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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider Cherry, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I watched 38 episodes of Blade and could not remember the name of the main character.
    Also did not know Tachibana's chick had been killed.

    Decade saved the franchise.
    Or at least...boosted it.

    Agito is like Kuuga...only better.

    Most old school toku shows are not as great as we think they are.
    However Riderman is the baddest mother f@cker you will ever meet.

    My love for Lost Galaxy is 60% centered around my homoerotic feelings for Leo.
    That shirt ripping scene, f@cking swoon.

    Psycho Rangers...Why has this idea not been used again.
    No that SPD episode doesn't count.

    I kinda liked Goseiger.
    And Gosei Red has some redeeming qualities.

    where did the crew behind RPM go?
    Seriously that show was so friggin good and came out of nowhere.
    What the hell.

    Hibiki's story was baller.
    The fights sucked but dat story.

    First half of Den-O is great. Second half sucked.

    First half of Kabuto is great, Second half sucked.

    Bouken Red is my hero.

    Rina Aizawa is hot when she's not Go-On Yellow.

    Zyuranger has the best suit design and poses ever.

    Japan sucks.
    It does.
    They constantly get attacked by monsters both big and small and ranging from 1 to 100 at a time.
    And they still have a shit military.
    It's all privately owned crap.
    And there are super corporations everywhere.
    And the toku heroes never have get any merchandise sold of them.
    You think one person would be like "man, these figures of Bouken Red would sell like crazy. And boost our economy."

    F@ck everyone, there has never been a tokusatsu show I've hated.
  2. Khaiden

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    I can watch Movie War Core over 50 times and not get sick of it. Also, nobody was out of character at all here.

    G4, Knight, Scissors, Zolda, Raia, Gai, Ohja, Odin, Tiger, Imperer, Femme, Ryuga, Verde, Kaixa, Delta, Psyga, Orga, Chalice, Kabuki, many other onis, TheBee, Drake, Sasword, KickHopper, PunchHopper, Dark Kabuto, Gaoh, Nega Den-O, Yuuki, G Den-O, Rey, Arc, Saga, Dark Kiva, Abyss, Diend, Chinomanako (SPECIALLY CHINOMANAKO), Kivara, Core, Poseidon & Nadeshiko are NOT Kamen Riders.
    I've yet to see all series from Agito onwards fully, so my opinion might be a bit incomplete.


    Also, I said this before in a similar thread, I have no problems with Power Rangers: Turbo at all.
  3. lazycoconut

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    I agree with all of these :thumbs:

    More of mine:

    - I like Go-onger, Goseiger, Decade and Kabuto
    - I dislike Magiranger, Garo, Kiva and their characters
    - Akiko is a perfectly fine character and is well suited to Terui, who loves her
    - All Sentai teams should begin with five Rangers
    - Sentai and Rider are allowed to focus on child viewers. They don't need "adult appeal"
    - I hate Main Rider/Main Girl and Red Ranger/Pink Ranger 'ships
    - I don't mind PR series that closely follow their Sentai counterpart
    - We should have male Rangers in pink and female Rangers in red, black, green and dark blue (other than Kaoru, Mele, Megumi and Gokaiger)
    - There is no need for an insect-themed Sentai. It's a completely random and pointless idea.
    - Gai Ikari is not a clone of Genta, and should not be killed off
    - Sentai should drop the cutesy idol crap for its heroines
    - Ran is equally as attractive and worthwhile a character as Mele
    - Taiga should have remained as Saga instead of becoming Dark Kiva
    - Kamen Rider Joker isn't interesting. Shotaro works better as half of W.
    - I don't care whether or not male leads in toku are "manly"
    - Armor Hero is a decent show
    - Sentai should re-introduce the "hot-blooded big eater male Yellow" and "young, inexperienced Blue" types
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    DiEnd Complete is the best suit EVVVEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!:buttrock:
  5. Drax

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    My Thoughts on Sentai:

    As a relative new-comer to Sentai, I’ll only give my opinions on the series’ I’ve seen in their entirety on DVD.

    1. I really enjoyed Boukenger from start while finish, and it’s not just because of Chise Nakamura. It was an entertaining series that had the action-adventure/comedy/drama mix in the proper proportions. Though I did find Eji to be a little annoying at times.

    2. GekiRanger got off to a nice slow start, had a good build-up to a really GREAT finale. It was very moving watching Rio and Mele die. The GekiRanger movies carried on the shows awsomness AND it was great to see Miki doing the GekiRanger dance at the end of the Hong Kong Battle DVD.

    3. From start to finish, Go-Onger rocked every episode. The Go-Ongers were cool, the go-on Wings, despite me wanting to slap Ani, were really cool. The villans were funny and serious, especially the borderline alcoholic Kegareshia.

    4. And so far, I’m enjoying Gokaiger, it would be my second-fav sentai if it were not for two things. The first Being Gai “Please kick me in the nuts and throw me overboard†Yuuki. While being enthusiastic, he just really irritates me and half makes me want the Zagyack to conquer Earth so they can do away with him. And the second thing is the Legend War, a previous post mentioned how dum it was to mention it right off the bat in episode 12 and I agree. The Jetman tribute episode was Gokaigers Best. Episode. Ever; until they do a ZyuRanger/Go Ranger tribute ep
  6. lazycoconut

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    GokaiSilver is Gai Ikari. Black Condor from Jetman is Gai Yuuki
  7. Ben3000

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    MMPR wasn't that great. It went on for far to long and it was the same thing every episode.
    Tendou isn't a great character. I wished the show actually developed him.
    I actually enjoyed Decade.
    Turbo was better when the cast change.
    Kamen Rider Den-O isn't as goofy as people made it out to be. I thought it would be none stop humor but it had it's serious moments.
    I felt that Time Force for being a copy of Timeranger wasn't bad. It was done right.
    Jungle Fury and Operation Overdrive were good(I liked the fight scenes along with the explosions.)
    Lost Galaxy was alright,it wasn't good or bad it was just neutral.
    I like Mecha fights in PR and SS
    The people who judge heroines such as Rika Satoh for having big ears along with Mina Fukui and Arisa Komiya for not being hot is sad.
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  8. Byron D. Zero

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    Japan Tokusatsu
    The ending to Ryuki, that fucking ending!!!! All of that character development... DOWN THE FUCKING SHITTER



    I think Kiva had great potential, but way too many plotholes for me to really enjoy.

    I think Doc is too damn whiny, man up!

    Gai Ikari......SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

    Ahim..... marry me <3

    Goseiger was too damn silly and mushy for my taste.

    Magiranger you're still my #1

    I hate when Sentai Leaders are complete morons, like Sosuke & Jan! In a real battle the hot blooded idiot rarely comes out on top

    Engine-Oh G12...... ugly as sin!

    Blade is my favorite rider show.

    Decade is the perfect embodiment of the term "too many cooks spoils the pot"



    Takeru is the best Red ever!

    American Tokusatsu

    I miss Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog

    I will find the suit of Ferbus someday......AND BURN IT!!!!!

    In Space is one of my faves.... but let's face it ripped off heavily from Star Wars

    Fuck you Jungle Fury!


    I mostly enjoyed Dragon Knight

    Only thing I liked about Lost Galaxy was Cerena Vincent

    Time Force..... I love you and everything that had to do with you!

    Never finished Beetleborgs Metallix, didn't hate it though.
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  9. Ryuutaros

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    - Hibiki is a better than most of the other Heisei Riders (pretty much all of them pre-Decade). Except Hibiki is on the same level as Kuuga.

    - Faiz was terrible.

    - Blade was ok but took effort to watch.

    - Kabuto was awful.
  10. Abare Black

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    I liked the way Jetman's finale was handled (regarding Gai).

    RX was more enjoyable for me than Black.

    Villains are just as important to a story as the heroes and should receive equal air time and character development.

    I have no problem with YellowBuster. All the hate doesn't make sense to me.

    I would love to see more diversity in ages on a Sentai team. Kid Rangers are fine with me and it would be great to see a regular team member in the 40+ range (glad they went there with Miyuki, but that only halfway counts).

    If they dropped mecha battles completely, I wouldn't miss them at this point.
  11. Samuraiger

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    I could do without mecha battles, period. I find myself skipping them whenever I watch Gokaiger. They all start and usually end the same way. The kajin kicks the mecha's ass for about a good 4 minutes, then the mecha makes a comeback of some sort.
  12. Blade Dancer

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    I don't care about mecha battles at all. I'll usually watch them if the show tends to put plot points in them, but otherwise I either skip or tune out during them.

    I didn't like the '86 cast of Kiva. I would have liked the show much better if it was just Wataru and Co.

    I liked Dragon Knight better than Ryuki. At least I finished it.

    I don't like Kabuto very much. Tendou is a jerk.

    I love the ending of the Blade series, and hate the movie.

    I liked the android episodes of PROO. Didn't like the rest of the show, though.

    I don't like Ryukendo very much.
  13. Fantasy Leader

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    I'm sorry. :p

    I got some more:

    1. Mecha battles in Sentai CAN be good. And they should be. They're a part of what Super Sentai is.
    2. I think Sentai has better stories than Rider (but I love Rider too!) :p
    3. The Chouseishin Trilogy isn't any good
    4. I can't get interested in Garo. :redface2:

    I really want to love Kiva... but I can't get myself to ignore any of it's flaws! WHY??? :bawling:
  14. Wraithstrike

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    Kabuto is the "Manos:the Hands of Fate" of Kamen Rider.

    Declaring that Mako would get the Kabuto disc, then making the episode a Chiaki focus was a dick move.

    Kusaka was a necessary evil. By being there, he gave Takumi and Kiba someone to aspire NOT to be.

    Operation Overdrive doesn't suck completely. Only about 65% suck.

    Joel Rawlings is the Best Green Ranger. Not Tommy. Not Ziggy. Joel.

    Go-onger squandered it's potential. So did Goseiger.

    Dragon Knight had a tighter plot than Ryuki.
  15. SanyuMiyazaki

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    My only opinions is that I like Yellow Buster, and I don't hate Goseiger.
  16. ryuuseipro

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    GINO is the best portrayal of Godzilla, because he was realistic. :laugh:
  17. The_Next!!!

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    Well my opinions are all kinds of unpopular here...

    Showa to Early Heisei Kamen Rider> post Ryuki Heisei Kamen rider
    Boukenger is a slow series and hard to get into.
    Carranger's jokes really aren't all that funny...also Turbo> Car
    Den-O sucks.
    Ultraman Nexus is overrated.
    Kamen Rider J is a gimmick and therefore sucks.
    Decade is one of the worst toku shows ever...
  18. Switchblade

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    Because its flaws are many and crippling.

    Another one I forgot to mention: I am always happy to hear that we're getting another Den-O movie and I look forward to watching it.
  19. ParmesanBasil

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    Dekaranger had really flat characters. Even Dekamaster did nothing but deflect bullets with his sword. Also, Girls in Trouble is the worst song I've heard in a very long time.
    Magiranger was ok. The first few episodes were really, REALLY bad. Especially the girl-centric ones. Those two rangers were among some of the worst female rangers ever.
    Gekiranger is real good. The villains are amazing beyond belief. I watched it just for them and they delivered.
    Kabuto had an amazing start, but as soon as Tsurugi showed up, things got wonky.
    OOO is pretty good. Kinda dull and confusing, but ok.
    W is the best Rider series I've seen.
    Shinkenger is the best Sentai I've seen.
    Jetman has that amazing flavor of insane/awesome/goofy Sentai that hasn't been repeated since.
    Dairanger is legit amazing. It's like Jetman, but ramped up times a thousand. Love me some Daigo action.
    Zyuranger is amazing bad, considering it was between Jetman and Dairanger. Nostalgia blinds people about this, I think.
    Power Ranger is such a worthless dilution of Sentai. They should probably just stop making it at this point.
  20. Smilodon

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    . Tendou was awesome. As was the whole cast of Kabuto, even though they were poorly written, they had some great actors play them.

    . Zanki and Todoroki are better than Date and Gotou. (I love the Birth duo don't get me wrong, but seriously, there was nothing better than Zanki and Todoroki's relationship)

    . I hate how unoriginal Time Force is. I liked Ransik no doubt, but beyond him and Eric not dying, basically everything was a copy of Timeranger. It was executed fine, I just felt a bit weird after seeing some great original things in Space and Lost Galaxy.

    . I don't like Garo.

    . Den-O was a great show. It was enjoyable to the max.

    . Seto Koji wasn't bad in Kiva.

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