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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Grimmhelm, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Grimmhelm

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    Ok so I know this is somewhat (ok ALOT) early but I decided to get a jump ahead so I could download everything ahead of time for the new year.

    the question this time, if you didn't already deduce it from the title is this.
    What Toku are you resolved to watch in 2013?

    For me I'm planning on actually watching Engine Sentai Go-onger and Tensou Sentai Goseiger (yes i know, gods help me).
    On the Sentai side and for the Rider side jumping back a bit and finishing Faiz and Blade.

    if I can find all the subs (I'm missing the last 6 or 7) I'm also going to finish the Armour Hero series!
  2. Toku Prime

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    KRDL has all of Armor Hero in it's non-Japanese section. Though TBH if you're getting through Armor Hero OK, you should have no problem with either Go-Onger or Goseiger. They're both superior to Armor Hero in almost every way. I would recommend watching the Emperor Hero movie though - it's actually a decent toku flick, and while it is technically a sequel to the TV show it's almost entirely divorced from the show's plot, except for a couple of cameos that actually make the two returning heroes seem much more badass.

    I have a few things planned for the new year. I may start on them early if I can get through the last eight episodes of Kamen Rider Black before the end of the year.

    Re-watch Kamen Rider Decade. I intend to "catch up" to the same episode number as Wizard, and from then on watch an episode of each as a double-bill each week as new episodes of Wizard comes out.

    Gekiranger. I watched the first six episodes of this show way back in October 2011, only to put it "on hold" while I watched a bunch of other Sentai shows this year. But it's got a great reputation and it's commonly held to be the last show of an era of Sentai that I really enjoyed, so come January I'm diving back into it.

    Gaoranger and Sun Vulcan. It seems that GSF has closed shop recently, and I don't want to risk getting into a Changeman-style situation where the series has been subbed, but the sub group died and the episodes are impossible to find. So it seems prudent to push them up my watch list and get around to them before they disappear.

    Aside from that, I've lots of ideas but nothing pinned down just yet.
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  3. Glamador

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    Well Glamador is still watching Masked Rider. He's got a LOT left. Most of RX, Kabuto, Den-O, and Kiva, and a few episodes of X he'll have done within the week.

    But beyond that there's more than a dozen movies both old and new, Decade, W, and Fourze along with Stronger when it's finally done being subbed.

    Non Rider tho...erhm...Garo Makai Senki is on the table, and Glam's TRYING to get into at least 1 sentai. Looking to be possibly DaiRanger at this point. But we'll see how much of Kakuranger is subbed come end of 2013.

    What else...what else...Ultraseven X probably, though that one might get done this month so it wouldn't count. And maybe Armor Hero if everything else runs out too quickly.

    Heeeey Toku Prime, you've got only 8 episodes of Black left? Man that's the best part. Shadowmoon is forever on Glam's list of favorite riders. Be sure to watch Black RX afterwards if you haven't.
  4. Burkion

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    Glam, definitely check out Liveman on the Sentai side. Like right now.
  5. Ivanhobe

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    I actually planned to dedicate the next few months to what i like to call "Project Kikaider".

    Basically i will watch all of Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01 and Kikaider The Animation. Once that is done maybe i will watch Metalder, i heard it´s pretty good and since i have never seen a single Metal Heroes Show, i think that will be a good place to start.

    On the sentai side of things, Jetman is definetily on the list, along with Boukenger and possibly Gaoranger. If Maskman is finished next year, it will definitely go on the list.

    As for Ultraman, i am going to watch the original series, i also have Tiga on the list but i don´t know if i will have time to watch it next year. I would also like to watch another ultra Show but there are not many available, though if possible i would like to watch Max.

    Most Likely i will watch Stronger once it´s finished, and there is also Black RX, i follow a spanish group that is subbing it and they are working at a good pace, almost one episode a week and they just released episode 27.

    Those are the show i plan to watch next year, but of course the list might change, well, except for Kikaider and Ultraman, i am definitely watching those.
  6. Toku Prime

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    I'd love to see Black RX, but I don't speak Japanese and the only English language subs I've encountered were guess-subs or so-bad-it's-horrible HK subs. If you (or anyone else) knows of a sub group doing an English translation, then by all means please let me know their name and I'll get right on that.
    Don't forget the Hakaider movie :thumbs:
  7. Ivanhobe

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    Already ahead of you, i watched it a few months ago.

    Though i also have a bunch of old toku movies to watch, the Daimajin trilogy, The Mysterians, Space Amoeba, you know, the classics.
  8. Grimmhelm

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    actually already seent he film and really like it :) the show isnt too bad ether
  9. Lynxara

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    Shows I intend to finish in 2013, if all goes well:

    - Ultraman
    - Ultraseven
    - Ultraman Moebius
    - Turboranger
    - Fiveman
    - Kakuranger
    - Poitrine
    - The Hero Yoshihiko 2

    But who knows what the coming year holds?
  10. ClimaxHeroDen-O

    ClimaxHeroDen-O Ore, Sanjou!

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    I plan to finish Gokaiger. got lazy and stopped watching around the time Gokai Silver debuted. probably gonna find some days to marathon it
  11. Shir

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    My toku resolutions:

    * Finish those last few Maskman translations
    * Get those Liveman V2s out
    * Finish a little secret project
    * Get a date wit Mori Megumi
  12. virus

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    Jetman (I worked on it and yet I have not seen it!)


    Help Shir finish secret project.
  13. Aoi Kurenai

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    I want to be able to finish Poitrine by sometime in 2013 - just so I can say I've watched at least one show from every major franchise out there. Though I'd love to find more of the Fushigi Comedy shows, that's proving to be very difficult.
  14. Shougo B'Stard

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    The Fushigi Comedy I'd like to see is Hadogumi. I had a couple of episodes on tape when I was a kid, and it looks like a weird show, kids pursuing a masked villain who's out to frame kids for stuff. I also remember having Morimori Bokkun toys, and am curious about that show, too.

    What sucks about the Fushigi Comedy shows is that Toei Channel actually did once air quite a few them, but I don't think anybody bothered recording or uploading them -- I don't know if people really knew about Toei Channel at the time. And now Toei Channel's on a kick of just airing stuff from the big franchises, so I don't know if they'd bother airing them again. For now, it seems the only chance to see any of these shows is to buy the big Ishimori DVD box set that has the first episode of each of the shows he was behind -- and who'd want to pay $400 for that?
  15. Sentaifan'07 Xman

    Sentaifan'07 Xman "Let's DRIVING!!!!!"

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    My Toku resolutions...are to get started on watching the following:

    80's Sentai:
    -Sun Vulcan

    90's Sentai:

    Kamen Rider:
    -Sky Rider
  16. Araki

    Araki always henshining'

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    i have to watch Kuuga it is the only Heisei show i didnt but keep delaying.
    as for Sentai i plan on watching Fiveman and Carranger.
  17. sam_collins

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    1080P is the best to me.
  18. Reila

    Reila Ramen Kider

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    I intend to watch:

    • Liveman
    • Ohranger
    • Gingaman
    • Shinkenger
    • Changeman (re-watch)
    • Hurricanger (re-watch)
    • Kamen Rider Agito
    • Kamen Rider Fourze
    • Madan Senki Ryukendo
  19. Inui Takumi

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    I gotta finish Liveman in 2013. I just gotta, I'm like halfway through but keep gettin distracted. I also want to finish an Ultraman series, probably the original Ultraman series but also Tiga.
  20. Mr G

    Mr G Fighting evil makes me thirsty

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    I am going to watch more Sentai. I have only finished one Sentai series, that being Shinkenger. I'd also like to watch some more Showa KR series and catch a couple of more obscure series out there.

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