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    Hawk and Reid stood by Lunden who sat in the open door of a Scan Track One word of Brooks' involvement caused an immediate scramble to get here as soon as possible. The man seemed oblivious to all the activity around him “Why did he take him? Why?”, he asked over and over. Hawk and Reid glanced at each other hoping the other man had an answer fort him, but knowing that answer wasn't coming.

    “Don't worry Mr. Lunden,” Reid told him. “We're going to do everything in our power to locate him and bring him back.” Right now Hawk wished he was as opptimistic as his Beta Team counterpart appeared to be. Nobody had forgotten what Brooks was able to do when he went on the run, and if they did a glance of the carnage around here would quickly remind you.

    “Why did he take him?”, Lunden started again. Although he felt for the man this was getting them no where. Hawk motioned for Reid to stay where he was, The Commander nodded as Hawk walked away far enough that Lunden couldn't overhear him.

    Tapping his communicator he went, “Hawk to Castle,” and waited.

    That wait wasn't long as Bridge answered almost immediately, “Castle here Captain.”

    “Please tell me you got something on from the satellites,” he went.

    “I got something,” came Bridge's reply. He perked up a bit at the news. “It looks like we were able to get a hit of the initial attack and the direct aftermath.” Bridge paused as someone else spoke to him, “Are you sure? You are. Captain it looks like we have Brooks flying off from the location as well.” A slight fist pump caught Reid's and Lunden attention.

    “Do you know where he went?”, he asked praying he hear the right answer.

    “We got a direction and that's about it,” Bridge told him. Hawk deflated a bit. “Sorry Captain, I wished it was something a little more solid.”

    “We have a direction we can extrapolate on and learned we can detect him with the orbital satellites,” Hawk said. “It's a small victory that'll take.” Now he wished he felt as confident as he sounded. “Get to work on that Bridge, find me any possible location he might be using.”

    I'll get right on it,” Bridge said, “Castle out.”

    “That might be a long list,” Reid commented as he came closer, behind them, still in the Scan Track, Lunden looked more hopeful than he did a moment ago.

    “I wasn't expecting it to be easy,” Hawk told him. “Brooks been able to avoid us for this long. Hopefully that's going to change.” Reid just nodded. “Were you able to get of him why Brooks might have taken the kid?”

    “Yes, although if it wasn't for everything I've seen I might not have believed it. Apparently the kid is telepathic.” Reid stared at him for a moment or two. “Okay, I have to be honest I thought you have more of a reaction to that bit of news.”

    “Like you said, after everything we've seen so far,” Hawk answered. Although he was thinking giant monsters, Ultraman and now a telepath ,what was going to show up next? “But it does explain whty we were told to not interact with the kid. The big question is what does Brooks want with a telepath? And how did he find out about him to begin with?”

    “Anybody's guess is as good as the next,” commented Reid. Hawk nodded. The commander took another look at the carnage left after Brook's apperance this time around. “After last time Gabe It might be a good idea to go at him with as big a task force as possible. We might want to think about calling back those on leave, just for the extra muscle.”

    It was a good suggestion, no matter what kind of power Brooks had there had to be a limit. But how many would have to be sacrificed in order to reach that limit. He wasn't prepared to make that call just yet, not to mention he still had the kid as a hostage. And until he was secured a full assualt was off the table. “Not just yet, let see if we can find Brooks first and figure out the situation there.”

    “Castle to Hawk,” his communicator chirped.

    “That was faster than usual,” Reid quipped.

    He activated the communicator and replied, “What do you got Bridge?”

    “We have some more bad news for Mr. Lunden,” he said. “we just got a call from his building, one of his managers was discovered dead in his office.” Both men looked at each other before looking back at Lunden. The report continued, “Based on the provided information it sounds a lot like Brooks got to him. We won't know for sure until our people get a look at the body. We're going to need Lunden's permission for that according to them.”

    Damn bureaucratic B.S., bad enough he had to deal with it back at Castle. “I'll talk to Lunden. Get the appropiate personnel on stand by.” Bridge confirmed the order and ended the tranmission. “Am I the only one thinking that's how he knew about the kid?”, he asked.

    “No you're not,” Reid told him. “Looks like he tying off anything he sees as a loose end. Someone better get in contact with Greenberg over in Japan and tell him to keep an eye on O'Brian.”

    “Right after this conversation,” he said heading toward Lunden
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    While that was going on Ken had been sitting in the local diner he used to frequent, laughing as his friend Rose and a few others arranged a quick gathering once she found out he was free for a couple of days. And he felt lighter than he had in a while. Maybe Hawk was right, a few days away was just what he needed to get out of this rut.He guessed he'd find out how well it worked once he got back to Castle, A thought better off once he got to that particular bridge.

    “Only you would bring home a pet robot,” Rose said shaking her head.

    “Windam was a gift,” he told her. “It be rude not to bring him back.”

    “You're calling the robot a 'he',” she pointed out. “Then again we call every car a 'she' for the most part. Still weird though.”

    “You're just jealous I'm working on a robot,” he told her.

    “You're damn right,” she shot back. “So how did a grease jockey end working on an, I'm assuming, highly advanced robot to begin with?”

    “Just lucky I guess,” he said shrugging it off. While he liked all of these guys here, he still didn't feel comfortable revealing the idea he was a genius at these matters. While most of them would understand, Rose would probably tell him she knew it all the time considering how fast he understood the newer engines and tech that had been coming out. Still he felt like it was cause a separation between them and him.

    “That robot can't be that advanced,” one of the other said.

    “It was made in UNDF base in Japan,” Rose argued,“. “It's not going to be made out of cans and strings.”

    “There's some rubber bands in there too,” Ken added. Rose punched him in the arm in response. The conversation about how advanced Windam actually was went on for a few more minutes. Then Ken's phone went off. When he checked it he recognized the number as coming from Castle. His expression soured a bit, “Damn it.”

    “Getting called back early?”, Rose asked as a couple of the other started checking their phones for any emergency alerts.

    “I'm sure they're just checking up on me.” He answered the call saying, “Give me a moment to get somewhere a bit more quiet.” He stood up from the table, “This won't take long, I'll be right back.” Making his way through the crowd he stepped outside and into the parking lot. Putting the phone back up to his ear, “What's going down Bridge?”

    A voice he wasn't expecting answered,“I'm not exactly Bridge son.”

    Despite the fact Hawk couldn't see him Ken stood a little straighter, “Captain?”

    “At ease Ken,” he said almost sensing the effect he just caused. “First thing first, you're still on leave.”

    Ken blinked, “I was was joking that you were just checking in.” He said that without thinking. Fortunately Hawk found it a little funny as he chuckled a bit. Still he went, “Sorry sir.”

    “I'll let that one go,” he informed him, “Mainly because I needed the laugh at the moment. We contacted everyone on leave,” Ken brced himself for what was coming, “Brooks had been sighted,” And there it was. “He attacked Lunden, his associate and their escort.”

    Son of a bitch, the bastard went after Timothy? “Are they all right?”

    Lunden shaken up, and he killed the escort,” Hawk informed him. “But he took the kid for some reason.” Ken felt sick to his stomach after hearing that. “Bridge was able to get a direction on where he went after the fact. So we're trying to narrow down where he headed to.”

    “Understood,” Ken told him. “I'm on my way back.”

    “Belay that Ken,” he said suddenly. “We don't even know where he went yet. Just stay on standby for now and try to relax.”

    “Relax?”, Ken said in disbelief. “It sounds like Brooks is actively attacking us now and you're telling me to relax.”

    “We all know what Brooks is capable of Ken.” No, Ken thought to himself, we really don't. Even Daxium didn't know what he was capable of at this point. “But we can't do anything until we know where he took the kid. If we just go out in force without a direction we;re just going to cause a panic and make things worse. We'll call you if we need you son.”

    “Okay, don't take this the wrong way but I hope you don't.”

    “I hope we don't either Ken.” and the call was ended without any preamble.

    Standing there he wiped his mouth and looked around a bit, “Dax did you get anything? Has Tim tried to contact you yet?”

    Feeling his giant friend's concern and frustration he heard Daxium say, “Nothing as of yet, But if Timothy was in trouble wouldn't he have tried to reach out to us?”

    “Maybe he couldn't,” Ken offered. “It depends on how fast Brooks' attack was. If he took him it means he's still alive.”

    “And maybe unconscious,” Daxium finished for him. “We need to find him.”

    “I agree buddy,” Ken told him. “But Captain Hawk is right, we need to know where he took him first.” He could tell Daxium didn't like the idea but he accepted it. Going back into the diner he rejoined the others, “Not an emergency, just like I said.” Rose and a couple of others didn't look convinced but they let the matter rest. The conversation took a while to get back to normal but this time around but Ken's head wasn't exactly in it.
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    Timothy woke up with his head ringing like it never had before. The last thing he remembered was... His eyes went wide as he remembered Brooks, feeling him more than seeing him. It felt like a perverted version of when he felt Daxium. Like it was almost the same but different in some way he couldn't explain. He realized he was feeling it now and started to panic. Then he felty a hand clamp down on his shoulder. He looked almost expecting to see Mr. Lunden but it wasn't him. It was Brooks. Looking around he didn't recognize anything, in the room he was being kept in. “Where am I?”, he demanded.

    Brooks removed the hand and walked in front of him. “You're the special one,” he said as he put his hands behind his back, “you tell me.” Timothy didn't know if he actually knew what he could do or not but he tried anyway. He reached out with his mind, wishing the bastard was still touching him since it would have made this easier, Brooks didn't try and fight in the way most people did when he read them and they knew what he could do, not that they knew what they were doing to begin with. He was able to 'tune' in as Lunden described it to the other man's mind easily enough and was immediately forced out. Timothy looked at him in surprise, no one had been able to do that to him before

    Brooks just smiled at him slightly, “You can look into other people's mind. Honestly I didn't think that particular trick I was taught would actually work, but it did.” Walking away Timothy tried yo run but found himself tied to the chair he was sitting in.”I must report this.” Confused at the statement Timothy watched as he raised an hand and a vortex formed in mid air in front of him. Before long a shape appeared inside, the energy of the vortex kept him from seeing the figure clearly, Timothy had the feeling he really didn't want a good look at the person.

    A disembodied voice spoke, “Is this the individual you spoke of Avatar?”

    “It is,” he replied while looking back at him. “Go ahead, I know you're curious.” Despite his better judgement Timothy reached out with his mind and found a new thought pattern and tried to latch on to it, learn what he could to tell the people at Castle if he ever got out of here. Then something else unexpected happen those thoughts latched on to him. He started seeing images, dark, disturbing images. Images of war, of death death to being of lights like Ultraman. The mental assault continued and he screamed out in pain. Past the point of not being able to take it anymore the alien thoughts finally pulled back. Timothy stopped screaming and slumped down in the chair as best as he could exhausted and breathing heavy.

    Ignoring his plight Brooks turned back to the vortex and went, “Well?”

    “It is as you say,” the voice said. In the haze that was now his brain the name Zetton popped up. He realized that what these demons were called. “This is the first time we seen such an ability in a lower species.”

    Here Brooks looked slightly agitated, “Well it does happen from time to time. I suppose you'll be wanting to experiment on him, hopefully he'll be a better subject than Jamira was. At least more controllable anyway.”

    Timothy thought that was it for him, his thoughts so scrambled he could hardly put two coherent thoughts together. Then the voice said, “No.”

    “No?”, Brooks said slowly, not understanding the answer he was give. He looked back at him then at the vortex. “I'm not saying he was any trouble to obtain but why not?”

    “Because we are still aware of you experimention with the power we gave you and some of the results of those tests.” Here Brooks backed up from the vortex, showing a bit of fear for the first time. “While we initially discourage you in these test we are now curious at exactly what you can do with them. So we charge you to experiment with the boy.”

    He looked genuinely surprised at this, “Really? I thank you my masters, I will try not to disappoint you in any way.” He bowed slightly as the vortex vanished. Turning back to Timothy he went, “Well that was unexpected now, wasn't it.” Timothy couldn't say anything as Brooks came closer, “Now how should we start the experiments, hmmm?” He came closer and started circling him, apparently thinking it over to himself. “Maybe, we could haunt Richardson with vision of his dear son Joseph, show him his death from my perspective. No I wouldn't want you to feel dirty after entering his mind. I've known him for decades and never realized how much of a hard ass he could be after he lost Joesph I swear he showed more emotion after his wife died.”

    “Oh, I know,” he said as he stopped right behind him. “Something not quite so specific. A little more wide spread, that should cause enough confusion to keep them off our backs for a bit, particularly Scott and the giant. I don't think either of us are ready for that confrontation just yet. Now if he's caught up in the wave, all the better.” He placed a hand on top of Timothy's head and sent his power into his mind.

    Again under a mental assualt he fought back, but in his exhausted state it wasn't much as his mental defenses gave away. He screamed out anew as the agony inside him grew. Then his mind felt like it exploded.
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    After the diner Ken and the others headed for a nearby park, another old routine they had when Jeff didn't tag along. Hell it was before he even hired in. But it was weird how fast everyone fell back into the swing of things, even years after the fact. It felt good to Ken. To just feel normal even if it was just for one night. It was doing him wonders at the moment.

    Before long the group started to get smaller as the others had to get back home. Soon it was just him and Rose walking down a well kept path. “I have got to do this more often,” he said while stretching.

    “You looked like you needed it,” Rose told him. “I've never seen you that stressed out before. Not even when Jeff was giving you hell.

    Feeling a little defensive he went, “I wasn't stressed.

    “Then you were doing a damned good imitation of looking stressed then,” she shot back. “Then again with what you do I'd be a ball of stress myself. Honestly I'm not sure how you do it.” And she didn't even know the half of it.

    “Sometimes I'm not sure either,” he told her honestly. “Having some friends going through it with you helps I suppose.” Even if he was a giant made of light. “Then again you're a mom of a newborn and a couple of other kids. You're stronger than I'll ever be.”

    “And I told you, flattery will get you every where,” she poked him in the side. “But these friends, are any of them of the romantic nature? Your ex perhaps.”

    “I am never going to let them let you on base,” he told her.

    “Come on Ken I just want you to be happy,” she told him. “I mean I am advent believer in the saying that there's someone for everybody. Even an idiot like you.” She looked at her watch, “Speaking of significant others, mine probably almost driven mad by the little ones by now. I better get home and take the workload off of him . You going to stop by while your off? The kids would love to see you again.”
    me, but I promised Nicole the same thing.”

    “I sure I can make the time, but I promid Nicole the same thing.”

    "You'll work it out. Night Ken,” she gave him a sisterly kiss on the check and a quick hug before going off and leaving him alone.

    With nothing else to do he kept on the path enjoying the early night air. Then he dropped to his knees clutching his head. It felt like forever but the pain eventually subsided. He looked around seeing a few other in the park seemingly recovering from what ever just hit him.

    “Ken!” Daxium said in his head. “What's going on? You were in pain for a moment.”

    “You didn't feel that Dax?”

    “No,” was the answer, a very confused answer at that. “Things were normal then you reacted to something.” Right then Ken and others grabbed their heads again. Ken tried to reach for a bench to hold himself up but missed and feel to the ground. The pain subsided again. “Ken! Are you still there?”

    “What the hell is going on?”, he asked as he stumbled to his feet, and reached for his phone to call in. Another attack made him seize up and stumble off, trying to stay on his feet. In the confusion he didn't see that the Spark Magnifier fell out of his jacket.

    “We're getting calls from all over the city,” Bridge announced as the control Room descended into chaos from all the call ins. “People all over the city are getting attacked some how.” He looked at a different screen in front of him as he watched the information on it double. “We're getting another wave of calls., looks like whatever is going on happened again.”

    Behind him trying to decipher the information was Hawk, “How often is this happening?”

    “Based on the the waves of calls,” Bridge looked over the information before him. “Looks like every five minutes or so.” He looked around Hawk who moved out of the way, “Get some more servers on this. We're going to get overloaded at this point.”

    “On it,” someone called out.

    “Every five minutes,” Hawk repeated to himself. “This has to be Brooks, there's no way this is natural. Show the affected area on the big screen.” Bridge did so, and in moments a map of the city appeared with the effected area in red. Four different shades of red to be exact that he asked about it.

    “The center circle represents the initial wave of calls,” Bridge said. “What ever is going on is expanding with each atttack.”

    “Bridge tell me what people are describing again,”: Hawk requested.

    “They're saying it feels like their head is going to explode during that time,” he told him.

    “Is that why he took the telepath?”, Hawk wondered to himself. An idea came to him, “Bridge, Brooks' flight path, does it intersect with the epicenter of whatever this is?”

    “Give me a moment Captain,” he said as he started typing in commands. Back on the big screen said flight path almost hit the center of the mass. “That's the best I can do. The screen he was looking at previously started reacting again, “Another wave just hit!” Hawk looked at the screen as the affected area grew a bit. “There's a lot of places he could be using at this point, He said getting back to the previous task. “I'll try to narrow it down but with the rate of these call our men would be hit with it too.”

    “One thing at a time,” Hawk said taking his eyes off the big screen. “Are people at least evacuating the city at least?”

    “Based on the police and emergency bands the roads are a mess,” he answered..”Based on the calls we're getting some of those affected were driving, cars, truck, buses,” he trailed off. “Most of the roads going in or out of the city are clogged by multiple accidents, emergency services can't handle the load so far as they been hit as well.”

    “Let's see if we can help lighten the load,” Hawk said. “Scramble crews in the Scan Tracks, send most of them to major accident sights. But if you can send a few into the city itself to help with the panic there.”

    “If another wave happens,” Bridge began.

    “I know,” he said. “But we have to do something. Keep Razor Wings on stand by for now, we don't need our people crashing into buildings or each other in this situation. And call those on leave and see if they can help out in any way because this is an emergency.” Looking back at the screen he said to himself, “And hope most of them aren't in the affected area.”

    “Well that was exhausting,” Brooks said as he let go of Timothy's head and walked away and stretched his arms over his head. Timothy, who was almost drenched in sweat and breathing heavy, only had the energy to glare at him. Brooks noticed, “Now don't look like that, be happy. We're exploring how far you can take your abilities. I mean I wasn't even born with mine and I'm still figuring out what I can do.” He looked back to where the vortex was, “Although I assumed I was doing it in private. But they warned me they knew I was doing it before. So I should have guessed then that they would be monitoring me some how, even from a different dimension.” He held out a hand that started glowing, then a image of the city appeared in mid air. “This for example, I doubt even my masters knew this was even possible.

    He stepped closer to give Timothy a better look, not that he apparently wanted one. “It is a pretty good likeness, if I do say myself..” He tried to poke a building and a finger went through it, making him a bit dismayed, “Still working on making it solid though, I thought it would be easier to figure out.” He tried it again. This time it didn't pass through,”Although I am getting there,” he added with a smile. “But you see this area here?”, he waved that figure over a general area of the map he created, “I think that's how far we spread the panic. Isn'y it amazing? I don't think you ever thought you could affect this big of an area. Oh what's this?” He pointed out a single glowing dot on the map, “I wonder what that could be. Or should I say 'who' that could be.” Timothy looked worried now but was still too tired to protest anything.

    “I felt who it was through you,” he told the boy. “Somebody been a naughty little telepath. You know who Ultraman is and tried to look for him. But all you did was help me pin point his location.” The map disappeared as he closed his hind. “I can't believe how fortunate we are that happen to be in the area we caused the chaos in.” Brooks placed that hand on his trembling head, “Now we get to have some real fun.”Using his power to manipulate the boy's power again. Now the boy screamed as the assault pushed his abilities again. But through all his pain Brooks located Scott, shining like a beacon of light in the madness, and grinned.
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    Things seemed to be over for the most part as Ken ended up going deeper into the park instead of out like everybody else. While he was feeling whatever the hell that was Dax was able ro sense a hint of dark energy and get a general reaction. So the plan was let him lose and let him deal with Brooks since he wasn't being affected so far. He just needed to get somewhere he wouldn't be seen. Finding a secluded place he glanced around for any set of eyes and reached for the Spark Magnifier. And found nothing, “Fuck, not again,” he started patting himself down knowing full well he didn't put it anywhere else. He looked back at the direction he came from, “It's gotta be that way, somewhere. Dax we really to think about putting some sort of tag on that thing for these situations.”

    If Daxium had an answer he didn't hear it as he was bombarded by a series of voices in his head.

    <What's happening?!>

    <Mommy! Daddy!>

    <Fuckin' aliens I'm telling you.>

    Ken dropped to his knees as he clutched at his head. This wasn't like the other times, no it was like he was hearing everybody in the city now. He tried to get to his feet but the foreign thoughts increased in response. Still he fought to rise and did so. Getting the Spark Magnifier was the only thought that was his own as he took a couple of steps in the direction he came.

    Then he heard Brooks <I don't think so Scott.> The thoughts increased again. Ken screamed in pain as he dropped to the ground.

    It took a while but they were able to get into the city to help out as it seemed to be worse as reports indicated. Jess took in the scene quickly before she lined up with the rest of the crew. Reid stood in front of them, “Alright from the look of things we have a window here,” he told them. “But we don't know how big of a window we have. So split up and help where you can, is that understood?”

    “Yes sir!”, the all replied.

    “Then let's do it,” he told them. They all picked a direction, by either picking one at random or checking their wrist scanners first. A few like Reid and Jess did both before running off. She found A few people struggling with others who were still on the ground. “Head that way,” she told them while pointing the way she came and helped with an older lady who was having a hard time standing. “They'll be people there to help you.” They thanked her and hurried off as fast as they could. “This is going to be a long night,”: she muttered to herself,

    Going a few more blocks and helping a few more groups she came across somethging that made her stop in her tracks, Down on particular street was a very high end store and a group standing in front of the display window. Seeing the objects in their hand she had a feeling what the intent was going to be. Not seeing any police or another group on UNDF troopers around she drew her weapon and waited. One of the raised a bat and she took aim. He started to swing and she pulled the trigger. The bat sparked once the shot hit it. The wielder looked around until somebody pointed her out. A few in this particular mob riled up the others and they satarted toward her. A slight reaim and she fired again. This shot barely went over the crowds head. Many ducked as the mob came to a stop. “Disperse and leave the area now,” she told them.

    The one who had the bat started forward again, saying some particularly nasty things about her. Readjusting her aim one more time she fired again. The shot exploded against his leg and he went down in a heap clutching the wound. She looked at the rest of them without lowering her weapon. A tense stare down later a couple of them helped the down man off the ground and they got out of there. Jess didn't take her eyes off of them until they turned a corner and disappeared. Even then she kept looking in that direction, not moving just to be sure. Once she felt it was safe Jess finally lowered her gun and holstered it. “I'm going to catch hell for that one,” she muttered.

    <Hey>, a voice said. She looked around trying to find the source. Whomever it was sounded like he was pain. <He needs your help.> For some reason she felt drawn to go in a certain direction. Not sure what else to do she started in that direction.

    That feeling lead her to a park of some sort, with nobody around that she could see. Still she felt drawn to a certain spot. Reaching it she saw something on the ground. It was Ken's good luck charm. Hurrying over she knelled down and picked it up. Now where was he she wondered. That feeling came back so she ran in that direction.

    <I betcha anything those giant freaks are involved.>

    <Babe we gotta move away from here.>

    <Come on, we might die tonight, don't you love me?>

    The stream of voices didn't end. Ken lay curled up in a fetal position as he was positive his brain was going to start leaking out of his ears. Nothing could shut them out, not even Daxium could help through their connection. And he could barely hear him as it is. He could have imagined he heard him say. “Ken stay with me. Concentrate on my voice only.” He tried, he really did but the onslaught just seemed to grow with each passing second.

    It was too much. He couldn't fight it any more, “I can't.”

    “Ken. Ken. Ken!”

    “I'm sorry Dax.” He thought he felt somebody touching him, but it had to be whatever this was trying to trick him. Even with the repeating of his name he couldn't focus. It wasn't until something patted his face that he realized it was an actual person there with him. Against the pain he opened his eyes and fought to focus on the person there. Eventually a familiar face came into view. “Jess?”

    “It's about damn time,” she told him and looking very relieved. The sight of her and the contact broke the attack for the moent. For a brief moment he felt Brooks' anger before it finally died down and he could think again, although his head still hurt like hell though. “Sit there for a moment, I'll call for some help.”

    “I can't,” he moaned and tried to stand up. “Gotta do something first.”

    “Damn it,” she muttered and got under an arm to help support him. “You can be a pain in the ass sometimes you know that?” They stood there for a bit before hew felt like he could trust his legs to move again. She stayed by his side the entire time as he headed on the path, he wasn't even sure if he was going in the same direction.

    She didn't ask what it was that was so important and he was glad at that. His brain was still in too much of a mess to think straight. After a bit she did go,”Dax,” he nearly stumbled after she said that but he kept going. “is that Ultraman's name?”

    He did stop here, wanting to look at her and ask how she knew that. But he couldn't, even with Daxium urging him on in the back of his mind. Forcing himself forward he managed a weak ,”I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “Of all the pig headed,” he heard Jess say under her breath, He got a look at her face out of the side of his eye. He was more than familiar with it, he saw it a lot before she broke up with him. Part of him was afraid she was going to let him drop right then and there. “I figured it out, okay. Even without Richardson putting you on the team. I saw you react when Hawk was messing with whatever your good luck charm is. I've seen you seem to know where the monster is before anybody else detects it. You favored parts of your body I know Ultraman was injured in. Don't treat me like an idiot. Didn't you ever notice it was me giving you a way to get away most of the time.”

    “Daxium,” he said suddenly. She stopped her rant and looked at him. He turned his head to look at her, “His name is Daxium.”

    “Okay then,” she said as she readjusted her position under to help him out a bit more. “If I got to be honest here I'm more surprised you actually admitted it than anything.” Despite everything Ken started to laugh. The pain in his head made him redret it immediately. “Does anybody else know? I can't be the only one who two put two and two together. I figured Richardson does because it's the only way the whole civilian operative business makes any sense.”

    “He's the reason why Dax is here to begin with,” he told her. He had his secretary and the doc try to find me after I bonded with Dax. He got footage of me and.”

    Jess quickly figured out where he was going with this, “He forced you to take the position on the team?” He could only nod his head. “That son of a bitch. Okay is there anyone else that you know of?”

    “Brooks knew the entire time,” he continued. The look on her face maed him say, “We sensed each other when you and the others brought me in the first time. I didn't know who it was at the time. Trust me, I spent a lot of time trying to see who it was.”

    “When you were going up to random people those first couple of weeks,” she recalled, again he nodded.

    “I only found out it was him from Jamira. Who Brooks told. The kid they brought in and Brooks took, he's a telepath so he stumbled on it. My niece saw me set Dax loose. A bunch of kids in Japan saw me come back.” He stopped and felt bewildered for a second, “Wow, I suck at the secret identity thing.” If Jess had a remark she kept it to herself as they continued on.
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    Brooks raged after the connection to Scott was lost. He started blasting anything in the room, even going through the wall, uncaring if the people at Castle saw it or not. How did seeing that woman close off the connection? HOW? He looked at Timothy, “You did this! I don't know how but you did this!” Timothy didn't help matters by smiling a bit. Brooks seethed as he stared at the youth. Then he regained his composure and calmed down a bit looking at the destruction he caused. “quite a mess we caused isn't it? Hopefully you can can understand my anger, I had Scott at the cusp of defeat. He was ready to give up. Then she appeared.” The rage built up again at the thought at how close he was to victory.

    “Obviously I was being too nice,” he told the youth as he got back in position. “I wasn't pushing you hard enough. Let's see what I can do with something from this dimension,” Placing a hand on his head he sent even more of his energy through the youth's brain. Timothy's eyes started to glow the same color as the dark energy flowing through him and unleashed a scream that would have curdled any normal's person's blood.

    Back at Castle Bridge was going over reports from their own people and going over sattellites images of the area of the reports of the weird energy like blasts. “Looks like the building in question lines up with the predicted area Brooks's flight path crossed over and the center of the event,” he told Hawk.

    “Contact Reid and,” he began,

    “A giant monster just appeared!”, someone called out. And the energy in the room changed immediately.

    “Putting it on the screen,” Bridge announced. He, Hawk and the rest of the room looked up at it. It was humanoid in shape, with black leathery skin, But it's head was mostly a purpleish glowing brain.

    “Well that's some nightmare fuel,” somebody commented. Hawk glanced in the person's general direction, it was enough of a reprimand to quiet the individual. He remembered when seeing a monster caused a little fear, now even he, like everyone else, was just staring at the thing trying to guess what it could do. When did this become common enough that people just stopped reacting like they used to?

    Something to wonder about later, right now. “Contact Reid to get the Scan Track in position to attack that thing. Ready the Razor Wings to launch and join in. I'm going to get a team together to get the kid.”

    Jess continued to help Ken to wherever he had to go, assuming it was Ultraman related in some way. She didn't want to admit it but letting him know she knew changed something between them. She just wasn't sure what. “Does Richardson at least take care of you after Ultraman's battles at least?”

    He grunted, his usual tell that he was going to attempt to make a joke to alleviate the tension a bit, “If you count the Doc poking at the spot until I get irritated,” he told her. Yup, she was right.

    She didn't find it funny at all, “That's horrible. Why did you take it so long?”

    “Didn't really have a choice in the matter, Ken told her. “Richardson didn't want any one else to know what was going on.”

    “You should have told us, told me at least,” she said, a bit angrier over the situation than she should have been considering. “We could have helped you.”

    He looked down at the ground as they kept walking. “I couldn't risk it,” he ended up saying.

    “Couldn't risk what?”,” she demanded.

    “That Richardson would have found out,” he told her. “he'd do something if he ever found out. I don't know what, but he'd done something to whoever else knew.” The sad part was that sounded just like the Ken she knew. Always worried about other people than himself. Right now she didn't know who she was angrier at, him for trying to handle this mind boggling burden for this long by himself or Richardson for putting him in this spot to begin with. Suddenly he looked up, she did so as well and saw a creature more or less blink intro existence.

    Over her communicator she heard Reid giving orders to the troops to rally at his position if they could. Ken looked desperate. She saw his hand start to go inside his jacket but stop, the look on his face told her why. Unzipping her uniform jacket a bit she reached in and pulled out his good luck charm. It took a moment but she handed it to him, “You dropped this.”

    Ken hesitated before taking it. “Thank you,” he told her before he removed his arm from her shoulder and walked, more like stumbled if she was being honest, forward. He stood there and raised his arm up holding the device over his head. Then his legs gave out and he dropped to his knees.

    “Ken,” she cried out and ran to him, “I got you.” Getting under his other arm she helped him back to his feet. He looked at her for a moment. She mouthed the words “Be careful” to him. He nodded, and without taking his eyes off of her raised his arm up again. He was engulfed in a ball of light. It was bright, bright enough to hurt but she didn't look away. Soon she felt his weight against her fade away then the ball was gone. She looked back up at the creature, Ultraman stood between it and her. He stepped forward until he was out of the park before taking up a battle stance and shouting, “Shiah!”
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    The creature roared at Daxium and charged at him. Daxium ran at him in kind. Grappling for a bit both giants backed up from each other. Daxium sized the creature up not exactly sure what he was dealing with. He could sense the dark energy just coming off it, but it seemed off in a way as well. Yet it was still a threat, a fact that was proven when it grabbed him and threw him into a building. The structure held surprisinly leting him come back with a kick to knock it back. He dropped to a knee an fired off a flashbolt. The creature gave out a cry of pain. Seeing an opportunity Daxium rushed in punched it in the head. Recoiling it's brain like head started to glow again briefly before firing an energy blast. The giant couldn't dodge fast enough and took the full force of the blast.

    Falling to the ground, Jess could feel the ground shake from where she was. As Daxium got to a knee it fired another blast. Quickly getting his shield up to block the attack He made enough time to get to his feet. And dropped the barrier. The creature fired one more time, but Daxium moved just enough to dodge it and come at the creature. It was ready for him this time as used his own momentum to throw Daxium to the ground. Blasted again as he tried to get up the giant went flying backwards and smashed into the ground. He halfway expected an immediate follow up but the creature just stood there swaying slightly. Confused by this new situation Daxium didn't let his guard down for a moment.

    It's head started glowing again ane he was ready for another attack. But it didn't come like he expected. Then a slight glow appeared around Daxium's head, then others around the city. Almost as one Daxium, Jess and other people reacted, grabbing their heads but for different reasons. Jess and the others because they could fell their thoughts being invaded, Daxium much like Ken before him was assaulted with those thoughts. Sensing it's attack was working it kept it up while blasting him again. Inside the safe zone Ken felt the mental assault as well, dropping to his knees from in it no matter how hard he tried to block it out.

    <I don't want to die!>

    <Should just nuke the freaks>

    <Get to the hospital.>


    His eyes opened up as he recognized one voice in the madness, Jessica's. Not sure what else to do he concentrated with all he had on her voice in the chaos and found it. Holding on to it like his life depended on ithe felt her courage, her strength, her... love? For him. Holding on to that last bit he tried to send Daxium the rest of it through their connection as he stood.

    With the diamond on his chest stating to blink, Daxium slowly stood to his feet, fighting against the onslaught on his mind. With a shout he fired off another flashbolt. The creature reacted to the pain breaking the connection it created between him and the humans in the area. Not wasting any time he quickly fired off the dimensional storm ray and destroyed the creature.

    Holding his head he stumbled a bit after it was over. Daxium shook his head a bit before flying off into the sky, “Shiah!”

    Jess looked around after Ultraman disappeared from view. Suddenly the ball of light reappeared before shrinking down into something man shaped. The light broke away revealing Ken, looking a bit worse than he did a few minutes ago. He offered a small, weak smile before collapsing to the ground. “Ken!” She raced over to him and flipped him over. “Come on Ken, wake up.” she slapped his face lightly again but wasn't getting any sort of reaction. Trying not to think the worst she checked for a pulse and found one.

    “Ken?”, someone called out. Jess looked up to see some guy run toward them. “Is that Ken?”

    “Who are you?”, she asked the newcomer.

    “Name's John. I worked with Ken back at the garage, he told her as he knelt down next to them. “Is he okay?”

    “He,” how was she going to explain this. Hell how did he do this the entire time? Going with the obvious thing she said, “He was hit by whatever happened pretty bad.”

    “I should have guessed,” he said. “I've seen a few people so far on the ground, not like this though. He must have gotten it pretty good. We should probably get him to a doctor or something.”

    “Or something, she muttered. After what he told her of the care Richardson was providing hin, Ken deserved better than getting poked at by Dr. Williams. So she asked, ”Is your car close, we can drive him to the nearest emergency room.”

    “Roads are still a mess,” he told her, “and those places are going to be a mess too for who knows how long.”She cursed to herself, he was right of course. Given Ken's condition they probably see him right away. But would they discover Daxium? And what would Richardson do then? And she wasn't sure Ken was wrong that he would do something. There had to be someplace they could take him.

    Getting an idea she looked at John, “How close is his apartment?”

    “A few block that way,” he answered. He pointed in a direction that was away from most of the mess. That should mean the roads would be clearer for the most part.

    “It's better than nothing,” she said, mainly to herself. “Help me get him up.”

    “Are you sure that's a good idea?”, he asked but he was trying to get in position to get him off the ground.

    “No,” she told him. “But it's better than letting him lie on the ground like this.” Together they got him up and headed to his car.
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    Reaching the top floor of the building Hawk held up a hand to halt Ryo and the rest behind him. Some of them were still feeling the affects of that brain blast or whatever it was but they were able to shake it off, except for one man who felt like he couldn't move just yet. So Hawk told him to rest there and watch the flank while they did this.

    He and Ryo took both sides of the door and on his command a third kicked it open. The three of them burst in weapons drawn and ready. “Clear,” Ryo announced as they walked further into the room. “Captain,” he pointed to another room. The kid was slumped in a chair. They all ran over to him while keeping an eye out for an am,bush of any sort. Ryo checked his vitals , “He's alive.”

    “Ryo untie him from the chair.” As he started to do just that Hawk looked at the rest of the men. “Lucas, Grant take some of the others and secure the room.” acknowledging the order they grabed a couple of others and started exploring the rest of the room. Once it seemed clear he hit his communicator, “Bridge, Tell Lunden that we have Timothy and that he's alive.”

    “He'll be glad to hear that Captain,” Bridge told him. “Anything on Brooks?”

    He looked over at Grant who was shaking his head, “Looks like he got away.”

    The door to Ken's apartment opened as Jess and John carried him in. His landlord, who used a spare key to let them in pointed out a particular room, “The bedroom is over there.”

    “Thank you,” Jess told him as she and John carried him to it.

    The landlord hurried past him to open the door for them. Once in they maneuvered themselves so they could get him on the bed. John picked up his feet and swung them over so he was laying on the bed fully,and at least have Ken looking more comfortable than he was a moment ago. “Are you sure he shouldn't be in a hospital?”, he asked.

    “I'm not sure of anything right now,” she answered. “But I didn't want to leave him where I found him and this was the most accessible place either of us could think of. The landlord seemed to accept this and left. John was right behind him leaving her alone with an unconscious Ken. walking into the living room there was still one more thing she had to do, and Reid was bound to have noticed she disappeared by now. “Wade to Hawk.”

    “Hawk here. Where are you?”

    Here it goes. “I found Ken lying on the ground. A friend of his helped me get him to his apartment. The hospitals are going to be loaded is there anyway we can transport him back to Castle?”

    “That's a negative Wade. Reid informed me the streets are still a nightmare, even more so after that last... whatever it was. Is Ken alright?”, she heard the concern in his voice. She felt bad using Ken's condition like this but it couldn't be helped. Besides it was just enough of the truth without revealing his secret.

    “He's unconscious but his vitals are stable for the most part, I'm asking for permission to stay here and watch over him for the night to make sure that doesn't change.”

    “Granted,” Hawk said and Jess let out the breath she was holding. “Let us know if anything changes.”

    “Will do sir. Wade out.” That went better than she expected. Unzipping and removing her jacket she tossed it on the couch. Going back to check on Ken one more time she checked his closest. Finding another blanket she put it over him. “Where to we go from here?” she sasked knowing there wasn't going to be an answer.

    During the fight, when Daxium was in trouble she felt Ken in her mind. She tried to give him some of her strength and hoped it worked. She also felt something from him. His love for her, that d surprised her a little. She knew there were still feelings there, but love?. She knew her feelings for him, but didn't realize they were reciprocated. Thet could be more than friends now if they wamted to go that route. If he wanted to go down that route. If she dared go down that route with him again. So where do they go from here?

    ED - Shinedown – Fly From the Inside
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    Episode 26

    OP – Mercy Drive – Burn in my Light

    His head hurt, his head hurt so bad he was almost convinced he got beakered again. So much so a hand reached over to the other side of the bed. No, nobody was there this time so no apparent drunken one night stand this time around, so that was a positive. Slowly he opened an eye and almost immediately regretted it as the pain increased. Hell even Dax seemed to have a hangover from the way things were feeling. But how was that possible? Dax didn't even react the last time this happened. So he didn't get beakered, another positive not that it currently felt like one. So what the hell happened?

    Again he tried opening his eyes, with a little more success this time and carefully he looked around. Right off the bat he knew he wasn't in his quarters back at Castle, in another positive he wasn't in somebody else's room either. No this was his apartment in the city, so how did he get here? The last thing he remembered, well was his brains feeling like they were going to leak out of his ears. And his eyes popped wide open as he remembered.... Jessica. Shit, she knew his secret. Ken looked over at his dresser and saw her in her uniforms pants and the standard issue black UNDF tank top looking at him. But what drew his attention was her hand lifting up a photo he had taped to the mirror, the one of them back in high school. “I can explain,” he immediately said as he quickly rose up. But that was a mistake as he grabbed his head, “Right after my head stops trying to explode.”

    She looked back at the picture before letting go of it. Backing a away a bit she kept her eyes on the photo. She said, “Remind me to show you my scrapbook one of these days and this one page I keep going to,” before turning around and facing him. “How do you feel? Outside of your head trying to explode?”

    “That pretty much covers it,” he risked sitting up again. That didn't feel too bad this time around so he swung his legs over and sat there. She came over and sat next to him. When she wouldn't look at him he just talked, “I don't even know why I keep it up,” he told her gesturing toward the picture. “I keep taking it down when I get serious with someone, but it goes right back up after it ends, Half the time I don't even remember putting it back up.” Then he realized what he just said. Rubbing his eyes he added, “And that didn't sound creepy at all.”

    “Like I said,” Jess spoke up, “remind me to show you that scrapbook later. I'm just as guilty.” Both of them went silent for a moment. “Hawk knows I'm here by the way,” she told him. “I told him I found you lying on the ground after what happened and asked if I could stay to make sure you're all right. Luckily he agreed. I should probably report in soon, at least tell him you're awake.”

    Feeling nervous he went, “You told him what exactly?”

    “Just that I found you lying on the ground, nothing else,” Ken let out a breath, feeling more relieved than he probably should at the moment. His one fear over this whole situation just came to fruition, somebody else found out. Not only that it was Jess, and he just dragged her into this entire mess. What else was going to happen? Especially if Richardson found out. Then she started shaking her head, “I can't believe you're Ultraman.”

    Looking at her Ken went, “You said you figured it out.”

    “I did,” she insisted. “But figuring it out and actually seeing you change into Ultraman are two completely different things. I spent most of the night on that couch of yours trying to reconcile this whole idea in my head.”

    “Well I don't exactly change,” he told her. “It's more like I change places with him.”

    “Yeah you mentioned something about setting him loose,” she said. “So where do you go? When you set him loose I mean.”

    Ken sighed, how was he going to explain this, “After we bonded together, he set up this, I guess you could call it a safe zone, somewhere in here,” he gestured at his head. “At least thrat's where I think he is. He's usually in there until he's needed then that's where I go until he's finished.”

    “Can he hear us, like right now?”

    Ken kept quiet for a few moments, concentrating. Then he shook his head, “I can usually tell when he's looking out of my eyes. He's not doing it now.”

    “How can you tell?”, Jess asked.

    “It's hard to explain,” he said. “It's a feeling, like somebody watching you but from the inside. Like I said it's hard to explain. But it is noticable and a bit distracting when he does it. It's the main reason why I don't do it when he's fighting, I don't want to distract him at the wrong time.”

    “And you been living like this since that first giant monster?”

    “Pretty much,” Ken answered her. “It didn't get complicated until you guys brought me in,” he tried to joke. She didn't find it funny. Lowering his head he told her, “I'm sorry I dragged you into this.”

    “You didn't drag me anywhere,” she assured him. “I got here all by myself. One night of this made me a nervous wreck, trying to figure out how to cover for you, how in the hell have you been handling it all this time?”

    “I honestly don't know. I wanted to tell you,” he blurted out. “You, Hawk, somebody. There were so many fucking times I just wanted to shout it at somebody. I came close once,” he finally admitted. “To telling you and Hawk, right after Brooks got away from Castle. But the Doc and Richardson's assistant where right there, almost like they knew I was going to do it.”

    “Why didn't you tell us then?”, she demanded. He recognized that look in her eyes, she was getting angrier by the second.

    Reluctantly he answered, “Because she wasn't looking at me, she was looking at you. And I knew right then that was a warning. Every time I've come close the thought that Richardson would do something would stop me. I didn't want him firing you or whatever on my head. I couldn't live with that.”

    “That fucking bastard,” she mumbled. “Does he even care about the hell he's been putting through? What am I saying? Of course he doesn't.” She quieted down, after a moment, looking unsure. Ken guessed she was worried about what was going to happen to her now too and felt like an absolute ass for putting her in this position. Then she said, “I felt you, in my head when Daxium was fighting that monster. I felt that you loved me.”

    This was not what he was expecting where this conversation was going to go, not by a long shot. Jess apparently saw it, “I had to get the conversation off of Richardson or I was going to break something.” Then looking at him she added, “Are you going to deny it?”

    He wanted to, God only knew how much he wanted too. But he said, “I never stopped. A week after we broke up I saw you with another guy and my heart sank, just knowing right then and there I lost you for good.”

    “A week after?”, she said to herself. Then she sort of chuckled. “Oh yeah, that guy, one of my friends set me up with him, saying he'd be better fit for me than you. Then I broke up with him like a day later because he was so, God I wanted to shoot him he was so old school. I completely forgot about him, I don't even remember his name.”

    “Walter,” Ken said suddenly.

    “I never dated a Walter,” she insisted.

    “I spent the next two days trying to figure out how to drop an engine block on his head,” he informed her. “If I'm thinking of ways to end a guy I'm going to know his name.” Both of them laughed, just over the absurdity of that statement. “I felt you in my head too,” he told her. “I felt how you fell about me. I didn't think you'd love me in that way again. As a friend yeah, but like you did?”

    “Guess that answers that question,” she said with a small chuckle. When asked about this question she responded with, “Back in Japan I asked myself what was going to happen first, if you were going to tell me that you're Ultraman or if you'd realize how I worded my answer when you asked me if I thought we get back together after you joined. Looks like the answer was neither.” She chuckled again while tried to remember exactly what she said. Before it came to him Jess said, “So where we go from here?”

    “I don't know,” he told her honestly.

    She stood up and walked away going to one of the windows, “I mean it's not like we can pick up were we left off.”

    This part of that conversation he did remember, “Like I said before, we picked up where we left off I'd be letting Jeff talk me into breaking dates with you and you'd be getting pissed at me weekly.” Standing up himself he walked over and joined her, “And it's not like we can start over either. I don't suppose you have an idea on what we should do?”

    “Not about this,” she admitted. She looked at him briefly than back at the window. “But I think we should tell Hawk about you being Ultraman.”

    “Hold it a second,” he said taking a step back, “I've been trying for over a year not to do that. I know I said I wanted to tell him but..”

    “Listen to me,” she said grabbing his hand and pulling him closer, “you're right about one thing. Richardson would do something if he found out somebody else knew your secret. I have no doubt about that that.” Ken started to say something but she cut him off. “The way I see it , it getting out was inevitable. I wouldn't be surprised if other people were starting to put two and two together, if they haven't already. And you can't let Richardson keep lording this over you, especially now that you know I know it. We're going to need some sort of ally in all of this.”

    Ken stood there and thought it over. Finally he said, “When was the last time I said I hate it when you're right?”

    “I don't think you ever have,” Jess told. “Probably because you knew I'd kick you ass if you did.”

    “Well yeah there's that,” he said with a bit of a smile. “I guess we should get it over with. But I don't want to admit the truth to him in his office. I'm just paranoid enough to think Richardson has the place bugged.”
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    “Yes you are ,” she told him. “But we'll figure something out since asking him to come here would make other people curious about what was going on. You still have a day or so left on your pass right? Give me that time to figure something out.” When he nodded his agreement she said, “Well I better contact Castle and give Hawk that update on your condition. And arrange a way to get back there. Give me a minute.” With that she left the room. Once she was gone he headed for the dresser and stared at his reflection.

    “This going to be a mistake,” he told his reflection. “But she's right, it's got to be done. Now if it didn't feel like the other shoe was going to drop.”

    Hawk looked over the reports on his desk on his desk but he had to keep going over them because his mind kept going elsewhere. Ken was due back today, looking at the clock on his desk he'd probably be reporting in soon. Hopefully the few days to himself helped him out a bit. Outside of getting hit hard bt whatever Brooks did to the kid. Nobody could have predicted that happening. Still he worried about his well being. As much as he didn't want to admit it he saw Ken like a son in a way, especially after he took him under his wing a bit and tried to help him reach that potential he didn't know he had when he first joined. The last thing he wanted was to see him, or any member of the unit for that matter, get hurt in any way. At least he might be able to give some insight on why Jess seemed a little off since she came back from watching him for the night after the event. The light on his intercom lit up getting his attention. “Yes Janet,” he said hitting the button.

    “Sorry to disturb you sir,” came her reply, “But Jessica wanted a word if you had the time.”

    He didn't even hesitate, “Send her in.” Everyone knew he pretty much had a open door policy if they wanted to talk to him. But even with Janet out there, something about this request seemed off. Mostly because anyone else would have just asked her if he was busy before knocking on the door. So he prepared himself for whatever she wanted to say.

    Slowly the door opened and she made her way in, “Captain Hawk,” she said in greeting.

    “Jessica,” he said in return. “Have a seat.”

    “If I was here for me I would,” she said. Which caused him to arch an eyebrow, and feeling confused. Fortunately she didn't need any prodding to continue. “Ken has to tell you something,” now he was feeling confused and concerned. “But not here, He wants to see you on the roof.”

    Slowly he asked, “Why the roof? Why not my office? And more importantly why did he send you instead of contacting me himself?”

    “That part's complicated,” she answered, fully aware that's not the answer he wanted to hear at that particular moment. “But it would be best to tell you what he wants to tell you there. We'll explain why after he talks to you.” He just sat there and stared at her, trying to figure out if this was a joke or not. “You're going to have to trust us on this one.”

    In any other situation he would trust them. Still his cuiriosity was piqued. “This better be important,” he finally said raising out of his chair. He followed her out of his office, although he gave Janet instructions to let anybody else know that was busy until his returned. They walked to the closest stairwell in relative silence. Although she kept insisting that Ken was fine and that he just needed to talk to him when he inquired about what was going on.

    Finally they reached the door to the roof and she opened it to let him through. It took a second for his eyes to adjust to the brightness but there he was, practically in the same place the last time he saw him, leaning on the railing and looking out. Jess motioned for him to keep going, so he did joining the young man at the railing and looking out, much like they did last time. Finally he said, “Ken.”

    Hawk watched glance over at him out of the corner of his eye before saying, “Captain.”

    Studying him for a moment he tried to figure out why he looked so nervous. Looking back at Jess he saw that while she moved away from the door she still kept back from the two of them. “I hear you have something you want to tell me.”

    “I do,” he answered. Then he swallowed and said it again, “I do.”

    “Take your time,” Hawk told him trying to alleviate some of those nerves. “I have all day.” Ken started to say something but stopped himself several times. Then he reached into his jacket and placed a familiar looking cylinder on the railing between them. Hawk picked it up saying, “You're good luck charm, what about it?”

    He took in a deep breath before speaking, “It's called the Spark Magnifier. It's..., It's what I use... It's what...”

    “It's what you use to turn into Ultraman,” Hawk finished for him as a he handed it back to him.

    Ken's head whipped around to look at him. He looked at him in disbelief, “You knew?”

    “I suspected,” Hawk admitted as he took the device back. “I don't always follow it but I try not to confront anybody over anything without proof.” He looked over at Jess who looked just as stunned as Ken was. “He told you?”

    It took her a second to snap out of it, saying, “I figured it out.”

    Hawk simply nodded before returning his attention back toward Ken, who looked like he wanted to slink away somewhere right then. “I asked you point blank,” he began, “when you were first assigned to us if there was a reason why you were part of this outfit.”

    Looking so ashamed that he couldn't even look at him Ken went, “I know, I'm sorry. But I couldn't risk Richardson finding out that someone else knew.”

    “Why would you worry about Richardson?”, Hawk asked, although not too surprised he was involved in this somehow.

    Jess spoke up for him, “Richardson blackmailed him to join.” The way Ken reacted to her saying that told him that it was the truth.

    Still Ken added, “And I was sure he do something to the person who found out.”

    “So you carried this by yourself this entire time. Hell son I'm surprised you haven't cracked from the pressure by now. You should have told me sooner, I thought you trusted me after all of this time.”

    “I do,” Ken quickly said. “Like I told Jess there were times I came close to telling you. I'm sorry, I really am.”

    “Don't be sorry son, “Hawk told him. “I'm sorry you had to go through this practically alone.”

    “I was worried I'd disappoint you if you found out the truth,” he suddenly said. Even Jess looked a bit caught off guard by this particular statement. Finally Ken looked at him, “You always reminded me of my dad. I never wanted to disappoint him either.”

    Behind them Jess whistled softly, “That's pretty high praise coming from him.”

    “I though as much,” Hawk told them, suddenly honored that Ken apparently held him in such high regard. “Look Ken the only way I'd be disappointed right now was if I found out from someone else. Speaking of which,” he looked right at Jess.,

    She held her ground telling him, “It wasn't my secret to tell.”

    “Fair enough,” Hawk said, trying not to get too amused at how relieved Ken was looking at the moment. “You know we have to tell the others right?”

    Ken buried his face into his hands, “I should have figured you were going to say that.” Picking his head up he said, “This is exactly what I've been trying to avoid, now it's fucking show and tell time”

    “You need allies you can trust right now,” Hawk informed him. “At least more people having your back then just me and Jess.. Let me worry about the moment Richardson finds out, you carried that burden for way too long as it is. I'll call Ryo and Bill to the conference room, maybe see if Bridge can disrupt the video feed since all of us meeting up here is going to cause questions.” Ken still didn't look convinced about the situation in general. “Deep down you know it's for the best.” It took several minutes but he finally agreed to it. “I know it's going to be hard son but it's for the best. Now if there isn't anything else you need to tell me we better head back inside and get started.”

    Hawk started walking to the door when Ken said, “Ah, actually there was something else.” Jess looked just as surprised by this as he was. Looking apprehensive again, Ken rubbed the back of his neck before saying, “I know how Joe really died.”

    Sucking in a breath Hawk took that in. Another look at Jess said she was caught guard as well. Finally Hawk said, “All right. But tell me after I gathered the others. This... this is something you should probably only tell once.”
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    Ken hoped this would end better than he expected. First Ryo, Bill and Bridge were confused about why they were gathered in their usual conference room as he, Hawk and Jess stood in front of them. Ryo and Bill were even more confused when Bridge confirmed that the feed for the room was temporarily interrupted so nobody should discover what they were discussing, although he was as much in the dark for why as they were. Then Hawk told them what was about to be discussed wasn't to leave this room and for now was to just stay between them. Once they agreed then he dropped the real bombshell without any preamble. “Ken is Ultraman.”

    Ken watched the three of them, anxious for a moment, then Bill started laughing. “Okay Captain that's a good one.”

    “He's not joking,” Ken told him. Ryo looked over at Jess for confirmation.

    When he got it he just exploded, “What?! You been Ultraman this whole time! What the hell!” Ken just stood there as the rest of them talked over each other. Ryo's reaction surprised him the most though as he just seemed angry at the reveal. In fact Ken was worried he might attack him at any moment. The others thought so as well as Jess and Hawk quickly got between the two of them. Still Bill tried to hold him back. Ryo looked at him and demanded, “This doesn't bother you at all?”

    Bill looked at him, “Oh it bothers me all right, but it's Civilian. I'm sure he had a good reason to keep it quiet.”

    “He was worried about us,' Hawk told him.

    “Richardson blackmailed me to be part of this,” Ken told him,hoping it would be easier to believe if it came from him. “I couldn't risk telling anyone out of fear of what he might do to the person who found out.”

    “How did he blackmail you?”, Ryo asked, obviously still angry.

    “After you guys brought me in,” Ken started, “He said he was sorry for the 'inconvenience' and offered me a lift home since you guys were called away to face a monster. Instead of going where I told him to take me he had us go by the battle and had me watch. When I couldn't take it any more he got footage of me letting Da... Ultraman loose. He used that saying if I didn't agree he'd released the footage. I told him I'd reveal that secret before he got a chance. Then he said that one of the eggheads around here would start saying I was a biohazzard to those around me.”

    “Are you?”, Bill asked.

    “No,” Ken barked before he went on with his story, “I couldn't think of a way to counter that and I didn't want them to be put under a microscope because of me so I agreed.”

    Hawk took over saying, “And that's most of that particular situation. Now you said you knew the truth about what happened to Joe.”

    Again all eyes locked on him. Ken looked at Ryo and the rest of them hoping they would understand why he kept quiet about it. Taking a deep breath he started with, “You have to understand one thing first. This wasn't supposed to be me, it was supposed to be him. Richardson's been in contact with the place Ultraman comes from, arranging for one of their warriors to come over and help out, they just needed a host to house him while he was here.”

    “That's why,” Jess said in understanding. “he and his father went out there that night. So Joe could bond with him”

    Ken nodded, “Now I'm telling you what he told me. Things were going as planned but when Joe stepped forward to start the bonding process a beam shot out of the woods, killing him.”

    Hawk grunted, “Brooks.”

    “Yeah,” Ken said, “ Ultraman didn't get a look at who did it but that's who I figured it was.”

    “You known this the entire time too?!”, Ryo demanded.

    “No, I didn't know at first,” Ken told him. “I just knew that he died and what you guys told me.”

    Jess took a step closer to him, “When.... when did you find out the truth?”

    Now everyone was really staring at him. “When we found those other bodies underground.”

    Ryo shot forward before anyone could stop him and grabbed him by the jacket, “You son of a bitch, you knew for months and didn't tell us?!”

    “How was I supposed to tell you how I knew?”, Ken asked. His eyes went wide when he realized both Jess and Bill had grabbed Ryo's arm to keep him from punching him.

    “Ryo stand down now!”, Hawk barked as Jess and Bill got him to release his jacket. “We're all angry about being kept in the dark about Joe. And I'll agree that Ken should have told us before now. But he was in a situation none of us can fully understand. But we know the truth now, all of it.” Hawk looked right at him, “Correct?”

    “That's all I know,” Ken answered.

    “Right,” Ryo snorted as he walked away from the group before Jess could stop him.

    “You might not like it,” Hawk began

    Ryo turned on him suddenly, “How long have you two known that he's Ultraman? When did he tell you?”

    “I suspected for a while now,” Hawk told him. “I didn't know for sure until he told me earlier today.”

    “I figured it out a long time ago,” Jess answered. “I told him that I knew.” Looking disgusted Ryo walked away again.

    Hawk told the group, “As I was saying, you might not like it but at least the truth is out in the open now, and we have to figure out where we go from here. Ken is still one on of us,” he paused to see how the others would react. Bill and Bridge nodded their agreement right away, it took a bit but Ryo eventually agreed as well. Satisfied Hawk went on, “The way I see it our first priority is to get this video out of Richardson's hands just so he doesn't have it to hold over Ken any more.”

    “I assumed that was a given,” Bill spoke up. Turning to Bridge he went, “Any ideas?”

    Bridge thought it over for a bit, “How did he let you know about the video?”

    Ken said, “Over that briefcase his assistant is usually carrying.”

    Bridge thought that over as Ryo walked back to the group, “That's case is connected to his private server isn't it?”

    “It is,” he answered, “he's the only one with access to it. It's not even connected to our system.”

    Jess asked him, “Can you still get the video?”

    “It's going to depend if he has the briefcase connected to it or not,” he told her. “It's how he wanted it designed. And the case has it's own power source. So it'll be on the case's hard drive if anywhere.” Ken started feeling defeated when Bridge continued, “However I did create the security protocol for the case and his servers. He does occasionally hook that case up to our servers whenever he has to upload or download documents. I can set up something that can alert me when either of them does connect it to our servers. And I can have a little searcher program ready to send in to look for any video he has on the case and copy it.”

    Hawk got his attention, “Why not erase it outright? Seems like the simplest option even if he does notice it's gone. Assuming he comes to you, you could always claim it's a glitch in the case's system couldn't you?”

    “It's not that simple Captain, Bridge answered. “The case backs up everything at least once a day. And I mean everything, There would be several hundred copies of that video in that harddrive by now. I can easily claim the original and maybe a few of the copies got corrupted, but not all of them.”

    “We're assuming,” Jess said, “That his assistant hasn't already made a copy of it herself or downloaded it to that server of his in case somebody tried what we're talking about.”

    “This just gets better and better,” Ken mumbled.

    Putting a hand on his shoulder Hawk told him, “One thing at a time son. Let's see if that video is still in the case first then worry about any other problems.” Ken looked at him before nodding. “All right people we have a plan for now let's...”

    Ken tilted his head slightly before saying, “You sure?” Hawk stopped talking as he and everyone else looked at him. Okay how was he going to explain this one.

    “Are we sure about what?”, Bill asked.

    Jess studied him for a bit then it hit her, “I don't think he's talking to us.” Now everyone was really looking at him now as they realized what she meant, he was talking to Ultraman.

    Rubbing the back of his head he said, “Ah...he wants to say hello.” Not sure what else to do Ken reached into his jacket and retrieved the Spark Magnifier. He held it in his hand looking back between it and the group. “Never did this with this many people watching before,” he said, more out of nervousness than anything else. Deciding it's probably better to just get it over with he held it close and squeezed the handle causing the prongs to flip up and create a small spark.

    That spark quickly grew to engulf him as Hawk and the others, outside of Jess, took a step back. Eventually the glow faded away revealing the being they knew as Ultraman, but at a more human size. He looked at them before saying,”Greetings, I am Daxium.”

    Bill went, “Holy shit he talks.”

    “Indeed,” Daxium said. “I wanted to give my appreciation for your assistance since I've been in your universe.” Turning toward Hawk he extended a open hand. Hawk just looked at him, “I think this is the proper gesture.”

    It took Hawk a second, he was still getting over what he just witnessed, but he grinned and took the offered hand in his own and shook it, “Yes it is. It's good to finally meet you face to face.” Daxium nodded as the rest joined them.
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    Jess walked into the Razor Wing hanger, giving a small greeting to any one who said hello. But she was looking for one person in particular. And there he was, inspecting their usual Wing. Ryo looked over and saw her then immediately returned his attention the the jet. Yup, he was still upset over the reveal alright, and it apparently carried over to her now since she informed them that she knew Ken's secret for a while now. Time to mend this particular bridge. She walked over to him but stopped a few feet away to give him some space. “Need a hand?”, she asked.

    “Knock yourself out,” was his answer. Hopefully he didn't mean literally. Then he pointed at one of the wing mounts that usually carried the missiles they used on missions. Taking it as her cue she headed for it and started her inspection. “Ryo, look.”

    “Not in the open,” he told her. That had to be a good sign at least, or she hoped it was. That he didn't want any one else overhearing them talk about Ken and Ultraman. After a bit he started looking around to see how close the others were. “Just tell me one thing,” he said looking at her. “Exactly how stupid am I?”

    Caught off guard she asked, “What do you mean?”

    “I mean you and the Captain apparently put it all together,” he explained. “Why didn't I see it. I mean it's so obvious now that I should have seen it.”

    “Is that why you were so upset earlier?”, she asked. “That you didn't figure it out?”

    “Not completely,” Ryo answered. “I mean I understand why, now at least. But I was upset Ken didn't think he could trust us after all this time.”

    “I understand, believe me I really do. I've been trying to get Ken to open up at least to me about it since Japan.”

    “You still figured it out though.”

    “Ryo, I've known him longer than any of you,” she told him, getting a little closer in an attempt to make this public conversation a little more private. “Hell I slept with him back then too, if anybody around here is going to put the pieces together it's going to be me.”

    “Hold on,” Ryo said looking confused, “You two slept together? I thought you guys told me you didn't.”

    “We did?”, she went trying to remember that particular conversation. Nothing was ringing any bells at the moment, because you'd think that would stick out like a sore thumb in her memory. “And you believed us? My god Ryo that's adorable,” she just said with how red faced he was getting. “But Ryo look on the bright side, at least Bill didn't figure it out either.”

    “And that's supposed to make me fell better how?”, he asked.

    “Imagine how you'd feel if he did and you didn't.”

    The thought dawned on him, “Point taken.”

    “After I put it together I could see how hard Ken was trying to hide it,” she told him. “Now I can't speak for Captain Hawk but I could see how much keeping this a secret was weighing down on him, particularly lately. Even you and Bill could see it.One way or another it had to come out now. And I'm not sure what caused Hawk to suspect the truth. But really Ryo never question yourself like that again. You're his unofficial second in command.” Ryo scoffed at this idea. “It's true, comr on, who does he leave in charge when he's not around? It's sure as hell not Bill. Just remember, just because you didn't see this coming doesn't mean you're not good enough to get to keep that trust he has in you.”

    “I suppose,” he conceded., “I'm just annoyed I didn't see it as well as you and Hawk did.” Then he started to smile, “So why hasn't Hawk left you in charge then?”

    She thought about that, “I should probably be a little insulted shouldn't I?” Both of them shared a laugh. At least things seemed to be good between the two of them now. Now they just had to worry about him and Ken.

    In the war room Hawk stood around with Ryo and Jess while they waited for the others. Ryo seemed much calmer than the last time they gathered as a group a couple of hours ago, so that was a good sign. But even though he said he was good now Hawk decided to keep an eye on the situation once Ken entered the room. They looked at the door as it opened to let Bridge in, carrying a folder that he was keeping a little too close to his person, at least to Hawk. Then again he might just be getting paranoid himself. They were looking into stealing something from the head of their organization, charges of treason for all of them was a distinct possibility if they were found out. Fortunately these war rooms didn't have the usual security measures that the conference rooms had, so there was a smaller chance of them being discovered, or Bridge getting caught messing with the feed. “Let's wait until Ken and Bill get here,” he announced when the others looked at him expectantly.

    The wait wasn't long as they came in a moment later, with Ken looking slightly annoyed about something. The reason why became evident real quick when Bill suddenly said, “So you're like a condo then.”

    Letting out an exasperated breath Ken went, “A condo?”

    “You're housing him,” Bill said.

    “I'm just a host,” Ken shot back, “not an apartment complex.”

    “So he's like an exchange student?”, Bill asked him.

    He looked like he was about to blow but Ken kept it in check. Still he sounded very aggravated when he said, “Yeah let's go with that.”

    Wisely Bill got the hint and quickly backed off a bit, “Hey I'm just trying to understand the whole situation here.”

    “He's been like this for the last twenty minutes,” Ken told him.

    Bill quickly tried to defend himself, “There was no one around, and I shut up when I saw somebody else. Come on the rest of you have to be curious about how this works too.”

    “Let's just remember,” Hawk quickly said, “we have to be careful about what we say around other people in the organization now. The wrong person doesn't need to overhear what we know about Ken now. Or hear that we know now in some cases.”

    Bill looked at Ken, “Civilian, seriously, how did you do this for so long? I'm a walking bundle of nerves and I've only known for a few hours.”

    “You make it sound like it was easy,” Ken told him.

    Ryo choose then to speak up, “Funny, you didn't seem to have that hard a time.” Jess quickly slapped his arm with the back of her hand as Ken hung his head a bit. “I'm just stating what I seen.”
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    “If we can get back to the business at hand,” Hawk said a little louder than usual. He'd worry about Ryo and Ken later, right now, “Bridge you said you found something?” Everyone laid eyes on their resident computer expert, Ken in particular was looking hopeful. Truth be told Hawk was hoping for the best too.

    “Yes,” Bridge said as he finally put the folder down and opened it up, “But it wasn't the video.” Ken visibly deflated at that. Jess started rubbing his shoulder as Bill tried to reassure him. Ryo even looked disappointed at the news as he joined in with words of encouragement. Bridge looked disappointed in himself as he said, “Sorry Ken.”

    “So what did you find?”, Hawk asked for the group. “You had all of us gather for a reason.”

    “All of you have to see this. Just to make sure I checked our servers,” he explained,, “in case they did try to hide the video in there. Like I said I didn't find the video but I did find these.” Putting the disk into the appropriate slot he started pressing the proper keys to make what he discovered appear above the holotable. The rest of them were confused by the various boxes that appeared. “All of these are sound files,” he told them. “And all of them corresponds to an assignment you guys were on.”

    “So what does it mean?”, Ryo asked. “ Has Richardson's been monitoring us?”

    “Not all of you,” Bridge told them. “The first file is dated shortly after Hawk gave Ken his uniform jacket.

    To highlight this Bridge picked the appropriate file and played a snippet for them. Ken's voice came out clear as a bell in it, “Who wants to see a dead monster and poke it with a stick?”

    It dawned on all of them but Ken was who said it out loud, “He was monitoring me.” Then his hand quickly went to cover up his communicator. Although it was a little too late at this point. And it eventually dawned on him as well seeing how apologetic he seemed to look.

    “I already checked before I called Hawk to arrange this meeting,” Bridge told him. “You're communicator isn't active right now. In fact,” typing in another command a new sound file box came up, one that wasn't showing any kind of activity at the moment. “Some how he set up a permanent link to Ken's communicator.,”he gestured toward the new file “I'm assuming the link goes active once we get a hit on sensors. Or at least when you deploy to the field”

    “Then we got him then right?”, Bill asked. “We got proof now if he tries to do anything to us or Ken.”

    “At most it's a buffer,” Hawk informed the group. “I want the video, then we got him.”

    “Can we copy these files and erase the originals?”, Ryo asked “It would be better if we had them and not Richardson.”

    “Bridge, how often does Richardson or his assistant look at these files?”, Jess asked him.

    “Pretty much every time they upload a new file from Ken,” he answered. “The only mission not on here was the one from Japan.”

    “We were out of range for our standard communicators,” Ryo put in. “It makes sense. Is there any way to deactivate that link with out them realizing it.”

    “Possibly,” Bridge went. “I'm pretty sure they're listening in to Ken's communicator every time. At most I can make it so it doesn't record what he's saying. That why there would still be a file present but nothing would be on it. It's going to take some doing though, not to mention time. But I'm going to try and study the code for the link they used. No one in that inner circle of his has the computer skills to pull this off without getting noticed. He had someone do it, and since he didn't come to me he went to somebody in my department.I need to make sure that person doesn't find out the link was messed with.”

    “Better than nothing I guess,” Ryo said

    Ken had a look on his face like he just realized something, “That's how they knew about Brooks.” He quickly realized they were looking at him now. “Remember when I told you Jamira told me about Brooks earlier?” When they nodded he went on, “Well after we got back I was making a beeline straight to his office. Stanberry stopped me and said Brooks had already left.”

    “So he knew about him since then too,” Hawk said, mainly to himself. “I wondered why his double checking things while I was trying to find out who sabotaged the Alpha One felt off. And no Bill we don't have him yet,” he said reading the question on his face.

    “Not unless that conversation in on that file,” Jess offered. One look at Bridge after he looked up from the screen he was staring at apparently gave her the answer. “It's not, is it?”

    “Going over the mission logs, the file stopped recording the moment you all started back toward base.”

    “Damn it!”, Ken exploded and walked away.

    “Richardson is a lot of things,” Hawk spoke up, “A fool is not one of them. He's very good at covering his bases. We just have to have patience.” He looked over at Ken, “Or have a little more in some cases. In the meantime I want to make a proposition to Daxium, I think I'm saying it right.”

    Ken was silent for a bit, with a far away look in his eyes and his head tilted a bit, “He's listening.”

    “Okay then,” admittedly Hawk was just a bit uneasy saying this out loud, “I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I don't want to use him as a weapon. But maybe we can help the both of you a bit. Now I'm not sure how you've been deciding to let him loose as you say,” he shifted his eyes over at Jess, “although the reasoning behind some suggestions are becoming a little more clear now. But I was thinking we could do something to help you out on that matter, like giving you the all clear to let him loose . At least put you in a position to get away easier to do so.

    It took a moment for Ken to respond, “Dax is willing to go along with what you're suggesting but I have a issue. Richardson is listening in on my communicator. How do we do that and not have him find out we're doing it?”

    “We'll think of something,” Hawk. “Hopefully before Brooks sets another monster on the attack. And I doubt we have the luxury of time there, so if anybody thinks of anything let me know as soon as you get it. Well Ken?”, he said looking at the younger man.

    “I said Dax was agreeable to it.” he waited a few beats before going, “I guess I am too.” He held out a hand to Hawk who quickly shook it confirming their new arrangement. “I'm not going to lie, this is going to be weird.”

    “For all of us son,” he told him, “for all of us.”
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    Near a railroad, in a small cavern Brooks stood around and waited. It was bad enough he felt his masters draw him to this ,unfortunately pretty populated construction area this time of day. He still hadn't been able to get them to understand that him being spotted was a bad thing. But he was still smarting over the fact that he almost had Scott If that woman didn't show up when she did, and he was still convinced the brat was involved somehow, then both he and the giant would have been finished. He was sure of it,

    While he was stewing he almost missed the vortex start to form. Quickly trying to calm his growing rage he faced it. Now was not the time to lose his temper, because the punishment would be swift and violent. He got a taste of it once and was in no rush to repeat the experience. Before long the outline of one of his master appeared in the vortex. “Avatar,” the voice seemed to echo a little more than usual. He put it down to the space they were in more than any anger on their part. Or at least he hoped that was the reason.

    He bowed slightly, “My masters. What is the plan now? I assume it has something to do with the site I'm next to.”

    “Indeed Avatar,” the image said. “The previous experiment you conducted gave us time to finalize our latest creation.” Brooks felt an eye start to twitch after hearing this information. It meant they used him to buy themselves some more time. They never expected him to succeed. If that damn woman never showed up he be gloating right about now.

    Forcing his voice to stay even he said, “And what are we sending over now that's sure to conquer the giant.” He quickly flinched away when the edges of the vortex started flaring up. Sarcasm was not the way to go there.

    “Be watchful of your tone Avatar,” the voice said with a force that was only used on those occasions they lashed out at him. So far they haven't but there was no guarantee that they wouldn't. “We will not abide any of your insolence.”

    “Yes my masters,” he quickly backed off. “I was not thinking clearly when I said that. You have been very gracious with your leniency with my experimentation with the power you have given me.”

    “That leniency is limited Avatar, we suggest you remember that in the future.” The edges of the vortex started to calm down, but he still didn't relax. They were apparently on edge as well. Brooks would have to remember to not poke this particular alien bear. “We are nearly ready to send a new creature over. So soon after his last battle the giant will be caught unprepared.”

    Brooks stood there thinking, after I soften him up for you, but wisely kept this thought to himself. “An excellent strategy my masters, The giant should be unprepared for a new fight so soon after the previous one.” Although Brooks seemed to recall a time Scott and the giant did just that. But they said he gave them time to finalize things with this latest one. “If I may ask, what needed finalizing on this newest creation of your?”

    “Our scientist were able to create Kodalar's skin so it will be reflective of any energy attack fired at it,” the voice explained, “In most cases directly back toward the point of origin of the attack among his other abilities.”

    “And most of the giants's major attacks are energy based,” he said to himself. “Yes that may actually work. An excellent idea my masters.” Again to himself he thought took your scientists long enough to figure that one out. “When are you sending it over?”

    “Soon,” came the reply. “There should be another tunnel nearby.” Brooks glanced over to the only other tunnel there was in this particular cavern. “It should lead to a larger one that can accommodate Kodalar easily enough. Wait there until then.”

    “Of course my masters,” he replied while bowing again. Once the vortex disappeared the disgust returned to his face. “Wait there,” he spat. “What else am I supposed to do walk to the center of the city and lead Scott and the giant on a merry chase. God there are times I wish I never accepted that deal, just so I wouldn't have to deal with how insufferable they can be.” He headed down that particular tunnel trying to ignore blasting something in frustration like he had done in the past. Mainly because these wall didn't look particularly stable and he wasn't in the mood to get buried alive today. Still he had a few moments to muse to himself about various things such as “Kodalar, interesting name. More than likely still better than anything those unimaginative morons at the UNDF would end up calling it.”
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    Jess nearly jumped when the door alert went off indicating someone was on the other side. She was still expecting him but damn was she nervous. And she shouldn't be, it was just Ken,more than likely, she already talked with Ryo, Bill, Captain Hawk even Bridge and she couldn't think of any one else who would be knocking at her door this time of day, so it had to be Ken. She invited him here, mainly because she said she show him that particular page in her scrapbook, that was it, maybe discuss ways to give him the signal that it was his and Daxium's time to fight, but that was it. So why did the thought of opening that door make it seem like those butterflies were having a street fight in her stomach?

    “Damn it Jessica,” she told herself, “You're a fucking adult, start acting like one and not a scared school girl.” Taking she walk a deep breath she walked toward the door. Ken was on the other side, and he looked almost as nervous as she felt. “Ken, do you want to come in?”

    “Come in?”, he looked like that question caught him off guard. He looked around to see if anyone else was around, and so did she so she couldn't make fun of him there, she might any way just for the hell of it. Depending on her mood, and if he did something stupid. Not seeing anybody he finally said. “Uh, sure. Why not.”

    “It beats talking out in public,” she said and immediately winced at what she said. She was blaming that line on the nerves. She moved aside to let him in. Once he crossed the threshold she did one more check for any witnesses. There was no way in hell she was going to give the local grape vine any ammunition. “So what new?”, oh yeah she was blaming that one on the nerves too.

    “I heard about Timothy,” he told her. This got her attention since she was sure the kid was one who lead her to Ken's location the other night. So Jess was worried about him as well. “He's still in the infirmary, he confirmed Hawk's suspicion that Brooks used him to cause that event I was caught up in.”

    “Who told you about Timothy?”, she asked. Both of them had been trying since they got back to Castle. Up until now they, Ken in particular, kept running into a wall. They most she was able to get was from Ryo when he told her that the medical staff pretty much ripped him away from their hands almost as soon as they drove in. “Is he going to be okay?”

    “I was finally able to get some info out of Hawk,” he explained. “After I explained that he knew about Dax and how. Man it's still weird talking about him out loud now.” He shook his head a bit “But he's okay, physically at least.”

    Confused Jess asked, “What do you mean?”

    “Apparently whatever Brooks did to the kid sort of fried whatever it was in his head that let him read minds,” he told her, getting visibly angrier by the second just talking about it. “Fucking bastard,” he muttered, while in full agreement with that statement she did reach out and start rubbing his shoulder to try and calm him down. It apparently worked be cause he looked at her with a bit of a smirk. “That was literally the first time I heard Dax cuss too,” she smiled a bit too, “I think I might have rubbed off on him a little.”

    “Only you could corrupt a being from somewhere else,” she told him. “How did Timothy take this particular revelation?”

    “Not well according to Hawk,” he said. “They had to sedate him he was freaking out so much.”

    Jess nodded a bit as she took that bit of info in. “It only makes sense, I'm just guessing that he's been able to do that all his life. It would be like one of us waking up and being unable to see. Do they think his abilities will come back?”

    Ken suddenly looked a little sad, “They're not sure. Nobody around here even understood how he did it to begin with. And the guy that came in with him, Lunden, he's been a complete mess and has been no help at all. He hasn't left his side since they brought him in. Hawk had to contact Lunden's company in order to get the people who worked with him over here.”

    “Lunden's that bad?”, Jess went. “I'm surprised he was that close to Timothy.”

    “Took me by surprise too. But Hawk said he hasn't left his side since they brought him in.” He suddenly looked past her and at her bed, more importantly at the book on it.

    She looked at it as well and felt the nerves grow again. “I did say I'd show you that one page.” He followed her over to the bed and said nothing as she picked it up. Stepping a little closer to give him a better look her fingers found the right page without her even looking. She opened it then looked at him to gauge his reaction. Ken looked on in wonder as he focused on the picture of the two of them.

    He looked at her, “That was your seventeenth birthday party.”

    “You remembered,” she said with a smile. She glanced back at the picture. “It wasn't until I saw that photo on your dresser and you trying to explain it that made me realize that of all the scrapbooks I own this is the one I always keep with me. And this is the page I'm usually on.” she looked back at him and found Ken looking at her. And suddenly this felt very wrong.

    “What are we doing?”, she said closing the scrapbook and walking away, leaving him a little dumbfounded on what just happened. “We can't go down this road again.”

    “Why not?, he asked. “Is it because we're team mates now? Are you afraid it'll end the same way?”

    “No, it's not that,” she told him. Then what was the reason she was having doubts now? “I'm not the same person I was back then,” she eventually ended up saying. It felt close enough to the truth, at least because that was the only thing that came to her mind.

    “Neither am I,” he shot back. “You pointed it out to me enough times. I know we can't pick up were we left off.”

    “We can't really start over either,” she told him. “How could we, after all this time? Ken I like the spot we're in now. I don't want to ruin that.”

    “I don't want to lose what we have now either,” he said taking a cautious step closer. “But you know I love you, and I know how you feel about me. I wouldn't risk anything to ruin what we have now.”

    “I don't either, So what do we do then? It's not like we can just forget all of this and go on like we have been.”

    “I have no idea.”

    “Well you're a lot of help,” she told him. Despite the turmoil both of them started to smile. “This sounds like one of those one step at a time thing doesn't it?” He agreed. “Can I have a little time to try and sort this out in my head a bit?”

    “Yeah, of course,” he answered. He headed for the door. Then he stopped and turned around. He didn't look mad so there wasn't going to be as fight. So what did he want to say to her? “I was wondering ah...after you sorted it out of course, and if we can arrange it, did you want to go grab some dinner some time? Off base I mean.”

    Jess just looked at him for a short moment. Her mind sorted everything out pretty quickly right then and there. She didn't let it on though, or tried not to. “I do believe you're trying to ask me out on a date.”

    Looking a little embarrassed he said, “Granted my last few dates were because Rose set me up. But I'm pretty sure this is how it's done.”

    “I'd love too,” she blurted out. Looks like she caught him off guard again with her response. While he looked confused she told him, “I figured things out pretty fast. I'm willing to give us another chance if you are.”

    She never seen him smile so big. She wouldn't have been surprised if the top of his head was going to fall off his grin was so huge. “Great. I mean good. Hell I mean great. God that was harder than the first time I asked you out. You pick where you want to go. Anyplace will be fine with me.”

    “Let's see if we can arrange it first,” she reminded him.

    “Right, gotta arrange it first. Oh god there's going to be paper work isn't there?” he said. “ How do we classify this any way?”

    She grabbed his hands, “Ken relax, breath. We just need to ask for a pass from Captain Hawk, and pray he doesn't ask too many question.”

    “Ask for a pass, right,” he said calming down a bit. “He's so going to give me a look when we do, I just know it. We're going to do it together, right?”

    “There'd be less questions that way,” she told him. “Now go the the garage or something and work off that nervous energy. “ he gave her a quick salute before leaving her room. Jess turned around and leaned against the door after it closed, just waiting for what ever it was earlier to tell her this was wrong. Now she started to smile as that voice remained quiet.
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    He should have taken a deck of cards or something. Monster sitting was tedious even before Brooks was forced to go on the run. Of course he was wishing for some cards then as well, since he didn't want to risk having his phone tracked. He always was a bit hard headed like that, thinking he didn't need something when he really did. Granted he had an excuse this time, fleeing Castle didn't give him a lot of time to gather things as trivial as personal entertainment and the like.Nor did planning a proper escape plan. But that was in the past, and this was now. And right now it was boring as hell at the moment. So he got up to walk around and stretch his legs a bit, all while ignoring the monstrous gaze following him.

    Those giant black beady eyes of course belonging to Kodalar, a massive blue, almost turtle looking creature that his masters had sent over. Outside of it's skin coloring the first thing he noticed was the off white tusks and spikes protroding on various spots on it's body. Those were the first thing he noticed, it took a bit but he eventually realized that this thing was watching him. Granted there were a couple in the past that gave off the impression that they were watching him, but Kodalar was just out right staring at him. Almost unnervingly so. And the fact that his masters were observing him some how only made the feeling worse. “Granted, you more impressive than some creatures they have sent over,” he said, knowing the intelligence of these things was relatively low and therefore it wouldn't understand what he was saying. “But I was expecting something less... generic looking. Now don't get me wrong some of your brethren had been down right bizarre looking, that one rock creature comes to mind.”

    Like he expected Kodalar didn't react, it just kept staring at him. Even if it looked at him in hunger it would be better than this dead expression he was getting now. “How about a little experiment, hmm? I'm sure they tested the properties of your hide, but I just need to know that they're actually right.” Again Kodalar didn't react as his hand started glowing, “Just a low level blast I think, nothing too impressive.” Brooks fired an energy blast that hit the creature in the thigh. Then like expected the beam shot back in his direction, extremely fast. So much so he almost didn't react in time as he jumped out of the way. The reflected blast hit the wall with way more force than he originally fired it.

    He stared at the spot for a long moment in shock. He looked back at the creature who was still the same. Brooks looked back and forth between it and the smoking spot several times before realization and anger finally set in. “Not only does it reflex back it increases in strength,” he said as he stood up running his hand over his head. “They never mentioned that. More than likely they expected me to try just that and get blasted by my own beam. The nerve of some people.” He started dusting himself off when he looked back up at Kodalar with a sinister grin, “Well, if I didn't see that coming neither should the giant.”

    Bill and Ryo sat at a table in one of the smaller cafeterias on base, one that they generally used when they just wanted to sit around and shoot the bull or whatever, as she approached the table. Both of them looked up and greeted her friendly enough. “I thought I find the two of you here,” she said as she joined them. “This seat taken?”

    “Not at the moment,” Ryo said as she pulled it out and sat down. Bill started looking at the door, like he was expecting something. Eventually Ryo asked, “What are you looking for?”

    “Ken,” he admitted. “It seems wrong that we're here and he's not.” Ryo didn't say anything, but he did have a look cross his face but she caught. And it wasn't a happy one. Apparently he was still a bit salty about Ken keeping everyone in the dark about certain things, despite what he said. Missing all of that completely Bill stood up saying, “I'm going to go find him.”

    “Yeah,” Ryo said with fake enthusiasm, “you go do that.” Bill did catch that one and stared at him. When he looked at her, Jess motioned that she had this one. Bill nodded and left the room.

    Ryo pointed at her and said “Don't.”

    “I'm going to anyway,” she informed him. “Are you ever going to forgive him about keeping what happened to Joe from us?” The way he looked at her made her think her hunch was on the mark. Most of his anger wasn't from Ken keeping the fact he was Ultraman from them. It was what happening to their fallen team mate. Hopefully having this discussion here rather in a properly staffed hanger would help him opening up

    “I understand where that anger is coming from,” she told him. “I really do, it caught me by surprise too. But Ken was in a tough spot.”

    “I know that,” he snapped at her. “I know that, but he knew how Joe's death affected us. Just the idea he kept the truth from us for this long.”

    “None of us are happy with it Ryo. I'm not, Captain Hawk's not. And I'm positive Bill's not either.”

    “Then why are none of you angry with him then?”, he demanded.

    “Because we're trying to understand the spot he was in,” she shot at him, anger almost getting the best of her. “If you're claiming to know the spot he was in, you should try understanding it as well.” Without thinking she said, “If your this upset now, I can't wait to see how you react when we go on that date.”

    “Date?”, Ryo went. “You two are going on a date?”

    Mentally kicking herself for letting that bit of information out Jess said. “Yes we're going on a date, Ken asked me out to dinner earlier. We decided to give it another try.” She braced herself for another outburst.

    Instead of shouting he started smiling, “That's great. I was wondering if you guys would give it another go.”

    “I thought you'd be angrier at the news all things considered,” she told him.

    “I'm still upset about being kept in the dark about Joe,” he told her, “but I'm happy for the two of you Jess, I really am. Just give me time to get over the whole Joe and Ultraman mess. So when's the date happening?”

    Before she could answer Bridge's voice came from their communicators and the over head speakers, “All units get ready to deploy. A monster signal has been detected.”

    Both of them shot up from their chairs. She quickly said, “Not tonight,” as they raced out of the room.
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    Breaking through the ground Kodalar roared as workers ran at the sight of him. As he freed himself while the crater he created grew larger with the attempt. Brooks always thought of them as male for some reason, it was possible at least one or two of them could have been female. But that was neither her or there. At a safe enough distance, one where he could see the initial onslaught but not be immediately noticed,Brooks watched the scene unfold in front of him. Well unnoticed was a relative term, especially if Scott and the giant showed up. Not that he couldn't hide himself from them, he'd done it for a year. But it was better safe than sorry.

    Finally breaking through Kodalar fully emerged and surveyed the fleeing ants before him. Getting bored of that he locked his gaze on one of the buildings in the area and headed for it. Brooks pretended that there was a maniacal little gleam in it's other wise dead eyes as he smashed the building into rubble, At least from this distance it looked liked he was finally enjoying himself, or Brooks like to have thought as much while he watched..

    The ever increasing sounds of jet engines slowly filled the air causing him to look up. The Razor Wings arrived faster than he anticipated. Hawk must have the troops ready to launch at a moments notice ever since he left. He chuckled a bit as he realized he probably part of that reason, Pulling a set of micro binoculars out of a pocket he scanned the area, and there were the Scan Tracks. Although he was more than a little disappointed the Alpha One wasn't here. That big cannon it carried was the only thing they had to an energy weapon. He would loved to witness the expression on Hawk and Scott's face as that beam was reflected back at them. Then again that would tip off Scott and the giant to this particular ability, and where was the fun in that?

    Studying the Scan Tracks a little closer as the Wings made a strafing run at Kodalar he spotted Hawk as the troops quick set up a temporary field HQ. More importantly he spotted Scott on the ground. And he seemed to be partnered with some one as they went into the chaos, more than likely to help with evacuation based on UNDF regulations that he help write. Now how was he going to get away and let the giant out this time?

    “Come on people, move it this way!”, Bill shouted as he waved a bunch of workers away from the carnage. On the other side of the street Ken was doing the same. Although he kept glancing up at the creature, trying to judge exactly how far away it was. If it got too close he was going to have to risk getting away to set Dax after it. Well not risk exactly, Bill was fully aware of things now, so he'd understand why if he suddenly bolted. Just another thing he would have to get used too on the fly now everything was out in the open, Everyone looked back at the creature as the Wings made another pass at the monster, with Scan Tracks joining in on the ground. As usual the barrage barely seemed to have an effect. “Civilian!”, he heard Bill call out. “I got things here. You wanna head to another area to see if it's clear?”

    It took a moment For Ken to figure out what he was doing, He was giving him the chance to get away. Getting used to things on the fly. Ken looked at the crowd and checked if any other UNDF officers were around. Things looked clear to him. “Yeah,” he said, “I'll do that.” Ken looked around to locate a free area. Before he could locate one the monster roared again, holding some sort of tank it tossed it at the direction of the Scan Tracks. It fortunately missed the target it was aiming for. But it did explode on contact. Right by the field HQ.

    Both Ken and Bill looked on in stunned silence before both of them shouted, “Captain!”, and ran for the blaze as the vehicles increased their attack.

    “Are you okay?”, Ken asked as they came across someone stumble away from the wreckage coughing up a lung. When he nodded he went,“Where's Hawk?”

    “Still in there,” he got out between coughs as he pointed back toward the mess. “He's making sure the others got out first.” He was still alive for the moment, a small weight seemed to lift off of his shoulders. Bill visibly relaxed a bit at the news as well.

    “Come on,” Bill said as he ran toward what was left of the field HQ. Ken didn't need to be told twice.

    Running past various workers and troopers they finally reached it. It wasn't as bad as either of them feared, but it was still pretty bad. Things were turned over and various objects were either broken or on fire or both. People were still stumbling away from it as Ken spotted one last person coming out of the smoke, a battered and bloody Hawk. “There!”, he shouted at Bill as he ran toward him.

    Ken caught him as he started to fall forward. “I got ya Captain,” he grunted as he got under his arm and supported him. Bill started moving what debris he could out of the way to give them a clearer path.

    “What are you doing here?” Hawk demanded as he started clawing at Ken's chest for some reason before a coughing fit made him stop.

    Waiting a moment it to stop Ken told him, “Getting the injured to safety first. I did read all those pads filled with regulations you gave me you know.” Hawk started grinning. After a few more yards he looked back at the monster then started poking Ken in the chest. He looked down and saw that his communicator was missing. He looked back going, “How?” Then he remembered Hawk clawed at his chest, he removed it without him realizing it. “I'm not paying for that if it's broken.”

    Grinning again Hawk told him, “I'll get a collection going. Now I believe you have a job to do.” Ken was speechless, and torn. On one hand he wanted to just that, on the other hand he had to make sure Hawk got to safety first. Even Dax was agreeing with that.

    “I got him Civilian,” Bill told him as he he got under Hawk's other arm and took most of the weight. “Do what you gotta do.” Ken was still to stunned to move. Hawk had to push him away to get him moving. Still Ken looked at Hawk, worried about his condition. Hawk waved him on, the order plain on his bloody face. Biting a lip Ken replied with a quick nod and ran toward the monster. “Kick it's ass man,” Bill called after him.

    Stopping in a big enough area, and fully aware that both Hawk and Bill were watching him, Ken reached for the Spark Magnifier, “Let's do it Dax,” and held it over his head as he activated it.

    The column of light appeared as Brooks lowered his binoculars after almost losing his grip on them. Scott just let the giant free, in front of Hawk and the other one. And it didn't look like he thought twice about it from where he was. “He did it, Scott actually did it,” he muttered in disbelief, “he just revealed who he was.”

    Brooks walked away from the scene as the giant was revealed as the column faded away and he got into a position to take on Kodalar, “Shiah!”
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    Kodalar roared a challenge at Daxium before charging him. Running at the creature in kind he grappled with the monster before it's brute strength pushed him back. Daxium went in again with a kick that barely budged it. Kodalar slowly spun around trying to get him with it's tail. Daxium easily jumped over it and punched and chopped at the creature creature repeatedly. With a grunt the monster charged forward suddenly, bashing Daxium with it's shoulder. The surprising suddenness of the move combined with the force behind it put the giant flat on his back with a ground shaking thud. Kodalar quickly took advantage by coming up to Daxium and started stomping on his chest. Reacting in pain with each blow Daxium grabbed the foot as it was coming down and with some effort was able to push it back. The monster fought to keep it's balance, giving Daxium enough time to get back to his feet. He grabbed an arm and tried to use it being off balances to throw the creature to the ground.

    Kodalar was able to shrug it's arm out of Daxium's grasp and knock him back with a backhand. Then quicker than the light giant expected the monster grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Picking him back up, despite the increased barrage from the UNDF forces, lifted him off the ground then threw him into a building that collapsed on impact. Getting out of the rubble Daxium looked to see the creature jump at him. Rolling out of the way Kodalar crashed on the ground. Acting fast Daxium humped on it's back and started pounding away with his fist. Kodalar slowly was able to get up carrying Daxium on it's back. While hanging on for all he's worth one quick heave flipped him over it's shoulder to the ground.

    Seeing the monster come to stomp on him again Daxiom quickly rolled out of the way, got to a knee then jumped up and landed a flying kick. Kodalar stumbled back but it still tried to grab at him. Back flipping out of the way Daxium continued to flip backwards to get some space between the two of them. Bringing his hands to his sides, Daxium lined up the shot and fired off a Flashbolt. The beam struck the creature but less than a second later it came back at him. Daxium tried to move but got hit in the stomach as it exploded on contact. Crying out in pain he held his gut as he bent over slightly, eventually dropping to a knee..

    “Ken!” Ryo and Jess both cried out as they witnessed what happened from their Razor Wing. On the ground Bill looked stunned about what just happened while Hawk ignored the medics trying to treat his injuries. Making eye contact both knew the other was worried about their friend and team mate. Kodalar stomped toward Daxium while he was still on the ground in pain.With a sudden grunt that surprised the monster with how intense it was Daxium stood up and banged his forearms together mode shifting into Power Mode. With renewed determination Daxium went at the blue monster, his increased strength adding a little extra oomph to his punches and kicks,Kodalar tried to cover up and lash out blindly at the same time. But it did get in a lucky shot at the spot Daxium was hit with the rebounded Flashbolt. Grunting in pain again he took a step back.

    The monster tried to grab him in the moment but the giant quickly broke free. Daxium grabbed the tusk by it's mouth and tugged down, ramming it's head into his knee. The monster stunned he spun around with a kick that almost knocked it down. While it didn't go down the monster did turn his back to him. Seeing his chance he grabbed it's tail and with another pain laced grunt he started turning in a circle, creating enough momentum that Kodalar left his feet. While that did make spinning him in circles easier it still put a strain on his wound. So much so, not to mention that the jewel startrted blinking, that he had to let go and held his side one more time as Kodalar went flying for a bit before crashing on the ground with a huge thud. He started to bring his fist to his chest but hesitated. If this creature's hide could somehow reflect the Flashbolt could it do the same with the Giga Wave? He looked behind him and saw the UNDF forces still presant. He lowered his fist he couldn't risk them getting caught up in the backlash if it did. So that left him with one option in this form, the Storm Globe. Deciding he needed a better angle than this he flew straight up in the air, Holding his arms out Energy formed between them that he quickly condensed by swinging his arms around. Once in a ball shape he held his arms out and firing the ball of energy,at the monster. It watched the attack come at him but did nothing to avoid it. Apparently catching the energy orb by holding it's arms open the attack was rebounded back at Daxium.

    Figuring there was a chance that it was going to come back at him Daxium dropped from the sky almost as soon as he fired the attack. The globe sailed overhead and into space as he landed on the ground. He studied this particular monster trying to figure out what to do.All his energy based attacks so far had been reflected back at him. And the only thing that seemed to have any affect was his physical strikes. Even if the jewel on his chest wasn't blinking it's warning he knew he didn't have enough time to try and beat it to death. So what was he going to do? Running out of options and time he crossed his arms in front of him and brought them down going into Hyper Mode. Holding out his right arm the Light Flash whip extended from his fingers. Getting in close he took a test swing at the monster. The whip hit the creature with no difficulty but there seemed to be very little contact made from the effort.

    Kodalar shook a bit, like it was laughing at him. Swinging the whip over his head Daxium snapped it back at the monster. It wrapped itself around where it's neck should have been. He didn't relax just yet, waiting to see if the creature would some how repeal the light whip from it's body. While it struggled to get free the whip stayed in place. Drawing in energy again as he held his other arm back he brought that hand down on his other wrist and unleashed the Light Stream as a pule of energy traveled at the creature. When it came into contact it rebounded back at him. Daxiun concentrated and sent more energy into the pulse of energy in the whip. It traveled back and forth several times before finally enter Kodalar's body, making it explode. Dropping to a knee and holding his side while the jewel flashed faster and faster Daxium slowly stood up, looked at the sky and flew away, “Shiah!”

    Bill ran around the area looking around for any sign of him. Then he spotted Ken down on a knee still holding the spot Ultraman took that major hit. “Ken!” he called out as he ran toward him. Seeing him Ken tried to hide the pain he was feeling and stand up. It still took a bit, Bill had enough time to reach him and help him to his feet. “Easy Civilian,” he said. “I got you.”

    “I'm fine,” Ken said through his teeth, “just a little winded. Dax mode shifting more than once during a battle takes a bit out of both of us. He hasn't done it enough for either of us to get used to it.”

    Bill didn't look convinced, “Uh huh. You're the one who has to explain it to Hawk and the others.” Just then a Scan Track pulled up and Commander Reid jumped out. Bill glanced over at Ken and muttered, “Well this just got complicated.”

    Muttering back Ken told him, “Not yet it hasn't.”

    Looking at them Reid went, “You okay Ken?”

    “I will be,” he told him. “I got a little too close to that fight,” he looked over at the still burning remain of the creature. “Got caught in the concussion wave when that monster blew up,” Bill stared at him but Ken ignored him as he continued, “It sent me flying and I landed hard. Just got the wind knocked out of me, I'll be fine in a bit.”

    “I'm sure you think so,” Reid told him. “But I want a second opinion from one of the medics. Hop in We'll give the two of you a lift to them.” Ken started to protest but Reid went into full Commander mode, “That's an order Ken.”

    “Yes sir,,” he said with a sigh after giving in. Mainly because he didn't think he could get to the medics under his own power at the moment. He barely made it to the Scan Track without making it look like a mistake when he jumped right in like nothing was wrong.But only because he was watching him Bill saw his eyes crinkle in pain a little.
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    From across the tent Hawk watched as the Medics give Ken the once over while Bill stood by the tent's opening. They pressed on his stomach looking for signs that anything was broken or felt wrong. Ken took it in silence the entire time. Although from where he was Hawk could see his hand clench up into a fist while they were doing so. When they finally stopped that hand unclenched and he asked sounding perfectly normal, “So everything's good right?”

    The medics stood a bit straighter as one of them stated, “Looks like nothing broken. I'd still like you to stop by the med center later for a more comprehensive test to make sure everything okay.”

    “I'll try to fit that into my schedule,” Ken said sitting up. The medic shook his head and left the tent with the others. As soon as they was gone Ken's hands immediately went to his side as he bent forward slightly. “That didn't help things at all,” he grunted.

    “How are you really?”, Hawk asked him, hating the idea that he'd done this so many times in the past.

    Gingerly getting off the table before Hawk could stop him and start moving around. Eventually he admitted, “I've felt better, but I'm pretty sure I'll live. Dax never took a hit from one of his own weapons before. He's feeling it at the moment too.”

    Keeping an eye out for anyone coming into the tent Bill went, “At least you can skip Williams giving you a,” he made quote marks in the air. “'exam' now.”

    Shaking his head Ken told them, “Tried that already. Richardson's still going to want him to look me over when we get back.”

    Giving out a low whistle Bill went, “All of that for a 'concussion wave'? How did you think of that one so fast?”

    “It sounded good didn't it?”, Ken shot back. “And I have had some practice at covering for any injuries I might get through Dax. You just have to go with something that sounds plausible.”

    “Show me the wound,” Hawk said suddenly. Ken was reluctant to do so. “Don't make me make it an order Ken, because you know I will in a heartbeat.” Seeing he didn't have a choice in the matter, but still hesitating, Ken slowly lifted up his shirt. Hawk and Bill both stared at the angry looking red splotch adorning his side.

    “Sweet Jesus,” a new voice said. Ken quickly lowered the shirt as they spotted Ryo and Jess entering the tent. Bill quickly closed the flap before any one else saw the condition Ken was in. Jess held her hand to her mouth as she seemed to be staring at the wound through the shirt. “We came to check on Captain Hawk,” Ryo told them, the he started shaking his head, “But damn man are you all right?”

    “It'll be gone by tomorrow,” Ken told them, getting uncomfortable at all the attention.

    Picking up on it Jess forced herself to look at Hawk, “How are you doing Captain. We heard the explosion was close to where you set up.”

    “I'm not dead yet,” he told her. Touching the bandage on his forehead he added, “A little banged up but I'll be giving out orders before any of you realize it. Speaking of, I want the three of you to make Ken sit in this chair right here,” he patted the seat next to him. “I don't think he should be on his feet just yet.” Jess and the others grabbed him before Ken could react and guided him to the appointed chair. After a small struggle they got Ken seated in the chair. Hawk put a firm hand on his shoulder. “Now the three of you go help with the clean up I'll make sure Ken doesn't leave this seat until we're ready to leave. Oh, and Ken lost his communicator at some point. Keep an eye out for it.”

    “Yes sir,” Jess and the rest saluted, although with a bit of a smile at Ken's unhappiness with the situation, then did as ordered.

    Hours later, back at Castle Ryo found Ken in one of the hanger's diagnostic rooms. Unsurprisingly sitting in a chair hovering over his toy from Japan, Windam. A set of plans was pinned to a board next to him, he kept going back between them and the robot's now open cranium. Actually he looked more alive now than he's been recently, Ryo guessed finally getting it all off his chest did Ken a world of good. “You find the problem yet?”

    “No, not yet,”he said leaning back a bit. “I'm still convinced it's a programming issue because if it was mechanical he'd keep mixing up his left with his right. Not sporadically like he has been.” Ken looked at him before pushing off the table and rolling backwards to the wall behind him. He gave one particular panel a small tap with a fist and it sprung open slightly. Opening it all the way revealed a series of grates acting like shelves and several bottles of beer. Ken grabbed one and offered it to Ryo. “A peace offering,” he said. “It's not actually refrigerator cold but the AC vent here does a good enough job of keeping them chilled.”

    Taking the offered bottle and opening it as Ken took one for himself and closed the panel. Taking a drink Ryo gestured to the panel. “The Chef's going to flip his lid if he ever finds out about that.”

    Opening his bottle Ken said, “He's the one who told me about it. All the guys down here has a stash like this around here. The way I see it if the lab coats can have a still we can have these hidden stashes. But only Hanger personnel is supposed to know about it so shh.” he held a finger to his lips. Ryo said nothing, he just took another drink as he pulled up a stool and sat down next to him.

    Leaning forward a bit Ken said, “I'm sorry Ryo, I really am. I hated keeping all of that from you guys, especially about Joe. I never wanted to hurt any of you like that.”

    “I understand,” he eventually said. “I hate it with a passion, but I think I understand it. At least a little better now after I saw how you're being physically affected. Speaking of, Jess asked me to see how that was doing now since I told her I was going to look for you.” Like before he was reluctant to do so so Ryo told him. “You know she's going to corner you and check for herself if you don't, so you might as well get it over with.” Ken sighed and lifted up his shirt, like he claimed it was healing rapidly considering how it looked when they first seen it. Still Ryo asked, “You been hurt like this before and never let on? You are a fucking idiot.”

    Lowering the shirt Ken went, “Had to play the cards I was dealt, no matter how sucky the hand was.” After another swig he looked at Ryo for a bit. Finally he said, “So are we still good?”

    “Yeah,” Ryo said after thinking it over for a moment, “We're good.” Ryo held out his bottle. Ken did the same with his and they clinked theie bottles together. “We all have your back in this man.I heard Jess has a couple of ideas of how to get you that signal the Captain was talking about.”

    “She mentioned that she had some thoughts,” Ken told him. “Nothing concrete yet. She wants to go over them with Hawk first before she told me.”

    Nodding Ryo said, “She told me the same thing.” Looking at his bottle he added, “She also informed me that you asked her out.” Ken was mid drink when he said this so he just looked at Ryo while trying not to choke. So he decided to take it easy on the guy, “Look, you two are both grown adults and you can do whatever the hell you want, it won't affect me any. But,” he leaned forward a bit and looked Ken right in the eyes, “she is my wingman. And if I found out you hurt her in any way...”

    “You'll be the next one in line right behind her to deal with the scrapes,” Ken finished for him.

    Grinning because that's was probably how it would happen Ryo said, “As long as we understand each other.” Ken grinned as well as they clinked bottles one more time.

    ED – Shinedown – Fly From the Inside


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