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    Playable Characters:
    [hide]Bold = New character/form
    ★ = Original actor voicing the character
    ☆ = Voice actor reprising role (e.g Imagin)
    Red Text = Unplayable/Finisher Only

    Wizard★ (Flame, Water, Hurricane, Land, Flame Dragon, Hurricane Dragon)

    Fourze★ (Base, Elec, Fire, Magnet, Cosmic, Meteor Fusion)
    Meteor★ (Base, Storm)

    OOO★ (Tatoba, Gatakiraba, Latoratah, Sagozo, Tajador, Shauta, Brakawani, Putotyra)
    Date Birth★ (Normal, Proto)
    Goto Birth★ (Normal, Proto)

    Double★ (CycloneJoker, CM, CT, HeatMetal, HJ, HT, LunaTrigger, LJ, LM, FangJoker, Xtreme)
    Accel★ (Base, Trial)

    Decade★ (Base, Complete)
    Diend★ (Base)

    Kiva☆ (Kiva, Emperor)
    IXA (Save, Burst)

    Den-o☆ (Sword, Rod, Axe, Gun, Liner, Super Climax)
    Zeronos☆ (Altair, Vega, Zero)
    NEW Den-o★☆
    Nega Den-o☆

    Kabuto (Rider, Hyper)
    Gatack★ (Rider)
    Sasword (Rider)
    Drake (Rider)
    Yaguruma TheBee★ (Rider)
    Kageyama TheBee★ (Rider)
    Dark Kabuto (Rider)

    Hibiki (Base, Crimson, Armed)

    Blade★ (Base, Jack, King)
    Garren★ (Base)
    Chalice★ (Base, Wild)

    Faiz (Base, Axel, Blaster)

    Ryuki★ (Base, Survive)
    Knight (Base, Survive)

    Agito★ (Ground, Trinity, Burning, Shining)
    Gills (Base, Exceed)

    Kuuga (Mighty, Dragon, Pegasus, Titan, Amazing Mighty, Ultimate)

    RX (Base, Roborider, Biorider)
    Rider 2
    Rider 1[/hide]

    Password Missions:
    [hide]Wii Instruction Manual (Meteor vs Zanki):
    Ryuki, Wizard, Agito, Kiva, OOO, Den-o

    PSP Instruction Manual (Femme vs Ryuga):
    Kiva, Fourze, Den-o, Decade, Kabuto, Agito

    11/28 Blog (Accel and G3-X vs Scissors):
    Ryuki, Kuuga, Decade, Agito, Blade, Kiva

    11/29 Blog (Agito vs Rider 1):
    Decade, Double, OOO, Fourze, Wizard, Den-o

    Facebook (Hibiki vs Ryuki):
    Wizard, Kabuto, Den-o, Hibiki, Decade, Faiz

    Dengeki (Saga vs PunchHopper):
    Double, OOO, Wizard, Den-o, Kiva, Fourze

    2nd Updates of Passwords:

    12/03 Blog:
    Faiz, Den-o, Double, Wizard, Decade, Kuuga

    12/05 Blog:
    Kuuga, OOO, Blade, Kabuto, Agito, Wizard[/hide]

    Tag Names:
    [hide]1 and 2: Double Riders
    1 and Fourze: Inherited Rider Spirit
    V3 and Accel: My Father! My Mother! My Sister!
    Black and Shadowmoon: The Two Princes
    Black and Decade: Black's World
    RX and Shadowmoon: The Sun and the Moon
    RX and Decade: Black RX's World

    Kuuga and Decade: Kuuga's World
    Kuuga and Wizard: A New Hero, A New Legend
    Kuuga (Dragon) and Den-o (Rod) or Meteor (Storm): Blue Rod
    Kuuga (Pegasus) and Zeronos (Vega): Team Bowgun
    Kuuga (Titan) and OOO (Sagozo): Big and Strong Duo

    Agito and G3-X: Awaken the Soul
    Agito and Gills: Association of Agitos
    Agito and Decade: Agito's World
    G3-X and Gatack: Hotblooded Justice Duo
    G3-X and Accel: Righteous Policemen Duo

    Ryuki and Knight: Those Who Don't Fight, Won't Survive!
    Ryuki (Survive) and Knight (Survive): Blaze - Hurricane
    Ryuki and Raia: Stop the Rider Battle
    Ryuki and Femme: Shinji and Miho
    Ryuki and Decade: Ryuki's World
    Ryuki (Survive) and Fourze (Fire): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Zolda and Ouja: Fated Rivals
    Ouja and OOO (Brakawani): Twin Cobra
    Gai and OOO (Sagozo): Rhino Duo
    Imperer and Tiger: Friends
    Odin and Zeronos: Time Drifters

    Faiz and Kaixa: Racing Instinct
    Faiz and Delta: Dream Protectors
    Faiz and Decade: Faiz's World
    Kaixa and Delta: Ryusei School Classmates[/hide]
    [hide]Blade and Garren: Grasp the Trump Card of Fate!
    Blade and Chalice or Joker: The Two Jokers
    Blade (King) and Saga: King and King
    Blade and Decade: Blade's World
    Garren and Chalice: Fate Fighters
    Garren and Leangle: Overcame the Darkness Within
    Chalice and Blade or Joker: The Two Jokers
    Chalice and Drake: To Protect a Young Life
    Leangle and Fourze or Meteor: High School Riders

    Hibiki and Ibuki: They are the Heroes for Us
    Hibiki and Zanki: Skilled Ongeki Warriors
    Hibiki and Decade: Hibiki's World
    Hibiki (Crimson) and Double (HM): A Flurry of Scorching Blows Duo
    Hibiki (Crimson) and Fourze (Fire): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Ibuki and Todoroki or Zanki: Thunderstorm
    Ibuki and Double (LT) or Wizard (Hurricane or Hurricane Dragon): Wind Users
    Todoroki and Zanki: Ongeki Master and Student Duo
    Todoroki or Zanki and Fourze (Elec): Lightning Riders

    Kabuto and Gatack: Walking the Path of Heaven, Ruling Over All!
    Kabuto and Sasword: The Man Who Stands Atop it All
    Kabuto and TheBee (Yaguruma): Dissonance
    Gatack and Sasword: Ka-GAAmin!
    Gatack and TheBee (Kageyama): Shadow Commander Duo
    Gatack and G3-X: Hotblooded Justice Duo
    Gatack and OOO (Gatakiriba): Stag Beetle Duo
    Sasword and TheBee (Yaguruma): The Man Who Even Stands Atop Harmony
    Sasword and Drake: The Man Who Even Stands Atop Makeup
    Sasword and Birth (Date): Bounty Hunters
    Drake and Chalice: To Protect a Young Life
    TheBee (Yaguruma) and KickHopper: Become My Little Brother
    TheBee (Kageyama) and PunchHopper: The Worst is the Best
    KickHopper and PunchHopper: Hell Brothers
    Dark Kabuto and Nega Den-o: Fake Heroes

    Den-o and Zeronos: Traveling Through Time, I Take the Stage!
    Den-o and NEW Den-o: Grandfather and Grandson
    Den-o and Decade: Den-o's World
    Den-o (Rod) and Kuuga (Dragon) or Meteor (Storm): Blue Rod
    Den-o (Gun) and Double (LT): Trigger Happy
    Den-o (Rod) and OOO (Shauta): Underwater Battle Specialists
    Den-o (Axe) and OOO (Putotyra): Axe Powers
    Zeronos (Vega) and Kuuga (Pegasus): Team Bowgun
    Zeronos and Odin: Time Drifters
    Nega Den-o and Dark Kabuto: Fake Heroes

    Kiva and IXA: Wake Up! Break the Chains of Destiny!!
    Kiva and Saga: Big and Little Brother - Concerto of Blood Relatives
    Kiva and Decade: Kiva's World
    IXA and Sasword or Birth (Date): Bounty Hunters
    Saga and Blade (King): King and King[/hide]
    [hide]Decade and Diend: Destroy Everything to Connect Everything!
    Decade and Black: Black's World
    Decade and RX: Black RX's World
    Decade and Kuuga: Kuuga's World
    Decade and Agito: Agito's World
    Decade and Ryuki: Ryuki's World
    Decade and Faiz: Faiz's World
    Decade and Blade: Blade's World
    Decade and Hibiki: Hibiki's World
    Decade and Kabuto: Kabuto's World
    Decade and Den-o: Den-o's World
    Decade and Kiva: Kiva's World
    Diend and Double (LT): Tricky Gunners

    Double or Joker and Accel: This Clinches it!
    Double (FJ) and Accel: Rider Twin Maximum
    Double (Xtreme) and Accel: Guardians of Fuuto
    Double and Skull: Passed Down Memory
    Double and Eternal: Gaia Memories of Fate
    Double (HM) and Hibiki (Crimson): A Flurry of Scorching Blows Duo
    Double (CJ) and Ibuki: Wind Users
    Double (LT) and Den-o (Gun): Trigger Happy
    Double (LT) and Diend: Tricky Gunners
    Double (HM) and Fourze (Fire): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Joker and Skull: Fuuto's Trump Card
    Joker and Blade or Chalice: The Two Jokers
    Accel and G3-X: Righteous Policemen Duo

    OOO and Birth: I'll Transform!!!
    OOO (Sagozo) and Kuuga (Titan): Big and Strong Duo
    OOO (Brakawani) and Ouja: Twin Cobra
    OOO (Sagozo) and Gai: Rhino Duo
    OOO (Gatakiriba) and Gatack: Stag Beetle Duo
    OOO (Shauta) and Den-o (Rod): Underwater Battle Specialists
    OOO (Putotyra) and Den-o (Axe): Axe Powers
    OOO and Fourze: Megamax Riders
    OOO (Tajador) and Fourze (Fire): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Date and Goto: Users of the Birth Driver
    Birth (Date) and Sasword or IXA: Bounty Hunters

    Fourze and Meteor: Kamen Rider Club
    Fourze (Fire) and Ryuki (Survive), Hibiki (Crimson), Double (HM), OOO (Tajador) or Wizard (Flame or Flame Dragon): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Fourze and Leangle: High School Riders
    Fourze (Elec) and Todoroki or Zanki: Lightning Riders
    Fourze and OOO: Megamax Riders
    Fourze and Wizard: New Age Riders
    Meteor (Storm) and Kuuga (Dragon) or Den-o (Rod): Blue Rod
    Meteor and Leangle: High School Riders

    Wizard and Kuuga: A New Hero, A New Legend
    Wizard and Fourze: New Age Riders
    Wizard (Flame or Flame Dragon) and Fourze (Fire): Com Plete Com Bustion
    Wizard (Hurricane or Hurricane Dragon) and Ibuki: Wind Users[/hide][/hide]
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    Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes
    Platform: PSP and Wii
    Release Date: November 29th
    Price: 6280yen

    Nov 29th:
    -YagurumaTheBee's lines and Kickhopper's new lines are all taken from the Kabuto PS2 game.

    Nov 28th:
    -When Decade uses his Kamen Ride's his stance remains the same.
    -Ryuga's visor has been given the proper deeper voice.
    -Decade's hand swiping issues have been fixed (they are walk cancelable now and don't happen at all if your attacks are whiffed/guarded)
    -The freeze glitch that occured between Brakawani vs Ohja and DecadeDen-o vs Den-o have been fixed.

    Nov 26:
    -There are 63 slots on the select screen (2 are for random...)
    -We currently know 59 of them (Zanki and Drake make 61)
    -Kiva and IXA's voices are unchanged.
    -OOO auto form change is again confirmed to be removed.
    -Apparently YagurumaTheBee is either Tokuyama or a voice actor that sounds remarkably like him.
    -Here's the starting character select screen
    -Custom soundtrack for OOO's non-combos are all treated as it they were Tatoba.
    -When you form change with custom soundtrack for regular bgm set up, the music will switch as you form change (OOO's non-combos count as Tatoba, so you wont have the same track start and stop constantly if you're change between those).
    -Once you activate climax time, form changing will not switch the climax time music.

    -Zanki and Drake confirmation image
    -Zanki is support style/orange guage and summons disk animals.
    -Hurricane Dragon confirmation image.
    -Hurricane Dragon is tag only and shares his moveset with Hurricane Style.
    -Meteor Fusion is selected by choosing Fourze tag style and then choosing Meteor while holding start.

    Nov 22:
    -Meteor has an attack that uses the Fire switch, but it can't be used if fighting against Fourze.
    -Dengeki online will be making some announcement today that isn't related to new characters.
    -The last two Dengeki match videos are being prepared for release hopefully by the 27th.

    Interview with Shunya Shiraishi after getting a chance to play the finished game. Mostly praising how much fun it is and what riders he's played as and ect. He hopes that if there's a sequel that Flame Dragon will get his own finisher because it's sad that he switches back to Flame Style. This confirms that Wizard only has one finisher as mentioned by players at the Sony event.


    Nov 20:
    Famitsu scores:
    Wii: 7/7/8/8
    PSP: 8/7/7/7

    -Kamen Rider Cyclone is confirmed to appear as Joker's Rider Art.
    -He isn't playable.
    -You can play as just Joker or Joker w/ Cyclone Rider Art.
    -You unlock Joker w/ Cyclone Rider Art from playing Super Heroes Mode.
    -Based on the image on the blog, you can see the the cursor is selecting Double. So it looks as though Joker doesn't have his own icon on the character select screen, potentially meaning no Joker vs Double.


    Nov 18:
    -A second person has confirmed that the OOO auto change is gone.
    -Brakawani's finisher is still OOO Bash and his rider art is Warning Ride as expected.
    -Wizard's Climax Time bgm is Perfect Game.

    Nov 17:
    Directional pad now fully controls movement (up and down move toward and away)
    Jump: Triangle
    Charge Rider Gauge: Select
    Finisher: Square plus X
    Mid-air Dash: R (consumes rider gauge)
    Guard Dash: Press R repeatedly while moving (consumes guard gauge)
    Rider Arts: L
    Rider Cancel: Press R while comboing (consumes rider gauge)
    Guard Cancel Back Step: Press Triangle while guarding (consumes guard gauge)
    Rider Counter: While taking damage press R (consumes guard gauge)
    Guard Counter: Press R while guarding (consumes guard gauge)

    Rider Arts:
    -Certain rider arts activate a high jump which requires other inputs after/during the jump to actually start the rider art.
    -Ultimate Kuuga's is the walking pyrokinesis.
    -Pegasus form, Den-o Gun form, Chalice and Magnet states arts are all shooting while dashing back.
    -Axe form's rider art is a sumo leg stomp and looks like the previous game's ground cracking finisher that everyone had in those free roaming stages.
    -Shauta art is him liquifying to move about easily.
    -He didn't try Sazogo.
    -Rider arts that start with the high jump are likely tied to how flight is activated.
    -Tajador's art is the above mentioned jump and pressing Circle in mid-jump starts his art we've seen in screens previously.
    -Mighty, Dragon, Titan and OOO's other combo's rider arts also all activate the jump mentioned above, but the player couldn't figure out what buttons were required to actually start it, so what they do is still unknown.
    -Wasn't able to figure out what the Showa Rider's arts were. They just did the same pose as when activating assault except no meter was consumed and nothing happened (again likely requiring another input).
    -Gills and Wizard's arts are grabs.

    -Fourze's form change style works the same as before (Elec or Fire or switches).
    -Fourze's support style is for Magnet only

    -OOO form change is still Tatoba plus 3 combos.
    -OOO's auto form change seems to be gone, so you can actually play as Tatoba and the other sub-combos without being forced into a combo (he sayss he's confident this is the case)

    -Wizard's three gauges (form change, assault, power up) all share the same finisher (his rider kick).
    -Sleep ring recovers half meter.

    -Titan form still doesn't run, but his walk speed is fast enough that it isn't an issue with freerun.
    -Kuuga form change style's finisher is still Amazing Mighty Kick. No word on support gauge finisher.
    -Ultimate form's finisher is still Ultimate Kick plus pyrokinesis.
    -RX's power up is still Bio OR Robo
    -His voice was probably still the same

    -Diend's support is still the same as before.

    -It only costs 3 bars of meter to become Meteor Storm, but you still cant change if you don't have a full bar.

    -The available characters were the same as at TGS, except Flame Dragon was included.
    -The game feels less stiff with the addition of freerun
    -Stages are fairly big

    Nov 15:
    Yuki Sato is reprising his role as Gatack.

    -Character section will get an update tomorrow.
    -The matches from the Dengeki Online poll are coming next week.

    -Sony is doing an event in 9 locations across Japan, where people can come and test out upcoming games for their systems and Super Climax Heroes is one of the available titles.
    -The dates for the event are the 17th~18th and 23rd~24th, so we should be getting lots of new info.

    Nov 12:
    30 Seconds Commercial (remove the space):
    http://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=PUzXeTcRC9Q

    -CM and character section has updated.
    -Choosing Birth's user still works as it did in CHF, so nothing has changed as previously speculated.
    -RX is still power up style.

    -30 commercial is coming tomorrow (said to not feature anything surprising).
    -Character section will also get some additions.
    -Custom soundtrack now displays partial names of files.
    -You can't set custom bgm for all the sub-combos for OOO.

    Nov 6:

    -Not much info in the newest Dengeki issue (only characters shown were Skull and Flame Dragon).
    -Armed Hibiki and Emperor Kiva's rider arts were showcased.
    -Armed's is Kishin Kakusei (version that shoots out a voice shockwave)
    -Emperor's is the Final Zanvat Slash
    -There are specialized conversations pre-battle in Super Heroes Mode just like last year.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjqkqIBvPjI"]Wii/PSP Super Climax Heroes PV - YouTube[/ame]
    -Kuuga, Faiz, Hibiki and Kabuto's voices are unchanged. This leaves Kiva as the only lead we haven't heard speak yet.

    -Main site updated showing off the different magic rings Wizard's four base styles + his assault gauge can use.
    -More characters added to the character page also.

    -Leangle is support gauge and summons the Elephant Undead.

    -Dengeki Online is doing poll where readers vote on the top 5 matches they want to see. They will then release videos of those matches based on the results.
    -First two matches can be between anyone in the currently known roster and the other three are between previous cast members only.
    -Entire old cast aside from Tatoba Purple Eyes is back.
    -Both TheBees have separate entries as TheBee(Yaguruma) and TheBee(Kageyama) but the Births are listed as Birth(Goto) and ProtoBirth(Date), so it's possible things have changed with them..
    -It's noted that there are still more Riders to be revealed (Skull was technically a leak so he isn't one of the choices and Flame Dragon and Meteor Fusion are also not there).


    Nov 5:
    -The PV is currently playing at Yodabashi Camera locations.
    -Skull confirmed and is the only new character shown off.
    -Finisher is that skull kick from CORE.
    -Volume was too quiet/too much other noise to determine who was and wasn't original cast members.
    -Lots of rider arts were shown off.

    Nov 2:
    -Leangle is confirmed.
    -Takahiro Houjou is back voicing him.
    -PV is confirmed for next week.

    October News
    [HIDE]Oct 31:
    15 Second Commercial (remove the space):
    http://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=7sd5yDANLBI

    -The theme for the game is called Perfect Game and is sung by Rider Chips and Rider Girls under the name ''G&C Music Magic''.
    -Joker is grey gauge.
    -Fourze's Meteor Fusion States is quickly shown in the cm and is also grey gauge.
    -Magnet States' Rider Tackle with the Power Dizer is Magnet's super, not a rider art.

    -Some of the cast can mid-air dash.

    Oct 30:
    Flame Dragon confirmed.

    Oct 29:
    Suga is also voicing Ryuga.

    Oct 26:
    Takamasa Suga is back voicing Ryuki!

    Oct 23:
    Latoratah's Rider Art is Revol Spin Kick (that barrage of kicks he did to the Cat Yummy in episode 4)

    Oct 19:
    -Ren Kiriyama was brought back to voice Joker.
    -Yaguruma TheBee has a summon gauge that summons 4 Zectroopers.
    -Kageyama TheBee has a speed up gauge for clock up.
    -Eternal removes his cape when activating his assault gauge.

    Oct 11:
    -Kageyama TheBee is also playable
    -Masato Uchiyama was brought in to record for the character.
    -It isn't confirmed if he recorded new lines for Punch.
    -There are still more original cast members left to announce.

    Oct 10:
    TheBee confirmed.
    -Based on the text accompanying him, the user is Yaguruma.
    -Good at closing the distance with his quick movements to deliver hits with TheBee Needle.
    -Specializes in boxing related attacks.
    -Has rider sting.
    -Gauge is unconfirmed although probably Speed Up.

    -Can warp using the zone memory.
    -Increasing attack strength when using unicorn memory.
    -Can use a powerful attack when using all 26 T2 memories at once.
    -Gauge is confirmed as Assault.

    -The magic available to him changes based on what Style he is in.

    Flame Style
    -Manipulates heat and fire.
    -Fights with his sword encased in fire.
    -Screen shot shows him using Big.

    Water Style
    -Uses magic which misleads the enemy such as his ability to liquify himself.
    -Screen shot shows him using Bind.

    Hurricane Style
    -Excels in speed and is especially good at fast attacks with his sword.
    -Can string attacks together easily due to it's speed and is number 1 among Wizard's styles in stringing attacks together in the air.

    Land Style
    -Has magic which can nullify enemy gunfire.
    -Fights using the swordgun in Gun mode to shoot at enemies.
    -Screen shots shows him using Defend.

    Oct 5:
    Wizard has a grey gauge for magic.

    Oct 1:
    Main site updated with characters added to the character page and a an explanation of rider arts on the super battle page.

    -Magnet States is orange gauge (seems to summon Power Dizer)
    -Delta is gray gauge
    -Kiva still has the full moon backdrop, so Saga's finisher/summon is definitely the alt. dimension in previous games.
    -Flight is a rider art
    -Rider arts cost meter
    -The super battle page has a video showing Accel Trial's rider art[/HIDE]

    September News
    [HIDE]Sept 27:
    Amano is back voicing Garren.

    Sept 22:
    -PSP custom soundtrack can now be set per form.

    -When Gills activates his assault gauge, his moves change to utilize the Gills Claws and his damage increases.
    -Using Todoroki's lightning fist attack, his fists are encased in lightning and he unleashes a barrage of punches to deal huge damage. When using this skill while his assault gauge is activated, the number of hits in the barrage increase, making the move even more impressive.
    Source: 4gamer's first article.

    -Delta can shoot while running. Part of the roster can also do this. To make sure this skill doesn't break game balance, they've thought up ways of keeping it fair.

    Matsuoka (Eternal) and Matsuda (Knight) have confirmed they aren't the voices of their characters, but are willing if an offer ever came about.

    TGS Report:
    As with each year, CH is in the family corner of the BanNam booth, so only kids are allowed to play. One guy was there with his son, so he posted about what he saw. Since he couldn't play himself, things aren't exactly clear still.

    -Faiz's super finisher was in the alt. dimension, but Wizard's wasn't. (weird...)
    -Rider arts aren't long or too drawn out.
    -While in free run, the characters he saw being used were able to move in from a distance at great speed (seems like what we saw Blade King do in the trailer).
    -Since it was only kids playing, no one used the air battle function.
    -OOO's combos and Putotira's finisher were the same as previous games.
    -The event was too loud to really make out character voices, so nothing to report on that.
    -Showa riders still have the grainy screen ability.
    -Moving and shooting looked cool, but kids were barely taking advantage of free run.
    -Most kids were playing as Wizard, so seeing old characters to see how they changed was uncommon.

    Sept 19:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09ZU1-NeYwQ"]Wii/PSP Super Climax Heroes PV - YouTube[/ame]
    -Kabuto and Faiz have the same old replacement VAs, so no Handa or Mizushima.
    -Super Finishers aren't in the other dimension anymore.
    -Eternal confirmed

    -Site had it's grand opening.
    -Saga is orange gauge (Mother Sagark)
    -Gills, Chalice have grey gauges
    -Wizard has green gauge with his 4 base forms
    -Meteor has red gauge

    -The hand on Wizard's gauge flips back and forth when form changing. Not confirmed if you can actually flip it to cast other magic or not.
    -because of the freerun system, it was changed so that your characters cover the health bar, instead of being covered by it
    -TGS version only has Flame style
    -Coming Soon tab confirmed as movies as expected
    -PV will be showing off some Super Finishers

    Sept 18:
    Character selection screen for the TGS build was posted in this blog entry.
    The layout was changed due to complaints of it being hard to tell who was who in the previous game. Select portraits are now bigger and you scroll around the band instead. You can scroll with the cursor or flip pages with L and R.

    PV is being shown at TGS this week and will be up on the website as soon as possible.

    Sept 14:
    Right after Tsubaki was announced to return as Blade, he made a suggestive post on his blog hinting at something surprising relating to the Blade members in this game. With Morimoto also confirmed, it seems extremely likely Tsubaki was talking about the Blade riders being voiced by their original actors. Amano is practically a given at this point and there may even be hope for Leangle.

    Yusuke Tomoi is confirmed to not be voicing Gills in the game, but is willing to if they ever asked. Voice recording for this game happened a month ago, so it's too late this time.

    Sept 13:
    Ryoji Morimoto is back voicing Chalice.

    Sept 12:
    Info from the newest Dengeki Mag below.

    New Riders and Forms:
    Delta, Saga, Magnet States and Meteor Storm.
    -Magnet and Storm are probably playable.
    -There are also screens of Fourze using Water and Board (all 40 switches are already confirmed).
    -Meteor Storm has that Meteor Strike kick that he used against Leo in the final episode (image is not in the alt. dimension, so it's not a super finisher and it's not clear if it's a normal special or an ex special/rider art).
    -According to the text in the article, Storm does also have MS Punisher.

    Rider Arts:
    -Aside from ones that deal damage, there are also high speed and high jump rider arts.

    -Diend: Uses one of those curtains of light to teleport.

    -Accel Trial: Unleashes a barrage of kicks after charging in at high speeds. (original posters note: That's what the screens and examinations say, but that seems just like a regular Machine Gun Spike? The article's text also says ''it's the move he used against Weather'' which again seems like it's just Machine Gun Spike?)

    -Ryuki Survive: Summons Dragranzer and uses shoot vent (this is the image we've seen on the official site)

    -Den-o Super Climax: Only the huge jump he does before a Super Boisterous Kick but not the kick. (original poster's note: Article says it's ''recreating a scene from Super Den-o. In the movie he uses the Super Boisterous Kick right after to exterminate the demons''.)

    Sept 10:
    Exceed Gills is confirmed and Amazon is also back.

    Sept 7:
    Rumor: Takamasa Suga/Ryuki's agency's website added an update from Suga about what he is up to and he mentions that he has ''recorded for a certain video game, but he is still restricted from talking about it yet''. Suga has never had a role in a video game before (aside the PSX Ryuki one) and this timing lines up perfectly, so...? He has also recently done an interview for the Ryuki Advent Card Archives that is coming out later this year, so it's not like he is avoiding it.

    -Blog updated again confirming that Toshiki Kashu is reprising his role as Agito.
    -Wild Chalice confirmed.
    -Flame, Water, Hurricane and Land style confirmed for Wizard.
    -Magic rings change their effects based on what style you used them in.
    -All characters have Rider Arts but not all of them are based on scenes from the show (likely for lesser riders).
    -Tag battles seem to still be in the game.
    -Site again mentions how some of the cast will now be voiced by their actors. This is the first time that has been used as promotion for this series.
    -Gills is confirmed to have Assault Gauge.
    -Todoroki is also confirmed to have Assault Gauge.

    Sept 3:
    One of this game's major improvements is the voices. They are bringing in more of the original actors to voice their characters wherever possible. The first actor they have introduced is Takayuki Tsubaki who played Kazuma Kenzaki/Kamen Rider Blade.

    A trailer/video is confirmed for to be shown at TGS

    August News
    [hide]Aug 28:
    1. Wizard confirmed
    2. Air battles
    3. Leveling system
    4. Release date is November 29th
    5. Full title is Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes

    Gills, Todoroki, Meteor, Chalice, Sasword and Cosmic States confirmed.
    Before anyone asks, the text boxes under the character's are just basic descriptions of the riders, not related to how they play.

    Upgrade 1: Freerun System
    You can now freely walk towards and away from the camera.
    Camera angle changes based on how close you and your enemy are.
    (not sure if you are still tethered to your opponent or not)

    Upgrade 2: Super Heroes Mode
    The new main mode.
    By completing the missions on each area of the map screen, you gain points.
    Points can be used to strengthen your favorite riders.
    There are also unique types of missions which give you special rewards when clearing.
    Health, attack, defense and meter are the 4 upgradable stats and there are 5 stages of each stat.

    Upgrade 3: New Riders and New forms (image above)
    Wizard, Gills, Chalice, Todoroki, Sasword, Meteor, Cosmic States are added.
    Fourze now also has all 40 switches available.

    Upgrade 4: Rider Arts
    These are special types of attacks that consume your meter when using.
    These moves are all based on recreating scenes from the tv series.
    They showed off a few examples:
    -Tajador using Magnablaze while in mid-flight
    -Fourze flying using gyro and then gatling mid-air.
    -Fourze apparently has other arts that use different combinations of switches.
    -Meteor using his post-transformation blue meteor crashing attack thing. If he hits this attack, he does his 'your fate is mine to decide' pose.

    In the screen shots for this magazine (images not posted yet), there are ingame images of Wizard, Fourze, Cosmic, Meteor, OOO Latorata, Tajador, Birth, Double Xtreme, Accel Trial, Diend, Blade King and Chalice. Main Heisei rider's final forms are also all shown in the art below.

    Poster's note: It's not clear how rider arts are being integrated. They aren't in that 'alternate dimension' that super finishers usually take place in, so they aren't those. They consume meter, so it may be more like EX moves in street fighter. Normal 'hadoken' type moves from previous games are still in, so it's also not like all those moves are now 'rider arts' that consume meter.

    Aug 17:
    商願2012-59269 超クライマックスヒーローズ[/hide]
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  3. KamenRiderUNDERGROUND


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    So.....something tells me this is Wizard version of Climax Heroes

    + Super Sentai...:sweat:

    EDIT: It won't be with Super Sentai, I didn't read the Kanji before, it's Cho so it would have nothing to do with Super Sentai. Move on.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2012
  4. RossoEagleBurst

    RossoEagleBurst :v

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    Home Page:
    Maybe "Climax Heroes Wizard" sounds weird so they use this instead. :laugh:

    Actually I'm more curious with Super Heroine Chronicle...
  5. GekiDan

    GekiDan ジェイ・イー・フュージョン

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    Home Page:
    I think I read somewhere, if my understanding is correct, some people guess that as a Pre-cure game. I could be wrong on this one...
  6. Kamen Rider IXA

    Kamen Rider IXA Lurker

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    And maybe Metal Hero. Gavan! I still hope there is something bigger, than just new CH.
  7. HyperGatack

    HyperGatack Member

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    It's been awhile since I last post here. Anyway. My hope/expectation from this game in terms of playable new characters and playable new forms:

    - Stronger (and Charge-Up form)
    - Super-1

    - Agito Burning Form
    - Gills (and Exceed form)
    - Garren Jack Form
    - Chalice (and Wild Form)
    - Todoroki
    - Gatack Hyper Form
    - Den-O Liner Form
    - Kiva Garuru, Basshaa, Dogga Form
    - Ixa Rising Mode
    - Dark Kiva
    - Diend Complete Form
    - W CJ Golden Xtreme (at least as a CG finisher)
    - Accel Booster Form (at least as a special move)
    - Eternal or Skull
    - OOO Super Tatoba Combo
    - Fourze Magnet, Cosmic, Meteor Fusion States. Rocket States as a special move only.
    - Meteor (and Meteor Storm form)
    - Wizard (and Water, Earth, Wind form)

    That's it. I don't want to be greedy by asking too much.
  8. Kamen Rider IXA

    Kamen Rider IXA Lurker

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    I think they will add for sure:

    Wizard, Meteor and Fourze's forms - this is obvious.

    Playable Riderman, X and Stronger - to complete Great 7 Riders. since they use them a lot in movies now.

    Skyrider, Super-1, ZX - to complete Showa part.

    Skull, Delta, Psyga, Todoroki, Zanki - there were files with them in CH Forze

    Gills, Challice, Leangle, Kivala and Eternal - these guys are already in All Rider Generation 2

    And I want them to add:
    Shin - 'cause It's Shin
    Kuuga's other forms.
    Agito's other forms.
    Abyss - fro some reason I want him to be in new CH
    TheBee, Drake, Sasword, Hercus, Ketaros. Also - Masked Forms.
    Den-O's Wing and Liner
    Gaoh. Yu-Ki
    Kiva's other forms
    IXA Rising
    Saga, Dark Kiva
    Aceel Booster
    Joker and WCAX
  9. Wheatley


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    Super Climax Heroes? Sounds like they're actually making a true sequel, something that is long overdue.
  10. KamenRiderUNDERGROUND


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    I don't think there were files for Delta and Psyga. It turned out to be just files for the enemy grunts.

    Anyway, expected forms + Riders: (some obvious ones, some files from the last game + characters in RG2 that weren't in CHF)

    Kamen Rider Wizard
    - Flame Style + Flame Dragon
    - Water Stye + Water Dragon
    - Hurricane Style + Hurricane Dragon
    - Land Style + Land Dragon

    Kamen Rider Fourze
    - Magnet States
    - Cosmic States
    - Rocket States
    - Meteor Fusion States

    Kamen Rider Meteor
    -Meteor Storm

    Kamen Rider OOO Super Tatoba Combo

    Kamen Rider Skull
    Kamen Rider Eternal
    Kamen Rider Accel Booster

    Kamen Rider Kivala
    Kamen Rider Diend Complete Form

    Kamen Rider Kiva
    - Garuru Form
    - Dogga Form
    - Bashaa Form
    Kamen Rider Rey

    Kamen Rider Den-O Wing Form

    Kamen Rider Todoroki
    Kamen Rider Zanki

    Kamen Rider Garren Jack Form
    Kamen Rider Chalice
    - Wild Chalice
    Kamen Rider Leangle

    Kamen Rider Delta

    Kamen Rider Gills

    Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Forms

    All Showa Riders.
  11. KamenRiderShinzo

    KamenRiderShinzo Everywhere You Go

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    Sounds like the name is a bigger reference to Den-O.:D
  12. GoseiKnight

    GoseiKnight You Need A Mint

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    Home Page:
    Changing the title should result in a few other changes. Like a good place to start, would be to stop using those same crappy PS2 graphics for the animation.

    And, also at least offer some new gameplay style. Anyone else agree??
  13. NateRiver

    NateRiver Welcome

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    Is this every company's new marketing technique now?Adding "Super" in front of everything?Super Samurai, Super Shinkengers, Super Goseigers, Super Mode, Super TaToBa....I can go on.

    Maybe when HJU reaches its tenth anniversary, Kieth's gonna rename this forum Super Henshin Justice Unlimited.
  14. Thunder025

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    So they changed the title, nice! Climax Heroes Wizard is indeed very wierd and repetitive. And since we are now in "super" mode, I think we will have the long awaited PS3 version of the game (much like the Dragonball / Naruto main fighting series).

    [EDIT] Just noticed that the trademark is now "超クライマックスヒーローズ" instead of "仮面ライダー 超クライマックスヒーローズ" like the previous games. Maybe we will have more than Kamen Riders this time around?
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2012
  15. Allio


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    which if this is true, it's possible we might have a reset in the number of playable characters in Super Climax
  16. RossoEagleBurst

    RossoEagleBurst :v

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    Home Page:
    Maybe they will adding some monsters this time just like Climax Heroes W.
  17. Kamen Rider IXA

    Kamen Rider IXA Lurker

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    I hope we will get more info soon, like what should we expect of this?
  18. Hentailover

    Hentailover Lurker

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    All I care for is Wizard to be honest. I want to play as the guy!!
  19. Kamen Rider IXA

    Kamen Rider IXA Lurker

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    Hey, maybe It will be "Takken with Toku characters"?:laugh:
  20. Khaiden

    Khaiden Heroes are forever

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    Hopefully such a name means something big, like finally including All Riders.

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