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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider Cherry, Jan 4, 2012.

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    -Decade did the right thing by using the AR Riders instead of the originals.

    -Gokaiger is more boring than it has the right to be.

    -Blade's "plot" is one of the worse in the Heisei KR history.

    -Hajime is the worse character in Heisei KR.

    -Kiva is a highly underrated series.

    -Akiko is one of the best female leads in KR.

    -Mako > Kotoha

    -Paradise Lost is a highly overrated movie.

    -Gai/GokaiSilver =/= Genta/ShinkenGold, in fact the latter is far superior.

    -Fourze is not the best thing since sliced bread, it's just "ok".

    -Agito wasn't Inoue's last "good" work, it was 555. That said, Kusaka is the main reason to watch 555.

    -There is nothing wrong with Kid!Ryotaro.

    -I don't like FAR Hibiki.
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    You're Brazillian too? Awesome.
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    I've got more, now that I think about them!!

    ★ I like Sousuke a lot more than I like Captain Marvelous, and it's not solely due to actor bias either.
    ★ The Gaoranger tribute in Gokaiger was the worst out of all of them.
    ★ I wish Insarn had more character development beyond 'herp Imma chick' and 'I make things grow big yay'.
    ★ I think Nao Nagasawa is kind of overrated. :c
    ★ Climax Deka is my favorite of all the Den-O movies. It's totally ridiculous, but that's why I love it.
    ★ I like Kamen Rider Stronger's suit a lot.
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    - Arata/GoseiRed is one of the best reds and leads in the franchise.

    - Boukenger's a pretty terrible show.

    - Gokaiger has only really been good in its second half since the Jetman episode.

    - Gai is the single best thing in Gokaiger, and a pretty awesome dude in general.

    - Ryukendo is the best show since its airing. (KS7 is right behind it)

    - Takara makes some of the best tokusatsu shows and needs to get back in the game.

    - Outside of the Ultraman franchise, every anniversary movie has wasted its guest stars.

    - Agito would have been better in half the length.

    - Hibiki is still the best Kamen Rider show ever.

    - Double is the second best Kamen Rider show ever.

    - The second half of OOO was not only some of the greatest Rider stuff ever, but some of the greatest tokusatsu material ever. (the first half, though, is still terrible)

    - Kamen Rider X is better in every aspect than any other Shouwa Rider series.

    - Taki Kazuya (and Jiro Chiba) were the best things about the original Rider series and Taki should have been Hongo's replacement.

    - Spielban is the best show of the 80s.

    - Flashman and Kakuranger are the best Sentai shows ever.

    - Masaya Kikawada needs to star in a proper Rider series. (kay, not sure if it's unpopular, but he is so wasted on those movies)

    - Ultraman at its best (Nexus, Max, Gaia) is better than any other franchise.

    - In general, Metal Heroes is the best tokusatsu franchise out there.

    - Akiko wasn't the worst thing about Double.

    - Date's nothing compared to Ishiguro. (another Eiji! Date's still a cool guy, though)

    - Kamen Rider Skull is a lame character.

    - Wataru going into the past wasn't the worst thing Kiva ever did. (that honor goes to the lame fake out with Queen and Taiga)
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    Normally I wouldn't have liked that, but I thought that episode was pretty cool. I liked getting to see Otoya and Wataru together.

    Gah! That was TERRIBLE! Okay, in part in works, it explains why would Kivat II work with Taiga if it hadn't been a fake out, when we had just seen he abandoned King and went to Otoya because he didn't like what King did to Maya. But the fact that it was a fake out was just laaaaaame.

    I think somebody earlier in this thread said they didn't like that Taiga became Dark Kiva, and I agree, he should have stayed as Saga.
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    GoseiRed was one of the best characters in Goseiger. Having an actor who really stood up to the role and a suit actor who took his big break very well helped a lot.

    Gokaiger is a series propped up by the tribute aspect. By itself, it hasn't used the pirate sentai dynamic very well.

    Corollary to the previous opinion: Gai is thus one of the better characters in the series. Sure, he's loud and basically Genta 2.0, but being a character relevant to the aspect that keeps the show going on as a fan favorite makes him stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    Toshiki Inoue is a humorless hack who got away with doing good stuff early in his career because the production team kept his "DRAMA" on a leash.

    Yasuko Kobayashi needs to remember that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
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    Oh, I got another one:

    Yasuko Kobayashi fucked up 30 years of continuity.
  8. Shaolinryuu22

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    got another one, and im not sure how people will feel about this

    -Johnny Young Bosch(mmprs2) and Kane Kosugi(kakuranger) were the WORST actors of there teams. (AND I AM A HUGE FAN OF BOTH!!)
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    W was never awesome to me except for the episode before the finale...

    never liked akiko bitching around so that the monster survives till next week...

    shotaro was better as the main lead than sharing the spotlight with philip...

    kabuto was just an average series... its not as awesome as what the others say
    kagami is better as the lead than tendou since he brings more humanity to the show...

    im happy for den-o's succcess... better him than W or kabuto...

    gokaiger was never awesome except for luka...:buttrock:

    [HIDE]I find the most current sentai shows to be very childish and far-fetched... KR may have soften but was never as childish as the other franchise[/HIDE]
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    Really unpopular opinion: All arguments about "continuity" and "canon" in Sentai/Rider are futile. Toei doesn't care. Just because the events of a movie aren't referenced in the series doesn't mean "it's not canon!!!" or "it's not in continuity with X other show!!!"
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    I have more unpopular opinions that I forgot adding to the main page.

    • I think RPM is the worst Power Ranger series ever, up there with Operation Overdrive and Samurai. The characters are annoying and cliche, it messed up with the continuity until "Clash with the Red Rangers" (which begs the question: how would the RPM Rangers from the normal PR dimension be like?), but most importantly because it wasn't at all faithful to Go-Onger, which IMHO has a certain charm that makes it watchable and enjoyable even if it relied a lot on comedy. Honestly, was the Venjix apocalypse plot even needed in first place? :shakefist
    • On the topic of Power Rangers, the "other three Rangers" from Time Force should have had more focus, in particular Trip, who should have gotten a decent love interest as well. The season (and the majority of its fans) seemed too biased on Wes, Jen and Eric to even acknowledge the other Rangers.
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    I kinda agree with you. He is not the 'loud type', the 'boss type' neither the 'badass type'. He is... well... unique.
    I thought I was being a bit bias (Goseiger is not my favorite sentai and it's far from being, but I really liked the series), but it's good to see I´m not alone thinking Alata was an amazing character.

    Well, I don't know if it's unpopular enough, but oh well:

    - Don, Ahim and Gai >>>> the rest of the crew.
    - P Productions would be much better than Toei if they were more prolific
    - Hibiki is simply the best main character in the entire Kamen Rider franchise
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    ^I don't know about others, but I'll rank Hibiki and Godai as the best main character in the entire Kamen Rider franchise, I have no idea how to decide one who gets to be the top dog though.
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    ...and for every rant Keith makes...another will be made.:laugh:

    And despite single handedly defeating an army of Riotroopers...according to Decade...Riotroopers are more "rider" than Tackle.:shakefist a consolation...she has a chair position with Toei.:laugh: What does that have to do with anything...oh well...:laugh:
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    He was on a roll :laugh:
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    Not sure how unpopular the idea is, but I think Kiva would have worked better if Kiva was the daughter of Otoya and Maya.

    I have no hatred for Justin, or similar Kid Rangers.

    Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma is better at warning people of the dangers of unsupervised time travel than it is at being a hero show.

    Everybody who declares Nexus as Overrated is more wrong than the existence of a third Madagascar movie.

    Casey>Jan, RJ>Gou, Dom>Ken. However...Rio>Jarrod and Mele>Camille. Since Yellow and Blue are interchangeable for me, I have to call both seasons even.

    While I'm not a fan of the environmental message of Go-onger, I love the characters of the Engines. They're just fun to watch. Sadly the Engines have more chemistry with each other than the rangers do.

    Wild Force Red Savage Warrior> All Other Battleizers.

    Forever Red>Once a Ranger.

    Dairanger catches flak for the Darth Vader bit, but I think they handled it brilliantly by having both the heroes and villains distrust him.

    Having lived through the time when Bill Jemas was murdering Marvel Comics, I find no hatred for Bruce Kalish on Power Rangers.
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    Huh, that could have been interesting too. I demand an alternate universe KR Kiva show to explore that angle.
  18. Khaiden

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    Quoting on my previous ones now.

    Adding more:

    - Jin Dogma are the best villains I've ever seen. Not just for Tokusatsu, not just for Rider, for everything. I'm talking about the EVIL COUNCIL OF DOOM, which is Admiral Akuma and his four generals, not the monsters, though some of them are great too.
    - I really don't see the problem with Rider continuity.
    - Agreeing with Igadevil, people blow these divisions of Showa and Heisei way out of proportion, I see it as one big thing as well. It's very annoying to see Shin, ZO & J considered as Showa Riders too, they are not, and they will never be.
  19. lazycoconut

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    - I don't hate child Rangers
    - Rio and Mele are two of the worst characters in the history of Sentai. Their spotlight should have been given to the heroes.
    - Robot or non-human characters should never be as important as human heroes
    - Villains should never be as important as human heroes
    - Episode 41 was the worst episode of Goseiger, not the best. I actually cheered when "Koro" bit it.
    - Go-on Green worked a miniskirt better than most Sentai girls
    - Go-onger is NOT a three-man team. Green and Black were there from the beginning, were featured as Rangers in the opening credits even before joining the team in the second episode, and it was promoted as a team of five all along. Even the theme song made a play on go = five
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  20. ExKizuna

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    -I love DiEnd and DiEnd Complete's Costumes.

    -G3/G4 are not "riders"

    -I love Kiva(The Show and Main Rider)

    -Heisei Riders are just as good to me as Showa Riders(I don't know how unpopular this opinion is, but a lot of people I know disagree with me)

    -Gotou > Ankh(But I like Ankh)

    -The Next wasn't so bad

    -Didn't like Den-O as much as everyone else.

    -Faiz is my favorite suit design(Well, and KickHopper, but I don't know if that is unpopular)

    as you can tell, i'm a bit of an optimist. Some Sentai gems:

    -I wasn't fond of a lot of Gokaiger. Oh, but my favorite character was Joe/GokaiBlue(Just thought that would fit :p)

    -Goseiger wasn't as bad as a lot say. But it wasn't great.

    -Shinkenger is good, but overrated.

    -I love Gekiranger AND Jungle Fury. I'll wait for the hate on that one haha.

    -Where are dude yellows? D: Also, reminds me, I really want to see dudes in pink and girls in any color besides White, Pink, or Yellow(Kaoru and Mele don't count.)

    No regrets on any of these. :castlerock:

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