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    This isn't really a fic or anything just a list of series I would want in if I could even attempt to make a Super Robot Wars game. E.M.W. stands for East Meets West.


    Brave Barnstormer: Bangteng

    Dragon Knight: ShinRyu

    Western Series:

    Megas XLR

    Transformers Armada

    Pacific Rim

    Anime Series:

    Mazinger Z (Shin Mazinger and SKL)

    Getter Robo (Armageddon)

    King of Braves: GaoGaiGar (Series through FINAL)

    Gurren Lagann

    G Gundam

    Lord of Lords: RyuKnight

    Bomberman Bakugaiden IV

    List isn't close to completion. I'm open to suggestions. Also Bangteng belongs to a friend of mine so be nice.

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