Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Shinobi 42: "Ninja Ally Wars! Nekomata Strikes Back"

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    My face when someone tries to tell me a Star Wars spoiler

    This week...ignore the episode title, there are no Star Wars references here. Nekomata returns again (kinda), a pre-henshin roll call, the drunk and fraidy-cat occupying Shurikenjin are replaced by an old man a drunk and a fraidy-cat, and Mangetsu finally discovers Kyuuemon's secret.
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    The stuff with Lion Ha Oh took me out of this episode. Would've been a great episode otherwise.

    Next week there's karuta "action". Shades of Chihayafuru.
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    - lol that Nekomata, his return is through an unexpected one xD

    - Garyuudo? The same as Gabi Raizo's.......

    - .....that's all it takes for Shutendoji to go down there? xD

    - Tsumuji, you're just headbutting them, you won't beat them with just that :laugh:

    - dat awesome finisher

    - .....wait, why the hell Mangetsu needs to use Kyuuemon's hammer? Wasn't he able to enlarge himself?

    - Epic scene like this, and they managed to sneak in a funny scene with Kasumi & Fuuka :laugh:

    - Kinda wish the auxiliary Ninja Allies did more in the battle, but eh, at least they show up again.

    - Party Night :laugh: also, lol they used Chouzetsu headgear as the decoration for the top of the tree xD

    - Hmm, I wonder what Kyueemon is planning with Mangetsu's beads....

    - ....why do I feel the next episode will be some sort of a recap episode
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