The Writing of Tokusatsu as of late

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    MagiRed grew as a character over Magi and it's clear he matured even more since the end of the series. They even kept his hairstyle from the last episode of Magi to keep with continuity in a good way. Compare that to Faiz and Kaixa just appearing in the show for no reason, despite some sources citing that they died.
    All of the early Gokaiger team-up episodes were good. They weren't amazing, but returning characters had reason to be the episode and actually contributed to character development of the team. They combined Shinkenger tribute with first actual plot-related two-parter and Kaoru still managed to leave an impression and feel like a part of Joe's story there. Weakest one was probably Gekiranger, but it still brought back one of the villains back and we saw Jan actually teaching Ahim and Doc something, instead of focusing on "insert name of that victim of the week guy from Zi-O you can't remember".

    The best character interaction in first 10 episodes of Zi-O was when Takumi and Sougo wandered about school for some time (Now that's what I call proper crossover material!). Because they at least spent some time together, even if they didn't do anything interesting.

    ...then why do anniversary series at all? Are they actually stupid? You're advertising old toys anyway, since the whole deal of Zi-O is "hey, our guy transforms into X guy from the past, isn't this cool?". They've been releasing legacy versions of items every year since freaking W and used pretty much all of them on-screen since Rider Medals, they've specifically advertised returning characters in Heisei Generations Final. Are those guys aware of which people would be interested in anniversary series at all?

    And IF they had their fears... why bring back past heroes at all? Let them sell all their obligatory toys at first and test the water with guys like Decade and those Future Riders. Then you can start doing actual crossovers at some point like guess what show? Mebius, which did exactly that.
    And even this side, if they didn't want to make heroes transoform, there was still a way to make them relevant like maybe focusing on them instead of one-note Another Riders show seems to like so much more than its actual predecessors.

    Geiz could have brought all Watches they needed to shill from the future and used them/given them to Sougo one at time, so that show could have been more more free with its approach, but no one was clearly interested in putting any effort into this. And why exactly need to shill toys suddenly became an excuse for bad writing? It doesn't matter what you do as long as Zi-O uses the damn watch. Why couldn't we have more "past-involved" tributes from the start? They spent TWO episodes on each Rider, while Gokaiger managed most tributes in one.

    You could have done so much with Build first two-parter. Setting up future big movie crossover in a interesting way, Build loosing to Time Jackers and sacrificing his powers/memories/whatever for Sugo, setting up actual stakes and tension for the story (imagine if Sugo's journey was a hard choice between saving Riders and their history which would ultimately lead him to becoming Oma Zi-O in the future or letting Time Jackers change things that would destroy past Riders as we know it, but in the long run things may not end up as bad as Oma Zi-O future. That truly could have been story with the franchise legacy at stake).
    Instead the whole thing is treated like a joke. Everyone keeps deleting Riders from history and one one really cares all that much.

    I agree that Marvel humour can be hit and miss (Guardians 2 was just painfull for the first like half of an hour), but I always thought people overblow how bad it is with the whole franchise.
    It's Whedon-esque yeah, but people constantly name Buffy and Firefly some of the best TV Series of all time and they are just as quippy as MCU. It doesn't bother anyone there? I think it's mostly Guardians that up humour to insufferable (though second Antman movie and Thor stuff in Endgame were almost just as bad).
    Then are MCU movies like Doctor Strange and Black Panther which are mostly devoid of humour compared to the rest of MCU (BP had like three jokes in total?). Doctor Strange movie even acknowledged that Strange's jokes aren't particulary funny and tied it to character development in a small way. I thought it was pretty neat.

    Yeah, I had similar issues. People constantly talk how amazing it was that movie had "a tree and a talking raccoon" but... so what? I've kinda warmed up to the characters over time (and following movies) I guess, but I just don't see what's the fuss about them. I always saw GOTG as just a weaker version of Firefly and it didn't have story nearly as good as any episode of that show.
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    Everyone frames their posts like that, why should I be forced into special treatment?
    Being by the books is usually the best thing you can ever do.
    There was a big monster of the week void Urobutchi failed to fill while Drive filled up enough to cover Gaim's.
    Unless you're talking about music I don't see how.
    It was more proof why soap opera drivel needed to die with Ryuki.
    Wrong, tokusatsu means special effects, therefore you concentrate on special effects only.
    No it doesn't, you go into an action movie for action, fantasy for fantasy, horror for horror, thrillers for thrills, adventure for adventures, crime for criminal activity, war for war, and the like. The whole "muh plot N karukterz only" is just a meme created by elites used to keep sheeple in line. Don't be a sheep.
    Any line of work can have that same priniple, you work on enough brain surgeries and brain surgery becomes easy.
    I've seen more than most people.
    So it is redeeming Kamen Rider if not tokusatsu as a whole after the tyranny of Kamen Rider Build created a hole of pure darkness, gottcha.
    More like I don't live a sheltered life, I have bothered to dive deep, and 19 times out of 20 my opinion does not change. It's almost like I don't fall for memes because I am not a sheep.
    It's tokusatsu, I'd be less fine if weird things WEREN'T happening.
    Watch Shin Godzilla or Daimajin Kanon some time and you'll get it.
    I'll believe this when there is data backing up not just anecdotes, based on experience there is more jibbering than ever.
    Characterization isn't a problem, the problem is too much of anything is bad.
    That was their main problem until Kiva took it back behind a shed and stuffed it in a meat grinder.... Then the morons writing W played necromancer.
    Because it is the best.
    Why did we change the subject to Hurricanger? I thought you were talking about Kyuranger.
    Ah, you were talking about Sun Vulcan, my bad.
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    It's because "everyone" usually refer to common knowledge in fandom. No one forces you to agree with what people say, but if you gonna casually claim things like "Gaim's disappointed everyone" even though you can look up archives on this forum alone to see dozens of people talk about how much they love that show, you're gonna get some questions about what the hell are you smoking by saying that.
    I don't agree with people who claim that Ghost and Wizard are the worst Kamen Rider series, but it's pretty common knowlegde that they are regarded as such by a sizable portion of fandom and have way more detractors than Gaim or W.
    If you're not familiar with those things, don't speak on "everyone's" behalf.

    Kiva's second half had so much soap opera it leaves most of the other series in dust, yet you praise it. Why?

    Why does tokusatsu being special effects automatically means you have to concentrate on them alone? Why do you discourage creativity so much?

    I've watched both and talking isn't a problem with either.

    So you're fine with writers not caring about things like consistency as long as they throw shining lights at you? Even in the show as character-driven as Kiva?

    You have all the evidence you need. Compare 555 with literally any Phase 2 Kamen Rider series. Tokusatsu have become a lot more fast-paced, so there is much less room for long conversations.

    Name a single reason why Hammie had to be in Kyuranger. Or Spada. Or Garu. Or evil Dr. Anton. You could remove pretty much anyone who isn't Lucky, Stinger, Scorpio, Tsurugi and Quervo and still have more or less the same show, because Kyuranger circlejerk Lucky so much it forgets to actually do intersting things with rest of the team apart from Stinger, whose arc ends after like 18 episode and he spends rest of the series being as irrelevant as everyone else.

    The combined cast of either half of Sun Vulcan (including CC) is about twice as small as the entire (overblown) cast of Kyuranger.
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    I was actually sitting here for a day and half deciding whether I want to rip Captain Shark here a new piece of if I wanted to ignore his ignorance. Thank you, Kamen Rider IXA for taking my place in my indeciveness. Honestly, Captain Shark, as much as you'd like to think you aren't sheltered, you actually REALLY are. I don't know what f**king meme you're referring to "muh characters and plot", but I've been born LONG before that dumb shit excuse of a meme culture existed. And, literary criticism has existed SINCE literature existed. Humans have told stories since caveman times, what with their shitty paintings and their ambiguous nature. You might dive deep intellectually, but as long as you don't begin to associate yourself with people you know society deems "bad" on purpose like I have, and I have shared my personal experience in this thread for that very purpose, you wouldn't understand human connection or have the right amount of empathy to even begin to discern why humans do what they do on the psychological basis. This is me, speaking as someone who was pretty much reliant on the books as a young person (11-13), as you are "by the books being the best", and going against that to just find out why book smart =/= street smarts. You can have all the technical knowledge you want. Doesn't mean you actually can apply it practically. This is why I went out of my way to study animation, and in that I learned how aesthetics informed narrative. I hated how Fourze looked as a design, till I learned from someone on this forum by arguing with them that it looked shit, doesn't mean it isn't aesthetically pleasing considering what went into consideration to designing it. Even then, I would still argue I wouldn't watch a show with a character that looks so aesthetically out of place as a Rider, just because I don't like his rocket head, EVEN IF it's aesthetically done well. I learned filmmaking AND acting to discern what is objectively good and what is constantly overdone to form my opinion to begin with. This is all for the sake of deviating from the norm as much as I can. Anything that is common that is going the same route, I constantly dislike. Anything that stands out both in design, and isn't going the normal route, yet somehow still retains the hero's journey (or completely subvert it) in newer, creative ways that isn't written in books, I thoroughly enjoy.

    You're like that second detective they introduce in Season that no one liked of Psycho Pass 2. You're a child of this system. In every sense, you ARE a sheep, THE BEST of them, that's probably why you don't think of yourself as one. I believe I've already cited my reference to that story, and how I know myself, and that if I was in that system, I would be classified as a Latent Criminal. I'm far a sheep. In fact, I'm a black sheep of my own family, and of society. No one thinks like I do, and I don't expect them to. I have never felt any kind of camaraderie with people of my own race (I am of Indian ethnic origins, but my family as adopted Thai culture for three generations, we have a Thai-Indian society here, it's very small, but even I don't fit in with them at all, and the only reason I'm drawn to them is because of cultural proximity. Heck, I don't even speak my own mother tongue. I am pretty much, a third-culture kid), of the people of the same religious background I was raised in, or even the society I live in, nor any other society I've ever moved to. I've only felt it with rare anomalies like myself. Abandoned geniuses society deemed to have had "no value". If you've actually dived deep like you claim you have, you wouldn't be saying "being by the books is the best thing you could be". Do you realize, that's the dumbest, most lazy, most boxed in train of thought someone who hasn't properly lived life can say? I'm gonna paraphrase a quote from C.C. from Code Geass here (mostly because I don't remember EXACTLY what it was she said, but I got the meaning of what she said) "To live in a never-ending life, that is not living at all. That is just an experience."

    You've relied on the experience of knowing your "logic" works. You actually haven't lived other people's experience, and that is only possible when you've cried with someone else OR cried in their place, when you laugh with someone else out of genuine humor, and when you've shared their pain for years. Take some time for yourself to step out of this thinking of "No one can change my mind", and actually try to put yourself in other's people's shoes without your logic, but THEIR logic and emotions. That's what it means to imagine what it is to walk in someone else's shoes. If you say all these asinine things such as "If I were you, I wouldn't this", and then apply YOUR logic to it, you're not even stepping out yourself to understand THEIR subjective nature. You're only putting YOUR subjective logic that has been informed by whatever you perceive as Objective in your mind and saying they're wrong without considering whatever weight they carry as a person or why they even have such burdens. THAT is what storytelling is. It's not some simple bad guy vs good guy, black and white as you'd like to think.
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    Since I still can't find the edit button, I'll add this. I looked at your signature. You claim to be a "victim" of Cyber bullying since 2006. But are you really? I've been to therapy before, and even group therapy for recovering addicts for substance abuse as well (I only had weed and alcohol on my list, everyone else had WAY worse substance to go off) and even THEY can admit when they were "playing the victim". In fact, after these meetings, people I would meet in real life displayed signs of doing exactly what these people claimed they did, just that they weren't a substance abuser. So the conclusion I drew was this: Addicts and normal people aren't different went it comes to acting like they were the victim. It just so happens, one stopped recieveing an excessive amount of chemicals that rewarded their brain, and the other kept what society would consider "moderate" (possibly unhealthy though, could have been they were an excessive masturbator, or a compulsive liar, or just addicted to sugar or coffee) level of whatever they consumed. You don't sound like someone who's a victim. As far as I know, victims don't go back to the place that caused them harm, or a place where, as you said "why should I be given any special treatment?" if they were actually a victim of cyber bullying. I for one, hesitated to tell people my ethnicity online when I was young since 9/11 happened. You know how many people assumed I was a child of the Taliban and how many times I've had my head flushed in the toilet? Yet, like may victims, I've never seen someone declare it online. Or even want to speak about it. So your openness about it confuses me.
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    Because it felt more like an actual tokusatsu than the jibber fests of its last few predecessors minus Den-O.
    Because it is in the name of the genre.
    Why do you think I do.
    I'm impressed you think that way.
    Never said or imply that.
    And yet Ex-Aid and Build existing (and to lesser degrees W and Gaim) prove that's just not true and Faiz feels like it moves faster than those snails.
    To be rangers (and a villain).
    Episodes, dialogue, and attacks would be different so no.
    If you insist, I think it's rather lucky.
    I'm not.
    The meme that according to "critics" that's all that matters which simply isn't true.
    Stop right there A) Cavemen didn't write things down since writing as we know it only dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and B) there is no reliable citation what you're saying existed this far back- Actually no C) Paleolithic or Neolithic?
    By what metric? Comparing cave paintings to something like Greco Roman paintings is unfair.
    So what you're saying is intellectuals are required to hang around low lives to get human psychology?
    Good for you? I couldn't care about aesthetics (I nickname them ass tic tacs as a joke) because they serve no function.
    Determined and enforced by who exactly? I can guarentee those who use mouths to talk up dialogue eventually because the non-nutrient mush of cherry ice cream. In other words putting a bunch of letters and words together to form sentences and paragraphs are not evidence, facts are.
    Ah, referencing an anime I've never seen, one critics like Digibro likes, one involving Gen Urobuchi, and.... Thought I had a fourth point. Point is never seen it AND you're using the "no one liked" generalization you and IXA complain I use.
    You didn't even establish what the system I'm a part of is and my views are wildly different from others so I don't even know what you're going on about.
    Nope, this is a first.
    And yet I have and still say that. Consistency is a good thing.
    There is no way to "properly live life". Only sheeple use phrases like that.
    One of my least favorite anime characters of all time, already you're losing me.
    That's because mortal bodies are incapable of immortality thanks to the forces of entropy, cholesterol in the arteries, and the fact our brains can only store about two centuries worth of information before being filled.
    Shortly after this you give me a long speech about your hardships trying to one up any suffering I've had in my own life like you know anything about me.
    Did that all my life.
    Citation required.
    You remind me of people that stand idle in the face of right and wrong which always serves wrong, in this day and age we call them centrists and Gary Johnson voters. Congratulations for allowing republicans to destroy America and by extension the planet's climate.
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    I think this is the only thing I should actually reply to. One, it speaks volumes of what you assume. Firstly, you assume I know or am remotely interested in American politics (to a certain degree, I am, but I'm not American, even if I did receive an American based education in school). The only thing I'm remotely concerned when it comes to Americans and other first world countries is how they utilize their capital to in a sense, colonize (and I'm purposely using this word) businesses in third world countries (where I live) and play it off as "it's just business" simply by the fact their currency is stronger and trying to expand their reaches worldwide (yet Trump is somehow concerned with immigrants coming over and "stealing jobs" when his own people have come over and "taken" things, in his own wordings just by mere boasting of capital wealth as if that's somehow more right. To me, this is clear strong vs weak. Double standards all the way.

    You can take that "congratulations" and shove it. I'm more concerned with the welfare of the world. The fact that one country was even allowed to be a "leading" country and represent and making decisions on behalf of half the world was asinine to me to begin with. One country and the world, obviously, the choice isn't hard for me to pick.

    I don't blindly categorize people as "right" and "wrong". That's f**king judgmental of you. Then again, that's evident when the first thing you bring up when I say Psycho-Pass is Digibro (someone whose nature is very controversial) and that it's a Gen Urobuchi show, almost as if he had nothing thought-provoking to say besides going off the anti-intellectual argument that he's just all about nihilism and cynical stuff. In that essence, how have you dive deep, exactly? You didn't even test the waters and then you say you dive deep. And yes, I have cited my reference to Pyscho-Pass to other people in this thread. Just goes to show how you only read people's responses and nitpick to try and have an argument when it suits you, doesn't it? Meanwhile, I actually read everyone's responses and make an effort to remember what they said. That's also why I don't call someone else a low-life just because there are lack of fundamental support functions in their family dynamics or society to even begin to give them a chance. I weigh things before I make a decision. Is this right? If so, is it fair? Those two rarely fall on the same page. I can sit here and tell you that, and you can probably see examples of it for yourself. Democracy is fair, but is it right? How many times have you ended up with the wrong President just because it's fair?

    Also, and in this instance, I don't think it's right, but it's fair game at this point to call YOU a low-life, thinking you're better than everyone just by how you present yourself when clearly you don't stand above anyone.

    The world ain't fair to begin with. People are born handicap, mentally, physically, or economically. Yet, in Buddhism (which is the "religion" Thailand approves of, which is asinine to me why we even call it a religion. Lord Buddha specifically said it's not a religion, it's a way of life, because he knew the dangers of organized religion having been born a Hindu prince himself) we are told there are karmas we have to clear. Some people have very good reasons for re-incarnating as handicapped. I try to consider that perspective, because I give every school of thought value that needs consideration and extensive thought to be put into before deciding which ideology to follow through at any given time. I don't devalue someone's way of thinking just because it doesn't "compute" with me.

    And I just remember, the full quote C.C. said was "A life that never changes is not living. It's just an experience." Go ahead and disregard it as much you like. I'm not gonna provide you with any "citation" when I say things like "that's not how life is meant to be lived". I ask you this, who the fuck was born with a manual? That's why you ARE a sheep. You follow whatever you deem to be "the authority", and that can be a combination of many things, not necessarily one person, idea, or thing. I'm beginning to get why people steer clear of you in this forum. You're the bully you seem to want to go against. I don't know if bullying took in place in your real life somewhere in some place at a certain point in time, but you're clearly overcompensating for it here with your intellect... which is clearly being wasted and strained. Life changes at every turn. One moment, you're a sperm, the next you're a nucleus, the next you're a fetus, then you're a baby, then you're a child, then you're a teenager, then you're an adolescent, then you're an adult, then you're a parent, then you're old, then you're a grandparent, then you're dead. Butterflies goes through the same metamorphosis, in fact THAT is what every being in this life goes through. The cycle of life and death. Science is all about observation and testing hypothesis by observing the reactions. Well, that's what life is about. Change/Transformation. Ironically, that's also what "Henshin" means. To change your form, metamorphically, literally, and symbolically. If you don't want to change, sure, go ahead. Remain stagnant. But you aren't even living then. Shame, really. I was once told by someone plenty of Souls wished they could back to incarnate on Earth, but because they have other things to do or aren't able to, they can't. Don't know if this is even a true concept, but at the very least, there might a soul who could have very well taken your place and do a better job than you can when it comes to Empathy.
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    Regardless of how Trump has done business over the decades, it is a fact that the industrial base of America was hollowed out decades ago and many businesses seek out either illegal aliens or H1B visas that they can pay at cheaper rates than native-born, native-educated Americans; also true that many illegals, especially those from Latin America, are illiterate in their own language let alone English, and have little to no education.

    Sorry, but I have to take issue with that point. I've always hated it when people say "Buddhism is not a religion, it's a philosophy". First off, you can boil any religion down to a "philosophy" once you take away all of the "supernatural" stuff, and Buddhism is full of that. Second, did any belief systems with clergy, rituals, mantras, etc. birth from the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc etc? Hardly. Dismissing Buddhism's religiosity always came off to me as a penchant of lapsed Christians or lapsed Jews in the West who globbed onto Eastern religions as an "exotic" alternative to their parents' "stolid" churches and synagogues, that they think validate their own debaucheries because they never actually studied Buddhism or knew real Buddhists.

    Lord Buddha mentions deities, heavens, hells. The Jatakas mention them frequently, particularly Sakra. His comment about "not a religion" should be taken in the context of the time when people often would create gods out of thin air and say do this or that to gain favor. Even today people create or chase after false idols, or consider themselves as like gods.
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    I see, I'm quite aware of the illegal immigrants part that you're talking about, and I don't agree with that kind of practice either, but the issue I took with his "we have to stop immigrants" is well... simply because his messages was too provocative, and I understand that's his shtick, I just didn't think it was appropriate. As someone who moved to the U.S. at one point to search for work, there were many racists and bigots who felt empowered by him, and to them, that validated their treatment of someone of my ethnic background. There was even a time where I was almost robbed and was told to "go back to your slum country". I just think his way of doing things just allowed all the closet racists to come out in the open because they, in their own words "we have the President backing us now"... which I know, Trump is actually sponsoring these people personally, it's just the message he sent out validated their actions.

    In regards to Buddhism, I get the point you're getting to with how people use it as an exotic form of the same thing. I've met people who claim they've read up on Buddhism who are exactly what you described. But I don't know, I grew up in a Buddhist country. I know it's flaws and it's insides out at the back of my hand, and I'm willing to believe (or I simply wish they are true, don't know, maybe it's all just wishful thinking) in the supernatural/spiritual aspects. For example, I can point out the hypocrisy of people here. We'd have Vishaka Bucha day or any other Buddhist holidays right, and all people do, to prove that they are "religious" is to go to the temples, take selfies, and post it online, as if to prove a point that they're "good" people. Like, my past friends have done this. To me, it's kind of disingenuous, why does the world need to know you are a "good" person? Shouldn't entering a temple be for your own sake, your own "spiritual" wellbeing, even if it's a religious holiday? What's the point of this narcissistic-validation behavior you seek from social media? Isn't that counteractive to what the point of it is?

    Regarding when Buddha talked about deities, heavens, and hells, well... I've met a lot of Buddhist monks in my life, and I've also seen a lot of art that depicts it, although I can't say this is conclusive proof, but the general idea of it was, some of it might just be anecdotal and metaphors. Also, from my understanding, these were pretty much terms in Hinduism as well, and Buddha dealt with that religion in his time. So, in an essence, he might have resorted to using their vernacular, their metaphors and such to prove a point that Hinduism at that time was just used to enhance the caste system. Well... the same thing pretty much happened to Buddhism though, cause I guess people got lost in the supernatural/spiritual anecdotes and metaphors too much. Sometimes I would really sit down and try to dissect these words myself. See if it was being literal or if it was metaphorical. If I'm supposed to apply exo-Jesus or iso-Jesus. I don't exactly have the answers, but for me it's just what I'm used to. I mean, I wasn't raised a Buddhist don't get me wrong. I was raised a Sikh, and it's pretty close to Buddhism, so I found it kind of valuable to get that perspective too.

    The whole creating Gods out of thin air though, I still know people who abide by these Gods created out of thin air. Sometimes, I feel like maybe these Gods never existed, but since human consciousness, which is heavily associated with the Spirit or Soul (both those seem to have different definitions to where they are sometimes considered different from each other too) has placed some value in it, or emphasized it a lot to the point where it's in the public consciousness, maybe that's what actually gave birth to these deities. Since there's that age old argument of maybe everyone was once one person, and that was "God", if you will, everyone in an essence has the power to "create", but since humanity has divided itself multiple times over, that power has been distributed equally.

    Honestly, these are just my ways and trying to make sense of it and applying other philosophies to it where I can. But when I said it was a way of life, and there are "Four Noble Truths" that's just constantly preached to us since we are young. "Birth, Old Age, Pain/Suffering/Plague (this one seemed to have had a lot of variations), Death". I just take that as a way to approach life honestly. Don't be surprised when these things happen. Just accept it's the way things work and you'll be fine... although that's easier said than done. Maybe I haven't done a proper criticism of Buddhism as a whole, but I like what the Four Noble Truths are, in concept. To me, I think that's the basis for where the philosophy began.
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    ^ Trump isn't* actually sponsoring. I swear to god, I don't have the "Edit" option in my account.
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    I've answered this one so many times that I really can't be bothered to type it out yet again, so see this quote from past me:
    And now that all of you also know where the edit and report buttons are, actually talk about toku instead of arguing like kids. This isn't twitter.
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    ^I only see "#30" next to the "reply" option, that's the only thing that was invisible. For other people's comments, I see "Like" next to their "reply". I've been highlighting this thing for the past 10 minutes. There is no permalink, nothing else around here that will allow me to click. I've hovered my mousepad over the area multiple times.

    We'll get back to Toku, but I don't get the reference to Twitter. I don't even use it. Is it supposed to be really bad or something? Like maybe this is just me, but I try to distance myself from social media as much as I can.
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    Which is why you just proved to be a bad debater.
    You imply I do anything blindly and I don't, I do my research.
    That's because I haven't seen it and I'm at odds with critics like him.
    Aside from Gargantia what anything has he worked on without that?
    Wrong, thanks for playing.
    I did too, a lot of it wasn't within reason of responding.
    I don't do that either, nice assumption.
    The electoral college stole five presidencies so I will say five.
    Heart is beating, lungs are breathing, stomach is digesting, and the brain still has electrical signals, it is technically living. Science disproves the quote/
    That's because I use science.
    I am as far above a sheep as one can be, you fail.
    Well there's a knee slapper of the "I think I know you even though I am so wrong" variety.
    I don't bully people, I merely defend myself from the onslaught of words you keep trying to shovel in my face.
    And you yourself are attempting to act like a bully using outdated and weak insults, try again.
    By what metric? Some guy on the internet who relies too much on paragraph sizes without evidence? This is why you cite sources.
    Aliens apply to all organisms, immigrants is the more humane term.
    It is also true there has been a steady yet firm decline in immigration overall in the US since 2004 to the point where southern border crossings are far and few in between making complaining about the subject dated.
    Sorry that happened you, hopefully the cops will catch that guy.
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    Decade Season 2...I mean...Zi...ZEO...NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO much as it was fine seeing some old faces back...the fact Pink Jesus and Blue Judas came was a foreshadow of how much I was going to cringe...especially...when Tsukasa started "rule breaking" from the get go...and then going front of Shugo was the last straw.




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