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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider Cherry, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Quoted from a previous thread out of laziness:

    I'd like to say about Kiva that, while I don't like the show, I never understood the hate for Wataru. Seto was likable (unlike Otoya) and did a decent job (unlike Otoya), I just think it was a huge mistake to get rid of the character's strangeness so early.
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    Super Sentai

    - Battle Fever J's suit designs are so gawd awful, seriously. Goranger and JAKQ's designs are so much better.
    - Boukenger was a bad excuse for celebrating the 30th Anniversary, not only did the series went downhill after Eiji became BoukenSilver, they only brought back cast members from recent series. thank gawd Gokaiger did better.
    - I like everything about Goseiger, but I wouldn't place it on par with two of my top faves: Jetman and GoGoFive. I hate the Yuumajuu arc very much though.
    - I don't think Arata is a big wimp or something, people are just judging him by his looks. he was a badass, especially during the Burajira/Dark GoseiKnight arc and towards the finale.
    - Shinkenger would've been a better series if Kobayashi knew how to handle the auxilliary Origami's introductions. Ryuunosuke and Kotoha also ruined the "badass" image of the rest of the samurais.
    - Genta is a more tolerable character than Gai. in fact, he was my favourite Shinkenger.
    - Gokaiger is the most enjoyable Sentai series since Dekaranger and I loved Dekaranger.
    - I'm so fucking glad Marvelous isn't a Tsukasa clone, he became lovable as the series progressed.
    - Luka isn't a badass at all and IMO she has been acting girlier than Ahim has throughout the series. I mean, the maid costume and that stupid girly dress-up during her first meeting with Hakase, you call that "tomboyish badass"?!
    - while I do find Yellow Buster a little unattractive, it's harsh to call her names like "Phillipino slut" or "ugly". people who think all Japanese women are as beautiful as the gravure idols seen on the internet must be really naive.

    Kamen Rider

    - Kabuto's first half was great, but the second half was bullshit.
    - Kiva is the only series that has caught my interest and is also the only series I love.
    - Decade is by far the worst series I've ever seen...
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    well tecnically the T1 memories were deactivated :p

    mines well..

    *fillers in gokaiger .god i HATE THOSE FILLERS!!

    *how W ended, they kill and bring back phillip in 2 eps D:

    *how hina was handle in OOO D:

    for now that's it i need to finish shinkenger dekaranger kuuga and black to talk about them
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    That's not an unpopular opinion, though -- people are always ranking Battle Fever J's suits on their list of least favorite, and it's only a few people (myself included) who think they're cool and unique. Miss America's a little creepy, sure, but I still like those designs.
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    I absolutely LOVE Faiz and EVERYTHING about Faiz, especially the ending. The ending to Faiz is GODDAMN GENIUS.
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    - Liveman is too dark for its own good. It's bad when heroes that are supposed to protect every life on earth actually make you want to kill yourself.
    - Kakuranger is way better than Dairanger.
    - Rio from Gekiranger has no charisma, and is basically Abare Killer done badly.
    - While we're at it, if Geki hadn't been a martial arts themed sentai, it wouldn't be half as popular as it is.
    - Maria Nagisa is the one true Miss America.
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    I started watching Battle Fever a few days back and i love the designs of the suits ... It grew on me instantly though yeah, Miss America was creepy especially in the earlier episodes where it was pretty obvious that it was a guy in the suit :laugh:
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    Super Sentai
    • Go-Onger is incredibly entertaining
    • Mech battles are boring
    • I like three-man teams
    • 199 Heroes's fight scenes with old footage ripped from the 80's and 90's was disappointing. Understandable for some of the mechs, but a simple canon couldn't be CG'd in?
    • DekaRanger seems to be the only Sentai that I have a hard time actually liking.

    Kamen Rider
    • I love everything Ryuki. Including Dragon Knight.
    • the "1 more than last year!" gimmick isn't working on me anymore
    • I wasn't a big fan of either version of Hibiki, and I didn't like it's movie that much either
    • I like alternate universe movies like Blade, Faiz, and Kabuto. It allows the movie writers to play with the continuity without having to stress about matching the TV series. (although I will admit Kabuto's was a mess)
    • I liked the Kabuto dub
    • I don't like the original Rider 1/2 suits. They are too fake to me and look too padded and bulky. I prefer the FIRST/NEXT versions of 1,2, and V3
    • 555 Lost Paradise is my favorite Rider movie
    • I dislike nearly all Rider final power ups. Only exception seems to be Faiz's, Blade's final, and OOO's Super TaToBa.
    • I liked the "ranger squad of Riders" feel that Kabuto had, it just wasn't handled well
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    -Toei & Tsuburaya made the best TV Tokusatsu in the 60's & 70's. Companies like Toho, P-Productions & Nippon Gendai Planning, etc. had some gems, but by and large they produced some stuff that ranges from forgettable to near-unwatchable. Toho's forte has always been movies, and the other companies rightly went home or went out of business.

    -There's really not that many differences between Showa & Heisei Rider and I think fans overhype the divide. The strengths and weaknesses are pretty much the same across the board, depending on what you look for anyway.

    -The first 15 episode of Blade are great. They are some of the most intense, tightly-plotted episodes of post-2000 Kamen Rider, throwing you headlong into the mystery. There's misdirection and stuff that seems to go nowhere, but I think that's part of the thrill. You're trying to figure out what the heck is going on along with Kenzaki.

    -I love Missing Ace and for me it's the "canonical" end to Blade.

    -Stronger's costume is awesome and the best of the heavy-duty Riders next to G3-X.

    -I have no problem with Den-O getting more movies, so long as they're entertaining.

    -Expanding beyond the 9 worlds was the best production decision made during Decade.

    -Amazon World ruled.

    -Scissors and Verde were the best evil riders in Ryuki, and the most underused.

    -Kiva was a good series, and I liked the 2008 stuff the most.

    -Tackle is a Rider

    -I think V3 is actually underrated. About 10 years ago you could have argued the opposite, but these days? I don't see a lot of people holding it up as a pinnacle of the franchise anymore. It's not quite up to the level of the original and I think X did the whole "revenge" angle better, but it's still a great series.

    -I also think V3 is Miyauchi's most interesting role by far.

    -The "New" post-episode 53 Rider 1 & 2 costumes are the best versions. I find the FIRST/NEXT ones kind of fugly, actually (though I can see that being the point.)

    -Same for V3, I prefer the original to the NEXT one.

    -New Kamen Rider is one of the best Rider series to date.

    -"rebirth" is one of the best songs from Blade.

    -As a designer, Ishinomori at his worst is still better than some other's best efforts.

    -Sanjo is better on Fourze than he was on W, where Hasegawa was the man.

    -Lazenby is the best Bond.
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    -Ryuki was the only Heisei Kamen Rider series whose first several episodes were actually interesting (maybe Kabuto as well).
    -The ending to Missing Ace is just as good as the ending to the series.
    -The second half of Blade is far superior to the first half; in fact, none of the characters are very likable or interesting and the story doesn't really pick up until the Category Ace arc.
    -That said, the second half of Blade is the standard to which most tokus and toku adaptations should be held, and that is exactly the type of show people think of when they say they want a "dark" series (as in, not "dark" at all, but it has the drama and gravitas that people want).
    -The plot of Kiva was too convoluted and made no sense.
    -Operation Overdrive was better than Boukenger (yeah, I said it)
    -Dragon Knight ruined any chance of getting a decent American Kamen Rider adaptation, and was unwatchable drek that took itself WAY too seriously and squandered all of the cool possibilities that Ryuki gave to it on a silver platter.
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    Well since here is where everyone respects everyone's opinions:

    Black is the best Showa Rider..
    Hibiki movie is boring..
    Though I'm fan of Faiz, don't like much its ending and movie..
    Hate Hana of Den-o turned to Kohana..
    I love Kiva but mio and wataru's love story sucks..though mio is hotter than she was on 555..
    Im blanked for now..I'll post some soon
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    Your "unpopular opinions" are actually pretty popular among some fans.
  14. Ryuutaros

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    Aside from Kuuga, Hibiki was better than all other Heisei Rider series in the first 10 years.
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    Really, Mio also appears on 555, and she was hotter in Kiva? She was the most unattractive woman in all of Kiva. Except for a very small number of shots, she looked so incredibly plain to me.

    I still can't decide if I actually like Gokaiger or not.
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    Kamen Rider Series as a whole is not that awesome.
    Jan's childlike expressions in Gekiranger is realistic given that he grew up away from civilization.
    Go-Onger is entertaining for what it is.
    The 'blockiness' of mecha in Super Sentai should remain since it is a portrayal of 'robots'.
    I cannot understand what is so great about Tommy from MMPR that gets the majority of the Western fandom squeaking with fangasm.
    Super Sentai > Power Rangers
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    -Hibiki pre episode 30 is gold. I don't care if it's not Kamen Rider-like enough to be considered a rider. To me I thought the bikes and Hibiki learning to ride a bike is already a step towards being more rider-like in the show's own way.

    - I think Dragon Knight is good, it's different from Ryuki, but I'm starting to like it more than Ryuki actually.

    - I do not like Den-O and OOO, but I do love Fourze.

    - Bike Form Accel didn't bother me, but I'll hate to see the SIC figure have this gimmick included.

    - I will never develop an interest in "The Hoppers." I played the Kabuto PS2 game and watched Decade and I already hated them.

    - I will never consider majority of the "riders" in Ryuki and Kabuto to be riders and I will also never use the term "Evil Rider"

    - Missing Ace is one of my favorite Rider movies, I loved it! The Hibiki movie is not that good from my first watch.

    - Movie War Core(the one with OOO travelling back in time?) isn't awesome. That new V3 costume with the very light neon-ish green is god awful to add.

    - mecha battles and designs were NEVER the reason that got me into any Sentai or Ranger series.
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    @NateRiver and @ryanlb: peace..sorry if I said something different from your views. That's how I saw them. Guess something is wrong with me then. lie-low mode.:hmm::hmm::hmm:
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    Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing your opinion. In an (obviously) unclear way I was trying to agree with you, because I didn't like Mio, I didn't care for Mio and Wataru's relationship either. I loved the times when Shizuku was trying to break them up.
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    Time for my share of ****:

    Magiranger, Boukenger, Go-onger and Goseiger were the best things to come out of the last decade.

    Yes I've never liked Goukaiger, I think Its very boring personally.

    Shinkenger is bloody overrated, I never Understood why.

    I like Ohranger, At least i feel I'm watching sentai.

    Gaoranger is great.

    I don't care much for Wise crack heroes notably reds.

    Villains are the best bit of Sentai.

    If Sentai goes in KR's direction i swear I'll shoot myself.

    Go-buster is going to be awesome.

    Argue all you want, the old KR shows are still the best.

    I'd rather watch RX 400 times than watch Kuuga once.

    I hate the direction modern KR has taken.

    Shotaro Ishimori should have lived to produce Kuuga-Fourze I think he'd be turning in his grave if he saw what Toei has done to it.

    Despite my previous comments, The only two Heisei riders i liked were Decade and \/\/.

    Metal heroes:

    The only franchise that stuck to its roots and as a result was awesome all the way to the finish.

    MMPR S1 is basically a Zyuranger clone, in a bad way.

    Um, what is so great about Tommy Oliver?

    I liked Wildforce and Lost Galaxy.

    Disney did a great job running the PR franchise, RPM and NS are my favorites.

    I don't care if there were too many explosions.

    Saban Buying back PR was a big mistake. (I'll get hammered for this one)

    Samurai Sucks.

    Even if Saban do a great Goseiger Adaptation I'll still watch Goseiger any day.


    Toku music Pre-2000 era is still the best.

    I don't like Modern Toku singers they don't sound good at all, give me an Ichiro Mizuki or Takayuki Miyauchi any day.

    A lot of the fans who watch Toku suck, Because they feel like their favorite shows should be everyone else's and that makes me sick.

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