The S.H. Figuarts Thread: Justi-5's the Figure

Discussion in 'Toys Unlimited' started by scikaiju, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. scikaiju

    scikaiju science experiment gone wrong

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    Keep doing what you guys do

    And yes the title was taken from a poster in the thread
  2. Baltan II

    Baltan II Space Ninja

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    The First Thread: Deceased 2010. R.I.P.
    The Next Thread:
    V3 Thread:
    G4 Thread:

    Places to Buy Figuarts
    Big in Japan
    CS Toys Japan
    Hobby Link Japan

    Middleman Services
    OkinawamToySeller Thread, Web
    RiderProxy: Thread
    Yokatta: Thread, Web
    Tokyo Hunters: Web

    Tamashii Pages
    Tamashii Web (Retail Releases)
    Bandai Collector's Shop - Tamashii Web Shop (Exclusives)
    Bluefin Distribution (US Tamashii Nations Distributor)

    Tamashii Twitters
    Bluefin's @TamashiiNations Twitter's @t_features Twitter

    Figuarts Checklists
    Riders, Rangers, & Rambles

    Limited Tamashii Stage Quotes
    Kamen Rider KickHopper
    (Do you want to fall to hell with me? Become my little brother.) 
    (We are residents of darkness! Forsake the light!)
    (Did you.. just laugh at me?)
    (You're lucky... unlike someone like me..)

    Kamen Rider PunchHopper
    (The worst is the best.)
    2.「いいなぁ あの犬 褒められてる」
    (Ahh, I envy that dog...)
    (That's me... I've also been smashed to pieces...)
    (The sun... is polluted..)

    Kamen Rider Ixa
    (Return your life to God)
    (Do not defy me!! I am always correct!)
    (Don't you know who I am!? I am Nago!!)
    (I did not hear that, please say it again in a louder voice)

    Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
    Final Attack Ride Decade
    ディディディディディケイド !!
    (Final AttackRide
    De De De De DECADE!!)

    ("Don't mind the song!")

    Terror Dopant
    "Kore ga shinno kyoufu da!!"
    (This is true terror!)

    Smilodon Dopant
    "食べたら張り切って 探してきてくれ ミック"
    (When you've eaten, put forth your enthusiasm and bring it home, Mick.)

    Taboo Dopant
    "まさか忘れてないわよね? 私の怖さ"
    (You haven't forgotten about my terror/fear, have you?)

    Tamashii Nations 2011 Gallery
    Tamashii Nations 2010 Gallery

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts
    • Riderman
    • X
    (First shown at Tokyo Toy Show 2009, new versions pending)
    • G3 Mild
    • Kabuto Masked Form
    • Saga
    • Futo-Kun
    • Accel Yellow Signal Form
    • OOO Random Combos
    • Ryuga with Dragblacker
    • Abyss
    • Magnugiga
    • Genocider: Venosnaker, Metalgelas, Evildiver

    • Cure Berry -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
    • Cure Pine -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
    • Cure Passion -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)

    • Goku (Dragonball Kai)

    • Master Asia (G Gundam)

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts EX
    • Beat Gouram (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
    • Revolgarry (Kamen Rider W)
    • HardSplasher Unit (Kamen Rider W)
    • Accel Bike Mode with Gunner A (Kamen Rider W)

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts Zero
    • Scarlet Kiss (Star Driver)
    • Professor Green (Star Driver)
    • Ivrogne (Star Driver)
    • President (Star Driver)
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  3. Dark Heart

    Dark Heart The Bun Is In Your Mind

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    Yes people, American S.H. Figuarts.
  4. TJOmega

    TJOmega Plastic Addict

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    Hey, I recall coining the title for this one :laugh: Still no clue what we're calling the next thread.
  5. Baltan II

    Baltan II Space Ninja

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    No, don't bother adding anything to that. Remain as vague as humanly possible.
  6. ShukuenShinobi

    ShukuenShinobi is The Underground Toy Reviewer

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    From what I remember, everything is up to date to your list. It's mostly stuff from Tamashii Festival 2010 that fell into the depths of hell.
  7. dchoc

    dchoc All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!

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    @scikaiju: ... and we're not limited to just S.H. Figuarts.... Figuarts would be more proper (S.H. and Zero). :anime:

    @TJ: Wouldn't ZX (Zix/6) be enought? :laugh:
  8. Skiks

    Skiks Member

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    Sadly we have to wait 2 years for the 6 theme rider.
    Also I have been seeing some really decently priced figuarts on amazon with free shipping such as Rider 1. I think I'm gonna try relying on Blue Fin stocking Gokai Red with his bonus items somewhere on amazon.
  9. Baltan II

    Baltan II Space Ninja

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    I'm mostly worried about Precure, because I don't know a thing about the series and could probably easily mix up one character in pastel colors for another if I try to Google stuff about them.
  10. Galaxian

    Galaxian Lurker

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    Well, there are Super Sentai figuarts now, so we could go with something about 6th rangers.

    Or we could always wait two years for the 15th Heisei KR series, chances are its name would have something to do with the number 6.
  11. Skiks

    Skiks Member

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    Oh yeah TRU is stocking figuarts Shinken Red and Gold in america. :thumbs:
  12. Sentaifan'07 Xman

    Sentaifan'07 Xman "Let's DRIVING!!!!!"

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    Which means that Bandai of America is going back to its' old roots before 2007. Well mostly imports.
  13. RMuzzy

    RMuzzy Yo Soy Henshin!

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    I'm curious to see if these U.S. Figuarts releases will be straight imports of the Japanese figures with new box art, or if they will be dumbed down BoA versions.

    I sure hope it's the former, because I'd love to be able to spend less on future SHF releases, especially if Power Rider does indeed turn out to be a Kamen Rider adaptation.
  14. Kevthepanda

    Kevthepanda Member

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    Nice thread title. They could always just slap on a label on the back of the box regarding American SHFs.

    For some odd reason, I've seen a MP-4 Optimus Prime over here in the Japanese style of packaging at a Target once, and they had about 3 of them. And I don't even live in America, but Australia, which gets the short end of the stick for just about everything.
  15. Keith Justice

    Keith Justice Eat My Justice!

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    I changed the name again! O__O
  16. StaticShin27

    StaticShin27 Brave Sound~

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    do ya? I hear over on TFW peeps are quite envious of you guys for getting Japanese releases like the recent Jetwing Pprime :laugh:
  17. Mr. Yellow

    Mr. Yellow Twitter - @MisturYellow

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    This whole US Figuart thing screws with my brain....
  18. Reigner

    Reigner Member

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    And completely broke the flow we had of a numerical Rider-centric sequence :p
  19. Kevthepanda

    Kevthepanda Member

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    Not quiet so envious when you realise everything over here retails for 2-3 times the price of what it is in the States. :sly:

    I've only seen it at one Target once 3 years ago. The few remaining TRU over here usually have empty shelves.
  20. Galaxian

    Galaxian Lurker

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    It would have been broken for the next thread anyways.

    Anyways, back on American Figuarts discussion, I remember a couple of months ago when I was told that Sears was selling figuarts online, who knew things would escalate to this? :laugh:
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