Toku Suits that never won you over

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by 004Brave, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. MattComix

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    Den-O. All forms.
  2. The_Next!!!

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    - Dekaranger's suits. I love the show itself, but Shougs pretty much stated why I dislike them.
    - Kamen Rider Diend. He looks like he got hit in the face with a grill.
    - Kamen Rider Stronger. I love all the Showa Rider designs except this one.
    - Rainbowman's Dash 3 form. Seriously, what's with the sunglasses?
    - The helmets on Goseiger...
    - Bioman's suit designs. They look like pajama onesies.
  3. Black Ranger RX

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    I used to think the Gokaiger suits were cool but the appeal sorta worn off. Don't like Goseiger suits either.

    All the Kamen Rider Hibiki suits are lame. Really they just look like naked men in fundoshi.

    I'm kinda getting used to the Kamen Rider Fourze suit but when I first saw it I was like WTF!!
  4. NateRiver

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    Ichigo and Nigo's suits in LGKR.Just look at their chest plates.
  5. Gothictsukasa

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    Kuuga, Hibiki, Agito, Den-O (Rod form) and Shadowmoon
  6. Scissors

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    The new Amazon suit has the same problem. The thing with the early showa riders, especially Ichigo, Nigo and Amazon, is that these guys are not supposed to be guys in suits. They are supposed to be guys who can tranform into another form just like their enemies.
    I am pretty sure that the chest plates were actually meant to be their actual chests.
    The material back then made it look a lot more like skin, which I personally liked, because the Riders WERE supposed to be monsters in a way.
  7. MattComix

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    In the older series I think there is supposed to be some degree of distinction between what Shocker intended the Riders to be and what your average Kaijin is. Like they were a prototype for something a bit more refined wheras the Kaijin are kind of these Frankensteined experimental models.

    Ultimately I think the creators just wanted to have Rider still look like a cool superhero even though he was created to be a weapon of the bad guys.

    While I'm not really a fan of First and Next part of my frustration with the stories being so damn bad is that the visual design work was so damn good. Part of this was rather than trying to have it both ways they basically made a choice between either masks or monsters.

    By choosing masks, they could keep a heroic look to the Riders while still having them be believable as having been creations of Shocker because the Kaijin are altered humans wearing masks to as opposed to be more like beasts.
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  9. Mou...Mou...TAUROS!

    Mou...Mou...TAUROS! I'm A Djinn

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    Character like that deserved a face. Even if it was only in ep49.

    Heck, Id have been content if they reused Saeko's actor. Itd make more sense than Akiko/Melissa. And would totally work with the whole I-dont-really-care-for-Saeko thing Ryuubei had going.
  10. TaintedSociety

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    V3 he's kickass and all but i just cant stand his suit his helmet makes him look like he has 3 chins

    Gokai silver gold mode- its the dumbest thing ive ever seen next to hyper gosei great
  11. StaticShin27

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    ^ditto on gold mode

    It reminded me of Super Goseiger armour which, I didn't like either

    Others to note:

    Ryuki's survive form - the way the helmet looks and the out of place antennae.

    Den-o sword form - it's not that it's bad it's just I feel nothing whenever I see it.

    Skyrider - I don't know why, it just always looked strange in my eyes.
  12. Gothictsukasa

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    Fourze's Elek States
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  13. Reila

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    Kamen Rider:

    - Ichigo (The original version. The one from reboot is kinda cool)
    - Riderman
    - Ryuki and most of the extra riders suits
    - Blade
    - Decade
    - Den-O Sword Form
    - OOO

    Super Sentai:

    - Bioman
    - Dynaman
    - Liveman
    - Carranger
    - Dekaranger
    - Gekiranger

    My favorites, if I may say, are:

    Kamen Rider:

    Black, W, OOO TaJaDol, V3 (reboot) and Meteor.

    Super Sentai:

    Jetman, Zyuuranger, Dairanger, Shinkenger, Gokaiger and Go-busters.
    Honorable mention: Goraigers and Shurikenger.
  14. Galaxy

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    Gokai silver Gold Mode (I love the Gokaiger suits, but Gold mode is just stupid looking)

    I'm fairly new to KR (I just finished OOO and I'm watching decade) so I haven't seen many, but Stronger looks really stupid.
  15. lazycoconut

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    I HATE the Dark Kiva suit. This is mostly because it replaced Saga (which I think was beautiful) but I think it's the single worst Rider suit that isn't a power-up/upgrade.

    I think Fourze's "Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States" from Ultimatum looked hideous in scans. I can't imagine it was any better in the movie either.
  16. Keith Justice

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    It's weird, but Wizard. It never offended me and now it actually hasn't won me over either.

    Cosmic States and Bunk Wunky Crazy Decade also never won me over.
  17. Hentailover

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    Kamen Rider
    Riderman. ughhh...
    Stronger. He is just way to fakey-rubbery and bulky.
    Ryuki Survive. Human Mouths on helmets should be illegal.
    Decade Complete. Just no...
    Accel. Only his regular design, too bulky. Trial and Booster Upgrade are nice.
    Fourze. All of his forms. Cosmic is barely tolerable, the rest I hate.
    Meteor Storm. His regular form has grown on me. Storm, not so much.

    Super Sentai
    I'll cheat, since I've barely seen any sentai:
    every costume with stupid human mouth thingie.

    Haven't seen a single episode of any of the series, but have seen plenty of costumes. Stupid alien faces for helmets are atrocious.

    Tomica what's their faces
    None of them. Too bright and plastic-like.

    None... Same reason...

    That's about it with toku that's in any way known. More obscure ones I've only seen in pictures and thus there's no "growing" involved at all...
  18. Toku Prime

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    The big foam chest pieces on the early Riders have always bugged me. I realise this could be a part of the recreated costumes from the last few years of crossover films, and not something that was noticeable on the costumes used in the original shows (I have yet to get to anything earlier than Amazon), but those chest pieces are I can't be the only one who watched that part of 'Let's Go Kamen Rider' where Ichigo and Nigo enter in a slo-mo run, and noticed that their chestpieces are bouncing up and down so far they're nearly smacking themselves in the face with them. Seriously, it's like these 60 year old men are about to concuss themselves with their wobbly man boobs. :O_O: Somebody needs to buy them sports bras!

    Stronger is one that goes back and forth a lot in my opinions too. Sometimes I like the American Football player-esc asthetic. Sometimes it looks like he's found and inflated the world's weirdest life jacket and matched it with a comically oversized helmet that uses a pair of colanders for eyes :redface2:

    ZX is another weird one. He almost looks like a knockoff of a Rider, with a bit of Ultra in too. Not offensive to look at, but not to the same standard as his predecessors. His mouthpiece looks like it's made from tinfoil, fgs! I did adore the SIC toyline's badass reimagining of him though.

    There's also been a lot of secondary or one-off Riders that were just plain weird, and I never really liked:

    Kamen Rider Kaixa
    Kamen Rider Delta
    From the Hibiki movie, Tōki, Kirameki, and Hawkman Habataki
    Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Form
    Kamen Rider Poseidon
    Kamen Rider Aqua

    And finally, the worst suit to ever blight the franchise, Kamen Rider Meteor :sick:
    Yeah, I've got to agree. The reason I've not gotten around to those shows yet is almost entirely because I look at those fugly suits and think "maybe I'll just watch another Sentai instead..." The same applies to the three Chouseishin series.

    Sentai-wise, I never really liked the suits of the first three teams. Not horrible, just odd. They feel like three teams from a different franchise, as all the other teams so obviously descend from the Denjiman suits.
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  19. Glamador

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    Suits that never won me over eh? Glamador supposes that restricts it to series he's seen since the others haven't had to time to win him over yet goes:

    X, the material the costume is made from and the way his faceplate looks like he's looking down his nose at you all the time is It never grew on me.

    Ryuki: Literally all of the Masked Riders + Survives. Thankfully Alternative isn't one (woo for technicalities in language!).

    Faiz: Delta, monochrome doesn't do anything for me

    Blade: Blade's base form and Leangle, never warmed up to them.

    Hibiki: Armed Hibiki. I tried and tried, and it's passable enough that it doesn't bug me...but I can't claim to like it. Crimson is okay though.

    Kabuto: Kick & Punch Hoppers, Drake. For a show that has so many incredibly kick ass suit designs, those 3 are just duds.

    OOO: Putotyra. Too much kibble, crazy pterodactyl head, ridiculous clawed feet, the whole thing just totally breaks with the OOO aesthetic. Ick.

    I won't mention any of the movie suits, because they aren't around long enough for me to warm up to.
  20. Ziginz Zegell

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    Hide tags for long ass post!


    Fourze Cosmic States is a personal favorite, but I hate those shoulder pads. There is no way those things can be functional. I originally thought they moved with his arms, but looking back now...they...they...they just sit their limiting his forward arm movements! WHY!?

    Fusion States would be fantastic if not for them just slapping the Meteor Galaxy to Gentaro's arm. At least find a way to make it look like a module instead of just straping it on with leather straps. It works with Meteor's thin design, but not Fourze's bulky one.

    Nadeshiko Meteor Fusion States. Skis Toei....Skis? I'm okay with rehashing fusion states with Nadeshiko bits...but not if it EVER includes rocket powered skis...even just the rockets alone would have been better, or wings, for the love of God, wings! But no...skis...

    Decade's design ain't so bad, but something about his lower body just feels so...disproportioned. I don't get the same feeling as much from Diend, but on Decade I just have a hard time seeing how he could kick. May just be me though.

    Ultraman suits are okay, but most just feel too thin. I know he is an alien and all but those suits just feel too...naked. Some Ultras feel less like this (Seven, Tsurugi Hunter, Nexus), but most are just not my cup of tea. I can watch and enjoy the show while rooting for them all day long, but the designs arn't in my top range of favorites.

    Sentai suits are mostly pretty fantastic, but even they often feel thin and impractical. Go-Buster makes up for this in spades with suits that look like tactical gear that is flashy, but still durable. Shadow ranger, the Magirangers, and most sixth heroes makes up for this a ton with bits of armor or thicker styled suits. In my mind a team based on Sixth ranger principles with sixth heroes based on Goseiknight and Magishine concepts would work alot better. (From what I have seen of Kyoryuger we may actually be getting that this year.

    Now that the bad is out of the way, some personal favorites are...well...alot of them, but these are some exemplars:

    W (Duh)

    Fourse (At first I thought his head was I couldn't think of a better helmet for the character. Love it.)

    Meteor (Simple, light, and magnificent. Even Meteor Storm doesn't bother me.)

    Kabuto Riders (Same As Meteor but even better. I only wish the masked forms had some kind of leg armor, but then that might ruin them too.)

    Gills (Mother of God...why wasn't he a main rider!?)

    Blade Riders (They all just...felt right.)

    Kiva Rider (Not a fan of Arc but everyone else just did the gothic super hero thing swimingly.)

    OOO Riders (They all jived so well in my mental space and are among my top favorites ever)

    Wizard Riders (A mix of Complex and Simple along with plenty of variety that gives me that warm feeling on the inside.)

    Shadow Ranger (Such a badass)

    Demon Hunters Sieg and Jeanne (Why arn't they more popular?!)

    Black Knight (When I was a kid and saw the Magna Defender for the first time....oh man...)

    Abarekiller and Abareblack (I liked the other suits, but these two were just striking. Love.)

    Ultraman Nexus (He may not get alot of love but his design was just leagues ahead of the other Ultras in my mind)

    Ultraman Dyna (I really like his design for some reason.)

    Ultraman Tiga (Same as above)

    Magiranger (Can you tell yet about how I feel in regards to suits designed after armor? Loved pretty much ever suit, even the infernian designs. The sentai didn't catch my fancy yet, but Mystic Force was pretty great.)

    Goseiknight (I didn't like that he was a header, but that doesn't change the badass factor one bit.)

    Cutie Honey Live Action movie (The Live had a nice design, but the movie version was just great looking)

    Apolo Geist heisei version (WOOOOOO!)

    Tackle heisei version (I like the original version, but the new version just fixed everything I didn't like about the original.)

    Okay...I'm done gushing...for now. [/hide]
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