Tokusatsu Resolutions!

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Grimmhelm, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Toku Prime

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    I must admit I'm not quite there. :sweat:

    Finish watching Gekiranger Done
    Finish re-watching KR Decade Watched almost half of it and then heard MillionFold Curiosity were going to fansub it, so on hold for now.
    Watch Sun Vulcan Done
    Watch Changeman Done
    Watch Liveman Done
    Watch Gaoranger Only three episodes in, dunno if I'll see all of it in a single month
    Watch something that was neither Rider nor Sentai Tekkōki Mikazuki, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman Tiga, both series of Ecogainder.
  2. Mr G

    Mr G Fighting evil makes me thirsty

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    Did someone sub the second Ecogainder series?! I absolutely adore the first one!
  3. Toku Prime

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    'Kankyō Chōjin Ecogainder 0X'? Yeah, Gao Soul Forever apparently did them both. Go to nyaa, type "ecogainder" in the search bar, and it's the very first result.

    It's not a continuation of the original series though. All new characters (even the title character) and completely different origins for both the hero and the bad guys. The suit from the original series does make a cameo in the last episode, albeit as a different character. For me it doesn't quite have the charm of the first series but if you enjoyed the original then it's still worth watching.
  4. Xtreme RX

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    watch Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters once more (yes, I like the show guys, I really do)
    watch Timeranger again (last time was 13 years ago)
    watch Shinkenger (finally)
    watch Kamen Rider X
    watch GARO (I admit, I haven't seen it yet)
    watch Ultraman Tiga again (last time was HOW long ago?! I just remember the theme song xD )
  5. Toku Prime

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    Well, two episodes per day and a dash to the finish this weekend and that's Gaoranger under my belt (and it was much better than I'd expected given that I can only recall it being mentioned online in a negative way).

    Guess I'd best start thinking of some new resolutions for 2014. Anybody else going to take the plunge again?
  6. Hell Kaiser Andy

    Hell Kaiser Andy Aronbafon

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    No reason to make a new of these so, I guess I'll post for this time.

    For 2014 I hope to actually finish my backlog, pretty sure I have at least 15 shows backlogged including;
    • Kamen Rider V3
    • Kamen Rider Black
    • Sun Vulcan
    • Gaoranger
    • Go-Onger
    • Gekiranger
    • Zyuranger
    • Goseiger
    • Megaranger
    • Dairanger
    • Kikaider
    • Inazuman
    • Daimajin Kanon
    • Kakuranger
    • Maskman
    • Bioman
    • Jetman

    And I'm pretty sure there's even more than that.
  7. Toku Prime

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    Blimey Andy, that's a helluva lot to get through in a year :sweat:

    I'm going to be a bit more conservative this year. One of my big personal discoveries of 2013 was finally getting into anime in a big way, and I can't continue to explore that and watch the same volume of toku. So with that in mind;

    Finish watching Cutie Honey: The Live
    Watch Ultraman (the original series)
    Watch Kaiketsu Zubat
    Watch Choujinki Metalder

    IF MillionFold Curiosities progress with their sub of Kamen Rider Decade, use that to continue re-watching the show.
    IF Midnight Crew Subs finish subbing Kamen Rider Stronger, watch that.
  8. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Member

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    Watch the recent Garo stuff, Metalder, and sentai beyond Gorenger; Juspion and that new adult toku series (Gouma?) I have given consideration too. I would like to see Kamen Riders original, X, and Super-1, but nobody wants to put the HK subs on a stream source for some reason. I'd also wanna see Daitetsujin 28 but nooooooo, no stream source wants to have all the episodes (same with Mirrorman and Fireman).
  9. Alvetica

    Alvetica Let's Morphin

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    As they are released:

    Old stuff in progress:
    Zyuranger (I'm at 28)

    2014 to do list:
    Go-Busters (rewatch)
    Sun Vulcan
    Kamen Rider OOO
    Kamen Rider Gaim
  10. Toku Prime

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    Gouma? I think you're getting confused with the bad guys from Dairanger :sweat:
    Were you thinking of "Gouraigan"? As in Shougeki Gouraigan a.k.a. "Keita Amemiya Loves Boobies: The Series." As toku goes, it's not vital viewing unless you HAVE to see all of his work, which I'm guessing isn't the case if you haven't been following Garo either. It's more like something different from the usual SHT fare to give you a 13 episode breather between watching longer series.
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  11. Hell Kaiser Andy

    Hell Kaiser Andy Aronbafon

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    Well I'm good at hoarding shows, but I'm really bad at actually watching them. :sweat:
  12. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Member

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    Yeah that's it!
    Never heard of him.
  13. Hell Kaiser Andy

    Hell Kaiser Andy Aronbafon

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    GARO, Jiban, directed some of the 90s Rider movies.
  14. LawWind

    LawWind The Wind Of Justice

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    Re watch Kamen rider Blade.
  15. 146Chris

    146Chris Kyoryu Change!

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    2014 plans include..
    - Finish Gaim and Kyoryuger
    - Watch the rest of Faiz and W
    - Start Kabuto and Tokyuger (might be spelled incorrect idk)
    - Re-watch Decade, Shinkenger, and Kyoryuger

    What I completed in 2013 was...
    - Finished Goseiger, Go-Busters, Fourze, Magiranger, Dragon Knight, and OOO
    - Re-watched Go-Onger, Gokaiger, and Den O
    - Watched a few episodes of Wizard, W, Faiz, Ryuki, Kugga, Dekaranger, Abaranger, Ohranger, Dairanger, and Zyuranger.
  16. Toku Prime

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    So for some reason I randomly remembered this thread earlier on today. There really was something about publically declaring what shows you intended to watch that actually got you to watch them. Seeing as I didn't watch anywhere near as much toku in 2016 as in previous years, I clearly need to get back on it in 2017. So it's thread resurrection time!

    OK, here we go: In 2017 I intend to watch at least Winspector, Fuuma no Kojirou, Demon Hunter Mitsurugi, and both of the Tomica Hero series.

    Fingers crossed this works :sweat:
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  17. Herman the Tosser

    Herman the Tosser New Member

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    I kind-of finished the Heisei era of Kamen Rider, from Kuuga to Decade in 2016. I say "kind-of" because I ragequit on Den-O about halfway through.

    Thinking I might fill in the post-decade gaps this year, which means OOO, Fourze and Wizard (seen W, Gaim, Drive and Ghost, and Ex-Aid is currently airing). But before that I'm going to watch Ultraman Gaia.

    No idea what else I'm going to watch aside from that. Depends what mood I'm in. Haven't seen any Sentai pre-Jetman though, so that might be something to consider for me.
  18. Hraklea

    Hraklea New Member

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    My 2017 resolutions so far are:
    - Giving the Ultraman franchise a chance (never watched anything)
    - Watching GoGoV (I think it is the only sentai I haven't watched yet and I'm curious about it)
    - Watching Amazons and Blade
  19. Khaiden

    Khaiden Heroes are forever

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    Nice thread revival!

    My resolutions for this year are:
    -Watch Kamen Rider Drive. For bonus points, I also watch this as I'm learning how to drive and watch the first ep. on the first day of driving lessons. I've been holding it off for this lol
    -Watch Kamen Rider Ghost after Drive
    -Based XIG has done wonderful stuff for the English-speaking fandom. I shall definitely watch the first Rider series and Super-1 this year with subs.
    -Amazons season 2, hopefully with an Amazon Prime sub
    -Kyuranger. This time I hope I have the motivation to watch it every week and not let the episodes stack up like with Zyuohger. The series looks promising
    -I've been meaning to get to Metalder, Kaiketsu Zubat or maybe Garo. Since those former two are short series I hope I can squeeze one in sometime during the year
  20. Toku Prime

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    So 2018 wasn't a year where I watched less toku than usual, but somehow all of the shows I had intended to watch kept getting leapfrogged by other ones. Also, I'm slogging through the ridiculously long 'Lupin the Third Part 2' which threatens to eat up a lot of my viewing time if I let it. So, as this has worked for me in the past, it's time to do it again!

    Plans for 2019:

    Finish 'Garo: Vanishing Line'
    OK, it's a toku-related anime rather than an actual toku show. Vanishing Line began in late 2017 and had a two-week festive period break before continuing in early 2018. I was watching it as it began broadcasting, only to get distracted by other shows during that break and didn't continue with it.
    The Garo franchise may be a shadow of what it once was, but somehow it still bugs me that I haven't finished an entry, so I'd best change that.

    Watch 'Return of Ultraman'
    Ivanhobe doesn't seem to post on here anymore, but around a year ago they live-tweeted as they watched Return of Ultraman and I was intrigued. Even though the only English subbed version is the barely-comprehensible Malaysian bootleg I saw three episodes and the quality of the show shone through regardless. Somehow it kept getting sidelined in 2018 but it's time to change that.

    Watch 'Himitsu Sentai Goranger'
    Finally finished by Rampage subs in 2018, I watched the first three episodes out of curiosity and enjoyed them so much that I quickly saw another three. Even if it is 'double length', I want to see the rest of it ASAP.

    Have another try of 'Ultraman Nexus'
    So, I tried this years ago and after watching the first dozen episodes AND the prequel movie...I hated it.
    But from talking to people on twitter it sounds like I have gotten through the part containing most of the elements I disliked about the show. So maybe it's worth continuing a little further to see if I finally "get it"? I won't promise to finish it though.

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