Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 9 - Ninjutsu vs. Magic: The Grand Battle

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by kuroihikari, Apr 26, 2015.

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    Where they realize that Yakumo's mother had the End Shuriken all along and decide to take it back.


    The entire concept of magic vs. ninjutsu is silly, but there have been sillier concepts in Sentai. I thought it was handled pretty well, though.

    Otherwise, a great episode. Yakumo and Kasumi's teamwork is nearly flawless now ("Mommy!" lol). I hope this goes on to the end of the series. I knew that Kasumi wouldn't be defeated just like that and was glad it happened.

    So they have Kakuranger and Hurricanger attacks now?
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    Couple of things to say about this.

    1. Glad that Kakuranger and Hurricanger attacks are still used and not just special shurikens that are just used for one episode.
    2. IDK about anyone else, but I too thought the magic v. ninjutsu was handled well. It could be worse for sure.
    3. Kasumi is a beast. It's not even her focus episode and she still demonstrates her pro ninja skills.
    4. Can't stand Starninger's english. I understand he's japanese and he has an accent and all, but if you're going to do a cowboy motif, at least make it understandable. I actually have to try to understand the english, and I still miss a word or two.
    5. Dat random weird twist at the end.

    Starninger: "I'm here for your life." WTF

    Overall, I thought it was a solid episode.

    BTW I'm new, but is the spoiler needed for this thread?
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    I think you're fine. Everyone who reads this thread is assumed to have actually seen the episode. Welcome to the forum!

    And yeah, I agree with Starninger. Worse than Mach so far (I hate Engrish more than anything), but at least his mech is cool.

    Kasumi is cool like that. She's perpetually useful (probably my vote for best ninja) without attracting too much attention to herself. I just like the character so much. Whomever decided to write her this way has my vote.
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    I'm not a fan of introducing the sixth ranger so early. It makes sense in a show like Kyoryuger when there's so many other rangers anyway, but we've barely had any time to get to know the main cast as it is, how does it make sense to throw another dynamic into it already? I also can't tell if Starninger is the most Poochy character we've had yet or if the whole thing was an intentional parody. When you have an electric guitar sword and use a burger to transform, I don't think you need to push the whole "this guy is weird and silly!" angle so hard, we get it. At the same time, they seem to want to portray him as a serious character, skulking in the shadows, not revealing himself and attempting to kill the granddad at the end... So which is it? It never made much sense and I never found it funny, just confusing.

    Akira at least thought he was a serious guy, this just seems all over the place.
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    It's nice to see the Kakuranger and Hurricaneger shuriken being used again, but why does Star Ninger have one???

    The password is 'the ninja who don't hide'...which they're using as they sneak about trying to hide?

    Momo Ninger is once again the most competent one by a mile.

    The magic was integrated fairly well, though the way Yakumo uses it they might as well have just had a 'Defend' shuriken. Or are they selling prop replicas of his little wand too?

    There's something weird about seeing the roll call on an actual stage. It kinda takes me out of the show a bit.

    Wow, Star Ninger needs to cut down on the caffeine. The guy can't stop bouncing around. I don't care about most of the Engrish (it's not like little Japanese kids have a clue what they're saying when Sentai or Rider uses English anyway) but his "yee-haw!" could use some work. It's more of a "yeh-hare" at the moment.

    His mech needs to quit the espresso shots too. Then it combines and the camera work has to desperately try and hide the massive section jutting out the back. :laugh:

    Does that preview really show Star Ninger taking a selfie of himself with the MotW? :shakefist
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    I don't think he has a hurricanger shuriken, nor do i think his sword actually said hurricanger.
    Snippet from RangerWiki
    Fuurai Nin Shuriken (風雷忍シュリケン Fūrai Nin Shuriken?, lit. "Wind and Lightning Nin Shuriken) - A dual-mode elemental Nin Shuriken that is capable of launching Ninjutsu attacks based on either wind or lightning by simply turning the Shuriken itself to the desired setting of choice, with the settings being marked with their respective kanji. This Shuriken comes with StarNinger's Star Sword-Gun and can be inserted into the weapon for attacks. There are two types of attacks for each element depending on the mode the Star Sword-Gun is used (Sword and Gun Modes). The sounds created by the Shuriken in this instance contains words of English and Japanese in them in line with the Western-Japanese combination theme of StarNinger.

    Wind (風 Kaze?) - Uses the Shuriken Ninja Art: Wind Technique (手裏剣忍法・風の術 Shuriken Ninpō - Kaze no Jutsu?).
    When the Star Sword-Gun announces "Wind Magic" (風マジック Kaze Majikku?) in Sword Mode, StarNinger performs a spinning move that creates hurricanes and slashes enemies with the Star Sword-Gun in the process.
    In the same mode that the Star Sword-Gun announces "Hurricane Ja!" (ハリケーンじゃ Harikēn Ja?) in Sword Mode, StarNinger creates a hurricane that traps enemies in it to deal sustained damage, especially useful against Youkai.

    Lightning (雷 Kaminari?) - Uses the Shuriken Ninja Art: Lightning Technique (手裏剣忍法・雷の術 Shuriken Ninpō - Kaminari no Jutsu?).
    When the Star Sword-Gun announces "Lightning Magic" (雷マジック Kaminari Majikku?) in Sword Mode, StarNinger can stab and paralyze enemies with a powerful lightning beam using the Star Sword-Gun.
    In Gun Mode where the Star Sword-Gun announces "Thunder Ja!" (サンダーじゃ Sandā Ja?), StarNinger can fire off power high-voltage electric beams to hit multiple enemies at once.
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    Yeah, lol. It's kinda silly using their catchphrase (the one they announce after their roll call) as a password, but it's really such a minor thing.
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    Kasumi in dress.
    Kasumi in dress smiling.
    Best Niningger Episode. 10/10.
  9. Undrave


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    Kasumi is still the best damn character in this show. So badass and clever!
  10. Prinoftherng

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    Unfortunately, that's not really saying much. The characters in this series so far don't really give any sort of impression or any sort of reason for me to care so far. A consequence of a sentai that's really fast paced is that they don't get the viewer to fully understand the character's personality and if that's the case, they're probably going to use forced attributes for the character's personality and development instead of having them reveal their personality on their own. The only character that I truly seen do so with Taka and Fuuka (even though Fuuka was really being shown being completely selfish). But still, the plot itself needs to slow down in order for us to absorb what's going on.
  11. kuroihikari

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    The only one character who doesn't have an impression is Nagi. Everyone else is has such a vivid characterization considering its only the 9th episode. Kasumi and Yakumo have even more character than Fuuka even. There's no need to force attributes because they've already been inserted slowly.

    I don't think the pace is even quick. In fact, I think the pace is too slow on the villain front. There's a need to liven it up there a little.
  12. Prinoftherng

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    Honestly, I find taka annoying, I find cloud boring, nagi (like we've said) just plain bland, Fuuka just being selfish, and kasumi (like the other comment said) is the best character so far, though that isn't saying a lot sadly. The pacing can be slower. In terms of pace, it's like ninninger wants to take the route of kyoryuger and get every single zord out quickly to get good sales. To me, you have to release zords or different things slowly so that I can absorb the feeling of the weapons, zords, etc. of anything introduced. If they're coming out too quickly, then I would find some of the weapons that are used to have little to no purpose in the end. It's already episode 9/10 and we got the 6th ranger, when they're usually brought in at like the 16th or 17th episode. I just feel the series needs to slow down a bit. This is just me though, but this series is suffering from reverse kyoryuger syndrome. (As I thought kyoryuger started too slowly, this series is starting and going too fast.) I would hate for this series to have pacing issues like kyoryuger and toqger had (though toqger's pacing was a bit better.)
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    The mecha in this show aren't really plot-important, so I don't think they have any relevance to the pacing. The sixth ranger is, though.
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    Hey, it's Zatanna as a rug-monster! I don't think anyone else uses magic by reciting words backwards.
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    Not sure why the felt the need to shove starninger in here, instead of waiting until next week. He really just didn't fit. The entire episode was about Yakumo, but with random "buy our toys" segments throughout what were much more jarring than they normally are.
    Liked that the got round to addressing the magic stuff though. Hope they remember to actually use it in future. Still, Yakumo remembered to use the kakuranger shuriken, so anything's possible.

    As for starninger.... dat engrish. I love that sort of thing, but this was a bit too much. If you want to have an enlish speaking character, hire an actor who can speak clear English. It simply isn't believable that this guy is American, or even spent any large amount of time in America. Maybe he's the Japanese equivalent of a weeboo (sp)? Ah well, at least Bisonking looks cool.
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    I just love Rodeomaru's announcement call :D



    But yeah, StarNinger himself doesn't feels American at all, dialogue-wise. Unless he is meant to be a Japanese who live in America for a while, because he clearly sounds like a Japanese speaking English.
    And his wacky actions are almost Mach's debut level xD

    Also, I wonder why they didn't give Kasumi's fake End Shuriken to Yakumo's mother.

    No one else will know that it's fake anyway.......

    .....I hope someone tell this to O-T crew, or even better, I hope someone from O-T reads this.
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    Nin 9:

    - This is the introduction to Starninger?? It's so lazy. No buildup. He just appears in a cold opening. Plus his coloration seems to be as if Toei blatantly wants another Shinkenger; he's gold and blue just like ShinkenGold.

    I don't even think gold goes with the team's color palate. It should've been something else. Even if he was yet another Silver, it'd look better with the other five than gold.

    - Stop breaking the fourth wall, Taka. Good grief, the writers don't give a damn about Starninger, do they? (Or at least the way he's being introduced.) Taka is quite literally going "Hey kids, there's a new her out there! Which means new gadgets! Stay tuned!"

    - There's a swastika shuriken in the dojo.

    - I wish Kenji Matsuda was playing Raizou in person instead of just the voice.

    - Tsumuji's actor was in an Abaranger episode.

    - Yakumo's mother calls him Cloud? What?

    - Again with this magic stuff. This is so stupid. They treat it like it's something completely normal and natural. This isn't Middle Earth or Pottermore.

    - I was half-expecting Kasumi to turn into a pink mouse.

    - How did Fuuka get out of the cage just because the spell was reversed? That might've been a bit funny to see her stuck inside there.

    - Why don't you grab onto the Shuriken with your other hand, or why not the others cover it up? Holding onto Taka's body won't do anything. The Shuriken might still slip out of his grasp.

    - Did Rodeomaru moonwalk? Is Toei stuck in the 80s? Or if not, why was it walking backwards?

    Also, why is it light blue? It doesn't match Starninger's colors at all.

    - I don't think I like Yakumo's mother much. Her attitude is like someone half her age. Or is that just a thing in the fashion industry?

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