[CASTING CALLS] Super Sentai: The Second Legend War

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    It's been 14 years since the fall of Ackdos Gil and the departing of the Gokaigers. The GokaiGalleon returns, but now carrying only Gai and Navi, as the core five Gokaigers have died during their quest for the Second Greatest Treasure of the Universe. Gai announces that another member of the Gil lineage, Ackdos' sister Kyoackna Gil, has become the new leader of Zangyack and has brought past Sentai villians back to life, planning a new invasion of Earth. Because of this, Gai must recruit the children of certain past Sentai warriors in order to stop it.

    Setting Information
    • In this RP, the events of Super Hero Taisen never happened.
    • The minimum number of Sentai warrior offsprings to be recruited is 5, while the maximum is 7. Each one of a different color.
    • At first, the offsprings use the designations of one of their parents before getting their unique designations. For instance, the child of, say, Yukito and Emiri, start out as AbareBlue and eventually gets a similar designation such as AbareNavy or AbareCyan.
    • Gai can still transform into GokaiSilver, but can no longer access Gold Mode, as the key was destroyed.

    • First and foremost, no godmodding.
    • One offspring for each player. No repeated parents.
    • Post regularly. If you can't post for a while, say so, and we can work something out.
    • Relationships between the characters are allowed as long as they are not the main focus.
    • Character deaths are allowed as long as they are justified.
    • Gai, Navi, Kyoackna Gil, and all the footsoldiers and Action Commanders are NPCs.
    • No drama between players, please.


    • Hibari Esumi (Go-On Red → Go-On Fire) - Kamen Rider Cherry
    • Tsuki Oogami (GaoSilver → GaoFang) - CrimsonSonic
    • Kyoko Ikenami (ShinkenPink → ShinkenWing) - Santaskid
    • Kidon Bitou (HurricaneYellow → Goemon) - Ziginz Zegell
    • Shunsuke Iwasaki (Blue Buster → Aqua Buster) - lazycoconut
    • Naofumi Endou (MegaBlack → MegaOnyx) - Mr. Nasty

    Shin-Zangyack Recruits
    • Yogostein - Kamen Rider Cherry
    • Loki - CrimsonSonic
    • Akumaro - Santaskid
    • Sandaaru - Ziginz Zegell
    • Enter - lazycoconut
    • Yuugande - Mr. Nasty

    • Gai Ikari (GokaiSilver)
    • Navi
    • Kyoackna Gil
    • Gormins + Sugormins + Dogormins
    • Action Commanders

    Profile Skeleton

    Age: (Preferably around 13-19)
    Parents: (Any couple, canon or non-canon, within the Sentai universe -- preferably straight, but homosexual couples are allowed as long as there is a justification. No OCs allowed.)
    First Designation:
    Second Designation:
    Civillian Appearance:
    Side Notes: (other relatives, themes, interests, fears, etc.)
    Shin-Zangyack Counterpart: (can be any villain from the season the child's parents are from)


    Name: Hibari Esumi (江角ひばり)
    Age: 13
    Parents: Sosuke Esumi (Go-On Red) and Miu Suto (Go-On Silver)
    First Designation: Go-On Red
    Second Designation: Go-On Fire
    Civillian Appearance: Click me 'cause the picture is too big!
    - Go and Change Soul
    - Mantan Gun
    Go-On Red
    - Road Saber
    - Engine Speedor
    Go-On Fire
    - Street Sais
    - Engine Machalcon
    Bio: Even though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Hibari appears to take more after her dad, being quite tomboyish and all about speed; in fact, she often spends her free time rollerblading and wants to be a racecar driver like daddy someday. She has a very short temper, and can be quite cocky and competitive as well as even a tad dumb, but her recklessness and perseverance make up for it greatly.
    Side Notes:
    - She was concieved on the back of Sosuke's car.
    - She considers the rest of the Go-Ongers as a second of sorts, and is very affectionate towards them, in particular "Grandma" Renn.
    - No thanks to "Uncle" Hant, she ocasionally spices up her speech with broken Spanish.
    Shin-Zangyack Counterpart: Yogostein
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    I'll whip something up if you give me a bit.
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    Name: Tsuki Oogami
    Age: 19
    Parents: Gao Silver and Gao White
    First Designation: Gao Silver
    Second Designation: Gao Fang
    Civillian Appearance: http://tinyurl.com/bu6oxu5
    -G Phone
    -Beast King Sword
    Gao Silver
    -Gao Hustler Rod
    Gao Fang
    -GaoCoyote (Will receive other members of the pack as time goes on)
    -Howling Sword
    Bio: In contrast to her father, Tsuki is very friendly. She loves going out with her friends and basically living life. However when she wants to be serious the gloves come off. Do not ever hurt anyone in her family, she will make you wish you were never born. Tsuki is great friends with a group of young Power Animals referred to as The Pack, who she uses as her own Power Animals. While she gets her powers from The Pack she can only handle using one Animal’s power at a time. She acts as the team strategist.
    Side Notes:
    -Afraid of cats
    -Stays in contact with all the former Gaoranger
    -Is at odds with GaoWolf, leading her to be weaker than the previous Gao Silver.
    -Is an open lesbian
    -The Pack consists of GaoJackal, GaoHowl, GaoFox, GaoHound, and is led by GaoCoyote.
    Shin-Zangyack Counterpart: Loki
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    Well this sounds like a fun idea. Though I do have a couple questions before i decide on what series i want to draw from.

    Question number 1: Can multiple pairings from one series be used? Say for example Go-on Red/Silver and Go-on Yellow/someone? OR would you rather different series instead?

    Question number 2: Will we be forming a sentai robo, or using our mecha on their own? If forming a sentai robo, I assume that means redesign's may be needed to combine them. After all Magiphoenix and Engine Speedor are both Chest components.

    Well I'll think of what ranger i want, I'm thinking Bouken, Shinken or Abare... just trying to decide which one.
  6. CrimsonSonic

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    Personally I was going to have The Pack form a robo, but I suppose that is very necessary question. As for the other thing, I believe so.
  7. Santaskid

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    That's why I asked, some rangers, mainly the extra/6th rangers if they pass their powers on then the kids, would likely start with their own individual robo.

    However that a little off balance with Speedor, if we are a "Team". With the upgraded forms, i can see Mahalcon becoming Arm/Leg armor in a similar fashion to Kanzan Gokai-oh. Or if Redesigned slightly it could fill a similar role to Speedor and Bear-V and simply be the chest section.

    Then we have MagiRed if thunder gets approved. Thats' two mecha that form the chest of their respecitve series. So I'm curious as to how the mecha will be handled before deciding on what series/mecha to use.
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    We can work it out.
  9. Kamen Rider Cherry

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    I personally would rather use different series. IMHO the interactions would be more interesting.

    I'm still trying to figure that one out.
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    Ok cool, so my assumption on Question 1 was right. The way it was worded made it look like 2 Go-on members would be fine since all you said was "No repeated parents"

    So I'll put up a profile later tonight once i decide on which of the series i want to go with. Go-On was obviously the easiest choice lol, and Gao had more than enough potential. So I'm thinking maybe Bouken- since it was the second Sentai i watched, though i did miss a few episodes here and there, Magiranger was my first.

    Shinkenger had a nice set up so it's a tough call for me. Bouken, or Shinken... or possibly Geki... Yay I removed Abaranger from my choices, only for it to be replaced. Well tonight i should have something up.
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    You could do Takeru/Kotoha and have him/her use lightning instead of fire or earth. Well, that was mine but still you get the idea.
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    I am willing to switch to a male, who's name would be Mamoru Ikenami, I would only have to make some minor changes here and there. If balance is needed that is.

    Name: Kyoko Ikenami (池波 響子)
    Age: 13
    Parents: Ryuunosuke Ikenami (Shinken ) & Mako Shiraishi (Shinken Pink)
    First Designation: Shinken Pink
    Second Designation:Shinken Wing (羽)
    Civillian Appearance : http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a247/kram_elbog/Digimon/rp/Chourpcharacan.jpg
    - Shodo Phone

    - Shinkenmaru
    -- Common Disk

    Shinken Pink
    -Kame origami

    - Heaven's Fan
    -- Kame Disk

    Shinken Wing
    - Storm Wings ( Twin blades, think Pink Samurai's Toy only weapon, with the kanji for Storm on them)
    -- Storm Disk
    -- Feather Disk

    - Secret Combination Birdcage Arashikago (秘伝合体鳥籠 嵐籠 ) A varient of the Inroumaru, It harnesses the powers of the Kabuto, Kaijiki, and Tora Origami to summon Daitenku.
    -- Kabuto Disk
    --Kaijiki Disk
    --Tora Disk


    Bio: Kyoko's parents hooked up shortly after the Shinkengers and Goseigers teamed up. Her mother's cooking skills have improved greatly over the years, it's no longer inedible. Being the child of two samurais Kyoko is a very responsible young lady. Her mother taught her how to cook, and her father oversees the mojikara training.

    The other previous shinkenger over see various aspects of her training. She isn't exactly fond of all the training but she understands that being prepared for an attack at any moment is important. Her favorite aspect of the training is the mojikara training, while her favorite samurai family members are her "aunts" Kaoru and Kotoha who regularly take her out shopping.

    Born into a samurai family, she would love to just have a "normal" life. Luckily her family knows how to have fun, so it's not all training all the time. When hanging with her Aunts, or her friends she's a totally different person compared to when she's training. She's spirited and goofy, and a bit of a slacker, instead of her usual responsible hard working .

    Side Notes:

    -The other former shinkenger are extended family.

    -Her Daitenku is weaker than that used by her father, Takeru and Chiaki, because the Arashikago is supplying most of the energy to hold it together.

    -Excells in Wind mojikara, can use some Water mojikara. Experiments with Storm mojikara often backfires.

    Shin-Zangyack Counterpart: Akumaro
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    Accepted! Now all we need are the Blue, Yellow, and Green/Black/whichever offsprings, and maybe an additional one to fill the maximum of 7.
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    I'm guessing we can't be Gokaigers then?
  15. Kamen Rider Cherry

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    Sadly, no.

    I deeply apologize.
  16. Hanamichi Rider

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    I see.
  17. Kamen Rider Cherry

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    You can still apply if you want.
  18. CrimsonSonic

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    Please do Kenzaki, I'd love to work more with you.
  19. Hanamichi Rider

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    Hmm, do we need an extra ranger child (Dragon Ranger, Timefire, etc) or is that Gai's job?
  20. Kamen Rider Cherry

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    Well, there's Tsuki (CrimsonSonic's character), who is GaoSilver's daughter, so she kind of fills that role. What we need are the blue, yellow and green/black/whichever offsprings, and maybe a seventh child too so we can complete the maximum number.

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