Shout Factory's Next Two Sentai Releases!

Discussion in 'The ORB - News & Rumors' started by Toku Prime, May 14, 2018.

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    So Bruno from the MMPRToys youtube channel has dropped some info as to Shout Factory's next two Sentai releases, and one of them isn't what you might expect!

    Yes, Jetman is coming on September 25th! They're finally going pre-Zyu! Perhaps more as expected, Gaoranger will be coming out in December too.

    Jetman is probably the most-requested of the pre-Zyuranger seasons, so it makes sense to start there. Hopefully it will be a success and maybe they'll work their way backwards from there?

    It also let's them space out the remaining post-Timeranger seasons. As has being pointed out by a few people on social media, there's the question of what Shout Factory does when Sentai finally goes HD with Boukenger. Do they go with more DVDs per set or the more expensive to produce (and therefore less margin per unit sold) BluRays? This let's them put that decision off a little longer by putting 80s Sentai releases in between the 21st Century seasons.
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    YES!!!! That means all of the 90s series will be here!!!!!
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    My heart is an egg, and Shout Factory's love for Super Sentai is making it hatch! I'm so glad the rumors of this happening have actually come true!
  4. I don't know about any rumors, but I just remember a lot of pining, longing, and lamenting about Shout! Factory not doing any pre-Zyuranger Sentai.
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    ;) I has to wonder if Hasbro is going to do a Jetman based Power Rangers movie sometime in the future.
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