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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider Cherry, Jan 4, 2012.

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    0 no problem with that. It's ok. We are just respecting each other here. :) I just missed Mio(Yuria) from 555 and liked her there so I was kinda happy seeing her on Kiva again. I just agreed to my friend that we do not like that too much on parts with their love story.
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    Dengeki Sentai Changeman is much too overrated, with its boring characters and flat pacing. Hell, I think Tensou Sentai Goseiger is more watchable.

    Fire away!
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    Yeah, I am not seeing this. Metal Heroes shifted its focus constantly - first it was Space Sheriffs, then a dude in a robot fighting giants, alien protectors, robots, ninjas, cops, robot cops, bug-themed squads, and then the kiddy appeal -tack shows. I can't think of a tokusatsu series that stuck to its roots less.
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    Perhaps that they remained METAL heroes and kept up various traits is a factor, to me personally it beats the hell out of Kamen riders who aren't even bug themed anymore.
  5. Mou...Mou...TAUROS!

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    Its mostly gonna be Kabuto-hate for me but it is about opinions...

    I see absolutely nothing in Tendou or Tsukasa that is admirable, cool, or heroic. To me they were unlikeable jerks that just happened to have been written as OP. Heck, I think you could let them keep their lines and place them as the series villains and they would make a better fit.

    I feel that the Kabuto series is pretentious, acting like its deep and serious when its just convoluted and incomprehensible.And I think that the Dark Knife arc was by far the dumbest thing theyve done in that show.

    I dont think GSL (or AllRiders vs DaiShocker) for that matter is a good movie at all. And I think the Decade portion of the crossover is on the same level of bad as the OOO portion of CORE movie and The NEXT. They just try to get away with it by drowning us in "Kamen Rider porn".

    I feel that Drake had the most decent plot and character devt in the entirety of Kabuto (counting the makeup duel).

    The transition from a goofy, light series into a serious one works better for me than the other way around. Thats why I detest the Dark Knife arc so much. You keep selling the series as a serious, badass show and then you want me to buy this Iron Chef ripoff crap?

    For as much as I hate the series of Kabuto, I think Kiva should have never seen broadcast.

    I remember W best for its lighter side. My series favorites were Jimmy Nakata, the Nightmare arc, as well as the delusion diaries and the net movies.

    I think Blade would have had a better ending if Karasuma didnt spoil it 5 mins into the episode. I think it would have made more of an impact if he exposited as it happened or right after it happened. Dont get me wrong, I love Blade a whole lot.

    Lastly, I really scoff at the idea that dark, adult series are superior to goofy, lighthearted ones. Or that arrogant, unsociable, cocky dbags make for good title Riders.
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    While I agree the maid thing was stupid ... the girly dress-up was basically because Marv wanted her to "cute" Don into fixing the ship

    She IS a gravure model. She just has the bad luck to be rather young-looking and flat-chested for her age. And not to look enough like Nanami, Jasmine or Luka for the fanboys' liking

  7. DangerDang

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    Decade is in my top 5 favorite Rider Series.

    I...can't think of anything else that would be unpopular. :T
  8. Jacky392000

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    QFT. some people have said the same thing about Sentai. if I wanna watch something more "dark and adult", I'd rather watch something like Batman or any other American heroes. anyways, I wanna add a few opinions...

    - back then, Gekiranger was overrated. now, it's Shinkenger.
    - Takeru (ShinkenRed) doesn't deserve to be one of the best Reds.
    - bring back the classic 4 guys 1 girl line-up too, please.

    I might add on more later when I finally think of something else.
  9. lazycoconut

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    @Beast King: First you say you don't want Sentai to become like KR, then you say Gobusters will be awesome?

    More of mine:

    - Akashi is the worst Red Ranger in Sentai history
    - Red Hawk/White Swan > Hikaru/Urara
    - Human Rangers > robot or suit-only Rangers
    - Metal Heroes should stay in the past. Any attempt to revive it would saddle it with the same problems as Rider
    - There's nothing wrong with "loud" Red Rangers
    - There's nothing wrong with young-looking actors
    - Yuki Joujima isn't "cute" or "adorable", just annoying
    - AbareKiller is in no way overrated. He really was that awesome.
    - The dynamic of "nice main Rider/jerk secondary Rider" is overused and should be retired indefinitely
    - Pretty Cure is not "just like Sentai but for girls." It's a different format, different genre, with a whole different audience
  10. Shougo B'Stard

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    IMO, both couples have zero chemistry and "romances" that come out of nowhere.
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  11. lazycoconut

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    I agree, but at least the former lacked the vomit-making, slushy, instant twu wuv drivel of the latter

    Also: Kaido from Faiz was a better role for Mitsuru Karahashi than Juzou
  12. NateRiver

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    I said your opinions were common.

    Not that I didn't agree with anything.
  13. Beast King

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    I meant in terms of story writing and the way things are done in modern KR shows, They kind of drift from the concept, don't you think? Stops being about hero action and starts being about background characters and stuff nobody cares about, But if you meant the bikes re-surfacing or something gimmicky, that was not what i meant when i said that.
  14. Mr. Underachiever

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    Like I said before, I think, when people say they want a "dark and adult" series, they want something like Blade, which isn't dark at all, but has the drama and gravitas people want. And in that case, it IS superior than a lighthearted, goofier series, if for no other reason than more people can identify with drama than with comedy.
  15. Fantasy Leader

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    The main three Abarangers (Ryouga, Yukito, and Ranru) are just as awesome (if not more awesome) as Asuka and Mikoto. :thumbs:
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    "Modern" Kamen Rider shows are like that? I could see your point up to say, Kiva, but the whole subplot focus has mostly disappeared from the franchise these days. They usually fit two battles per episode, for an easy example, rather than "one battle in the final minutes" like back in the early Heisei era.
  17. Yato

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    Super Sentai:

    - Goggle V was a really fun series and has its merits
    - Maskman should be called "Takeru and his four fellas"
    - Turboranger is a really decent sentai. I don't know why people keep bashing this series
    - Jetman is really good but nowadays it's been highly overrated
    - Kakuranger should have had only three guys: Tsuruhime, Sasuke and Jiraiya
    - GoGoV is one of the best sentais ever made
    - Gaoranger is a really fun series (despite Rasetsu's arc which is quite boring)
    - Dekaranger is the worst sentai I've ever seen
    - Gekiranger has the best villains of all sentai franchise
    - I liked Goseiger and I liked Alata being a Red Hero. I understand the criticism and Goseiger has its flaws, but I found the series pretty fun to watch.
    - Mech battles are boring²
    - I tend to root the villains instead of the heroes
    - And I care more for the villains' characterization than the heroes (though both are really important)
    - I watch sentai since I was 6 (I´m from Brazil) when Changeman was aired here, but I think the 2000's sentais are as good as that from mid 80's.



    Kamen Rider:

    - Errrm... Agito was the worst Kamen Rider series I've ever watched :/
    - Kabuto, despite its plotholes, is a really cool series
    - Hibiki > Kuuga
    - Kiva is not as bad as people use to say
    - Decade is a really fun series. I know the plot is a total mess, but I can't help but like it.
    - The first Kamen Rider is a really unique series, but fails to be very long.

    The others:

    - Nexus is overrated
    - Metalder is one of the best tokusatsu ever made
    - Lion Maru is highly underrated! (the costumes are awful but the plot is amazing!)
  18. Mou...Mou...TAUROS!

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    Im hardcore rooting for Oosugi x Sonoda pairing.

    I really love Jealoushito eps in Gokaiger.

    I freaking hate JK

    Double dropped the ball on CJX design.

    Mele and Leo shudve been the actors for the Gekiranger tribute of Gokaiger

    Metal Heroes should stay dead. Its awesome and I love it, and I really just want to remember it that way it was.

    I like it when civilians die in toku but not on a regular basis. If they do it every ep it kinda loses impact but if they never do it, it makes it hard to take the series seriously.

    Japan should really produce an all-girl toku that is right between PGSM and Cutie Honey. Full of action and engaging but have characters written as people first, and female last. Kinda like I could switch the cast gender and the story would still fit.

    You could remove all the suits from GARO and Id watch it just as much. It doesnt mean I dont like them though.

    RPM was the one season they did right. I understand why the cant but if they just wanted to sell toys Id rather they just dubbed and broadcast the originals. The concept behind making Power Ranger seasons really bother me, either they write their own horrid storylines or they copy and dumb down the source. Its almost ironic that the one season that started actually well cost the producer/director(?) his job. To me, PR Samurai embodies what the franchise really is.....poor quality bootleg.
  19. urugoji

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    Hibiki's first half is extremely bad, not just the second.

    Dekared is an obnoxious twerp.

    Den-O is one of my perennial favorite Rider series.
  20. lazycoconut

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    That's because so many people in this fandom want to believe they are too mature and grown-up to watch a "children's" series, even though Sentai and Rider are indeed targeted at young children

    I didn't know Asuka was that popular. He's the character the show picks on - like Ryuunosuke, Don or Miku

    Even more from me:

    - Rio and Mele are not interesting or well-written and their spotlight should have gone to the heroes
    - RPM is not the be-all and end-all of Power Rangers
    - Go-onger would not have been magically improved if Sousuke had hooked up with Miu. I don't know why people always say this.

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