Shout! Factory Releasing KyuuKyuu Sentai GoGoFive - April 24th

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  1. I just found this listing on Amazon.

    Gingaman comes out in three weeks, and the listing states an April 24th release date for GogoFive. Just like with the original August 15, 2016 release date for Megaranger, it looked like they could put out more than just two Sentai last year. So I'm aware that the April 24th date for GogoFive could still change. Even still, it's still nice to see that they're getting even further with these Sentai releases.

    To be honest, I've personally been anticipating news on a Ninja Steel DVD release, but I'm definitely not complaining about this one.
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    Yeah, they are defintely making faster progress now. That's two in the first half of the year, so I'm hopeful we'll get 3 or even 4. I'm hoping they'll catch up to within a couple of years of the current PR season, then go back and do some older ones.
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    What? How dare you beat me to it!!!!!
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    Can't wait for this one. More power to Shout! Factory!
  5. Shogun_Master

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    Yeah, this is one of the few that I'm actually kind of interested in seeing how it differs from the PR version.

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