Scan Track One word of Brooks' involvement caused an immediate scramble to get here as soon as possible. The man seemed oblivious to all the activity around him “Why did he take him? Why?”, he asked over and over. Hawk and Reid glanced at each other hoping the other man had an answer fort him, but knowing that answer wasn't coming.

    “Don't worry Mr. Lunden,” Reid told him. “We're going to do everything in our power to locate him and bring him back.” Right now Hawk wished he was as opptimistic as his Beta Team counterpart appeared to be. Nobody had forgotten what Brooks was able to do when he went on the run, and if they did a glance of the carnage around here would quickly remind you.

    “Why did he take him?”, Lunden started again. Although he felt for the man this was getting them no where. Hawk motioned for Reid to stay where he was, The Commander nodded as Hawk walked away far enough that Lunden couldn't overhear him.

    Tapping his communicator he went, “Hawk to Castle,” and waited.

    That wait wasn't long as Bridge answered almost immediately, “Castle here Captain.”

    “Please tell me you got something on from the satellites,” he went.

    “I got something,” came Bridge's reply. He perked up a bit at the news. “It looks like we were able to get a hit of the initial attack and the direct aftermath.” Bridge paused as someone else spoke to him, “Are you sure? You are. Captain it looks like we have Brooks flying off from the location as well.” A slight fist pump caught Reid's and Lunden attention.

    “Do you know where he went?”, he asked praying he hear the right answer.

    “We got a direction and that's about it,” Bridge told him. Hawk deflated a bit. “Sorry Captain, I wished it was something a little more solid.”

    “We have a direction we can extrapolate on and learned we can detect him with the orbital satellites,” Hawk said. “It's a small victory that'll take.” Now he wished he felt as confident as he sounded. “Get to work on that Bridge, find me any possible location he might be using.”

    I'll get right on it,” Bridge said, “Castle out.”

    “That might be a long list,” Reid commented as he came closer, behind them, still in the Scan Track, Lunden looked more hopeful than he did a moment ago.

    “I wasn't expecting it to be easy,” Hawk told him. “Brooks been able to avoid us for this long. Hopefully that's going to change.” Reid just nodded. “Were you able to get of him why Brooks might have taken the kid?”

    “Yes, although if it wasn't for everything I've seen I might not have believed it. Apparently the kid is telepathic.” Reid stared at him for a moment or two. “Okay, I have to be honest I thought you have more of a reaction to that bit of news.”

    “Like you said, after everything we've seen so far,” Hawk answered. Although he was thinking giant monsters, Ultraman and now a telepath ,what was going to show up next? “But it does explain whty we were told to not interact with the kid. The big question is what does Brooks want with a telepath? And how did he find out about him to begin with?”

    “Anybody's guess is as good as the next,” commented Reid. Hawk nodded. The commander took another look at the carnage left after Brook's apperance this time around. “After last time Gabe It might be a good idea to go at him with as big a task force as possible. We might want to think about calling back those on leave, just for the extra muscle.”

    It was a good suggestion, no matter what kind of power Brooks had there had to be a limit. But how many would have to be sacrificed in order to reach that limit. He wasn't prepared to make that call just yet, not to mention he still had the kid as a hostage. And until he was secured a full assualt was off the table. “Not just yet, let see if we can find Brooks first and figure out the situation there.”

    “Castle to Hawk,” his communicator chirped.

    “That was faster than usual,” Reid quipped.

    He activated the communicator and replied, “What do you got Bridge?”

    “We have some more bad news for Mr. Lunden,” he said. “we just got a call from his building, one of his managers was discovered dead in his office.” Both men looked at each other before looking back at Lunden. The report continued, “Based on the provided information it sounds a lot like Brooks got to him. We won't know for sure until our people get a look at the body. We're going to need Lunden's permission for that according to them.”

    Damn bureaucratic B.S., bad enough he had to deal with it back at Castle. “I'll talk to Lunden. Get the appropiate personnel on stand by.” Bridge confirmed the order and ended the tranmission. “Am I the only one thinking that's how he knew about the kid?”, he asked.

    “No you're not,” Reid told him. “Looks like he tying off anything he sees as a loose end. Someone better get in contact with Greenberg over in Japan and tell him to keep an eye on O'Brian.”

    “Right after this conversation,” he said heading toward Lunden
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    While that was going on Ken had been sitting in the local diner he used to frequent, laughing as his friend Rose and a few others arranged a quick gathering once she found out he was free for a couple of days. And he felt lighter than he had in a while. Maybe Hawk was right, a few days away was just what he needed to get out of this rut.He guessed he'd find out how well it worked once he got back to Castle, A thought better off once he got to that particular bridge.

    “Only you would bring home a pet robot,” Rose said shaking her head.

    “Windam was a gift,” he told her. “It be rude not to bring him back.”

    “You're calling the robot a 'he',” she pointed out. “Then again we call every car a 'she' for the most part. Still weird though.”

    “You're just jealous I'm working on a robot,” he told her.

    “You're damn right,” she shot back. “So how did a grease jockey end working on an, I'm assuming, highly advanced robot to begin with?”

    “Just lucky I guess,” he said shrugging it off. While he liked all of these guys here, he still didn't feel comfortable revealing the idea he was a genius at these matters. While most of them would understand, Rose would probably tell him she knew it all the time considering how fast he understood the newer engines and tech that had been coming out. Still he felt like it was cause a separation between them and him.

    “That robot can't be that advanced,” one of the other said.

    “It was made in UNDF base in Japan,” Rose argued,“. “It's not going to be made out of cans and strings.”

    “There's some rubber bands in there too,” Ken added. Rose punched him in the arm in response. The conversation about how advanced Windam actually was went on for a few more minutes. Then Ken's phone went off. When he checked it he recognized the number as coming from Castle. His expression soured a bit, “Damn it.”

    “Getting called back early?”, Rose asked as a couple of the other started checking their phones for any emergency alerts.

    “I'm sure they're just checking up on me.” He answered the call saying, “Give me a moment to get somewhere a bit more quiet.” He stood up from the table, “This won't take long, I'll be right back.” Making his way through the crowd he stepped outside and into the parking lot. Putting the phone back up to his ear, “What's going down Bridge?”

    A voice he wasn't expecting answered,“I'm not exactly Bridge son.”

    Despite the fact Hawk couldn't see him Ken stood a little straighter, “Captain?”

    “At ease Ken,” he said almost sensing the effect he just caused. “First thing first, you're still on leave.”

    Ken blinked, “I was was joking that you were just checking in.” He said that without thinking. Fortunately Hawk found it a little funny as he chuckled a bit. Still he went, “Sorry sir.”

    “I'll let that one go,” he informed him, “Mainly because I needed the laugh at the moment. We contacted everyone on leave,” Ken brced himself for what was coming, “Brooks had been sighted,” And there it was. “He attacked Lunden, his associate and their escort.”

    Son of a bitch, the bastard went after Timothy? “Are they all right?”

    Lunden shaken up, and he killed the escort,” Hawk informed him. “But he took the kid for some reason.” Ken felt sick to his stomach after hearing that. “Bridge was able to get a direction on where he went after the fact. So we're trying to narrow down where he headed to.”

    “Understood,” Ken told him. “I'm on my way back.”

    “Belay that Ken,” he said suddenly. “We don't even know where he went yet. Just stay on standby for now and try to relax.”

    “Relax?”, Ken said in disbelief. “It sounds like Brooks is actively attacking us now and you're telling me to relax.”

    “We all know what Brooks is capable of Ken.” No, Ken thought to himself, we really don't. Even Daxium didn't know what he was capable of at this point. “But we can't do anything until we know where he took the kid. If we just go out in force without a direction we;re just going to cause a panic and make things worse. We'll call you if we need you son.”

    “Okay, don't take this the wrong way but I hope you don't.”

    “I hope we don't either Ken.” and the call was ended without any preamble.

    Standing there he wiped his mouth and looked around a bit, “Dax did you get anything? Has Tim tried to contact you yet?”

    Feeling his giant friend's concern and frustration he heard Daxium say, “Nothing as of yet, But if Timothy was in trouble wouldn't he have tried to reach out to us?”

    “Maybe he couldn't,” Ken offered. “It depends on how fast Brooks' attack was. If he took him it means he's still alive.”

    “And maybe unconscious,” Daxium finished for him. “We need to find him.”

    “I agree buddy,” Ken told him. “But Captain Hawk is right, we need to know where he took him first.” He could tell Daxium didn't like the idea but he accepted it. Going back into the diner he rejoined the others, “Not an emergency, just like I said.” Rose and a couple of others didn't look convinced but they let the matter rest. The conversation took a while to get back to normal but this time around but Ken's head wasn't exactly in it.
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    Timothy woke up with his head ringing like it never had before. The last thing he remembered was... His eyes went wide as he remembered Brooks, feeling him more than seeing him. It felt like a perverted version of when he felt Daxium. Like it was almost the same but different in some way he couldn't explain. He realized he was feeling it now and started to panic. Then he felty a hand clamp down on his shoulder. He looked almost expecting to see Mr. Lunden but it wasn't him. It was Brooks. Looking around he didn't recognize anything, in the room he was being kept in. “Where am I?”, he demanded.

    Brooks removed the hand and walked in front of him. “You're the special one,” he said as he put his hands behind his back, “you tell me.” Timothy didn't know if he actually knew what he could do or not but he tried anyway. He reached out with his mind, wishing the bastard was still touching him since it would have made this easier, Brooks didn't try and fight in the way most people did when he read them and they knew what he could do, not that they knew what they were doing to begin with. He was able to 'tune' in as Lunden described it to the other man's mind easily enough and was immediately forced out. Timothy looked at him in surprise, no one had been able to do that to him before

    Brooks just smiled at him slightly, “You can look into other people's mind. Honestly I didn't think that particular trick I was taught would actually work, but it did.” Walking away Timothy tried yo run but found himself tied to the chair he was sitting in.”I must report this.” Confused at the statement Timothy watched as he raised an hand and a vortex formed in mid air in front of him. Before long a shape appeared inside, the energy of the vortex kept him from seeing the figure clearly, Timothy had the feeling he really didn't want a good look at the person.

    A disembodied voice spoke, “Is this the individual you spoke of Avatar?”

    “It is,” he replied while looking back at him. “Go ahead, I know you're curious.” Despite his better judgement Timothy reached out with his mind and found a new thought pattern and tried to latch on to it, learn what he could to tell the people at Castle if he ever got out of here. Then something else unexpected happen those thoughts latched on to him. He started seeing images, dark, disturbing images. Images of war, of death death to being of lights like Ultraman. The mental assault continued and he screamed out in pain. Past the point of not being able to take it anymore the alien thoughts finally pulled back. Timothy stopped screaming and slumped down in the chair as best as he could exhausted and breathing heavy.

    Ignoring his plight Brooks turned back to the vortex and went, “Well?”

    “It is as you say,” the voice said. In the haze that was now his brain the name Zetton popped up. He realized that what these demons were called. “This is the first time we seen such an ability in a lower species.”

    Here Brooks looked slightly agitated, “Well it does happen from time to time. I suppose you'll be wanting to experiment on him, hopefully he'll be a better subject than Jamira was. At least more controllable anyway.”

    Timothy thought that was it for him, his thoughts so scrambled he could hardly put two coherent thoughts together. Then the voice said, “No.”

    “No?”, Brooks said slowly, not understanding the answer he was give. He looked back at him then at the vortex. “I'm not saying he was any trouble to obtain but why not?”

    “Because we are still aware of you experimention with the power we gave you and some of the results of those tests.” Here Brooks backed up from the vortex, showing a bit of fear for the first time. “While we initially discourage you in these test we are now curious at exactly what you can do with them. So we charge you to experiment with the boy.”

    He looked genuinely surprised at this, “Really? I thank you my masters, I will try not to disappoint you in any way.” He bowed slightly as the vortex vanished. Turning back to Timothy he went, “Well that was unexpected now, wasn't it.” Timothy couldn't say anything as Brooks came closer, “Now how should we start the experiments, hmmm?” He came closer and started circling him, apparently thinking it over to himself. “Maybe, we could haunt Richardson with vision of his dear son Joseph, show him his death from my perspective. No I wouldn't want you to feel dirty after entering his mind. I've known him for decades and never realized how much of a hard ass he could be after he lost Joesph I swear he showed more emotion after his wife died.”

    “Oh, I know,” he said as he stopped right behind him. “Something not quite so specific. A little more wide spread, that should cause enough confusion to keep them off our backs for a bit, particularly Scott and the giant. I don't think either of us are ready for that confrontation just yet. Now if he's caught up in the wave, all the better.” He placed a hand on top of Timothy's head and sent his power into his mind.

    Again under a mental assualt he fought back, but in his exhausted state it wasn't much as his mental defenses gave away. He screamed out anew as the agony inside him grew. Then his mind felt like it exploded.
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    After the diner Ken and the others headed for a nearby park, another old routine they had when Jeff didn't tag along. Hell it was before he even hired in. But it was weird how fast everyone fell back into the swing of things, even years after the fact. It felt good to Ken. To just feel normal even if it was just for one night. It was doing him wonders at the moment.

    Before long the group started to get smaller as the others had to get back home. Soon it was just him and Rose walking down a well kept path. “I have got to do this more often,” he said while stretching.

    “You looked like you needed it,” Rose told him. “I've never seen you that stressed out before. Not even when Jeff was giving you hell.

    Feeling a little defensive he went, “I wasn't stressed.

    “Then you were doing a damned good imitation of looking stressed then,” she shot back. “Then again with what you do I'd be a ball of stress myself. Honestly I'm not sure how you do it.” And she didn't even know the half of it.

    “Sometimes I'm not sure either,” he told her honestly. “Having some friends going through it with you helps I suppose.” Even if he was a giant made of light. “Then again you're a mom of a newborn and a couple of other kids. You're stronger than I'll ever be.”

    “And I told you, flattery will get you every where,” she poked him in the side. “But these friends, are any of them of the romantic nature? Your ex perhaps.”

    “I am never going to let them let you on base,” he told her.

    “Come on Ken I just want you to be happy,” she told him. “I mean I am advent believer in the saying that there's someone for everybody. Even an idiot like you.” She looked at her watch, “Speaking of significant others, mine probably almost driven mad by the little ones by now. I better get home and take the workload off of him . You going to stop by while your off? The kids would love to see you again.”
    me, but I promised Nicole the same thing.”

    “I sure I can make the time, but I promid Nicole the same thing.”

    "You'll work it out. Night Ken,” she gave him a sisterly kiss on the check and a quick hug before going off and leaving him alone.

    With nothing else to do he kept on the path enjoying the early night air. Then he dropped to his knees clutching his head. It felt like forever but the pain eventually subsided. He looked around seeing a few other in the park seemingly recovering from what ever just hit him.

    “Ken!” Daxium said in his head. “What's going on? You were in pain for a moment.”

    “You didn't feel that Dax?”

    “No,” was the answer, a very confused answer at that. “Things were normal then you reacted to something.” Right then Ken and others grabbed their heads again. Ken tried to reach for a bench to hold himself up but missed and feel to the ground. The pain subsided again. “Ken! Are you still there?”

    “What the hell is going on?”, he asked as he stumbled to his feet, and reached for his phone to call in. Another attack made him seize up and stumble off, trying to stay on his feet. In the confusion he didn't see that the Spark Magnifier fell out of his jacket.

    “We're getting calls from all over the city,” Bridge announced as the control Room descended into chaos from all the call ins. “People all over the city are getting attacked some how.” He looked at a different screen in front of him as he watched the information on it double. “We're getting another wave of calls., looks like whatever is going on happened again.”

    Behind him trying to decipher the information was Hawk, “How often is this happening?”

    “Based on the the waves of calls,” Bridge looked over the information before him. “Looks like every five minutes or so.” He looked around Hawk who moved out of the way, “Get some more servers on this. We're going to get overloaded at this point.”

    “On it,” someone called out.

    “Every five minutes,” Hawk repeated to himself. “This has to be Brooks, there's no way this is natural. Show the affected area on the big screen.” Bridge did so, and in moments a map of the city appeared with the effected area in red. Four different shades of red to be exact that he asked about it.

    “The center circle represents the initial wave of calls,” Bridge said. “What ever is going on is expanding with each atttack.”

    “Bridge tell me what people are describing again,”: Hawk requested.

    “They're saying it feels like their head is going to explode during that time,” he told him.

    “Is that why he took the telepath?”, Hawk wondered to himself. An idea came to him, “Bridge, Brooks' flight path, does it intersect with the epicenter of whatever this is?”

    “Give me a moment Captain,” he said as he started typing in commands. Back on the big screen said flight path almost hit the center of the mass. “That's the best I can do. The screen he was looking at previously started reacting again, “Another wave just hit!” Hawk looked at the screen as the affected area grew a bit. “There's a lot of places he could be using at this point, He said getting back to the previous task. “I'll try to narrow it down but with the rate of these call our men would be hit with it too.”

    “One thing at a time,” Hawk said taking his eyes off the big screen. “Are people at least evacuating the city at least?”

    “Based on the police and emergency bands the roads are a mess,” he answered..”Based on the calls we're getting some of those affected were driving, cars, truck, buses,” he trailed off. “Most of the roads going in or out of the city are clogged by multiple accidents, emergency services can't handle the load so far as they been hit as well.”

    “Let's see if we can help lighten the load,” Hawk said. “Scramble crews in the Scan Tracks, send most of them to major accident sights. But if you can send a few into the city itself to help with the panic there.”

    “If another wave happens,” Bridge began.

    “I know,” he said. “But we have to do something. Keep Razor Wings on stand by for now, we don't need our people crashing into buildings or each other in this situation. And call those on leave and see if they can help out in any way because this is an emergency.” Looking back at the screen he said to himself, “And hope most of them aren't in the affected area.”

    “Well that was exhausting,” Brooks said as he let go of Timothy's head and walked away and stretched his arms over his head. Timothy, who was almost drenched in sweat and breathing heavy, only had the energy to glare at him. Brooks noticed, “Now don't look like that, be happy. We're exploring how far you can take your abilities. I mean I wasn't even born with mine and I'm still figuring out what I can do.” He looked back to where the vortex was, “Although I assumed I was doing it in private. But they warned me they knew I was doing it before. So I should have guessed then that they would be monitoring me some how, even from a different dimension.” He held out a hand that started glowing, then a image of the city appeared in mid air. “This for example, I doubt even my masters knew this was even possible.

    He stepped closer to give Timothy a better look, not that he apparently wanted one. “It is a pretty good likeness, if I do say myself..” He tried to poke a building and a finger went through it, making him a bit dismayed, “Still working on making it solid though, I thought it would be easier to figure out.” He tried it again. This time it didn't pass through,”Although I am getting there,” he added with a smile. “But you see this area here?”, he waved that figure over a general area of the map he created, “I think that's how far we spread the panic. Isn'y it amazing? I don't think you ever thought you could affect this big of an area. Oh what's this?” He pointed out a single glowing dot on the map, “I wonder what that could be. Or should I say 'who' that could be.” Timothy looked worried now but was still too tired to protest anything.

    “I felt who it was through you,” he told the boy. “Somebody been a naughty little telepath. You know who Ultraman is and tried to look for him. But all you did was help me pin point his location.” The map disappeared as he closed his hind. “I can't believe how fortunate we are that happen to be in the area we caused the chaos in.” Brooks placed that hand on his trembling head, “Now we get to have some real fun.”Using his power to manipulate the boy's power again. Now the boy screamed as the assault pushed his abilities again. But through all his pain Brooks located Scott, shining like a beacon of light in the madness, and grinned.
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    Things seemed to be over for the most part as Ken ended up going deeper into the park instead of out like everybody else. While he was feeling whatever the hell that was Dax was able ro sense a hint of dark energy and get a general reaction. So the plan was let him lose and let him deal with Brooks since he wasn't being affected so far. He just needed to get somewhere he wouldn't be seen. Finding a secluded place he glanced around for any set of eyes and reached for the Spark Magnifier. And found nothing, “Fuck, not again,” he started patting himself down knowing full well he didn't put it anywhere else. He looked back at the direction he came from, “It's gotta be that way, somewhere. Dax we really to think about putting some sort of tag on that thing for these situations.”

    If Daxium had an answer he didn't hear it as he was bombarded by a series of voices in his head.

    <What's happening?!>

    <Mommy! Daddy!>

    <Fuckin' aliens I'm telling you.>

    Ken dropped to his knees as he clutched at his head. This wasn't like the other times, no it was like he was hearing everybody in the city now. He tried to get to his feet but the foreign thoughts increased in response. Still he fought to rise and did so. Getting the Spark Magnifier was the only thought that was his own as he took a couple of steps in the direction he came.

    Then he heard Brooks <I don't think so Scott.> The thoughts increased again. Ken screamed in pain as he dropped to the ground.

    It took a while but they were able to get into the city to help out as it seemed to be worse as reports indicated. Jess took in the scene quickly before she lined up with the rest of the crew. Reid stood in front of them, “Alright from the look of things we have a window here,” he told them. “But we don't know how big of a window we have. So split up and help where you can, is that understood?”

    “Yes sir!”, the all replied.

    “Then let's do it,” he told them. They all picked a direction, by either picking one at random or checking their wrist scanners first. A few like Reid and Jess did both before running off. She found A few people struggling with others who were still on the ground. “Head that way,” she told them while pointing the way she came and helped with an older lady who was having a hard time standing. “They'll be people there to help you.” They thanked her and hurried off as fast as they could. “This is going to be a long night,”: she muttered to herself,

    Going a few more blocks and helping a few more groups she came across somethging that made her stop in her tracks, Down on particular street was a very high end store and a group standing in front of the display window. Seeing the objects in their hand she had a feeling what the intent was going to be. Not seeing any police or another group on UNDF troopers around she drew her weapon and waited. One of the raised a bat and she took aim. He started to swing and she pulled the trigger. The bat sparked once the shot hit it. The wielder looked around until somebody pointed her out. A few in this particular mob riled up the others and they satarted toward her. A slight reaim and she fired again. This shot barely went over the crowds head. Many ducked as the mob came to a stop. “Disperse and leave the area now,” she told them.

    The one who had the bat started forward again, saying some particularly nasty things about her. Readjusting her aim one more time she fired again. The shot exploded against his leg and he went down in a heap clutching the wound. She looked at the rest of them without lowering her weapon. A tense stare down later a couple of them helped the down man off the ground and they got out of there. Jess didn't take her eyes off of them until they turned a corner and disappeared. Even then she kept looking in that direction, not moving just to be sure. Once she felt it was safe Jess finally lowered her gun and holstered it. “I'm going to catch hell for that one,” she muttered.

    <Hey>, a voice said. She looked around trying to find the source. Whomever it was sounded like he was pain. <He needs your help.> For some reason she felt drawn to go in a certain direction. Not sure what else to do she started in that direction.

    That feeling lead her to a park of some sort, with nobody around that she could see. Still she felt drawn to a certain spot. Reaching it she saw something on the ground. It was Ken's good luck charm. Hurrying over she knelled down and picked it up. Now where was he she wondered. That feeling came back so she ran in that direction.

    <I betcha anything those giant freaks are involved.>

    <Babe we gotta move away from here.>

    <Come on, we might die tonight, don't you love me?>

    The stream of voices didn't end. Ken lay curled up in a fetal position as he was positive his brain was going to start leaking out of his ears. Nothing could shut them out, not even Daxium could help through their connection. And he could barely hear him as it is. He could have imagined he heard him say. “Ken stay with me. Concentrate on my voice only.” He tried, he really did but the onslaught just seemed to grow with each passing second.

    It was too much. He couldn't fight it any more, “I can't.”

    “Ken. Ken. Ken!”

    “I'm sorry Dax.” He thought he felt somebody touching him, but it had to be whatever this was trying to trick him. Even with the repeating of his name he couldn't focus. It wasn't until something patted his face that he realized it was an actual person there with him. Against the pain he opened his eyes and fought to focus on the person there. Eventually a familiar face came into view. “Jess?”

    “It's about damn time,” she told him and looking very relieved. The sight of her and the contact broke the attack for the moent. For a brief moment he felt Brooks' anger before it finally died down and he could think again, although his head still hurt like hell though. “Sit there for a moment, I'll call for some help.”

    “I can't,” he moaned and tried to stand up. “Gotta do something first.”

    “Damn it,” she muttered and got under an arm to help support him. “You can be a pain in the ass sometimes you know that?” They stood there for a bit before hew felt like he could trust his legs to move again. She stayed by his side the entire time as he headed on the path, he wasn't even sure if he was going in the same direction.

    She didn't ask what it was that was so important and he was glad at that. His brain was still in too much of a mess to think straight. After a bit she did go,”Dax,” he nearly stumbled after she said that but he kept going. “is that Ultraman's name?”

    He did stop here, wanting to look at her and ask how she knew that. But he couldn't, even with Daxium urging him on in the back of his mind. Forcing himself forward he managed a weak ,”I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “Of all the pig headed,” he heard Jess say under her breath, He got a look at her face out of the side of his eye. He was more than familiar with it, he saw it a lot before she broke up with him. Part of him was afraid she was going to let him drop right then and there. “I figured it out, okay. Even without Richardson putting you on the team. I saw you react when Hawk was messing with whatever your good luck charm is. I've seen you seem to know where the monster is before anybody else detects it. You favored parts of your body I know Ultraman was injured in. Don't treat me like an idiot. Didn't you ever notice it was me giving you a way to get away most of the time.”

    “Daxium,” he said suddenly. She stopped her rant and looked at him. He turned his head to look at her, “His name is Daxium.”

    “Okay then,” she said as she readjusted her position under to help him out a bit more. “If I got to be honest here I'm more surprised you actually admitted it than anything.” Despite everything Ken started to laugh. The pain in his head made him redret it immediately. “Does anybody else know? I can't be the only one who two put two and two together. I figured Richardson does because it's the only way the whole civilian operative business makes any sense.”

    “He's the reason why Dax is here to begin with,” he told her. He had his secretary and the doc try to find me after I bonded with Dax. He got footage of me and.”

    Jess quickly figured out where he was going with this, “He forced you to take the position on the team?” He could only nod his head. “That son of a bitch. Okay is there anyone else that you know of?”

    “Brooks knew the entire time,” he continued. The look on her face maed him say, “We sensed each other when you and the others brought me in the first time. I didn't know who it was at the time. Trust me, I spent a lot of time trying to see who it was.”

    “When you were going up to random people those first couple of weeks,” she recalled, again he nodded.

    “I only found out it was him from Jamira. Who Brooks told. The kid they brought in and Brooks took, he's a telepath so he stumbled on it. My niece saw me set Dax loose. A bunch of kids in Japan saw me come back.” He stopped and felt bewildered for a second, “Wow, I suck at the secret identity thing.” If Jess had a remark she kept it to herself as they continued on.
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    Brooks raged after the connection to Scott was lost. He started blasting anything in the room, even going through the wall, uncaring if the people at Castle saw it or not. How did seeing that woman close off the connection? HOW? He looked at Timothy, “You did this! I don't know how but you did this!” Timothy didn't help matters by smiling a bit. Brooks seethed as he stared at the youth. Then he regained his composure and calmed down a bit looking at the destruction he caused. “quite a mess we caused isn't it? Hopefully you can can understand my anger, I had Scott at the cusp of defeat. He was ready to give up. Then she appeared.” The rage built up again at the thought at how close he was to victory.

    “Obviously I was being too nice,” he told the youth as he got back in position. “I wasn't pushing you hard enough. Let's see what I can do with something from this dimension,” Placing a hand on his head he sent even more of his energy through the youth's brain. Timothy's eyes started to glow the same color as the dark energy flowing through him and unleashed a scream that would have curdled any normal's person's blood.

    Back at Castle Bridge was going over reports from their own people and going over sattellites images of the area of the reports of the weird energy like blasts. “Looks like the building in question lines up with the predicted area Brooks's flight path crossed over and the center of the event,” he told Hawk.

    “Contact Reid and,” he began,

    “A giant monster just appeared!”, someone called out. And the energy in the room changed immediately.

    “Putting it on the screen,” Bridge announced. He, Hawk and the rest of the room looked up at it. It was humanoid in shape, with black leathery skin, But it's head was mostly a purpleish glowing brain.

    “Well that's some nightmare fuel,” somebody commented. Hawk glanced in the person's general direction, it was enough of a reprimand to quiet the individual. He remembered when seeing a monster caused a little fear, now even he, like everyone else, was just staring at the thing trying to guess what it could do. When did this become common enough that people just stopped reacting like they used to?

    Something to wonder about later, right now. “Contact Reid to get the Scan Track in position to attack that thing. Ready the Razor Wings to launch and join in. I'm going to get a team together to get the kid.”

    Jess continued to help Ken to wherever he had to go, assuming it was Ultraman related in some way. She didn't want to admit it but letting him know she knew changed something between them. She just wasn't sure what. “Does Richardson at least take care of you after Ultraman's battles at least?”

    He grunted, his usual tell that he was going to attempt to make a joke to alleviate the tension a bit, “If you count the Doc poking at the spot until I get irritated,” he told her. Yup, she was right.

    She didn't find it funny at all, “That's horrible. Why did you take it so long?”

    “Didn't really have a choice in the matter, Ken told her. “Richardson didn't want any one else to know what was going on.”

    “You should have told us, told me at least,” she said, a bit angrier over the situation than she should have been considering. “We could have helped you.”

    He looked down at the ground as they kept walking. “I couldn't risk it,” he ended up saying.

    “Couldn't risk what?”,” she demanded.

    “That Richardson would have found out,” he told her. “he'd do something if he ever found out. I don't know what, but he'd done something to whoever else knew.” The sad part was that sounded just like the Ken she knew. Always worried about other people than himself. Right now she didn't know who she was angrier at, him for trying to handle this mind boggling burden for this long by himself or Richardson for putting him in this spot to begin with. Suddenly he looked up, she did so as well and saw a creature more or less blink intro existence.

    Over her communicator she heard Reid giving orders to the troops to rally at his position if they could. Ken looked desperate. She saw his hand start to go inside his jacket but stop, the look on his face told her why. Unzipping her uniform jacket a bit she reached in and pulled out his good luck charm. It took a moment but she handed it to him, “You dropped this.”

    Ken hesitated before taking it. “Thank you,” he told her before he removed his arm from her shoulder and walked, more like stumbled if she was being honest, forward. He stood there and raised his arm up holding the device over his head. Then his legs gave out and he dropped to his knees.

    “Ken,” she cried out and ran to him, “I got you.” Getting under his other arm she helped him back to his feet. He looked at her for a moment. She mouthed the words “Be careful” to him. He nodded, and without taking his eyes off of her raised his arm up again. He was engulfed in a ball of light. It was bright, bright enough to hurt but she didn't look away. Soon she felt his weight against her fade away then the ball was gone. She looked back up at the creature, Ultraman stood between it and her. He stepped forward until he was out of the park before taking up a battle stance and shouting, “Shiah!”
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    The creature roared at Daxium and charged at him. Daxium ran at him in kind. Grappling for a bit both giants backed up from each other. Daxium sized the creature up not exactly sure what he was dealing with. He could sense the dark energy just coming off it, but it seemed off in a way as well. Yet it was still a threat, a fact that was proven when it grabbed him and threw him into a building. The structure held surprisinly leting him come back with a kick to knock it back. He dropped to a knee an fired off a flashbolt. The creature gave out a cry of pain. Seeing an opportunity Daxium rushed in punched it in the head. Recoiling it's brain like head started to glow again briefly before firing an energy blast. The giant couldn't dodge fast enough and took the full force of the blast.

    Falling to the ground, Jess could feel the ground shake from where she was. As Daxium got to a knee it fired another blast. Quickly getting his shield up to block the attack He made enough time to get to his feet. And dropped the barrier. The creature fired one more time, but Daxium moved just enough to dodge it and come at the creature. It was ready for him this time as used his own momentum to throw Daxium to the ground. Blasted again as he tried to get up the giant went flying backwards and smashed into the ground. He halfway expected an immediate follow up but the creature just stood there swaying slightly. Confused by this new situation Daxium didn't let his guard down for a moment.

    It's head started glowing again ane he was ready for another attack. But it didn't come like he expected. Then a slight glow appeared around Daxium's head, then others around the city. Almost as one Daxium, Jess and other people reacted, grabbing their heads but for different reasons. Jess and the others because they could fell their thoughts being invaded, Daxium much like Ken before him was assaulted with those thoughts. Sensing it's attack was working it kept it up while blasting him again. Inside the safe zone Ken felt the mental assault as well, dropping to his knees from in it no matter how hard he tried to block it out.

    <I don't want to die!>

    <Should just nuke the freaks>

    <Get to the hospital.>


    His eyes opened up as he recognized one voice in the madness, Jessica's. Not sure what else to do he concentrated with all he had on her voice in the chaos and found it. Holding on to it like his life depended on ithe felt her courage, her strength, her... love? For him. Holding on to that last bit he tried to send Daxium the rest of it through their connection as he stood.

    With the diamond on his chest stating to blink, Daxium slowly stood to his feet, fighting against the onslaught on his mind. With a shout he fired off another flashbolt. The creature reacted to the pain breaking the connection it created between him and the humans in the area. Not wasting any time he quickly fired off the dimensional storm ray and destroyed the creature.

    Holding his head he stumbled a bit after it was over. Daxium shook his head a bit before flying off into the sky, “Shiah!”

    Jess looked around after Ultraman disappeared from view. Suddenly the ball of light reappeared before shrinking down into something man shaped. The light broke away revealing Ken, looking a bit worse than he did a few minutes ago. He offered a small, weak smile before collapsing to the ground. “Ken!” She raced over to him and flipped him over. “Come on Ken, wake up.” she slapped his face lightly again but wasn't getting any sort of reaction. Trying not to think the worst she checked for a pulse and found one.

    “Ken?”, someone called out. Jess looked up to see some guy run toward them. “Is that Ken?”

    “Who are you?”, she asked the newcomer.

    “Name's John. I worked with Ken back at the garage, he told her as he knelt down next to them. “Is he okay?”

    “He,” how was she going to explain this. Hell how did he do this the entire time? Going with the obvious thing she said, “He was hit by whatever happened pretty bad.”

    “I should have guessed,” he said. “I've seen a few people so far on the ground, not like this though. He must have gotten it pretty good. We should probably get him to a doctor or something.”

    “Or something, she muttered. After what he told her of the care Richardson was providing hin, Ken deserved better than getting poked at by Dr. Williams. So she asked, ”Is your car close, we can drive him to the nearest emergency room.”

    “Roads are still a mess,” he told her, “and those places are going to be a mess too for who knows how long.”She cursed to herself, he was right of course. Given Ken's condition they probably see him right away. But would they discover Daxium? And what would Richardson do then? And she wasn't sure Ken was wrong that he would do something. There had to be someplace they could take him.

    Getting an idea she looked at John, “How close is his apartment?”

    “A few block that way,” he answered. He pointed in a direction that was away from most of the mess. That should mean the roads would be clearer for the most part.

    “It's better than nothing,” she said, mainly to herself. “Help me get him up.”

    “Are you sure that's a good idea?”, he asked but he was trying to get in position to get him off the ground.

    “No,” she told him. “But it's better than letting him lie on the ground like this.” Together they got him up and headed to his car.
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    Reaching the top floor of the building Hawk held up a hand to halt Ryo and the rest behind him. Some of them were still feeling the affects of that brain blast or whatever it was but they were able to shake it off, except for one man who felt like he couldn't move just yet. So Hawk told him to rest there and watch the flank while they did this.

    He and Ryo took both sides of the door and on his command a third kicked it open. The three of them burst in weapons drawn and ready. “Clear,” Ryo announced as they walked further into the room. “Captain,” he pointed to another room. The kid was slumped in a chair. They all ran over to him while keeping an eye out for an am,bush of any sort. Ryo checked his vitals , “He's alive.”

    “Ryo untie him from the chair.” As he started to do just that Hawk looked at the rest of the men. “Lucas, Grant take some of the others and secure the room.” acknowledging the order they grabed a couple of others and started exploring the rest of the room. Once it seemed clear he hit his communicator, “Bridge, Tell Lunden that we have Timothy and that he's alive.”

    “He'll be glad to hear that Captain,” Bridge told him. “Anything on Brooks?”

    He looked over at Grant who was shaking his head, “Looks like he got away.”

    The door to Ken's apartment opened as Jess and John carried him in. His landlord, who used a spare key to let them in pointed out a particular room, “The bedroom is over there.”

    “Thank you,” Jess told him as she and John carried him to it.

    The landlord hurried past him to open the door for them. Once in they maneuvered themselves so they could get him on the bed. John picked up his feet and swung them over so he was laying on the bed fully,and at least have Ken looking more comfortable than he was a moment ago. “Are you sure he shouldn't be in a hospital?”, he asked.

    “I'm not sure of anything right now,” she answered. “But I didn't want to leave him where I found him and this was the most accessible place either of us could think of. The landlord seemed to accept this and left. John was right behind him leaving her alone with an unconscious Ken. walking into the living room there was still one more thing she had to do, and Reid was bound to have noticed she disappeared by now. “Wade to Hawk.”

    “Hawk here. Where are you?”

    Here it goes. “I found Ken lying on the ground. A friend of his helped me get him to his apartment. The hospitals are going to be loaded is there anyway we can transport him back to Castle?”

    “That's a negative Wade. Reid informed me the streets are still a nightmare, even more so after that last... whatever it was. Is Ken alright?”, she heard the concern in his voice. She felt bad using Ken's condition like this but it couldn't be helped. Besides it was just enough of the truth without revealing his secret.

    “He's unconscious but his vitals are stable for the most part, I'm asking for permission to stay here and watch over him for the night to make sure that doesn't change.”

    “Granted,” Hawk said and Jess let out the breath she was holding. “Let us know if anything changes.”

    “Will do sir. Wade out.” That went better than she expected. Unzipping and removing her jacket she tossed it on the couch. Going back to check on Ken one more time she checked his closest. Finding another blanket she put it over him. “Where to we go from here?” she sasked knowing there wasn't going to be an answer.

    During the fight, when Daxium was in trouble she felt Ken in her mind. She tried to give him some of her strength and hoped it worked. She also felt something from him. His love for her, that d surprised her a little. She knew there were still feelings there, but love?. She knew her feelings for him, but didn't realize they were reciprocated. Thet could be more than friends now if they wamted to go that route. If he wanted to go down that route. If she dared go down that route with him again. So where do they go from here?

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