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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider Cherry, Jan 4, 2012.

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    - Kiva is not as bad as people use to say.
    - Decade did the right thing by using the AR Riders instead of the originals.
    - Wataru didn't deserves as much hate as he gets.
    - Tommy isn't the best ranger as most people say he is.
    - Ahim is a much more interesting character than Luka.
    - Gai from Gokaiger is annoying as hell.
    - I could not get into Kamen Rider Blade after 2 episode.
    - RPM and Samurai Crossover was a horrible crossover.
    - Arata/GoseiRed is one of the best reds.
    - The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers isn't the best Power Ranger series ever.
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  2. Go-Onger

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    Gokaiger is the worst sentai ever. The only parts that are interesting is when they do stuff with past sentai or their suits. Put simply it is nothing but a copy and paste fanfic that is boring and (seeing what the premise is) should be tons better.

    I am tired of gravure and normal model superheroes in toku. I want more normal looking people. (Like Yellow Owl, TimeYellow, Hurricane Yellow). I want heroes who (if I was in Japan) I could bump into walking down the street. (Kinda like Micheal Keaton as Batman.)

    TimeFire was massively overated.

    AbareKiller... is that damn awesome (even for a pedophile).

    W and OOO were not that great.

    Akiko was not the worst thing about W, it was Phillip.

    I am tired of Sixth rangers and second riders just for toy purposes.
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    For Power Rangers, Time Force and the episode Forever Red are overrated.

    For Sentai...
    Darker and edgier Sentai are overrated and not automatically better than the lighter and softer ones (although Liveman, Jetman, and Timeranger are still pretty good).
    Jetman is not nearly as dark as it is made out to be, and it is also a slightly overrated series.
    Dekaranger is the best of the 2000's Sentai
    Go-Onger, while not great, is much better series than it is given credit for.
    Most of the "screaming" reds and the "ditzy" girls are fun characters.
    Joe is a better character than Marvelous and Ahim is a slightly better character than Luka.
  4. Fantasy Leader

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    Jou (Yellow Lion) is just as awesome as Yuusuke and Megumi.
  5. Abare Black

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    A few more:

    Season 3 was MMPR's best.

    S.P.D. was more enjoyable for me than Dekaranger (not that Deka was bad or anything).

    I hope Gobuster has a writing style similar to early Heisei Rider.

    I liked Kohana better than Hana.

    Divatox didn't annoy me at all. She was funny.

    I thought Kiva was a good show overall. Never understood why so many dislike it.
  6. Lakeview

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    This is an unpopular opinion?
  7. Fantasy Leader

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    I believe so. I've heard a lot of people love Yuusuke and Megumi a lot. Jou seems to get treated like he's just tagging along. Though if I'm wrong, then yay! :D
  8. Shougo B'Stard

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    I don't think anybody hates or thinks less of Jou. :eyebrow: The unpopular opinion would be "I liked Tetsuya and Jun'ichi." :laugh:
  9. GoseiGold

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    -I think Shinkenger is Overrated
    -Goseiger's second half was a BIG guilty pleasure
    -Moune was one of the best things about Goseiger
    -KRDK Was actually entertaining
    -Uchuu Keiji Sharivan sucked
    -Dino Thunder>Abaranger for one sole reason. Mesogog is a better villain than Dezmozorlya (or however you spell it)
    -Black Beet was one of the best things about B-Fighter i'm glad he was the technical last villain
    -B-Fighter Kabuto sucked ass
    -Kamen Rider Agito was a pile of donkey shit
    -I'm beginning to warm up to Kamen Rider Fourze
    -Kamen Rider W is disgustingly Overrated
    -Gai Ikari needs to die
    -Excluding Kanna Mori and the shinkenger cast i would like to give every actor in Kamen Rider Decade a nice punch in the face
    -Ryuwon was the best villain of Boukenger (the rest of them can suck it, Shizuka can literally)
    -Kamen Rider Strong, V3, and Amazon are overrated
    -Not sure about general opinion about them but Dr. Worm and Rock Crimson were the most WORTHLESS villains in RyuKenDo
    -I HATE Denjiman, Sun Vulcan, and Goggle V (Goggle V i despise the most)
    -I liked the Fiveman up until those damn puppets
    -Turboranger is a cool series
    -Maskman is just alright
    THANK YOU! i was saying this since the day i began watching the show

    No Comment i agree 3000%

    I wanna give you a hug but there would be something weirdn about that
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  10. Kamen Rider ZIX

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    I agree with 2.5/9 of this list :thumbs:

    -Hibiki was pretty decent show (started watching it because Kiva got dull halfway)
    -Older Toku shows are not all that different from the current Toku shows
    -Fourze's helmet is Awesome!
    -Power Dizer's CGI is pretty decent
    -Tendou/Kabuto is a boring character
    -A dark story doesn't always = to a good story
  11. Yato

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    Jetman has its 'dark' (for a sentai) moments but overall I think GoGoV is 'darker' (for a know) than Jetman.
    Despite being overrated (and I agree with that) Jetman is a great series.
  12. SanyuMiyazaki

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    -I thought the Go-Busters and Fourze looked great since the first pics of them appeared.
  13. Shaolinryuu22

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    nah u won't get flack for that. Now if u said u like shinkenger and samurai? oh yeah u would cause some blood pressures to go up. Most of the fandom have concluded people who loved shinkenger should NOT like samurai in anyway
  14. Mou...Mou...TAUROS!

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    I enjoyed THE NEXT (but only because of the Nerdsphere commentary and HJU Radio 25). Movie really is crap.

    While I do think there is room for impvt. I love mecha battles in Super Sentai.

    I feel that Gekiviolet and Gekichopper really had no impact on their series.

    Net movies and omake can salvage a series for me.

    I love Gem and Gemma.

    Zeronos and Deneb need to have their own movie again.

    Toei can and should mke a prequel with Owner as the first Den-O. Station Master (2nd rider/support).

    Agito ended 2 eps too late. Kuuga and W ended 1 ep too late (but I dont hate that Philip came back). Den-O Final 3 was very very good (despite Kai) and (next to Blade) my fvorite finale so far.

    I wouldnt trade the 1000th episode specials of OOO for a longer finale. I didnt need "cuddling" time. It was sufficient for me.

    I liked Saeko Sonozaki. A LOT.

    Even for a KR final form, CJX is way OP.

    Who the F was in the end credits of A-Z Directors Cut?

    KR Double last live show needs to be subbed.

    I have a high tolerance for bad suits design or special effects. I didnt see anything wrong w Double ep 1 or 2 or even Accel transforming into a bike.

    As much as I like them in the series, I did not find Accel Returns to be a good movie. I think much of the cast held the idiot ball far too long (esp Akiko, but the pickpocket, and even Terui had their moments too).
  15. ParaParaJMo

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    Maybe its because i attended tj roberts seminars when i was a kid, but i like masked rider. but i think that tj roberts is still a martial arts prodigy even though hes a shitty actor
  16. Shaolinryuu22

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    ahh man, how is he doin these days? i was told he was a natural in the martial arts field. does he remember masked rider?
  17. ReD-X

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    I think Kuuga is very over rated, yer it brought Kamen Rider back but seriously this is my 5th attempt to watch it, and its pace is just so slow :( besides that the costume and suit designs are cool

    think im just going to scrap watching it move onto another series :sweat:
  18. ParaParaJMo

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    The last tim i saw him was in 1996. I was 11 at the time. He was doing xma before there was a word for it.
  19. Ryuutaros

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    Not hating your opinion or anything but I think you should keep watching since its a better show overall than a lot of the recent flashy stuff. But if you can't watch Kuuga don't watch Hibiki. Major bonus are the amazing bike action found in Kuuga that are not present in any other Heisei Rider shows.
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  20. ReD-X

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    yer Hibiki is one ive been putting off too, and I think im just to the flashiness of the new stuff, but that being said I really really love Black RX, Shin, J, and ZO

    and is it so wrong to admit that Shin is one of my favourites ever?!

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