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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Lynxara, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Goseiger is over in Japan, but episodes 49 and 50 have yet to come out in subtitled form. If you're following Goseiger's subs or if you just want to talk about the show now that you've seen the ending, post here!

    The original discussion thread was locked due to length. If you want to read the old discussions or somehow have no idea WTF Goseiger is about, start here.
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    The ending was so cute! I know that people think Goseiger was "poorly written" yada yada and did not like the cutesy sunshiny feel, but it was so damn cute. The looks on their little faces, particularly Alata's, and then

    [hide]him hugging Nozomu and then when they all ascend into the sky at the end[/hide]

    was heartwarming. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :anime:
  3. Lynxara

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    Reposting this from the Goukaiger news thread, where it's kind of lost in the shuffle. Goseiger is getting a V-Cinema sequel, it seems.
  4. Aoiblue

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    Just watched 49 subbed. I liked it, cant wait till 50 is subbed.

    Though any mention of GoseiGreen at all in the last ep?

  5. KouAidou

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    Well I guess it can't have been that much of a failure. :)

    The movie seems to be holding well, too.
  6. Aoi Kurenai

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    This makes me wonder if it's going to be a new trend...

    But I don't care at the moment. I'm just happy we're getting Gokaiger VS Goseiger so early AND another special. It's good to be a fan of this show. Now hopefully this one adds a bit more to the show than Shinkenger's.
  7. Lynxara

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    I suspect it is, probably inspired by Den-O. (Or maybe Goseiger and Shinkenger just hit older fans really hard?)
  8. KouAidou

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    Honestly, I wouldn't mind if it didn't. I just like the characters and want more time with them.
  9. Mr. Yellow

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    Goseiger Last Epic:

  10. Aoi Kurenai

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    I would hope that it starts a trend. Even if there are series people might not like, as long as they can serve as epilogues or add something to the story, I'm sure fans would love it. Was thinking this might happen and I'm really glad it did, can't wait to see what it's about.
  11. Mr. Yellow

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    Now how do these threads get handled? Merge the prediscussion and V-Cinema into one?
  12. Lynxara

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    This is more of a place to talk about the ending once the subs for 50 are done, I think. The V-Cinema thread can be for the V-Cinema.

    (That said I wouldn't object to a thread merge, it's not like Goseiger generates 50 billion posts per hour like Goukaiger.)
  13. Aoi Kurenai

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    Well the other one can be for news and junk and once it actually comes out, we can talk about the special in here.
  14. Nanami Tenkawa

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    but i believe one of the outfits which Hamao/Aguri in one of episodes. lol

    the ending is good than Go-Onger or Shinkenger. still my fave character will be Bureidoran is the best villain in 2010.
  15. Forever Knight

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    Alright I rewatched Goseiger from the end of the Mantorintis arc up to ep 48. The story overall up to this point is still complex as fuck. Prolly more complex than any other Sentai series or Kamen Rider series up to this point actually.

    Seeing as it was dead at work tonight and a massive 12 hour shift I did a timeline to clear up confusion on a lot of shit.

    Now the ONLY plothole that still exists up to this point is how Robogog learned of Burajira and GoseiAngels.

    Anyway, This is as accurate as I could get with it. There might be a few minor errors, if you catch them please let me know so I can edit it.

    Didn't Burajira mention something about a time travel seal or something which allowed him to come to the present and also sent Alata back?. /confusion. HELP.

    [hide] GoseiAngels:
    Humans who are born with mysterious powers. About 10,000 years ago, they migrated to the GoseiKai (Gosei World), an alternate dimension, to avoid confusion about their powers from normal humans. The Heavens Tower is created for the Angels to move back and forth from Earth and GoseiWorld.

    10,00 years ago:
    -The strongest of the Gosei Angels was Burajira
    -The Gosei Angel's enemy was the Yuuma
    -In the final battle with the Yuuma, Burajira went to an exteme and killed the other 2 Gosei Angel's (his partners) by obsorbing their power to become strong enough to seal the Yuuma. He did this because he felt the other 2 members were not strong enough. He seals the Yuuma.
    -The Gosei Angel Jury doesn't like the idea of Burajira doing what he did in order to seal the Yuuma so they arrest him
    -Burajira escapes by creating a time wormhole that allowed him to go to the future and avoid being imprisoned, he also orders all of his headders to go into hiding (including Groundion headder) so he is able to use them in the future he is going to (our present) to turn them into 3 wedges that will destroy the earth so he can recreate it and become it's savior/leader as a God with nobody else as an equal.
    -He considered the Gosei Angels as traitors for attempting to imprison him for what he did.
    -There is also an city called Mantorintis.
    -A scientist creates a robotic immortal body which the Government of the ancient city disregards, he goes nuts with anger over this.
    -An event occurs which causes chaos in the ancient city, the scientist is asked for help using this immortal robotic body, he fuses himself with the robotic body to get revenge for being denied as he sees how fear can control humans.
    -The scientist now known as Robogog learns about the Gosei Angels and Burajira's time jump. He begins his own plans and creates his Mantorintis empire.

    Present time / Time hole jump (Warstar Arc):
    -Robogog & his empire stay under water and prepare for all of the following events in order to get all of the data on Burajira and the GoseiAngels. (This would be one of those Time travel plotholes that nobody can answer now).
    -Burajira arrives in our time, because of the time jump his form changed.
    -Upon arriving to current time, he sees what has happened to Earth and how humans are destroying it. This pisses him off.
    -He creates the Earth Rescue Plan which involves destroying the earth and rebiulding it the way it should have been (no pollutions, war, etc..)
    -He knows he will have to defeat the New Gosei Angels before getting this plan done, so his mission includes: getting as much power as possible, kill the Goseiger, and rebuild earth.
    -The Goseiger power has now been systemized with technology to be used more accurately. It’s not as primitive as it was in Burajira’s time, which makes the powers equal to his. He knows he will need help in defeating the Goseiger.
    -He summons help from Warstar and uses them for gaining knowledge on weaponary by using a Gosei technique that allows him to change his image to an alien like them, he also gets ahold of the BiBi nails to make monsters grow which is helpful to sell himself to become a new member of each group.
    -Warstar member Derepta destroys Heavens Tower which is the pathway from Gosei World to Earth, he does it AS 6 Gosei Angels are training on Earth. They are stuck on Earth with no way home, and one GoseiAngel (Green) is killed during this event leaving Blue without a partner.
    -The 3 tribes assemble and become Goseiger and the only link they have to GoseiWorld is Master Head which they can talk with through Datas. GoseiWorld is beginning to rebuild Heavens Tower. Commincation is minimal.
    -Eventually Goseiger defeat Warstar, Burajira now known as Bladerun escapes.
    -During the final battle, Dereputa unknowingly digs up the seal box of the former enemies of the Gosei Angels from 10,000 years ago during a rampage.

    Yuuma Arc:
    -Bladerun learns that Dereputa has accidently unburried the box that he used to seal the Yuuma from 10,000 years ago and does the unthinkable to gain more knowledge on black magic and releases the Yuuma, the same group that he himself sealed 10,000 years ago. He joins them after using the technique to change his image again to look like a beast.
    -Bladerun knows that none of these groups can defeat the GoseiAngels, but he wants to combine all of that knowledge and power with his own for it to be enough to kill the Gosei Angel's himself.
    -As the Yuuma are unsealded, the Earth awakens one of Bladerun's headders and gives it a body, becoming GoseiKnight and the powers of all 3 tribues much like his master (Burajira) had after turning on the other 2 Angels and to protect the earth from the returning Yuuma and they're mission to pollute the Earth.He eventually joins Goseiger even though he only beleives in protecting Earth, not humans who are destroying it, much like Bladerun. GoseiKnight's power is only temporary.
    -Bladerun eventually attemps to awaken the sealed Abare Headder, a feirce out of control headder.
    -The Goseiger aquired the Abare Headder, not Bladerun thus creating Super Goseiger.
    -GoseiKnight begins to warm up to humans and accepts them.
    -Due to constant failure, The Yuuma treat Bladerun like shit. Bladerun turns on them and attempts to use the seal he used 10,000 years ago to seal not only Yuuma but Goseiger this time aswell. He fails, and is killed by both Yuuma AND Goseiger.
    -Master Head has no choice but to use the new foundation/stone that was being used to rebuild Heavens Tower (fixing the pathway from Earth to GoseiWorld) creating GoseiUltimate for the Super Goseiger as the arsenal they have at this point isn't strong enough to defeat the Yuuma in the final battle.
    -By doing this, Master Head is lost in a dimensional rift.
    -Yuuma are then defeated by Goseiger.

    Mantorintis Arc:
    -The scientist whom became a robot (Robogog) finds the dead body of Bladerun and knows what power he is capable of so he takes the body and turns it into a machine to use his power as a soldier in his army and also erases his memory.
    -Robogog begins to treat Metal Alice & Bladerun like shit.
    -Robogog reveals his 10 Sai Bomb which can level the earth and destroy it so his robotic empire can rule.
    -Metal Alice rebels after becoming close with Bladerun and gives him the memory stick that restores his memory, Robogog doesn't know about this.
    -Bladerun at this point is now officially using the Mantorintis for the tehnologic knowledge.
    -During the final battle, Bladerun is sent to "freeze" the Gosei Powers and leave the Goseiger powerless, Bladerun does this but leaves GoseiKnight's power partially active to trick Robogog into thinking he is still his soldier and to avoid being killed by Robogog and his 10sai bomb, so he lets the Goseiger do the dirty work.
    -This drains GoseiKnight's life/power even more, almost killing him.
    -Master Head finds his way to Earth through the dimensional rift but only temporarily and uses Prof. Amachi's body to comminicate with the Goseiger. He temporarily restores Knight's power again.
    -Robogog reveals he has more than the 1 10sai bomb, he has 3: Normal form, giant form, and near death.
    -Robogog's head orders Bladerun to activate the bomb to kill an entire continent worth with the explosion, the Goseiger, and his empire as his full 10sai plan failed since the one that would level the entire earth could only be used once and he failed.
    -Bladerun destroys the device to activate the bomb and reveals he has his memory back. Robogog now knows Bladerun remembers he is Burajira.
    -Bladerun kills both Robogog and the one who helped him. Metal Alice.
    -Mantorintis is dead.
    -Bladerun returns to the Mantorintis HQ and gets ahold of ALL the info Mantorinis gathered on the Goseiger aswell as the newer weapons like GoseiUltimate which he was unable to get ahold of before.

    The Saviour Arc:
    -Bladerun awakens his remaining dormant Headders sans Groundion Headder of course to begin his final plan.
    -The returned Master Head in Amachi's body informs the Goseiger of a former Gosei Angel whom was the strongest. Head has no idea about what Burajira did or that he was Bladerun.
    -In battle, Bladerun reveals his true form to the Goseiger as Burajira and his Earth Rescue Plan.
    -Burajira now also wants the Goseiger's power aswell.
    -Burajira kidnaps GoseiKnight whom is shocked to have learned about what his master did 10,000 years ago.His power is pretty much drained in the battle he has with Burajira.
    -Burajira fills GoseiKnight with his power and turns him to Dark GoseiKnight.
    -Goseiger defeat two of Burajira's headders which creates wedges #1 and #2.
    -Goseiger beleive GoseiKnight is the 3rd wedge.
    -GoseiRed fights with GoseiKnight to drain him of Burajira's power considering Knight is just a shell at this point.
    -Red suceeds in draining the dark power and uses his own Gosei Power to restore Knight back to normal. Most likely also temporarily as well (I expect him to die either way...)
    -While this is happening, the other Goseiger defeat another of Burajira's headder which becomes the 3rd and final wedge to they're surprise. Burajira used Dark GoseiKnight as a decoy to get them to kill the 3rd headder since he knew they would not kill GoseiKnight which they thought was the 3rd wedge.
    -The 3rd wedge is created. [/hide]

    Anyone care to make any corrections and fill in important points from the finale?.
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  16. KingRanger

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    I loved the final episode. The thing they did flying into the air was just amazing. :thumbs:
  17. Aruphonse

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    A pretty good last episode for Goseiger, indeed. It was filled with amazing action and many heartwarming moments.

    I'm specially happy that "Naito-Kun" has survived the series' end, I was afraid he wouldn't. My only gripe is that I feel they didn't give him as much farewell time with Nozomu considering that their bond is as strong like the one Nozomu and Alata have. Also, it would have been nice to see GoseiKnight's destination the same way we saw the other angel's instead of just seeing him fly away.

    But for me the most epic part of the night was trying to watch all of the episode through Keyhole despite all the sound lag and screwed video quality. :mad:
  18. Forever Knight

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    Coming June. I think Toei is now on a "Release something new every month on Blu-ray binge" for 2011.

    Jan - W Forever
    Feb - Goseiger Epic on the Movie
    Mar - Goseiger vs. Shinkenger
    Apr - W Returns: Accel
    May - OOOxW Movie War Core
    June - Goseiger Last Epic
    July - W Returns: Eternal
    Aug - Let's Go Kamen Rider
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    @Forever Knight : is it possible to include shinkenger arc to the summary?

    I haven't watch the matrintis arc, so if Robogorg never revive Bladerun or if Metal Alice never give Bladerun the memory thing, the final arc will never appear?
  20. Forever Knight

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    The Gosei/Shinken movie & the final eps have to be added to that timeline. I'm not sure if Gosei vs. Shinken is anything big in the plot department and for the overall story though.

    As for ur question, as of ep 48.. Yes that is indeed the case. Robogog fucked everything up by reviving Bladerun.

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