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    Over the weekend...

    [Rampage] Himitsu Sentai Goranger #81-84 (END)

    If you're considering watching this show, just try the first few episodes. If you like the characters and don't miss the mechs, you'll be fine. It's mostly episodic aside from occasional two-parters and a few 'updating the status quo' episodes near the middle, but if you're fine with Sentai that don't have an overarching story, it's pretty enjoyable. Plus, there's a few things I've seen in later (even very recent) Sentai which I didn't realise started here, so it's cool to see some traditions start.
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    Finishing a couple of things up before Christmas.

    [Official youtube channel] Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes #13 (END)
    [TMS] Kamen Rider X #35 (END)

    The latest Ultra Galaxy Fight series was a pretty good miniseries (13 five minute episodes) although they did have a habit of ending things just as it's getting good. It is getting released in Japan as one single story, so it may be worth hanging on to see if they bring it to the west. But if not, go on the official Ultraman youtube and spend an enjoyable hour with it (you pick which language you want - there's an English dub but the Japanese version has English subtitles available).

    The Masked Subbers dropped the final episode of X on Christmas Eve, meaning that every episode of Showa Rider can now be watched subbed (although the last 20 episodes of Skyrider might just be HK subs IIRC). I like X overall. It's mostly episodic but from episode 23 until the end they have a story arc. Personally I preferred the earlier stuff as the arc made each episode quite similar, but it was interesting to find out what the deal was with Apollo Geist, King Dark etc who have re-appeared more recently. Plus it has Starfish Hitler, the most WTF monster-of-the-week ever.
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