Shout! Factory Obtains Saban License- Power Rangers Seasons on DVD!

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Arkvoodle, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Time-Life has brought the price of the MMPR set/seasons 4-7 bundle back up to $219.95.

    The price of the legacy set has now been reduced to $199.
  2. Now they're down to 60 legacy sets.
  3. Now, 45 legacy sets left as of today.
  4. Now it's down to 40.
  5. So today, the count went down to 30. Then it went down to 25. I wonder if this sort of thing happened in the other past days and I missed it.
  6. Now they've only got 5 legacy sets left as of today. I guess people have been putting their holiday bonuses to good use.
  7. Okay, now all of the legacy sets are sold out.
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    I'm so annoyed with my nearest retailer! I had to order 2 of the 5 msuper mefgaforce volumes online rather than at walmart/target where people said they WOULD be. Yeah right. Not that I'm complaining though as I'm glad i have 1993-2014 all on dvd now.

    Now if I see GSD or KSZ super sentai sets at target in New Orleans Imma freak. Thats my go too shit for turning up.
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    is this the one that came with the helmet and power coins/reels?
  10. Yes.
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  12. What company has ever released volume sets or season sets of a show on a monthly basis? I'm surprised they've released these things every two months, although I'm curious as to why they didn't keep that up.
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    True. RPM would fall in 2018 or something before we see it so I decided to just get the boxed sets.

    They still have Ninja Storm - RPM to release yet.

    I'm already done with both Wild Force and Ninja Storm. 11 Episodes left on Dino Thunder.

    Won't do singles on the Disney stuff unless I need a replacement.
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    Except all of those companies don't already have the discs made and packaged. Shout! has had all of these discs in packaging and made since 2013.
  15. Other companies have released complete series sets of shows before releasing all of their individual seasons, and it wasn't on a monthly basis. I guess they're just trying to see if sales still warrant further releases.
  16. DinoThunder will be released on October 18th, as well as a 2017 re-issue of the MMPR set.

    Shout! Factory says the original version of the MMPR set is sold out, and that the reissue will only just have different packaging.

    This is apparently the cover art for the reissue.


    It can be seen in the link below, by clicking on the thumbnail of the current cover art, and then going through the images by clicking on the arrows on either side.

    I guess it won't be long until we get the release date for the upcoming Ohranger set.

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