Shout! Factory Obtains Saban License- Power Rangers Seasons on DVD!

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  1. Pictures of the MMPR seasons 1 & 2 set.






    The season sets for both seasons are the same as they are in the new MMPR complete series set, and I've already show them earlier.
  2. Mystic Force comes out in three weeks, but Operation Overdrive is scheduled for release on August 8th.

    Then Megaranger could come out as early as August 10th for those who preorder, if Shout! Factory would offer it early to those who do from their site.

    So all that's left is Jungle Fury and R.P.M. Perhaps they could release both later this year. Jungle Fury in October and R.P.M. in December, and they're all done.
  3. The Amazon listing for this is currently incomplete, but Power Rangers Jungle Fury is scheduled for release on December 12th.

    Since this is a PR release scheduled for December, I get this feeling that it'll end up getting pushed back some months for some reason. The legacy set was originally intended for release on December 3rd, 2014, but it got pushed to January 2nd of the following year. Time Force was originally scheduled for December 15th, 2015, but it got pushed to February 9th of the following year. So assuming that they keep the December 12th date for PRJF, PRRPM could come out on Februrary 2018 at the earliest or May 2018 at the latest. So it took six years for them to get them all done in individual releases.
  4. Jungle Fury was released yesterday. On March 27th of next year, we'll have the final piece of the puzzle, as that's the release date of the individual release of Power Rangers RPM.

    A March release of the final season Shout! Factory has home distribution rights to is kind of a nice way to bookend it all, since it was in March of 2012 when the news got out about how Shout! Factory would be putting these out. Some people wondered how the sales of these sets would go after sets for MMPR were released, and were concerned that they might slow down and not all seasons would get released. Shout! Factory almost didn't complete VR Troopers and BeetleBorgs, but they managed to complete Power Rangers all the way to the end without needing to resort to the Shout! Factory Exclusives route. I'm very grateful for the box sets but it's cool that those who prefer the individual releases will also be completely accommodated. So even though everything will be complete in March, I'm still interested in seeing what other kinds of PR releases Shout! Factory might do. In the meantime, I'll see just how far they get with the Sentai sets.
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    So far they released Hurricane Ranger and were going to release 5 Man which
    is pre MMPR but % Man has not been locked down yet.

    After that Outburst (Aba) Ranger is next to start the Jetix era. Of this I saw 11 episodes
    and it looked good. Myself I own up to Galaxy (Ginga) Man on DVD but need Go Go 5 and
    Time Ranger to fill in Saban Era I.

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