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    Chapter 1 – PikaPika! A Diamond in the Rough​

    Shineburgh, a beautiful utopia of color and light. The land is made of the brightest stones, from the roads to the buildings. The citizens of Shineburgh go about their daily lives as they day goes by. A particular red little ruby bee buzzed about in the air towards Castle Bright. “This is bad-tsuu!” he buzzed. Through the tiny window up at the castle tower, he went down to the audience haul.

    In his presence was a tall crystal with a faint, red center. “Queen! The Gems-tsuu! They...”

    The crystal hummed, and the red center began to glow. The bee's face lifted, as if the crystal answered him. “Y-Yes! I'll go at once-tsuu! We can't let them get their hands on the Gems-tsuu!” at once, he flew out of the castle's window once more. As his tiny body buzzed through the air, a deep-green tiny bird fluttered next to him.

    “Where ya headed, Rubee-pii?” she tweeted. “Going to the human world again-pii?”

    “I don't have time for you today, Pamerald-tsuu!” Rubee sighed, buzzing through the air without a care. But the bird-like creature stopped the bee in his tracks with a nasty glare in her eyes. It was that kind of glare that made the busy bee freeze in fear.

    “You ALWAYS have time for me-pii,” Pamerald muttered as she loomed over the smaller insect. “Or need I remind you that you can't do anything on your own-pii, and I have to drag you back here-pii.”

    “Y-Yes-tsuu...” Rubee stuttered, and the two started to fly side by side.

    “So this seems pretty urgent-pii. And you're not goin' to the usual gate right away-pii.”

    “This is pretty big-tsuu,” Rubee replied. “The Gems are being targetted-tsuu!”

    This made Pamerald slow down and taken in what the bee had just told her. “Wait-pii!” she exclaimed. “The Gems are bein' targetted-pii?!” She zoomed past Rubee and stopped him once more. “But how're ya gonna find them-pii?! The Gems can't be easily found-pii!”

    Rubee then smirked at his parakeet friend. “That's where we get our resident professional.” In an instant, Pamerald realized who Rubee was talking about, her face sunk. She thought that this trip was going to be a rough one indeed...

    As the two flew to a small opal hut, they were surprised to see the holes dug up around the area. The pushed the door open to find it empty, the furniture in order but not used. “Opero!” Rubee called out. “You here-tsuu?”

    “Maybe he's off doin' another excavation-pii...” Pamerald sighed. “Can't we go without him-pii?”

    “No! His ability is crucial for this mission-tsuu!” Rubee was dead set on bringing this Opero. All of a sudden...

    “Wan!” barked a voice behind them. Rubee and Pamerald turned to find a small and droopy opal dog, though bigger than those two combined, standing at the doorway with his tongue sticking out. “Wan!”

    “There you are-tsuu!” Rubee buzzed around the dog. “Come on-tsuu! We gotta go-tsuu!”

    “Wan!” Opero barked, looking at Pamerald through the flaps over his eyes.

    “....Uhh...” Pamerald was at a loss for words when it came to Opero, as always. “What did he say-pii?”

    “Of course she's coming with us-tsuu!” Rubee stated. “Come on! Let's go to the gate-tsuu!”


    “You're a little bit TOO excited about this, aren't you-pii?”


    In a city on our planet Earth, in the country of Japan, is the spring of April and the first day of a new school year. Many boys and girls have just gotten off the train or the bus and started walking down the road to a huge illustrious school at the top of the hill. The students wore black and white uniforms, like that of a standard high school, but more formal-looking. They chattered amongst one another, catching up over the spring break or meeting each other for the first time. These students were Jyuunisujou students, a well-known preparatory high school.

    In a park passing, three Jyuunisujou students were held up by three older teens. They looked tough and mean, trying to make a pass on them. “It's the start o' school, right?” one of them, a mohawked teen, grinned. “You can't skip just one day, right? Let's have some fun.”

    “P-Please, leave us alone,” one of the girls pleaded.

    “Oi, Aniki!” another, an orange-haired student smirked. “She said please. That means we got permission, right?”

    The black-haired teen stood behind them, scowling with his arms crossed. He gave a nod, and the two advanced on them.

    “Hey, hey, HEY!!” roared a bright female voice from the park as a bag flung at the shining head of the mohawk teen. The bag was heavy and knocked him down rather easily. As they all turned to the park edge, a girl with blonde-hair tied into a high ponytail was glaring at the teens. “They said NO!” she exclaimed. “Can't you take a hint?!”

    While the students' faces lifted, the bleached-hair teen then charged at the girl. “You sunava-” he growled, but as he approached her with a prepared fist, the blonde leaned in. Quicker than he can react, the girl grabbed his extended arm and flung him over her shoulder, hitting the ground. The mohawk teen then got back up and lunged at the girl as well. He was stopped by a punch to the chest, followed by a series of rapid punches in the same general area as the girl let out loud martial arts yells that sent the mohawk teen back.

    “That's it?” she scoffed, dusting her hands off. The black-haired teen launched a roundhouse kick, and the girl quickly blocked it, lunging her palm at his chin and pushing him back down. “NOW that's it?” The teens got up and ran off, not before the black-haired teen left a lasting glare at the girl as he retreated.

    The three girls crowded around their hero with glee. “I can't believe it!” one of them squealed. “We were saved by THE Suzumiya Kurisu!!” The girl named Kurisu smiled and gave the three a thumbs-up. “Thank you, Kurisu-san!!”

    “Well, if you girls are okay,” Kurisu said, “we should probably head on over before we're late.” From a distance, they could hear a bell at the distance, and the four made a mad dash to the school campus before the gates closed.


    In the auditorium, many students were gathered before the stage; they were separated by gender, year, class, and class sections. The blonde Kurisu stood at 2C, standing next to the girls she had saved. Apparently, they were going to be classmates this year. She looked out to see a brunette-haired girl in the first year class, all the way at the edge of her row, fidgeting. The girl had her short hair put into two twintails at the bottom, and her sleeves were longer than her arms so her fingers stuck out a little. “She must be a freshman,” Kurisu muttered to herself.

    “You didn't hear?” one of her new classmates, Mariko, whispered. “That's Fuuma Misora. She's a school prodigy, and they say she passed the entrance exam with a perfect score! No one EVER passes with a perfect score!”

    “For real?!” Kurisu gasped, looking at Sora once more. She didn't seem like the smart type, the way she was fidgeting. Maybe she's one of those students who become different when they're up at the chalkboard! “That's scary...”

    “Sh!” Quickly, one of the passing teachers tapped Kurisu on her head. When she looked up, it was a tall young-man with a stern face. “No talking. The assembly is about to begin,” he whispered.

    “Waaah...” Kurisu moaned silently. “I got scolded by Sasahara-sensei on the first day of school...” Slowly, the blonde looked back up to find that a beautiful girl with short blue hair and a saintly appearance took up the podium. She looked out at the students and cleared her throat. “That's Tennouji she cut her hair...”

    “Eh?! You know Tennouji-san?!” Mariko whispered.

    “Sorta. She was my classmate last year, but we never got along well.” Kurisu remembered the times the two of them had fought in their first year, and Iruka had always won. “I guess she's the school's student-body president now...”

    “Welcome back, my fellow classmates and upperclassmen of Jyuunisujou High School's junior division,” she spoke in a clear and majestic voice, “and welcome, new students. My name is Tennouji Iruka. It is with great honor that I have been granted the title of student-body president, and I will do my best to attend to each and every one of you. As your president, I wish to focus on furthering your careers and futures, but as a fellow classmate, I ask that you treat me as you do each other so that we can have an adaptable and comfortable environment with and each other. Thank you.”

    The students and teachers clapped as Iruka stepped off from the podium as Kurisu looked on. She thought to herself, 'Tennouji-san's grown in just a year.'


    The red bee buzzed about, huffing and puffing. “Shoot, I lost them-tsuu.” Rubee sighed as he flew closer towards Jyuunisujou's Junior High campus. “Mou~, Pamerald's gonna be so pissed when I find her again-tsuu...” As he flew around, he saw three teens, one with a mohawk and another with bright bleached hair, stomping towards the campus with a group of other men behind them.


    It was now lunch period, and some of the students were out mingling in the school's courtyard for lunch. Kurisu sat under a cherry blossom tree with a neat bento box on her lap. Mariko and her other friends, Inoue Seina, a girl with huge glasses, and Hajime Yuki, a quiet girl. “I CAN'T believe we get to eat with THE famous Suzumiya Kurisu!” Mariko squealed, still in her fangirl state. “You're, like, totally a legend around Jyuunisujou!”

    “I heard you beat up an entire gang all by yourself,” Seina added, eating a piece of Japanese fried chicken with her chopsticks. “Your strength is quite legendary among the students, even in the Senior High School division.”

    “I wouldn’t call it LEGENDARY, you know…” Kurisu blushed slightly at all the praise she was receiving. “But I couldn’t let those guys have their way with you. It’s wrong, and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I let it happen.”

    Mariko smiled brightly and tapped Yuki with her elbow. “Hey, why don’t you say something?” Yuki looked up from her bento to meet with Kurisu’s eyes. She was silent for a bit and returned to eating. “Don’t worry about her,” Mariko laughed. “Yuki-chan’s always like that, but that don’t mean she’s not grateful for what you did for us!”

    The blonde let out a warm smile; the first day of the new year, and Kurisu made more friends than she did before. “Yosha!!” she yelled and took out a bowl-like container. She pulled off the plastic covering to reveal breaded pork cutlet covered with fried egg and onions over rice. “I’m super pumped now! Time to eat!” She began to gorge down her katsudon like no tomorrow, and the three girls laughed at her voracious appetite.

    “So what they say about you is true,” Seina started. This caught Kurisu’s attention. “You really aren’t-“

    All of a sudden, a loud scream echoed from the front of the courtyard. The teens from before had returned, now standing at the open gateway with more men than before. “Where is she?!” the mohawked teen roared.

    “Get your butt out here, girlie, or we’re gonna take down your prissy school!” the bleach-head let out his threats as well.

    “Considering how impossible it is to take down an entire school, you don’t exactly scare us.” The teens turned to the school’s front door, where the calm and collected Iruka began to approach them. Her arms were crossed, and her face was unnerved. “I don’t exactly know why you’re here, but as it stands, I will not allow you to harass the student body any more than you have now with your…idle bantering.”

    The black-haired teen then stepped up, now face-to-face with Iruka. “You talk big,” he scowled, looking down at her. “Can you back it up?”

    “Do it, aniki!” his followed roared. “Pound her to the ground!”

    “You’re over-compensating for something, aren’t you?” Iruka smirked. “Having this many followers…are you trying to make up for something you lack? Are you really that weak?”

    Something clicked in the teen, and his fist pulled back to launch itself at Iruka’s face. A hand caught the first, and he and Iruka looked to the side to find that Kurisu had caught the blow. “You…”

    “…Suzumiya…Kurisu…” Iruka was at a loss for words.

    “You just can’t shut up, can you?” Kurisu sighed, looking up at the teen. “Eh, whatever. You owe me now.”

    “I don’t recall ever indebting myself to the likes of you…”

    “Oh stuff it! You freakin’ owe me!” The blonde then pushed the teen back. “As for you…you’re ruinin’ my meal time. Get lost. I hate fighting the same guys that have no real reason to fight over and over.”

    “Takeru-aniki…” the followers growled and stepped in front of the teen, “…we’ll take care of her. For your defeat before!” The students and Iruka watched they charged Kurisu with knives, chains, and brass-knuckles. The blonde only smirked.

    Overhead, Rubee buzzed about the school courtyard, fixed on this onslaught of delinquents. His shining black eyes gazed down at the blonde that tore through hell, creating a “body-count” on the school grounds. “She’s crazy-tsuu!!” he exclaimed. But he saw something in her, something different than everyone there. “Could she be…”

    “Ora, ora, ora, ORA!!” Kurisu roared as she watched the last guy fall. She looked at the one called “Takeru”. “Oh, so you’re gonna be the tough guy, takin’ the last stand?” she taunted. The two stared at each other. Soon, they ran at each other with fists pulled back and battle cries roaring.


    In the nurse’s office, Mariko, Seina, Yuki, and Iruka watched the nurse stick a bandage onto Kurisu’s cheek. “There, that’s the last one!” she smiled as Iruka sheepishly bowed and left the office with the other four.

    “That was reckless, as always,” Iruka sighed. “I could never understand the stupidity that goes through your head.”

    “Hey, I won, didn’t I?” Kurisu smirked. “In the end, all but that one guy got arrested…but no one got hurt, right?”

    “You did,” Iruka replied with a cold, disapproving glare. “Think before you jump headfirst, baka.” She then left the group, going down the hall.

    “You’re welcome, jerk!” Kurisu responded with her tongue sticking out. But as Iruka faded down the hall, Kurisu only watched her back. “Hmph…same as always…”

    “That was awesome!!” Mariko cheered, jumping onto Kurisu’s back. “You are a GOD!!”

    “I can’t believe for a minute that you and Tennouji-san are not friends,” Seina added.

    Kurisu paused a bit, and she remembered how she defended Iruka in that quick instance. “…We’re not…” she said.


    Back at the park where Mariko, Seina, and Yuki were attacked, Takeru stood alone. He kicked a swing in rage. “Damn it!” he roared. “Even now…I’m still weak! Couldn’t even take out one freakin’ girl!” As he looked down at the ground, he noticed a looming clear shadow with light refractions glittering over him. He looked back to see a tall burly figure made out of…some sort of crystal? He let out a scream and fell back, moving back.

    “You know?” the figure smirked, “that girl thought she could earn points with her classmates by making a mockery of you, you know?” He loomed over Takeru with a big grin on his clear face. “She thinks your nothing but trash. Trash that can be burned easily. You gonna let yourself get burned?”

    “What did you say?!” Takeru growled and stood up.

    “You got good eyes. Your birthstone…” The figure’s red eyes looked into Takeru’s chest. A moonstone gemstone appeared, dulled and cracking. “…is about ready. Fall to despair, and dull the world around you!” With a thrust of his palm, the moonstone in Takeru’s chest shattered as the teen’s eyes dulled. A cubic zirconium stone then formed inside his chest. “Come on, boy. We got a Gem of Light to find.”


    The school bell had rung, and the students began to depart from the gate in groups. “Get home safe!” Mariko called out to Kurisu as the blonde ran down the hill, waving back at her three friends.

    As she headed down the path she took to school, she looked at the park where she first saved them. Slowly, she walked into the park grounds, touching the springed horse-like object by the handle. “It’s more eventful this year,” she muttered to herself, “than when I first enrolled.” She paused and was lost in thought for a bit. “But…I think it’ll be okay. They say that people grow every day. I think I’ve grown this past year, too…”

    “That’s the spirit-tsuu!” called out a childish voice above Kurisu. Surprised, she looked around frantically. “Above you-tsuu!” As Kurisu looked up, her eyes widened when a deep red bee with black stripes buzzed down towards her. Her first instinct was…

    “Eeeek! A bee!” she squealed and began to run.

    “W-Wait! Come back-tsuu!”

    “And it talks! Now I know when it’s going to sting me!!”

    “Stay still for a bit, or I WILL sting you-tsuu!!”

    “Ahhh!! It said it’s gonna sting me-tsuu!!”

    The two chased each other around the park, Kurisu crying and screaming like an idiot as Rubee tried to catch up with her. After a while, the two stood by the slides, panting and wheezing. “Are…are you gonna stop running now and listen-tsuu?”

    “I’ll listen…I’ll listen…just…haa…don’t sting me, please…” Kurisu was so out of breath, she was about to collapse from running too much. “What…you’re a bee, right? I’ve never seen or have heard of a red bee before.”

    “I’m a bee-tsuu.” The bee smirked and buzzed around Kurisu’s face; it was bigger than the average bee, about the size of a stuffed animal. “The name’s Rubee-tsuu. I’ve come from the land of Shineburgh to-”

    “Wait…” Kurisu held out her hand in front of Rubee and sat down, crossing her legs. “Sha…Sha…i…n…baagu? I’ve never heard of a town like that before.”

    A drop of sweat slid down Rubee’s head. “It’s not a town-tsuu. Just because it has ‘burgh’ in it doesn’t make it a town-tsuu. It’s another world like this one filled with the most beautiful and shiniest gems you can come across-tsuu!”

    “…Uh hunh…” The blonde was totally not buying it. “Another world? There’s no such thing. You’re just a figment of my imagination, and I’m so tired that I’m talking to a bee…”

    “I’m not a figment of any imagination-tsuu!” Rubee buzzed angrily. “Listen-tsuu! I’m here because the Gems of Light hidden in your world are being targeted by a dark force that once plagued ours-tsuu! It’s my duty as the Queen’s knight to-

    “Yeah, you had me at Queen.” Kurisu stood up and dusted herself off. “This is something out of a fairy tale, and I’ve long since grown-out of that. I’m out of he-” Before she could leave, a young man stepped in front of her. It was Takeru, the teen she fought at school earlier. “It’s you…” she said. Then a sigh escaped her lips. “Listen, I’m not in the mood for a rematch, so if you’ll excuse me, I-OW OW OW OW OW!!” As she walked past him, Takeru grabbed Kurisu by the wrist, holding it up and twisting it. “Wh-what the heck’s wrong with you?!”

    “…weak…” he muttered and sent his foot into her stomach, kicking her a ways back onto the dirt.

    “Agack!” she gasped, holding her stomach. Was Takeru that strong when they last fought? He hit her a few times before, but they didn’t hurt as much as this did. “What…what’s gotten into you?!”

    “You…think I’m weak, don’t you?” Takeru calmly asked as he looked down at her from the shades of his eyes. His pupils were dulled and lifeless. “I’m just a warm-up to you, aren’t I?”

    “N-No! You were strong! I never thought anything less about you as a fighter, but-”

    “Don’t mess with me!” The black-haired teen leaped into the air and dug his fist into the ground next to Kurisu as she rolled away. The dirt shot out of the ground from the impact. He was definitely different from before, Kurisu thought. “I’ll show you…that I ain’t weak!”

    “Girl-tsuu!” Rubee called out to her.

    “It’s Kurisu!”

    “That boy, he’s not the same-tsuu!” Rubee’s eyes gleamed, looking into the boy’s back. “His Gemstone was shattered and replaced-tsuu. They must’ve gotten to ‘im!”

    “They? Gemstone? What’re you talking about?!” Kurisu tried to dodge a flurry of punches, but she tripped onto the swings, and her feet kicked up onto Takeru’s chin, sending him back a bit. “Oww…”

    “Gemstones are what make a human’s heart-tsuu,” Rubee explained, hovering over Kurisu. “When a human’s heart begins to darken from negative emotions-tsuu, the gemstone dulls and cracks-tsuu. They must’ve accelerated the process-tsuu.”

    “Seriously, who are THEY that you’re talking about?!”

    Just then, a loud thud, followed by an obnoxious and boisterous laugh echoed in the air. Kurisu looked up to find a burly-looking figure made out of…cubic zirconium? “Okay, I am SO dreaming…”

    “It’s Zir-Q-tsuu!” Rubee panicked.


    “What’re you standin’ around for, boy?!” Zir-Q taunted. “That girl is still alive! As long as she lives, she’ll forever taunt your weakness and show you up!”

    Being addressed like that, Kurisu shot up angrily. “Hey, that’s not cool, saying stuff about me like that!” She then dodged a thrust from Takeru and upper-cut into his torso. “I’m not trying to show up anyone! I’m just trying to protect myself!”

    Hearing the word “protect”, Takeru’s mind clicked as he grabbed Kurisu’s wrist. “Pro…tect?” he growled and headbutt her past the swings. The blonde stumbled and fell as Takeru stood straight. His fists were covered in cubic zirconium. “Protect? Protect what?! There’s nothing worth protecting anymore if you’re weak!” The cubic zirconium began to engulf his arms and legs.

    Zir-Q looked on and smirked. “That’s right, brat!” he laughed. “Protecting is for the weak! You’re strong! You take what you want! The strong will ALWAYS get what they want!!”

    Kurisu looked up as she held her forehead, Rubee buzzing next to her. She watched Takeru cover himself in cubic zirconium as it grew in size, forming a large muscular figure made of cubic zirconium. Takeru hovered in the middle, in the fighting stance that the figure was in. “What…on earth…”

    “It’s a Counterfeti-tsuu!” Rubee exclaimed.

    “A…Kauntaafeti?” Now Kurisu was even more confused.

    “The Counterfeti exist to dull the light of the world-tsuu,” Rubee began to explain. “By feeding off the negative energy of every living being-tsuu, they take away the light and make them their slaves-tsuu!”

    “That’s…horrible, even though it makes no sense!” The Counterfeti began to move, and Kurisu dove to protect Rubee from the punch that it launched. “Oof!”

    “You can’t beat it as you are-tsuu,” Rubee added. “Only the Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure, have defeated the Counterfetis!” All of a sudden, the bee was grabbed by a large hand.

    “And those ‘Pretty Cures’ as you call ‘em don’t exist, do they?!” Zir-Q held the struggling bee in his giant hand. “Synthesan! Destroy this girl so we can look for the Gem of Light!”

    “Rubee!” Kurisu called out as she jumped out of the way of the Synthesan’s foot. She looked up at the teen hovering inside it. “That boy…Takeru-san…or whatever his name is…”

    “Well, aren’t you going to protect yourself?!” Zir-Q taunted some more. “Show us how weak you are that you can’t do a thing by yourself!” Hearing these words made Kurisu twitch. “Strong people get what they want. They take things by force and make it theirs! There’s no need to protect yourself or anyone else without getting hurt, and getting hurt makes you WEEEEAAAK!!”

    “Take that back!!” the blonde roared at the crystal-like Counterfeti. “Getting hurt doesn’t make you weak! It makes you stronger! You learn from your mistakes and become a stronger person than you once were!” She stood up and clenched her fists. Rubee caught a faint light glowing her chest. “Just because I want to protect myself from getting her doesn’t make me weak. It’s so I can live to see another day, to continue getting stronger! And then I’ll use that strength, a strength only I have, to protect everyone around me!” The light in her chest grew brighter and brighter. “I may be alone, but I’m more than enough to protect that bee that came here from another world on his own!”

    “Actually, I’m not exactly alone-tsuu, but-“

    The Synthesan let out a roar once more. “No! Protecting…can’t protect…protecting makes you weak! If you can’t protect, you’re weak!” It lifted its arm once more and hovered over Kurisu. “If you’re strong, why don’t you protect yourself now!!”

    Kurisu looked up and stood her ground as the giant fist began to come down on her. “Because…” she said as she closed her eyes, the light shining its brightest, “…I’m not nor have I ever been afraid to protect!!” The light exploded and sent the Synthesan flying back. Zir-Q screeched as the light sent him back as well, releasing his grasp on Rubee. From Kurisu’s chest came out a diamond ring. “Wh-what’s this?” Kurisu questioned.

    “It’s a Heart Ring-tsuu!” Rubee gasped. “Only those whose hearts contain a Gem of Light-tsuu! And you have the Diamond of Light-tsuu! Put it on your finger, quickly-tsuu!

    Kurisu slowly put the ring onto her finger, and a light shot out, revealing a white and pink flashlight. “…Wh-what’s this now?!”

    “It’s a Heart Flasher,” Rubee explained. “This is a mystical item…that’s wielded by the Legendary Warriors-tsuu! Kuri-tsuu, you’re a Pretty Cure!”


    “Whaaaaat?!” Zir-Q sat up in shock. “Impossible! The Pretty Cure are only legends! Synthesan, destroy her!!” The Synthesan then got up and stomped towards Kurisu.

    “Hurry, Kuri-tsuu! Shine the Heart Flasher on yourself and yell out, ‘Pretty Cure! Lights On!’” Frantically, Kurisu tried to find the button that turned it on. “It turns on by your spirit! And make it flashy!”

    “Uh…I don’t understand, but okay!”

    Around her, the world became dark, and the light in the Heart Flasher shone from below her face. ‘Flashy…’ she thought to herself and opened her eyes. “It’s…show time!” She then tossed the flashlight into the air. “Pretty Cure! Lights…ON!” With a snap of her finger, the flashlight exploded into a burst of light, illuminating the world around her. The light glittered down onto her bare fore arms, forming white forearm guards with pink frills shooting out. The lights then glittered over her legs, revealing white boots with pink frills down the v-shaped opening and center under the knee. Her dress bursted out in light revealing a white mid-length flowing skirt with pink accents and frills underneath. Her blond hair grew longer and brighter, tied together by a pink ribbon with a heart-shaped diamond on the tie. Finally, she opened her eyes to reveal the change from light brown to a bright pink color.

    Jumping back, she thrusted her first forward and opened it, revealing a diamond. “Like the endless universe glittering inside a tiny diamond!” She clenched her fist once more and posed, her right arm clenched into a fist and pulled back while her left hand extended outward and open and her left leg leading.

    “Cure Diamond!!”


    Cure Diamond by LJ User jitsch
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    Chapter 2 – PikaPika! The Meaning of Strength

    Kurisu stood, surrounded in a radiant light. Her white skirt flowed over her purple shorts as the ribbons on her back began to descend. Her blonde-hair gleamed brightly in the light of the sun, and she opened her eyes towards the crystal-like monster ahead of her. She was no longer Suzumiya Kurisu. Standing before everyone was the legendary warrior, Pretty Cure. She was now Cure Diamond.

    “Pretty Cure?!” Zir-Q raised his transparent eyebrow. “Impossible! They’re only myth!”

    “You take that back-tsuu!” Rubee retorted. “The Pretty Cure are very much real-tsuu! And you’ll finally get yours-tsuu!”

    “Um…” Cure Diamond stood there with the most confused look on her face. “I…don’t really understand what’s going on…but this isn’t something I’d normally wear, y’know.” The other three stood there, silent from the innocent comment she let out. “D-Don’t look at me like that! I’m surrounded by a light and all, and now I have this getup! It’s weird! WEIRD!”

    Zir-Q couldn’t take much more of this. “Baah! Synthesan!! Crush her into tiny pieces!” The Synthesan let out a loud roar and raised its fist. It then thrusted a punch towards the girl in white.

    “Yow!” Diamond gasped. Her first instinct was to jump over the fist, but how can she leap over something that big? As the fist neared, Diamond crouched down and jumped up into the air. Before she knew it, not only was she over the fist but over the Synthesan itself. Everyone looked up in awe at how high she had jump. “Woah woah woah!!” she exclaimed. “That was scary! And I’m flying! I’m totally flying!...Someone get me down!!”

    He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Were the Pretty Cure more than just a legend? “Synthesan!” Zir-Q commanded. “While she’s defenseless!”

    “Who’re you callin’ defenseless, you walking window?!” The blonde watched the Synthesan jump after her; it was tall, so reaching her didn’t take long. It punched at her again with a left hook, but Diamond pushed in the punch off its path with her right hand, twirling over the arm and running down it. “Oh…my…GOOOSH!!!” Without controlling herself, she felt her foot jam itself to the Synthesan’s zirconium face and sent it pummeling into the dirt of the park. She landed onto the top railing of the swings, trying to regain her balance. “I can jump high…and I got super strength! I’m like a super hero…like Kamen Rider or something!”

    Rubee excitedly buzzed next to Diamond. “You’re one of the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure-tsuu! You’ve been granted the powers to defeat evil and restore balance to the worlds-tsuu!”

    “Woah…sounds hardcore…”

    Their little conversation was interrupted by the hollowed groans of Takeru’s Synthesan form. “You…” it growled, “…you’re mocking me, aren’t you…” Diamond was confused by this. “You think…I’m weak, don’t you! Don’t look down on me!!” It charged again at Diamond, who jumped out of the way. Its hulking crystalline body slammed into the swings and knocked it down.

    “Woah there, cowboy,” Diamond said, landing behind the Synthesan. “I never said anything about you.”

    “Then why are you fighting?!” The Synthesan launched out another punch, and Diamond did her best to hold it back by holding out her arms and pushing it back.

    “I’m…the legendary hero, right?!” Diamond sounded somewhat unsure of herself. “And you’re the monster terrorizing the peace! Super hero rules dictate that the hero has to stop the monster!”

    “Then you’re using your strength just because it was granted to you?! You use it like a new toy!” Diamond felt boots slide back on the dirt. “You don’t have anything to fight for! You fight because you’re told to! You’re just abusing your strength, you hypocrite!” The blonde felt herself slip, and the Synthesan slammed her through two trees. As she slid down, the Synthesan raised his fists. “I won’t lose! I won’t become weak! And I won’t…fail…ever again!!”


    The crystalline fist slammed into the trees in a loud boom. “Kuri-tsuu!!!” Rubee cried. The Synthesan slowly retracted its fist. Takeru was breathing heavily inside his crystalline body, staring down at his handy work through the Synthesan’s eyes. It then returned to Zir-Q.

    “Gwah ha ha ha ha ha!!” Zir-Q snorted an obnoxious laugh as his soldier returned to his side. “Good job, poppet! Guess that’s all a Pretty Cure was: a legend.” He grinned as he looked at the red bee buzzing about the destroyed trees. “One gem of light destroyed. Let’s go, Synthesan. We’ll collect more negative energy from any place you want!”

    The Synthesan paused and looked out at the school up the hill. That blue-haired girl was there, the one that opposed him. “I won’t…be made weak…I will not be weak…Never…ever again…” it droned constantly as it stomped towards the school with Zir-Q trailing behind.


    Soon, the sun had set, and the pair had disappeared. Rubee sobbed around the fallen trees. “Why-tsuu…this wasn’t supposed to happen-tsuu…”

    All of a sudden, the trees began to push themselves off from the ground. A dirty and scratched Cure Diamond sat there, huffing and puffing. “Why’re you crying?” she asked the red bee. “It’s not like I’m dead yet…” The bee buzzed happily and snuggled into Diamond’s stomach. Meanwhile, the blonde thought long and hard about Takeru’s words.

    “I won’t…fail…ever again!!”

    “You don’t have anything to fight for! You fight because you’re told to!”

    “Rubee…” Diamond said, “…why am I a Precure?”

    Rubee looked up at the Pretty Cure. “You’re a Pretty Cure because the Gem of Light chose you-tsuu. You have a duty to protect the world from the Counterfeti-tsuu!”

    Just like Takeru said, Kurisu didn’t have a purpose to fight. She’s only fighting because she’s told to. “He’s right…” Diamond replied. “I’m only fighting because I’m told to. I don’t have a duty to the world that I don’t know. I’m just forced into this fight not of my own will.”

    “But I’ve seen you fight-tsuu!” Rubee retorted. “Not as a Pretty Cure, but as Kuri-tsuu! You put yourself in harm’s way to protect your friends against all odds-tsuu! You looked at death in the face-tsuu, and you fought back-tsuu!”

    As Diamond listened carefully to Rubee’s words, she thought about why she fought in the first place. In her hometown, she’s revered as a martial arts expert, and one of the only females who can cause that much damage. She’s a hero and a legend in her own right, but she never fought for fame and glory. She thought back on why she started to fight in the first place. It all began with that one incident. The incident…where she cried the most in her life.

    “You’re chosen by the Gem of Light because you have something no one else has-tsuu!”

    Then she realized it; Kurisu had something more than anyone else she knew. It’s what made her special and what made her go on. That boy she fought, Takeru, he lacked it. His need for strength was driven for all the wrong reasons, probably for the one failure he mentioned. Whatever that failure was, it made him give up everything he had, and he was quickly overtaken by the power granted to him.

    “You know what…forget what I said…” Diamond stated and stood up. “That guy…Takeru-san…he’s wrong.”

    “Wrong about what-tsuu?”

    Diamond looked towards the school; that crystalline beast could be seen from the park she was in. “I’m not fighting because I’m told to. I’m not fighting because I’m a Pretty Cure. I’m fighting because…I have a reason to. I can’t give up here or ever. Even if I don’t have a duty to the world, I have a duty to those around me.” She closed her eyes and placed her hand over heart-shaped diamond on the pale blue ribbon on her chest. “I have people I need to protect. And even if I have to protect someone I don’t know, at least they’ll live. Knowing that they’re alive…is the drive I need to keep on going!” She had a renewed look. She had fallen, but she stood up right away.

    Rubee couldn’t help by admire her. “Kuri-tsuu…”

    “First off, it’s KuriSU,” Diamond corrected. “And secondly…call me Cure Diamond. Now let’s go. We have people to protect!”


    The Synthesan neared the gates of the school. Its empty eyes narrowed as it glared into the building ahead.

    “Now, show them your strength!!” Zir-Q announced.

    Takeru remembered how Kurisu had defeated his underlings and himself in front of everyone in the school. His reasoning now was to destroy it all so they’d know how strong he was. The Synthesan clasped its two hands together and prepared to smash down the closed gates. But it didn’t hear a crash. Takeru looked through his arms to see that the girl in white had stopped his attack. “You…YOU!!”

    “Takeru-san!” Diamond called out to him. “I’m going to stop you! And not because I’m a Pretty Cure!” She looked up at Takeru in his Synthesan form instead of the form itself. “Because…I have someone to protect. I have to protect you from destroying what you have left of yourself!”

    Hearing Diamond talk about protecting once again set the Synthesan off. In a wild rage, it lifted its leg to kick. Diamond quickly jumped out of the way. “What do you know?!” it roared, voicing out Takeru’s negativity. “You’re just trying to be a hero! You don’t know the feeling of failing like I have! Failing something you should never have failed in! You’re all talk! That’s all you are!”

    As the Synthesan continued its frenzy, Diamond crouched and jumped towards its center where Takeru was. “And you think I haven’t?!” she yelled and launched a double punch that sent it flying next to Zir-Q.

    “Wh-what power!” Zir-Q stuttered.

    Diamond landed with Rubee buzzing next to her. “Even I know the feeling of failure. And the price I paid for it.” Her face sank, and her fists clenched. “But that slip up…no, I can’t even call it a slip up. I learned from it, the biggest mistake of my life. It made me stronger, so that I would never go through that again. I would never have to fail protecting someone ever again.” The Synthesan didn’t move. “My failure gave me the strength to become stronger than I was and help me move forward! Because of that day…I swore that I’d never fail again, and I would continue the path I’m on!” She then pointed at the Synthesan. “You fell and gave up on your road the minute you failed! You gave up on yourself before you could ever try! Do you think anyone would be proud of what you are now?!”

    Takeru’s eyes widened as the Synthesan laid on its back. “…Chika…” he muttered inside its body. The Synthesan began to rise again.

    “Give up your pride! You don’t need it when moving on! All you need is the determination to move on and move forward. And every human being on this planet…no, every living being on this planet has the will to keep on living! Even you!”

    “I’ve heard enough, poppet.” Zir-Q appeared before Cure Diamond. She never realized how big the Synthesan being was. He raised his large crystalline arms and slammed it onto Diamond, but she raised her hands to block. “Strength should never be used to protect, but oppress! You take what you want and make it yours! To protect and to be protected is a sign of weakness!”

    Diamond pushed off Zir-Q’s large hands and launched a jumping double front kick his chest and chin. “You’re wrong! There’s nothing wrong with protecting or being protected! There’s nothing wrong with being weak! Everyone will always be protected by something until they can stand on their own. We learn from our weaknesses and grow stronger. And I will never forgive you for using that boy’s weakness as your strength!”

    The two began to exchange blows in a rapid motion. “That is his own strength, powered by his own negativity! I’m merely helping him use it to his full potential!”

    “But that’s because you’ve exploited it! You’re not helping anyone, you’re using him! And I won’t forgive you for using him as your own…TOOL!!” She let a powerful punch that somewhat cracked Zir-Q’s chest and sent him flying back. There were diamond shards growing on Diamond’s right knuckles.

    “Urgh!” Zir-Q groaned as he jumped back onto his feet. “Synthesan, finish her off!” The Synthesan stood, but it wasn’t moving. “Synthesan? What’re you doing?! Obliterate her!” When he looked at Takeru, he was shocked to find that the light in his eyes were slowly returning. There was a faint glow in his chest. “No…no! I won’t fail here!”

    “Diamond!!” Rubee flew next to Cure Diamond, pointing to her hand. “You’re slowly grasping the power of the Pretty Cure-tsuu! Channel that power through your Gem of Light and purify that boy-tsuu!”

    “L-Like this?” the blonde questioned as she raised the Diamond of Light ring on her left middle finger. She slammed her right palm over the Diamond of Light, and a brilliant aura glowed from her beneath her. Rubee buzzed away as quickly as he could. “Th-this is the power of the Pretty Cure…” Diamond realized her potential as she looked at Takeru before her. Her eyes gleamed as she gripped her left hand tightly. “I’ll polish that which has dulled your heart!” When she let go, light bursted on her palm that became diamond engulfing her arm, then her entire right arm. “Illuminate! Diamond of Light!” With a powerful straight punch, she let a large image of her crystalized fist hit the Synthesan, freezing it in its place and raising it in the air. “Pretty Cure…” Diamond then jumped up into the air and pulled back her diamond arm. “Diamond…Impact!!”

    A second punch slammed into the center of the cubic zirconium Synthesan. Takeru felt the light engulf him as Diamond slid past the crackling Synthesan. “Polification…” With a swing of her right arm, the diamond armor shattered. “…complete!!” The Synthesan’s body then exploded into many shards. The shards began to melt and fade, and the unconscious Takeru slowly floated to the ground.

    “Damn…” Zir-Q muttered from afar while holding his chest. “The Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure…I’ll have to report this to Lord Glass.” He then quickly disappeared.


    As night fell, and Cure Diamond stood over the unconscious Takeru, Rubee then floated next to her, looking into his chest. “The Counterfeit Heart has been shattered-tsuu, and his real Birthstone is beginning to recover-tsuu.”

    Diamond simply looked down at him and sighed. “Can’t let him sleep here,” she said and carried him over her should. “But…I hope he’ll be okay…I’m not sure if my words got to him.”

    “Don’t get yourself down-tsuu,” Rubee eplied. “They probably did. You never know.”



    The next morning, the students began to return to Jyuunisujou for their second day of school. Kurisu let out a loud yawn as she groggily walked down the road to the hill. “Man…after last night, I feel so drained…”

    “That’s because you’re not used to being a Pretty Cure-tsuu,” said a voice from Kurisu’s back. In a panic, Kurisu slapped her back, and the other students looked at her weirdly. She then let out a nervous laugh.

    “Hey, you, shut up,” she whispered. “I’m only taking you with me because seeing a red bee the size of a pillow flying around will get everyone suspicious! So stay quiet!”

    “But Kuri-tsuu~,” Rubee whined as he poked his head out of Kurisu’s bag, “your bag smells!”

    “Shut up! My bag does NOT smell! Ugh…” As Kurisu headed to the park to cool off, she heard familiar screams. “Oh no, not again…” she muttered to herself and ran to the source of the commotion. Sure enough, it was Mariko, Seina, and Yuki being hassled by two older teens. “They just can’t go to school without getting into trouble, can they…” The blonde began to lower her tie and unbutton the top button of her shirt, but Rubee stopped her.

    “Kuri-tsuu, look!”

    Kurisu then looked up to see Takeru heading towards the three girls and two teens. “Oh no…not him…I guess he hadn’t learned a thing…”

    “Oi, aniki!” said one of the teens. “Just give us the word, huh?...Aniki?” Before he knew it, the hatted teen felt pure fist slam into his face, sending him flying into the bushes. Takeru had launched the punch and was now glaring at the shaved-headed teen.


    “Leave…now…” he muttered towards the thug as he grabbed his collar. “And if I ever see you mess with these uniforms ever again, I’ll beat you down so you’ll never get up again.” The teen was speechless, but he heeded his warning, grabbed his partner, and ran off. Takeru looked at the girls with a dazed look. “You girls okay?”

    “Uh…yeah…” the three of them replied, Yuki somewhat blushing.

    Takeru turned to leave, but he caught sight of Kurisu. After a long look, he turned away and left the park. Mariko, Yuki, and Seina then ran to the blonde.

    “Y’know…” Kurisu muttered to herself, though she was really talking to Rubee in her bag, “…I was wrong. I think he’ll be just fine…”

    The second and final version of the Cure Diamond design, by LJ user jitsch
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    My harddrive may be down, but Chapters 3 and 4 are still live somewhere!

    Chapter 3 – GiraGira! The Former Classmates

    As Kurisu walked up the hill to school with her fellow Jyuunisujou classmates, she looked up to the sky. Sure enough, that busy red bee was buzzing about ahead of her. ‘It’s been a few days since I first became a Precure,’ she thought to herself, recalling the events that happened before. She happened to pass the park which was empty in the morning. Some of the stuff like the swings and the slide were repaired, as if nothing happened to them. The trees were also intact as well. ‘Rubee says that the Gem of Light that I hold repairs any damage caused by those…Counterfetis or whatever they’re called.’ As she thought that, the image of Takeru when she last saw him came to mind. ‘I wonder if they can repair damaged hearts…’

    “KU-RI-SU-KUN!†came a loud voice behind Kurisu. A pair of hands covered her violet eyes and sent the blonde in a panic.

    “M-Mari-chan!†Kurisu gasped and threw her classmate’s hands off her face. She held her chest as if her heart was about to pop out. She turned to the brown-haired girl with puffed cheeks.

    “I couldn’t help it,†she grinned. “You were spacing out in the middle of the road! You wouldn’t respond even after I called your name, like, a bajillion times!†Mariko smirked and placed her hands onto her hips. “Oh, I see. Were you thinking about a guy?â€

    Kurisu stood there, somewhat dumbfounded. The minute she realized what Mariko had said, her cheeks turned red. “Eh?!†she exclaimed. She began to flail her arms in a stammer. “Nonsense! Nonsense, I tell you! I don’t have time to be thinking about guys!†The other students who passed her snickered a little. “Hey! Who just laughed?!†The pair of girls who heard her panicked and ran ahead. Kurisu let out a calming sigh and patted her chest. “Where are Yuki-chan and Seina-chan, anyway? Usually, I see them with you.â€

    “They have morning duty today,†Mariko replied, “so they went on ahead without me. After knowing you these past few days, I paced my time to catch up with you.â€

    “I’m flattered,†Kurisu grinned, and the two of them highfived. “Too bad about, Yuki-chan, though. I got the manga she let me borrow. I couldn’t put it down, and I read it one too many times!â€

    “It’s so good, right?!†Mariko squealed. “When the Feudal Lord stepped onto the battlefield and dedicated his victory to the princess, I just nearly died!â€

    Behind Mariko, a familiar voice cleared her throat. “A-HEM. If you have time to stand around and chatter, you have time to skip classes, I take it?†The two of them turned to find that Tennouji Iruka was standing behind them. As always, she looked refined and majestic. Her deep-blue hair, though short, shined like the vast ocean in the morning sun. She looked up at Kurisu with a raised eyebrow. “Suzumiya.â€

    “Mornin’,†Kurisu blandly replied. Even in the morning, the two of them showed hostility towards each other, if not anything more than just small talk. Iruka simply nodded her head and walked past the two of them with the other students.

    “Wow, you two sure don’t get along very well, huh?†Mariko commented.

    “Yeah, well, it’s not my problem.†She then turned about face and climbed the hill with Mariko trailing behind.


    Meanwhile, Rubee buzzed about the airspace of the school. The gates were closed, and a crowd of students were outside. He could hear their collective mumbling from that high. “A bunch o’ students late-tsuu?†he said to himself. It was weird that no one was going in. Then he turned to the courtyard, and his big black eyes widened. “YOW!!â€


    All over the courtyard, the green grass around the concrete paths all had a number of dug-up dirt holes! The students stood murmuring in front of the closed gate, held back by the security guard. Kurisu tiptoed over the boy in front of her to get a good look. “Tch…it’s no good, I can’t see,†she muttered.

    “The courtyard’s messed up,†said the boy in front of her. “Someone dug up holes like they were on a treasure hunt.â€

    “WHAT THE WHA?!†Kurisu loudly exclaimed, where some of the focus turned to her. “My eating spot! My FAVORITE eating spot! Who would do something like that?!†While Mariko tried to calm her classmate down, someone yelled, “Look, someone’s coming out of the building!†two rows of students, from Freshmen to Seniors, walked down the center concrete path from the main building’s doors with a group of clean-cut students walking behind them. The one leading the clean-cut students was a tall Senior male, judging by his red tie, with small square-rimmed glasses and short brown hair that exposed his forehead. The gates temporarily opened and closed as soon as the two groups of students were placed in front. Kurisu looked through a shoulder to find two familiar faces in the uneasy group. “Yuki-chan! Seina-chan!â€

    The silent Yuki, as stoic as usual, simply looked around with her sleepy eyes as Seina sort of hid behind her shoulder. Then the glasses-wearing stepped up, adjusting his glasses. “We apologize for this display, my fellow students,†he spoke in a majestic and high-up manner, “but we of the Student Council find these hooligans guilty of vandalizing the Jyuunisujou face, the courtyard which appeals to the public with its majesty and beauty!â€

    “What?!†Kurisu gasped. She looked at Yuki and Seina once more, with Yuki keeping her expression and Seina worried to death.

    “I assure you, these riffraffs will be brought to a proper punishment,†the senior said once more. “As soon as we determine the cause and method, we’ll blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.â€

    Now Kurisu was tuning this idiot out. “Mari-chan, what do we do?! Yuki-chan and Seina-chan aren’t the types to do this!â€

    “I dunno, I dunno, I dunno!†Mariko was panicking as well. Then she looked at Tennouji Iruka, who was calmly standing next to them. “P-President, you can stop this, right?! Our friends, those guys couldn’t have been the ones to do it! Our friends were supposed to be in duty and-â€

    “And what is THAT supposed to prove?†Iruka replied, turning her blue eyes to the two girls. “I know that each and every one of these students are supposed to be on morning classroom duty. But what makes you believe they are innocent? How can you fully trust your judgement when you’re in hysterics?â€

    To her surprise, Iruka’s collar was suddenly grabbed by the equally-as-tall Kurisu, who held her close in rage. “Hysterics, my ass!†Kurisu roared, now everyone’s attention to them. They all murmured how Kurisu was rough-housing the Student-Body President. “You expect me to stand here and let my friends take the blame for something they didn’t do?!†Hearing Kurisu’s voice changed Seina’s and Yuki’s focus to her. “Even though I’ve known them for less than a week, I can honestly say that I trust who they are! How dare you even think or consider my friends to be culprits of any kind, you prissy princess!â€

    Being called a “prissy princess†broke Iruka’s composure as she quickly grabbed Kurisu’s wrist. Though it hurt, the two glared at each other for some time. There was a silence between the entire crowd; even the short-haired glasses boy was speechless. With a smirk, Iruka replied, “You can HONESTLY say? Then tell me, can you HONESTLY tell me what makes them innocent?â€

    Kurisu was speechless. “W-Well..buh…I…â€

    “I thought so.†With a swift push, Iruka made Kurisu let go of her. “Then I will tell you and prove each of these gifted young students’ innocence.†She then turned to the glasses boy. “I assume, Aoba Jinsuke-senpai, that you and the others of the Student Council singled these students out because they all had active morning duty, for classrooms and clubs. However, look at them.†She pointed at their uniforms. “Not a single one of them have dirt and soil on their uniforms. At most, you’ll probably have chalk dust given how black our uniforms are. And do you believe these students, only at a Junior High level, to pull a stupid stunt such as this? While evidence states that a group of people must’ve dug up these holes, not all, if any, of these young children are willing to make this much of a mess.â€

    Jinsuke was silent, like cat got his tongue. Iruka walked up to him with a stern look. “If you have time to publically humiliate your fellow classmates and underclassmen, Vice-President Aoba Jinsuke, then you have time to find the real culprits. Until then…†She then grabbed him by the tie, pulling him close to her face. “I expect you to clean up your behavior, or else.†As she did with Kurisu, she pushed Jinsuke off of her. “I apologize, my fellow classmates, underclassmen, and seniors. I will personally rectify this incident myself. Until then, please head to your homerooms and await an announcement regarding this situation.â€

    The students clapped and cheered as they headed inside. The accused all sighed a sigh of relief. Mariko nudged Kurisu and joined Yuki and Seina as they headed inside. The only one standing still in the courtyard among the migrating students were Kurisu and Iruka, staring at each other this time rather than glare. The president had a victorious smirk while the blonde stood there dumbfounded. “Now we’re even, Suzumiya Kurisu,†she said. She was obviously referring to when Kurisu defended Iruka a few days ago. “Until then, don’t be late for homeroom.â€

    Now Kurisu was all alone, walking past the gate on her own. She rubbed the back of her head and sighed. “Man…she really has grown up…â€

    Up above the air, Rubee looked down at the slouching Kurisu, then at the holes. “No doubt about it-tsuu,†he buzzed confidently. “HE’S here-tsuu.â€


    It was now lunch time. Most of the students were either eating in the class room or on the roof due to the mess in the courtyard. Normally, students would be encouraged to eat outdoors, but until the case was settled, no one was allowed. In classroom 2-C, Kurisu sat by the window with Yuki, Seina, and Mariko. “To think, you’d be scrutinized in front of the entire school like that!†Mariko exclaimed, obviously angry.

    “Mariko, ‘accused’ is the word you’re looking for…†Seina sighed. She was definitely not feeling her A-game after what happened this morning. “I’m surprised you’re still calm after what happened, Yuki.â€

    Yuki, of course, kept a straight deadpan face as she ate, though she was listening intently. The girls looked at her as she put down her silverware. “…It’s not that big a problem…†she said quietly. “I knew we were innocent, so there’s no need to worry…â€

    “Easy for you to say…†The glasses brunette mumbled. “Though, I’m glad Kurisu-kun tried to come to our rescue. It’s good to hear someone on our side.â€

    “Of course!†Now Kurisu stood up. “Why wouldn’t I stand up for my friends?! I’d be a pretty lame one if I let you two take the blame for something like that!â€

    The three girls smiled at their blonde friend, glad that she has their back. “By the way, Kurisu-kun,†Mariko started as she leaned forward on the back of her chair, “it’s crazy for you to, like, pick a fight with the student council president. I was worried that you were gonna hit her!â€

    “Weren’t you two classmates or something?†Seina was curious since Mariko brought it up a few days ago when the four first met. “I heard that you two didn’t get along well.â€

    Kurisu looked at the three and slowly sat down, letting out a sigh. “It’s not that we didn’t get along well…it was more like…well, this is how it happened.â€


    It was my first year at Jyuunisujou. I had somehow passed the entrance exam and transferred into her class. Of course, I knew I wouldn’t fit in, but…

    Kurisu stood in front of the classroom. Her hair wasn’t tied as it is now, and she wore the school uniform properly. Her name was written on the board in Kanji and Katakana, surname and given name respectively. “M-My name is Suzumiya K-K-Kurisu…†she stammered before her new classmates. The other students were looking at her, whispering to each other things like, “Does she really belong here?†and “She’s so plain and ordinary.†Kurisu’s face dropped and sighed. All of a sudden, the sound of a chair scraping on the floor caught her ears.

    “Welcome, Suzumiya Kurisu,†said a girl with long blue hair. The two looked somewhat identical, though their faces and hair color were different. “My name is Tennouji Iruka, and I am the class representative. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.†She walked up to Kurisu and held out her hand.

    Kurisu was somewhat shocked by this gesture; she had never received this treatment back in her previous schools before. She looked at Iruka and jokingly smiled. “Owah!†she gasped mockingly. “My twin, where have you been! It’s been so long!†At that moment, she quickly grasped Iruka and embraced her. Now the murmurs had changed to, “They really look alike,†and “Are they really twins?â€

    Iruka’s cheeks turned red, and she pushed the blonde, now smiling, off her. “G-Get your hands off me!†she stammered.

    “What’s wrong, princess?†Kurisu grinned. “Too high and mighty for a little physical contact? I thought it was a pleasure to make my acquaintance?†The class took Kurisu’s words as a challenge to the class representative with collective Ooohs.

    The blue-haired girl glared at Kurisu. “Don’t you dare take that tone with me, you!â€

    “Maybe you should tell me how you really feel instead of putting on airs, princess!â€

    The two girls stared each other down as the teacher quickly resolved the situation and assigned Kurisu a seat. There, the blonde was given a high-five by some of the other students.

    Ever since then, I felt more at home. I thought if I was here, I’d have to try and act all prim and proper, but seeing her face somehow made me feel…annoyed. Like I’d be looking at a mirror. So I acted out and tried to be myself. I surprisingly fit in. Iruka and I would also try to compete now and then in verbal and educated arguments, but I’d always lose because the education was too advanced for me. I wasn’t down about it, but it made me feel good to go toe-to-toe with that princess. Then one day, after our final exams…

    “Wooh! It’s OVER!!†Kurisu exclaimed as she jumped out of her seat. Some of the other students also expressed the same sentiment.

    “You seem pretty confident, Suzumiya-san,†Iruka sighed, not wanting to hear Kurisu’s stupidity at the moment. “I am to assume that you…how do you put it…‘studied your block off’�

    “Damn straight,†the blonde smirked. “And I didn’t have to ask YOU for help, princess.â€

    “Impressive, to not having to consult me for any school work. It seems you’ll fit right in in Jyuunisujou.â€

    “OHHHH no, you’re not givin’ me THAT now.†Kurisu approached Iruka to her seat on the other side of the classroom. Each of the students in the class were looking. “Don’t think I didn’t know that people were talking about us. Today’s the day I’m gonna beat you.â€

    “Beat me?†The blue-haired girl let out a smirk. “I clearly beat you in everything. What can you expect to beat me in now?â€

    “Your prissy butt may not know of this game, but today’s the day I’ll beat you…in Janken!†With a confident grin, Kurisu crossed her arms.

    Iruka merely raised an eyebrow. “Are you serious? You expect me to play such a game?â€

    “Are you really turning down a challenge?â€

    “Another challenge from you is like looking at a frog.â€

    “Then you won’t turn away until I place my bet!â€

    Now this caught Iruka’s interest. “A bet? What do YOU have to bet with me?â€

    Kurisu slowly placed her hand onto her back. She gripped her long blonde hair and brought it to the front, holding it in front of Iruka. “I know that everyone thinks we look the same. Hell, I made a joke about it the day I arrived. But this will end it. If I win, you cut your hair shot. And if you win…â€

    The class representative put the pieces together and smirked. “I see. If I were to win, YOU would be the one to cut your hair. Interesting…†Then she balled her hand into a fist. “As you would say…You’re on!â€

    The other classmates were staring intently. This was the first time a match between the transfer student and the class representative had a bet, and one with a huge price. Kurisu grinned and rolled up hair “shooting†sleeve. Then she pulled her arm back. “Jan!â€

    Iruka pulled her arm back as well. “Ken!â€



    “And, well…as you can see…â€

    “Totally sweet!†Mariko laughed. “You actually beat the Student Council President in something?!â€

    “But your plan backfired,†Seina laughed as well. “Tennouji-san looks a lot more mature now that she cut her hair. She’s become the face of the students and has a more majestic look.â€

    “I still can’t believe she did it!†Kurisu sat back on her seat and sighed. “But you know…Iruka…â€

    Unbeknownst to her, Iruka was about to pass by the open class door until she heard her name being said by Kurisu.

    “…I kinda envy her. Ever since I joined, she had a calm and collective look, like nothing troubled her. I’m not the type to hold back because it’d feel like I’d burst. Even before she became the Student Council President, she gained popularity because of her patience and majesty. She’s like my total opposite. I’m too honest and open, but she can hold back anything if she wanted to. I want to know the REAL Tennouji Iruka. Not the Class Representative or the Student Council President. I want to know her without the mask…that’s all I’ve wanted since I enrolled in Jyuunisujou.â€

    Iruka didn’t say a word. All this time the two were at odds with each other, and yet she never knew how Kurisu felt about her. She wanted to say something, but like Kurisu said, she held back. Instead, she said, “I’d like the morning duty students to come see me outside, please.â€

    “Oop, that’d be us,†Seina said and stood from her chair. “Thanks for the story, Kurisu-kun. We’ll be back soon. Come on, Yuki.†Yuki also stood from her chair and followed Seina out the classroom. Iruka looked back at Kurisu as she closed the door.

    “Wow, you and Tennouji-san, huh?†Mariko muttered and grinned. “I can’t see it, y’know.â€

    Kurisu looked at the door, and then down at her lunch. “…Yeah…me neither…â€


    Meanwhile, an asteroid floated about Earth’s orbit. It was covered with crystal-like protrusions. On the top of the asteroid, a castle made of rock and crystal stood. Inside the castle, Zir-Q was kneeling before a thrown on top of crystal steps. His large zirconium hand was placed over his stomach where Diamond had placed a cracking wound on him. “It’s as I say, Glass-sama,†he reported. “The Pretty Cure are indeed real as legends say.†The one called “Glass-samaâ€, or “Lord Glassâ€, looked down at Zir-Q from the shadows. “I may have underestimated them, but I will not fail again! Legend speaks of three Pretty Cure, but I have only faced one! Let me strike now while we outnumber them!â€

    Then finally, Lord Glass spoke. “In YOUR condition, Zir-Q? I think not.†He stood, but his face remained covered by the shadows. He had a long robe covering his body. “If you fight them again, you are sure to break, and know that we are not easy to repair. I will send someone else in your place.â€

    “No, Glass-sama! Let me redeem myself!â€

    “Oh, quit groveling,†said a female voice in the shadows. She was a green petite crystalline woman with yellow swirling on parts of her body. She grinned at Zir-Q with crossed arms. “If that one Pretty Cure, as you call them, bested you with a wound like that, you’re not worthy of going back out. I will take his place, Glass-sama. I’m FAR superior to Zir-Q in every way.â€

    “See that you do not fail, Madame Moiss,†Lord Glass said. “We need to steal the Earth’s Luster from the humans’ gemstones. And in order to do that, we need the Gems of Light! Go now, and take back what is rightfully ours!â€

    “Your wish is my command, my lord.â€


    It was after classes, and the Student Council started their meeting. At the head of the table sat Iruka, her fingers crossed over her face. “I would just like to start,†she said, “that I am very disappointed with your actions this morning.†She looked up at the other members, particularly Aoba Jinsuke, with disdain. “The Student Council exists to better the lives of its peers and set them on the course to their future. We do not, by any means, go around accusing them without hard evidence!â€

    “But who else could have done it other than the students on morning classroom duty?!†Jinsuke argued, now standing up. “I saw fit to judge because it was the only logical explanation!â€

    “And so you go accusing children who have alibis? You did not even think that members of the faculty, which I surely doubt, to have done the crime?†Iruka remained seated as she spoke. The others of the Student Council couldn’t look at her out of shame. “I spoke with each of the students on morning duty, and each had clear alibis which were supported by teachers present at the time. I even went as far as to interview the faculty. Of course, they were innocent as well.â€

    “Well someone has to be lying!†Jinsuke did not want to lose this battle, for it would have brought shame on him and the Student Council, though the shame couldn’t be avoided.

    “Vice-President Aoba Jinsuke!†Now Iruka was very angry as she shot up from her seat. “Why did you join the Jyuunisujou Junior High division of the Student Council if you do not have faith in your classmates and underclassmen?!â€

    “How about you, President?!†Jinsuke’s voice was raised as well. “How can we trust that you’re not covering for them? Aren’t YOU trying to save face to maintain your position as the Student Council President?!†He pointed at Iruka now. “Can you honestly tell me that everything you feel for the students of this school are your true feelings?! How you feel for us are true?!â€

    The president remained silent and sat back down, closing your eyes. “You do not even want to know my thoughts,†she finally said. “For my opinion does not matter in this table, but the opinions of the students. I value them more than anything we have to say here today, which is how it should be. The Student Council exists for the students, not to rule over the students. As I said at the beginning of this year, I asked to treat me like they would treat their classmates. I have the utmost faith in my peers.†She then opened her eyes to a glare at Jinsuke. “However, if any of you have a lack of faith for your peers, I will tell you now to leave this room.â€

    No one stood. No one said a word. Iruka was right, they thought. No, most of them thought. One man, Jinsuke, stood up and left the room in anger, slamming the door behind him. Iruka simply shook her head and resumed the meeting.


    Up on the roof of the school, Jinsuke punched the fence that acted as a barrier from the edge. “That insufferable woman!†he growled. “How dare she make a fool out of me, in front of the Student Council!†He looked down at his hands and gripped them tightly. “She is a Junior, as I a Senior! I should be the President! Just because she is the chairman’s granddaughter, she thinks she can do whatever she wants with the Student Council! I know her type, and I am the rightful president!â€

    “You? The RIGHTFUL president?†said a voice behind Jinsuke. The boy turned, gasped, and fell as he caught sight of Madame Moiss. She grinned and crossed her arms. “I like that. Your vanity will get you some where if you follow the drive. But…†She looked into Jinsuke’s chest, and a dulled and cracking aquamarine gem appeared. “I hate half-hearted men. Half-hearted men…don’t need their heart stones.†She shot out her palm, and the aquamarine shattered into pieces in his chest. Green moissanite formed in its place as Jinsuke’s brown eyes turned into a dull green. “Hmm…good boy. Now then…lead me to the gem of light.â€


    Iruka stepped out of the school doors with a sigh. The sun was already setting, yet she felt like there was still much to be done. Instead of walking to the gates, she went to the courtyard, specifically the tree where Kurisu and her friends usually sat for lunch. She couldn’t get what she heard from Kurisu during lunch out of her head.

    “Ever since I joined, she had a calm and collective look, like nothing troubled her. I’m not the type to hold back because it’d feel like I’d burst. Even before she became the Student Council President, she gained popularity because of her patience and majesty. She’s like my total opposite. I’m too honest and open, but she can hold back anything if she wanted to. I want to know the REAL Tennouji Iruka. Not the Class Representative or the Student Council President. I want to know her without the mask…â€

    She let out a small sigh. “No,†she said to herself, as if she was talking to Kurisu. “You wouldn’t want to know the real me. It’s…not meant for the Student Body President of Jyuunisujou’s Junior High division.†She began to walk across the courtyard, not really looking at where she was going. “If anything, Suzumiya-san…I…†Before she knew it, her foot missed a step, as if it sank into empty space.

    Then she felt her shin touch dirt as she fell face first. “Ack!†she gasped and rolled onto her back. Her book bag had fallen ahead of her. Iruka looked down at the hole she stepped on. “That’s strange. I inspected this courtyard enough times to know that this hole was never here before.†She took her foot off and began to inspect the hole. All of a sudden, dirt shot out of it and landed on the other side of the hole. She was surprised and crawled away from the hole. “S-Something’s in there!†she gasped. As if it was summoned, something popped out of the hole.

    It was a light blue…dog-like creature with a droopy face and flaps that covered over its eyes. It looked kind of like a beagle. It turned to Iruka; it had a tongue sticking out of its jowls. “Wan!†it simply barked.

    “…It…was…YOU?!†Iruka exclaimed and picked up the dog-like creature forcefully. It was surprisingly small, and its skin sagged over its feet like a baby’s cloth. Though while she could feel the softness of the sagging skin, it also felt like she was holding a gem. “You’re the culprit?! What…what are you, some kind of dog?!â€


    “Clearly, you can understand me.†Iruka’s patience was wearing thin, and she was beginning to get angry. “Who are you!? WHAT are you?!â€

    “Opero-tsuu!†Now Iruka was bombared by a loud buzzing. She turned to find a ruby bumblebee buzzing towards her.

    “Ah! A bee!†she exclaimed and threw the dog to the ground, ducking from the bee. The bee, meanwhile, buzzed up to the dog.

    “I finally found you, Opero-tsuu!†Rubee excitedly said as he stood on his tiny hind legs. “I was worried when we got separated-tsuu!â€

    “Wan!†was all Opero said.

    “What-tsuu? You sniffed out a Gem of Light-tsuu?†Now Rubee’s interest was piqued. “Well, tell me! Where is it!â€

    “A bee! A talking red bee!†Iruka stammered. She couldn’t take everything that was happening in one day. Rubee and Opero turned to her. “I know, I must be tired from today’s events is all! I jusome and rest!â€

    “Oh, you’re Kuri-tsuu’s friend!â€

    The president stopped for a bit to take in what the bee said. “…What?! I am NOT Suzumiya-san’s friend!...Wait, Suzumiya-san is involved?!†She really couldn’t take everything that was going on in one day.


    “Oh, Kuri-tsuu is one of the Legendary Warriors I find with a Gem of Light-tsuu! I want you two to meet-tsuu!†Oh was this a glorious day it was turning out to be. Iruka was nearly about to faint.

    “Okay, that’s it!†She quickly shot up and dusted herself off. “I’m just TIRED. I’m just worried about what Suzumiya-san said! I’m hallucinating!â€

    Rubee looked up at Iruka and spoke to her. “How long will you keep being dishonest to yourself-tsuu?†Hearing what the bee said made the president froze. “Do you really need to keep that face to escape from reality-tsuu?â€

    The blue-haired girl didn’t say anything. She looked down and sighed. “I…†All of a sudden, she heard the sound of crunching grass. As she looked up, Jinsuke stood before her on the other side of the courtyard section she was in. “A-Aoba-senpai…wh-what’s wrong? I thought you went home?â€

    “Girl, you should run-tsuu!†Rubee warned as Opero snarled at Jinsuke. “That guy, his gemstone was replaced!â€

    “Wh-what?! His gemstone?!†Iruka looked back up to see that Jinsuke was getting feral.

    “You…insufferable…woman…†he growled and slowly began to walk towards the three. “I should be the president…your Senior…I should…be president…not YOU!!†With a loud roar, he charged at Iruka. All she could do was watch as she was about to be assaulted.


    And by my fanfic artist, here are the main characters: Suzumiya Kurisu, Tennouji Iruka, and Fuuma Misora in their school uniforms.
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    I like this so far; I'll have to give it a more thorough read later. So far though it seems like a really nice story. I'll make sure to give a more detailed explination on my likes and disilikes later.
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    Chapter 4 – GiraGira! Feelings True as the Ocean Blue

    As Jinsuke charged towards Iruka, the student President dove to his left around the hole as the enraged vice-president tripped on the hole like she did. “Tennouji!!” he roared as he scrambled to get up.

    “Aoba-senpai! What’s gotten into you?!” She was scared that she was just assaulted, especially by an older male. She fixed her skirt as she got back up, stepping back from him. Her heel somewhat pressed against the edge of another hole as she looked back to confirm its position. As Jinsuke charged again, Iruka skillfully dodged, pushing him over another hole once more.

    “She’s good-tsuu,” Rubee stammered as he looked around. “Agh, she’s not around when you need her-tsuu!”

    “Who are you talking about?” Iruka asked as she regained her composure. “You’re…not seriously talking about Suzumiya-san, are you?”

    Then Rubee buzzed past her and towards Jinsuke. “Keep him busy, Opero-tsuu! I’ll try to find her-tsuu!”

    The angered male tried to catch the ruby bumblebee, but he was too high to be caught. So the male focused his attention on Iruka once more. “I’m tired of being under your heel,” he growled. “I’m going to take the position of Student Council President if it’s the last thing I do, even if I have to force it into my hands!”

    As Jinsuke began his attack once more, the growling Opera bore his opal fangs and jumped up at the teen, clamping to his face. “Wan! Wan wan! Wan!”

    “Agh!! Get off me, you mutt!”

    Iruka didn’t know how to take in everything. An opal dog and a talking ruby bumblebee, Kurisu surprisingly saying something NICE about her, and now her Senior is trying to hurt her, maybe worse! “I’m sorry…uh…Opero-san!” she said as she turned around and ran through the main building’s west wing, dodging holes along the way. Under the walkway that connects the main building and the western building, she stopped to catch her breath on a pillar. Then she continued to the sports fields. However, Iruka came to a full halt; a green crystal woman had stopped her in her tracks.

    “Are you really leaving now?” she grinned with her crystalline arms crossed. She began to walk towards Iruka as the girl tried to find her escape route. An…inhuman being, an “alien”, a foreign creature never seen before was right in front of Iruka! Everything was happening so much at once that it was becoming harder and harder to take in. As Iruka stepped back, she heard the crunch of dirt behind her. She turned to find Jinsuke, his eyes a dead green, holding up a beaten Opero that was thrown to her feet. “Good job, my pet,” Madame Moiss chuckled. “Now…do what you need to do.”

    Jinsuke menacingly walked towards Iruka. She was dead scared as she found nowhere left to run. Tears began to well up in her eyes. It wasn’t like when she stared down a punk a few days ago; she knew something was wrong with Jinsuke, and as he was now, he was capable to doing far worse than she can imagine. The first thing she thought about was Kurisu saving her like last time, and deep down, she hoped it would happened again.

    “Oop! Excuse me!” said a voice behind Jinsuke as a hand grabbed him by his jacket collar and flung him far back from Iruka. Standing there was that familiar blonde hair and ruby bumblebee by her side. She looked down at Iruka, whose legs gave out on her, and smiled. “Hey, Iruka,” she chuckled. “Enjoying the weather from down there?”

    There were so many things Iruka could say right now. She wished that Kurisu would save her, and here she was. But the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “…Are you that stupid?! How many times have I told you that we’re not on a first-name basis?!”

    “Geeze, I save your life TWICE, and you give me this crap?!” Once again, like old times, Iruka and Kurisu were arguing.


    The blonde looked up at the green woman and glared at her. “And who’re you supposed to be?”

    The woman chuckled and bowed. “You may call me Madame Moiss, commoner,” she introduced herself in a high and mighty manner. “You did quite a number on Zir-Q, but you know what they say. Never send an idiot to do a master’s job.”

    “Suzumiya-san…you really are involved in all this…” It seemed that what the bee had said was true.

    “And I didn’t want you to be, either.” Kurisu looked back at Jinsuke, who was already back on his feet. “And that annoying guy HAD to be Madame Pain-in-the-butt’s toy.”

    “That guy’s Gemstone was replaced with moissanite-tsuu,” Rubee explained, now tending to Opero. “Take care of it before Madame Moiss turns him into a Synthesan-tsuu!”

    “I don’t think she’s going to give us that chance.”

    Already, Madame Moiss was behind Jinsuke. “Too late, kiddies! Relinquish your Luster and lose yourself in the Dullness of the world!” Jinsuke’s eyes widened as green moissanite began to cover his body. He grew a few inches taller, and his Synthesan body was slim. His arms had grown into blade-like protrusions. He also grew crystal structures onto his back and shoulder blades. The Synthesan’s yellow slit eyes looked up at Iruka and Kurisu, droning.

    “Tennouji…I’ll take my role as president now!!”

    “What…is that…” Iruka gaped as she looked at the Synthesan.

    “Hunh, it’s actually smaller than my last one,” Kurisu added and scratched her cheek. “Hey, Rubee, how do I…y’know, use that thing? The flashlight thing?”

    “The Heart Ring stores your Heart Flasher-tsuu,” Rubee explained. “Just wish for it, and it’ll come to you-tsuu!”

    “Suzumiya-san…what are you…”

    Kurisu turned to Iruka with a half-smile. “Sorry to get you involved, Iruka. Just get back. I’ll take care of everything now.” She then raised her left hand in a fist, and the heart-shaped diamond ring began to glow. Out of its light formed the Heart Flasher, a pink flashlight with a heart-shaped bulb. The world around her became dark, and the Heart Flasher shone the light to her face. “It’s…show time!” Then she tossed the Heart Flasher into the air. “Pretty Cure! Lights…ON!” As she snapped her fingers, the Heart Flasher bursted into light that illuminated her world. The lights bathed onto her body and transformed her into a warrior in white.

    “Like the endless universe glittering inside a tiny diamond! Cure Diamond!!”

    Before Iruka’s eyes, Kurisu had magically taken on another form. Her clothes were now white, and her blonde hair was somewhat longer and more vivid. She was radiating with a bright light, one that can compare to the luster of a jewel. “Suzumiya-san…you…”

    “I’d tell you to run away, but that annoying guy will probably just try and get you,” Diamond sighed. “So instead, try not to get in the way. I wouldn’t wanna see you get hurt because of me. Don’t worry, Iruka.” She smiled and gave Iruka a thumbs-up. “I’ll protect you.” With a burst of power, she jumped towards the Synthesan with her left fist in the air. “Let’s go, ugly!!” she roared and thrusted her fist forward. However, the Synthesan disappeared instantly, reappearing at her left after the punch was thrown. “What?!” The Synthesan brought its knee up to Diamond’s stomach and pulled a second spinning kick towards a nearby tree. “Again with the trees!” she growled and got back up. ‘No joke…this one is different than the one I fought before…do they differ for each Counterfeti that makes them?!’

    She ran forward once more and delivered a front kick, but the Synthesan was to Diamond’s back. Its arms formed the blades and slashed at her back. “Agh!!” she gasped and stumbled forward. “Stay still!” As she swung a backfist strike, the Synthesan was already a distance away. “Dammit, I said stay still!”

    “Do you like my Synthesan, commoner?” Madame Moiss cackled in an obnoxious manner. “They’re a lot different than Zir-Q’s, as they don’t pack as much punch as his do, but they’re much faster! And knowing you, that’s all it’d take to bring you down. I’ll deliver your Gem of Light to Glass-sama and bring about dullness to this pitiful world!”

    “Glass-sama, huh?” Diamond wiped her mouth a little. “That the name of your boss? Let me guess, he’s made of glass or something!” Then she pounded her fist into her palm. “Maybe I’ll pay him a visit and make a few cracks in his windows or something!”

    “Don’t you talk about the master like that, commoner! Synthesan, eliminate her!”

    The Synthesan appeared in front of Diamond before she could react. With its hands now turned into fists, it launched rapid punches onto her body; one after another, though not as painful at first, it collected with power and speed. A final kick sent Diamond sliding to Iruka, Rubee, and Opero.


    “Focus, Diamond-tsuu! Use the power of the Gem of Light-tsuu!”

    “If I knew how, I would already!” Rubee’s “backseat driving” was proving to be a pain as Diamond tried to stand again, but that last attack took a lot out of her. “Oww…”

    “Suzumiya-san!” Iruka exclaimed and stood in front of Diamond. “Stop it, Aoba-senpai! It’s me you want, right?! Please, leave her alone!”

    This display of weakness made Madame Moiss laugh even harder. “Willing to sacrifice yourself? Pathetic. You have no right to hold your title. Let your underling do you in!”

    As Iruka closed her eyes, prepared for the rest, Diamond placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder. “Stop it…fear isn’t something that suits you,” she sighed and moved forward.

    “Stop it, Suzumiya-san! If you go again, you’ll be killed!” Then she placed her hands onto her chest. “Please…you saved me once…I’m just returning the favor…”

    “I never asked you to return the favor,” Diamond replied. “I saved you because I wanted to.” After a bit of silence, the blonde Pretty Cure let out a sigh. “Listen…I don’t know how long I can hold out. So I’ll tell you something. I…for a long time, I’ve actually admired you. To be honest, I really wanted to be like you. You were strong, demanding, calm and collected. You didn’t let anything bother you, no matter how big or small it was, so you solved every problem with ease. Not me. I’m impulsive, brash, and I always get myself into some trouble without thinking. I want to know…how you do it. How to be you, y’know? But…I couldn’t be you, ‘cause I’d be lying to myself. The worst thing I could ever do is deny my existence to be someone I’m not.” She turned to Iruka and smiled. “I want to see the real you, Iruka. The person behind the mask you put up all the time. Then maybe…I can understand you a little more.” Now that she said her piece, Diamond turned back to the Synthesan. “Don’t worry about me, Prez! Get to safety! I’ll buy you as much time as I possibly can!”

    But Iruka didn’t budge. The president bit her lower lip and placed her hand on Diamond’s shoulder. “No…I’m through with running.” With a determined face, she began to walk forward. “I’m tired…of being someone I’m not. Of putting the strong face of a president just because everyone depends on me. I don’t want to be everyone’s mother. I want to be their guide, to lead them without spoiling them.” She glared up at the Synthesan, who returned the glare. “Do you hear me, Aoba-senpai?!” she exclaimed. “Do you want to know what I really think?! What I really feel about the school, the students, and everything?!

    “I…I HATE IT! Every day, everyone flocks to me like I’m some goddess! They expect me to solve each and every one of their problems like a savior! That’s not why I became the student-body president. I didn’t want to be their pillar to lean on, but to lead them on the proper road to their futures! But I was afraid of their expectations that I wouldn’t be able to meet, so I catered to each and every one of you. No, from now on, I’m done! I’m going to be the student-body president that people can learn from, not want from!” In her chest, a faint blue light began to glow. As she spoke, it grew brighter and brighter, slowly engulfing her. “Even if my father may think differently, even if the faculty may think differently, I won’t change myself for anyone else! I’ll be true to myself and my beliefs!” Iruka placed her hand onto her chest once more, taking a breath. “That…is my honest truth!”

    At the declaration of these words, the light surrounded her and shot out. Slowly, a ring with a heart-shaped sapphire began to descend in front of her. “This is…the same as Suzumiya-san’s!”

    “Iruka…I can’t believe it!”


    Rubee looked down at Opero. “What-tsuu? That’s the Gem of Light you sniffed out earlier-tsuu?!” Taking one last look at Iruka, a big grin formed on the bumblebee’s lips. “Iruka! You’re one of the Legendary Warriors, a Pretty Cure-tsuu!”

    “A…Pretty Cure? Is that what you call it?”

    “I know, it’s a pretty lame name. But that means we can fight together!”

    Hearing that she’d be along Diamond’s side, Iruka looked down at the ring. She closed her eyes and placed the ring onto her left middle finger. A bright light shone from it, releasing her own Heart Flasher. “I really am…”

    “Iruka-tsuu! Invoke the power of the Gem of Light and yell, ‘Pretty Cure! Light on!’-tsuu!”

    “Do…I really have to?” A hint of pink formed on Iruka’s cheeks. “Well…you know more about this than I do, so…”

    Then Diamond leaned on Iruka’s back. “Oh, and you have to make it flashy!”

    “What?!” The blush became more prominent. “Mou…fine! Fine! It just has to be flashy, right?!” She looked at Jinsuke again and took a deep breath. As she closed her eyes, the world around her became dark. “It’s show time!” As she said this, she tossed the Heart Flasher into the air with her left hand. “Pretty Cure! Light…ON!” With a snap of her fingers, the Heart Flasher exploded and illuminated her world. The blue light from the flasher bathed over Iruka’s body, starting with her torso. The light formed a small white dress that frilled over her thighs. Along the hem were blue trimmings with a turquoise center in the middle. The dress formed around her shoulders than over, making something like sleeves. The light then formed over the dress and created a long light-blue sleeveless coat with dark blue trimmings and matching arm sleeves, also having a turquoise circle over the back of the hand with white frills under. The light bathed her legs to form turquoise boots over dark blue leggings, and a turquoise ribbon “washed” itself over her chest. After her choker and earrings were formed, the light bathed over her hair. It grew long as it did a year when she was Kurisu’s classmate, but a white ribbon tied itself into a thin ponytail. She finally opened her green eyes to reveal its change to a light blue, and the transformation was complete.

    Like she stood over the edge of the cliff, Iruka held her hand out to the setting sun. “Like the vast ocean that sparkles towards the horizon…” Then she spun gracefully until she came to a fullstop, her left leg brought up to the thigh and stomped down into a full stance, her hands brought out to the side like a majestic figure. “Cure Ocean!!”

    Iruka stood in her new uniform, trying to take in the most important event that just happened to her; she had just transformed into a legendary warrior through some sort of magic. And yet, she felt…refreshed and renewed, as if all her worries had gone away. She was the same as Kurisu now. After taking in her new identity, she looked up to find that the Synthesan had already appeared before the two of them. “Woah!” she exclaimed. She meant to jump out of the way, but she found herself high above the main building’s walkway to the west building. Diamond was also with her. “I-I’m flying! I’m seriously flying!”

    “I know, isn’t it the greatest feeling ever?!” As she and Iruka landed on the top of the walkway, they looked down at the Synthesan and Madame Moiss. “This is the power we’ve been given. The power we can use to protect everyone in this school and everyone we care about!”

    “To protect everyone…” After repeating Diamond’s words, Iruka took in a deep breath. The people she wanted to guide, their lives were now in her hands. “Let’s get them, Suzumiya-san.”

    Then Diamond placed her finger in front of Iruka’s face. “Oop, oop. One thing. When I’m like this, you don’t call me ‘Suzumiya-san.’ From here on, we’re partners, so call me ‘Cure Diamond.’ Alright, ‘Cure Ocean’?”

    After her new identity was acknowledge, Ocean smiled and looked down at their targets. “Right. Let’s go, Diamond!”

    “Tch…Zir-Q was right, I guess.” Madame Moiss clenched her teeth and stepped back a bit. “Who knew that brat also had a Gem of Light. But I’m not going to be stupid like Zir-Q. Synthesan, finish the rest!...Not that I’ll expect you to last.” As quickly as her sharp tongue went, she disappeared into the air. The Synthesan jumped into the air after the two Pretty Cures.

    “Cover me!” Diamond yelled as she jumped down. But she was surprised to see Ocean ahead of her.

    “Don’t make brash decisions, Diamond!” she warned and successfully blocked a slash from the Synthesan. “I can read his moves before he makes them, like knowing how a child will react!” With a swift kick, she sent the Synthesan flying down into one of Opero’s dug holes as Ocean and Diamond landed in front of Rubee and Opero. “Rubee-san and Opero-san, right? Get to safety, you two!”

    “Right-tsuu! Let’s go-tsuu!” Rubee helped Opero up as the two quickly escaped, leaving Diamond and Ocean to fend for themselves.

    “Wow, you seem to have gotten a grasp for things, Ocean,” remarked Diamond.

    Ocean prepared her ready stance, standing up straight with her right arm out. “I seem to be moving faster than usual. I think I can match his speed. Attack when the time is right!”

    “You’re the boss, Pres!” The two were now on the attack. Ocean moved in swiftly and pulled a right straight quicker than how the Synthesan could react. While it was distracted, Diamond got to its back. “This is for striking me from behind, asshole!” she roared and pulled her own powerful right straight, sending the Synthesan flying into the soccer field. Ocean and Diamond jumped over the gates after it.

    “No…I’m…supposed to be the President!” Jinsuke was becoming unstable inside the Synthesan’s body. The Synthesan glowed a malicious aura as it charged Ocean once more.

    “Ocean!” Rubee called out. “Harness the power of the Sapphire of Light and let it explode-tsuu!”

    “You say the corniest things, you know that?” As she placed her right hand over the left, Ocean took in another calm breath. “Let it explode…” Like pulling a sword from its scabbard, Ocean’s right hand pulled out a stream of water that hardened into an ice blade shaped like a rapier. She looked down and smirked. “This is…my kind of weapon!” she said and took a fencing stance. As the Synthesan grew closer, Ocean waited for the right moment. Her eyes flashed as she took a step forward and stabbed into the crystalline being’s left shoulder, knocking it off balance.

    “Woah!” Diamond whistled as she watched the Synthesan roll to the ground. “Go get ‘em!”

    Ocean moved in once more, stabbing into the crystal body more and more. The cracks became more prominent, some even connecting to each other. The Synthesan stumbled back, feeling sluggish and slowing. “Aoba-senpai…cool off a bit!” She then pulled her ice rapier back as the Sapphire Heart Ring began to glow. “GiraGira…Spread!” With a final thrust, her ice rapier broke into a burst of water streams, each of them stabbing into the crystalline body of the Synthesan.

    “That’s…not fair, I can’t do that…” Diamond whined.

    “That’s because you haven’t harnessed the power of your Diamond of Light-tsuu,” Rubee sighed. “Ocean-tsuu! Channel the power of the Pretty Cure through your Gem of Light and purify him-tsuu!”

    Ocean noticed that her hands were now glowing. She then clasped them together. “I understand!” She then looked up at the Synthesan Jinsuke. “I’ll polish that which has dulled your heart!” The light grew stronger as she pulled her clasped hands upwards into the air. “Illuminate! Sapphire of Light!” The hands let go of each other, now outwards, as she took a step forward into a front stance. “Petty Cure…Ocean…Wave!!” She pulled her hands forward, and from her palms release a blue beam covered in water. The beam engulfed the Synthesan, and the torrent of the water tore apart its moissanite shell. Ocean then stood up straight and turned her back to the Synthesan. “Polification…” with a snap of her fingers, she finished, “…complete!!” The Synthesan’s body shattered into shards that melted and faded into the water, and Jinsuke slowly floated to the ground.

    The sun set, and Diamond ran to Ocean, patting her on the back. “Good job, newbie!” she joked. Ocean’s cheeks turned pink a little, and she nodded.


    Jinsuke’s eyes slowly opened, and he quickly shot from the ground. “Where am I?!” he exclaimed, only to groan and place his hand on his head. He looked around to find himself in front of the school. “How’d I…get here…”

    “You fell and hit your head when you tripped on one of these holes,” Iruka explained behind him. Kurisu was also with her.

    “P-President Tennouji!” he gasped. “What are you still doing here at this late hour?!”

    “Your father called mine. He said you hadn’t come home, so I came here and found you knocked out on the ground. Security had already locked up for the night, so I had to get someone to unlock it for me.”

    “…And why is SHE with you?” Jinsuke was obviously referring to Kurisu, who stuck her tongue out at him.

    “SHE’S the one I had to contact.” Iruka let out a sigh and smiled. “But it’s getting late. Your father is worried about you, so you should head home now.”

    “…President…I just…” Jinsuke was at a loss for words. He then took in a deep breath and said, “I wanted to…apologize for my recent behavior. I…wanted to succeed in my goals so badly that I would have done anything to do it. To be a lawyer…is not to judge with a lack of evidence. I’ve proved myself less than worthy of being the Student Council Vice-President, and I would like to-”

    “Return tomorrow, Aoba-senpai,” Iruka interrupted. “We all make mistakes, and…I’ve been making one for a long time. We’ll have a meeting again after school tomorrow, so I expect nothing less than my Vice-President’s attendance.”

    Feeling that he had been given a second chance, Jinsuke lifted his glasses and smiled. “Th-Thanks you, President! I-I’ll see you tomorrow, so get home safely, you too!” With a quick bow, he grabbed his bag and ran out the gates.

    “Make mistakes, huh?” Kurisu smirked a little.

    “I wasn’t lying when I said that,” replied Iruka. “I…didn’t trust myself to handle the position of Student Council President well, but that was because I didn’t trust myself as a person to live up to everyone’s expectations. I’ve realized that I shouldn’t let everyone’s expectations judge who I am, but that I should let everyone learn and proceed in life on their own.” She turned to Kurisu and held out her hand with a smile. “Help me, Suzumiya…I mean…Ku…Ku…”

    “Don’t rush it,” Kurisu grinned and shook Iruka’s hand playfully, with Rubee standing behind her and Opero next to Iruka. “We got a lot of time to work that part out. Until then, I hope to work with you more, Iruka.”

    “There you go again with the first-name basis…”


    The next morning, Kurisu trudged up the hill with Mariko, Seina, and Yuki ahead of her. “Rough night?” Mariko asked.

    “Tell me about it,” Kurisu replied, tired from her Pretty Cure activities.

    “You should sleep earlier, Kurisu-kun,” Seina teased. “Or you’ll never be ready for the sports clubs next week!”

    “Oh, I am SO not messing that up!” With renewed energy, Kurisu tried to run up after her friends, but her lack of energy nearly caused her to fall back. It was then she felt someone push her up. She turned, and her eyes widened in surprise. “It’s you!”

    “You should listen to your friends more, Kurisu,” Iruka sighed, now walking next to the blonde. What she said left Kurisu, Mariko, and Seina, save Yuki, speechless. This set of eyes staring at her made Iruka blush. “…Wh-what?”

    “So you finally got over the first-name basis thing?” Kurisu laughed and swung her arm around Iruka’s shoulders, pulling her closer. “We’re off to a good start, Iruka!”

    Iruka simply smiled. “Indeed.”

    Seina tried to find the words to say something. Then she opened her mouth. “Didn’t…didn’t we say that Kurisu-kun and Tennouji-san wouldn’t get along well?”

    Mariko simply looked on and smiled at the sight. Kurisu and Iruka were smiling brightly, like old friends renewed. “Nah, that was crazy talk. Those two fit each other perfectly.”


    This is the design for Cure Ocean, credited to LJ user jitsch.

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    If you're only midway chapter 2, you'll like Chapters 3 and 4. They're personally my arc so far.

    I'm still writing Chapter 5, but the planning stages are...kinda hard right now.
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    Chapters 5 and 6 are completed, though Chapter 6 may undergo some revision once jitsh completes the 6th picture. Once the 5th pictture is completed, I will post up chapter 5.

    Get ready, because the battle of Chapter 6 is by far one of my most favorite ever written and described. MORE THN CHAPTER 4.
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    Due to popular demand (lol who am I kidding?), I decided to post Chapter 5 early. But I won't post 6 until jitsch finishes her picture for Chapter 6. Suspense and shit. I owe her that right because she is my awesome partner in this series. As I motivate her to draw for me, she motivates me to write for her.

    If you ever meet jitsch on the Precure Livejournal group, give her your thanks for being the most awesome partner ever.


    Chapter 5 – KiraKira! The Freshman Prodigy’s Unsolvable Problem

    The previous week had been filled with many strange occurrences that it took Kurisu a weekend to figure things out. First, she meets a strange red bee that tells her to save his world, and she fights off strange crystalline monsters made from people’s negative emotions from the Gemstones of their hearts called Heart Gems as the Legendary Warrior Pretty Cure. She’s donned the identity of Cure Diamond, the Pretty Cure of Strength. Then she unknowingly allies with her former classmate and Jyuunisujou Junior High Student-Body President, Tennouji Iruka; she becomes the second Pretty Cure: the Pretty Cure of Honesty, Cure Ocean, and the two have become closer in a span of a few days. Now a new week has come.

    Kurisu hopped off the train and onto the platform, lugging a sports bag with her along with her book bag. The sports bag rustled a bit. “I liked the smell of your book bag better-tsuu!” a voice said from inside. The blonde quickly swatted a bump in the bag. “Ow!”

    “Stuff it, Rubee,” Kurisu whispered. “And you barely fit in my bookbag, remember? I can’t afford to leave you and Opero at home, so I gotta take you with me.” As she walked, she felt herself leaning to the side. “Oh god, you two are so heavy!”


    “Just let us off-tsuu.” Rubee’s glimmering black eye poked through an open hole in the zipper. “We can just stay in the surrounding area-tsuu.”

    “And what if Iruka and I need you two?” People were beginning to look. “Listen, just sit still until we get inside the campus. I’ll let you two out then.”

    “People are staring, Kurisu,” said a voice being Kurisu. She turned to see Iruka walking behind her. “If you’re going to talk to them, you should keep your voice down.” Then she looked down at the sports bag. “Though I don’t see why you volunteered to take on the labor yourself. They’re two Gemites the size of sofa cushions. They’re bound to be heavy.”

    “Morning, Iruka-tsuu!” Rubee called out.


    “Why don’t you carry one?” Kurisu snapped, obviously annoyed. She then pointed at Iruka’s bag; it looked like a guitar case, but with FENCING written in white block letters along the length. “You look like you can bear the weight.”

    Iruka looked back at her bag and blushed a little. “I-I wouldn’t want my equipment to be damaged,” she stuttered. “And I have my personal effects in there. I wouldn’t want any of them to rummage through them.”

    “Like I don’t! Come on, do me a favor!”

    As the students continued to pass them, Iruka looked around uneasily. “…Fine. We’ll trade off over there by the park.” She pointed at an elephant-shaped slide, and the two girls quickly shuffled their way over. As they began to open their bags, they failed to notice the sound of dirt moving around behind them.

    “Yo, Kurisutina (Christina)! President Tennouji!”

    Both girls had jumped at the sudden voice and quickly turned around; it was Nichijima Mariko, Inoue Seina, and Hajime Yuki. “Mari-chan!” a flustered Kurisu exclaimed and quickly zipped up her bag. “What’s with this –tina stuff?! It’s KU-RI-SU! No –tinas or anything!”

    Mariko grinned with her hands on her hips. “It fits, right?” she asked. “What’re you two doin’ here at this time of mornin’?”

    Iruka and Kurisu exchanged glances and turned to the three girls, still crouching but with their bags behind their backs. “Absolutely nothing suspicious,” Iruka replied confidently. “We were just making sure everything is ready for the first day of sports clubs.”

    The girls looked at each other and giggled. “Well, don’t take too long, you two,” Seina smiled. “We’ll go on ahead, Kurisu-kun. Bye~.” They then waved and left the park.

    Kurisu breathed a sigh of relief. “That was close…” she muttered. She began to lift her sports bag, but she found herself using too much force in getting up. “Woah!” she exclaimed. “What the…why is my bag lighter?”

    “Actually…” Iruka interjected, leaning forward a little as she tried to lift her fencing bag, “my bag is kind of heavier…” When she opened the bag, an opal ear flopped out. “Ack! What are YOU doing in my bag?!”

    “Wan!” barked Opero from the fencing bag. It rustled about among Iruka’s equipment, “trying” to get comfortable.

    Then Rubee popped his head out of Kurisu’s bag. “I directed Opero to get in while you two covered us-tsuu!” he smiled proudly, seemingly feeling accomplished. “Did we do good, Kuri-tsuu?”

    Kurisu grinned and rubbed the top of Rubee’s head. “Yeah. Now get back inside before someone sees you.”

    The two Gemites returned inside their respective bags as the girls closed them, standing up and returning to the main road. As they prepared up the hill, Kurisu looked to her right; a girl seemingly familiar to her, notable for her low pigtails and her oversized uniform. She seemed uneasy and hesitant, standing at the very foot of the hill, and the other students just walked around her. “Iruka,” Kurisu said, “go on without me.”

    “Kurisu?” the student president questioned and looked beyond the crowd, noticing the girl standing on her own. She smiled and nodded. “Don’t take too long. Try to get back before homeroom.” With that, Iruka began to climb the hill without Kurisu. The blonde then made her way to the lone girl.

    “Hey, you okay?” Kurisu asked. The girl looked up at the blonde. “Oh, you’re a Freshman, aren’t you?”

    “Y-Yeah. How did you know?” The girl seemed nervous that someone would just approach her out of the blue, but she thought that this person was a classmate because they wore the same uniform, albeit it more boyish than the rest of the female students.

    Kurisu then pointed to her own blue tie. “Your bow,” she answered. “It’s yellow. First-year students always wear yellow bows for girls and ties for boys. Then second-years wear blue, and third years wear red.”

    The girl fidgeted a bit. “But…if boys wear ties, why are you wearing one?”

    The blonde blushed and chuckled with embarrassment. “Heh heh, y’ got me. But nothing wrong with a little diversity, right?” Kurisu noticed that the girl failed to smile at the joke and watched her lower her head. “It’s only been a week,” she started, “so you’re probably still getting used to this school. But believe me, you don’t know how lucky you are to be here right now.”

    The girl looked up to Kurisu once more. “What…was it like when you were a Freshman?”

    Kurisu paused a bit to gather her words. “When I was a Freshman…it was hard. And not because of the studies or the curriculum, but because I was…different.” At the word “different,” the girl curiously tilted her head. “I had a hard time fitting in, but I managed to tough through it, and here I am, a Junior!” She grinned with her arms crossed. “The point is that as a Freshman, things will be hard. Whether it’s studies or some kind of stress, we’ll find our way of dealing with it. And as a Freshman, you’ll learn quickly that you’ll never deal with it alone.”

    Then she turned to the hill they were standing at the foot of. “See this hill? The school was purposely built at the very top for a reason. The hill is a symbol that reaching our goals will never be easy. We’ll all struggle like those guys are doing right now. But we’re not doing it alone. Everyone in this school, even the student president, has to climb this steep hill. And in the end, we’ll feel exhausted, but accomplished and ready to take on the day.” Kurisu turned to the girl and smiled warmly. “So don’t be afraid to climb it. It’s just the first challenge.”

    As the girl took in Kurisu’s words, she put her fingers to her lips in thought. “B-But, the hill isn’t the pro-”

    “In fact, you won’t be alone! I’ll climb this hill with you!” At these words, Kurisu took with her free hand the girl’s sleeve-covered hand and roared. Someone nearby exclaimed, “Oh! It’s Suzumiya Kurisu’s famous battle cry!”

    “W-Wait! What are you doing?!” Before she knew it, the girl found herself being pulled up the hill by Kurisu’s monster strength. She had spent only a week climbing this hill, but she had never seen someone RUN up it before. “Waaaaaah!!!”

    As Iruka took her time climbing the hill, her ears perked at a familiar “DORYAAAA!!” “This early in the morning?” she sighed and looked back, only to feel the gust of Kurisu running past her with the first-year in tow. As her hair and skirt settled, she looked back up the hill and shook her head with a chuckle. “My my…”

    As Mariko, Seina, and Yuki climbed the hill, they stopped to take a breath. “You girls ready?” Mariko grinned.

    “Last one’s a rotten egg?” Seina replied. Yuki simply nodded. The three looked to the top and prepared to run up the hill to the top, but were stopped by an approaching “DORYAAAA!!” As they turned around, they all felt the gust of Kurisu’s sprint with the first-year flailing in the air. They then turned back to the hill. “Was that…Fuuma Misora?” Seina asked.

    Mariko and Yuki blinked, their hair a mess. “What was Kurisutina doin’ with the Freshman Prodigy…”


    It was now homeroom, and in Classroom 1-G, the freshman students were killing time before it was time for class. Misora looked up at her short-haired brunette classmate. “Suzumiya Kurisu?” she asked.

    “Yeah! You actually MET Suzumiya Kurisu?!” The brunette, Rokujou Fumiko, seemed a little TOO excited by this chain of events. “You are SO SO SO lucky! Everyone TALKS about her!”

    “I’ve heard the name before, but I never knew what she looked like.” Misora now felt a bit embarrassed by the awkwardness she gave off when she first talked to the blonde. “Is she really that special?”

    “If you can call it that,” replied a green-haired boy, Sagara Onji. “According to the upperclassmen, Kurisu is a monster who made her mark her very first year here. She’s supposedly a special case in this school, having passed the entrance exams. Given her status, it wouldn’t be a surprise if people actually made a note of her abilities.”

    “But didn’t you pass the entrance exams, too, Onji-kun?” Misora asked.

    “That’s why I can sympathize with Suzumiya-san. But I don’t let it get to me. If she can make it here, I can make it, too.”

    “And, like like like, Kurisu-senpai is a DEMON! I heard that in her first year, she dominated most of the members of the Karate Club except the team captain, Akihara Nobu!” Fumiko was getting giddy as she talked more about Kurisu. Misora was slowly gaining a fascination to her classmate’s words. “She’s so totally totally TOTALLY cool!”

    “Aren’t you joining the Karate Club today, Fumiko-chan?”

    With a slight pause, Fumiko thought about it. Then she squealed. “Eee! I’m going to be in the same club as Kurisu-sempai!”

    “There she goes again,” Onji sighed. “When Fumiko goes on one of her fangasms about Suzumiya-san, the whole world has to know it.” His hazel eyes trailed to Misora, who he noted had a slow admiring about Kurisu from Fumiko’s words. “Why don’t you try meeting her again?” he suggested to Misora, grabbing her attention. “Wouldn’t hurt to make at least one upperclassman friend, right?”

    “Oh oh oh! You can totally come watch the Karate Club’s opening exhibition,” Fumiko added. “I hear Kurisu-senpai’s going to be part of the showing. You should come watch and talk with her. Maybe she can help with your problem.”

    Misora was silent. She took all these words in and thought about this morning. Kurisu had given her some sound advice, from upperclassman to underclassman, in their very first meeting. Before then, for the past week, Misora would have never thought about talking to any of the upperclassmen, especially because she’s new and too shy to try anything. But what happened this morning gave Misora a bit of a confidence boost. “Okay,” she nodded. “I’ll think about it...”


    In the dark world of the asteroid that orbited Earth, Madam Moiss knelt before the high throne of Lord Glass. “You fool!” he roared at his subordinate. Madam Moiss flinched by his sudden reprimanding. “You dare retreat from battle WITHOUT taking arms?!”

    “But my lord,” Madam Moiss defended, “I had not anticipated a second Pretty Cure. I would not be so foolish as to take two on my own, especially after one of them managed to crack Zir-Q.”

    Lord Glass was silent for a bit. Then he said, “Your words were chosen carefully. But I have not made you and Zir-Q my generals because Precures can best you. You should know, Zir-Q does not normally fight at full strength until he had gauged the opponent properly. And once he knows the strength of the enemy, he can fight as he pleases accordingly. You, however, are more than that. You are cunning, sharp, and most of all, the craftiest when it comes to stealing Luster Energy. I do not expect you to lose to mere human girls.” These words cut at Madam Moiss. “I will let you do as you will once more. But know this. You are a Synthesan. You WILL take and destroy. Destroy the Pretty Cure before the third one of legend appearts.”

    “Your wish is my command, my lord.”

    Madam Moiss then stood, bowed her head, and left the audience room. In the long corridor that followed, her expression that showed her allegiance had turned into one of scorn. “Damn him!” she muttered. “I don’t need him to remind me my place as a Synthesan! But I’m not-”

    “willing to stick my neck out for his ambitions?” a voice said in the shadows. Behind a stone pillar was Zir-Q, grinning at his fellow Synthesan.

    “Shouldn’t you be crumbling away somewhere, Zir-Q? Or are you here to gloat?”

    “Now now, don’t be like that, poppet. It’s more along the lines of ‘I told you so.’” He stepped out of the shadows and walked towards his smaller, green companion. “Though you were right to retreat while you could. Fighting a second Pretty Cure without the right knowledge is suicide.”

    “I don’t need knowledge to beat them, you oaf.” Now Zir-Q was getting on her nerves. “I have the ability to terminate them and steal their Gems of Light.”

    “You’re talking rubbish, love.” Zir-Q then leaned on the pillar. “I have an idea how strong that Cure Diamond girl is now. I’m…not impressed.”

    “And yet, she managed to crack your body.” Madam Moiss left a sneer with that remark.

    “A minor setback. You can’t win a war without earning a few scars.”

    “Scars which can easily be repaired,” a third voice chimed in. A crystalline figure the shape of an old man wearing black yukata shuffled his way over to the other two Synthesans down the hall.

    “Cor,” Madam Moiss acknowledge.

    “I managed to obtain and sum up the necessary data about the two Pretty Cures. It was thanks to your Synthesan that I was able to learn about this new one, called Cure Ocean.” His fingers stroked the left side of his long crystal mustache. “In exchange for the data on Cure Diamond obtained by Zir-Q and Cure Ocean, you will find a suitable human to produce your Synthesan, as always.”

    “You’ve always loved to bargain, old man.” Cor held up the stone tablet, and Madam Moiss took it. She reviewed the data a bit with a scoff.

    “I take it you know how to approach them?” Zir-Q asked.

    “Oh, very much so.”

    “I’m glad that this old rock still hasn’t lost his touch,” Cor nodded. “Now let’s go, Zir-Q. It’s time for your final repair.”


    It was now lunch, and Kurisu, Mariko, Seina, and Yuki ate at their usual spot: under the cherry blossom tree in front of the junior high school building. Only this time, they were joined by Iruka. “Is it true that you cut your hair because you lost a bet with Kurisu-kun?” Seina asked Iruka.

    The student president immediately spit out her water. “Y-You told them that?!” she exclaimed.

    “Well, they were curious about our relationship,” Kurisu answered. “So I…kinda told them everything.”

    “What exactly IS everything?” Now Iruka was cautious and curious.

    “Like the time you two argued Meiji history,” replied Mariko, “and Kurisutina was adamant about Hajime Saitou being captain of the second squad of Shinsengumi.”

    Thinking back, Iruka began to laugh. “Hee hee…I’ve never seen Kurisu hit the books so eagerly. She really wanted to win that argument.”

    “Ch-change the subject, please!” Kurisu was as red as an apple, waving her arms in the air.

    The other four girls began to laugh at the blonde’s misfortune of embarrassment. Then Mariko cleared her throat. “Here’s a question, then. What were you doing with Fuuma Misora?” Kurisu responded with a confused look and a head tilt. “You forgot? You asked about her the first day of school! She’s the Freshman Prodigy!” Kurisu repeated her actions, and Mariko sighed. “…She wears an oversized uniform.”

    Trying as hard as she could, Kurisu remembered the girl with the oversized uniform she talked to this morning. She then pieced it with the same girl she asked about the first day of class. “WHAT?!” she gasped. “THAT was the really smart girl?!” Then she hid her face with embarrassment, completely forgetting her katsudon now. “And I said all those things to her about being a new student and everything! Aw damn it, she must think I’m pretty dumb now!”

    The girls began to laugh again. Kurisu was definitely on an embarrassment streak, they thought.

    Meanwhile, Misora was watching them from the main path; she was mainly looking at Kurisu. “Hey!” a security guard yelled. “What’re you doing here?!” Because she was nearby, this sudden outburst caught Misora’s attention. She turned to the gates and saw someone she did not expect. “K-Kotaro-kun?!” she gasped and ran to the gates.

    On the other side was boy about Misora’s height. He had brown eyes, and his hair was the same color as Misora’s; only faded, messy and unkempt. He wore a slim green hoodie under an indigo jacket, and his black jeans were somewhat torn. As Misora called out his name, his eyes shifted to her, looking at her with disdain. “Hmph…”

    “Kotaro-kun, what are you doing here?” she asked. “You’re supposed to be in school! Don’t tell me you’re skipping again!”

    “Why do you care?” the little brother scoffed. “My actions shouldn’t even concern you in the slightest. Don’t you have more important things to worry about, like getting another perfect score?” The security guard then proceeded to grab Kotaro by the arm.

    “P-Please, don’t hurt him!” Misora pleaded, and Kotaro pulled his arm away. “Kotaro-kun, mother and father are worried about you. You’ve been coming home late and skipping school more often. If you keep this up, they’ll-”

    “They’ll what?!” His sudden outburst caused Misora to flinch, and some of the other students began to look, namely Kurisu. “Why do they care what I do?! YOU’RE the favorite, not me! They’ll just continue to glorify you and compare us like always! Stop acting like a big sister and stay out of my way!” Misora tried to say something, but Kotaro’s words were cutting deep.

    All of a sudden, a foot slammed into the gate, and Kotaro jumped back in shock. He looked at the blonde who kicked his spot of the gate. “That’s NOT how you talk to your older sister!” she hissed, standing in front of Misora. “She’s worried about you! You don’t have to bite her head off like you’re so important!”

    “Stay out of it, blondie!” Kotaro countered. “This is between me and her!”

    “Say that when you’re beyond these gates, kid.” Kurisu then crossed her arms. “So long as she’s here, and you’re there, I’ll get in the way as I damn well please.”

    Then Iruka stepped up next to Kurisu. “Please leave now. If you refuse and continue to disturb the peace of this school, I WILL call the authorities and have you arrested.” With this, Kotaro hesitated. He looked at Misora behind them and sneered, now turning around and leaving.

    Misora wasn’t expecting the upperclassman from before and the student president to be defending her. “I-I’m sorry,” she said to the two.

    “You okay?” Kurisu asked, rubbing Misora’s head. “Brother or not, we’ve got your back.”

    “I’m sorry you had to go through that,” Iruka added. “If you ever need help, you can come to us.”

    The two then left, returning back to the cherry blossom tree with the other three girls. As the students muttered to themselves, Misora looked on once more, mainly at Kurisu. With her hand to her chest, she nodded. “…Alright. I know what to do now…”


    The small freshman peeked through the windows of the gym’s door. She could see a group of students in white karate gi, male and female alike. Among them was her classmate Fumiko. On the other side of the big blue mat was the upperclassman Kurisu. Trying to gather her courage, Misora took in a deep breath and opened the doors slowly. As she situated herself onto a wall, a tall male with clean, dark brown hair stepped to the center of the mat. He was a black belt with 3 stripes, a 3-dan.

    “Good afternoon,” he said to the sitting students. “It’s good to see some returning and some new students. My name is Akihara Nobu, third year and the captain of this year’s Karate team. Today, I thought I’d talk a bit about the purpose of this team and our goals for this new year at Jyuunisujou.” When he spoke, everyone, including Misora, was captivated by his words. Nobu spoke of not only winning the championships this year, but to form an unbreakable bond between fellow teammates, a bond that could only be spoken through fists. He was kind and very honest, and no one had anything against what he was saying. After they all clapped, Nobu cleared his throat. “Now, I’d like to end today’s class with an exhibition, featuring our top Junior, Suzumiya Kurisu.”

    “Osu!” Kurisu exclaimed and jumped up, bowing before entering the mat.

    “Today, I’d like to demonstrate the progress of last year’s Freshman within a single year.” Nobu then turned to three students that sat with him before and nodded. One of them was a shaved head, another a black pony-tail, and the last a crew cut. They all nodded, stood, bowed, and entered the mat. “These are my fellow seniors, Hideaki Tetsu, Endo Jin, and Nagamasa Date, three of our other top members. They will be sparring with Kurisu three-on-one.”

    “WHAT?!” Kurisu gasped in surprise, completely taken aback by this. Some of the other students were whispering. “I-I mean…”

    “I believe you can do this, Suzumiya,” Nobu smiled. “I have not seen anyone progress as quickly as you have.”

    As she looked down at her black belt, Kurisu sighed a bit. “O-Okay, Akihara-senpai.” She took the center of the mat as Nobu left, and Tetsu, Jin, and Date surrounded her. They all bowed to each other and took a fighting stance.


    The exhibition was unbelievable. Tetsu and Jin started off with a pincer attack, but Kurisu quickly blocked both attacks and quickly countered, taking Tetsu down first with Jin following after. Date then jumped in with some kicks; Kurisu dodged, blocked, and parried, then followed with precise blows to the chest, stomach, and left shoulder before kicking Date down. The other students were excited by this exhibition as Kurisu continued to block constant surrounding attacks by her three Seniors, and the exhibition ended with her delivering three consecutive blows to each of them. She stood in her finish pose, panting. The four of them then bowed to each other, and the entire class was in an uproar of cheers and claps, the loudest from Fumiko.

    Misora was absolutely stunned. She had not believed what she had seen, that a girl like Kurisu was outnumbered and still managed to hold her own. Misora thought that she herself could never be able to handle that. The class ended with Kurisu, Date, Tetsu, Jin, and Nobu talking to the underclassmen and other new students, praising their techniques and exhibition. Fumiko especially was into it. As Misora slowly approached Fumiko and Kurisu, the blonde took notice and quickly waved.

    “Hey! Misora!” she called out. They had only known each other for a day, and Misora never introduced themselves; however, it seemed that they already were in a first-name basis.

    “And and and that was so totally cool, the way you ended that exhibition!” Fumiko squealed. As Kurisu called out Misora’s name, the brunette looked back and waved to Misora, signaling her to come over. “Oh! I heard you two have already met, but this is Fuuma Misora of Class 1-G.”

    “N-Nice to meet you, I guess,” Misora shyly said. She fidgeted with her sleeves, which Kurisu took note of. “A-Actually…Suzumiya-senpai…I-I was hoping to t-talk to you about something…OH! Not that I didn’t enjoy the exhibition at all! I mean…ohhh…”

    Fumiko listened to Misora and nodded. “I’ll leave you two alone, then. Bye, Kurisu-senpai!”

    “Don’t be late for classes!” Kurisu called out as Fumiko and the other students left. “Alright, Misora. Let me get changed first, and we can talk!”


    The two sat on the front step of the school’s main building. The sun was beginning to set. As the blonde slung her towel around her neck, she looked down at the fidgeting Freshman. “So,” she started, trying to break the awkwardness, “what’s the famous Freshman Prodigy want to ask me?”

    Being called a “prodigy” made Misora flinch. Clearly, she didn’t like being called that. She looked to her side and held her left arm with her right hand. “W-Well,” she muttered shyly, “you see…um…I don’t know how to explain this, but…um…”

    As Misora tried to look for her words, Kurisu sighed and smiled. “I get’cha,” she interrupted. “It’s about your brother, isn’t it?” Her brown pigtails lifted itself at the mention of her brother, and Misora looked up at Kurisu with surprised. “It’s written all over your face. I thought you had trouble this morning because you were a Freshman new to Jyuunisujou, but that’s not the case, isn’t it? After what happened at lunch, it kinda made sense a little.”

    The Freshman girl was silent. She held her hands together as she kept her head down. “My parents…are too hard on Kotaro-kun. They’re very strict, so they more than encourage me to do my very best. Because of that, they spend little time with Kotaro-kun and constantly compare him with me, and Kotaro-kun…resents me for it.” She gripped her hands tighter as she said her next set of words. “I never asked to be some kind of prodigy. I never asked to be super smart or to get a perfect score in the Jyuunisujou entrance exams. That’s how things are, and I can’t go against my parents’ wishes. But I don’t want to leave Kotaro-kun behind. He’s my brother, and I love him…I just want him to know that…but he won’t even look at me as a sister anymore.” Now she bit her bottom lip. “You saw how he demonized me today. How am I supposed to tell him how I feel or convince my parents to treat us equally if I’m afraid to say anything at all…”

    As Kurisu listened intently, she tried to think of what to say. “Actually,” she said, “I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I’m pretty much an only child. But I do know this.” She then placed her hand on Misora’s shoulder. “The feelings you have are real. Your brother just refuses to understand it is all. If anything, I’d beat some sense into him, but that’s just me.” Kurisu laughed a little, trying to get Misora to smile. “But if you want to tell him and your parents how you feel, you just need the courage to do so. And courage isn’t something to wish for, but something that will come to you at your time of need. Once you do, you can do anything.”

    “But what am I supposed to do once I find the courage?” asked Misora. Now Kurisu was stumped. Then her face lit up.

    “I learned this from a video game I played once.” She walked in front of Misora and placed both her hands onto the smaller girl’s shoulders. “One of the characters once said, ‘Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.’ Once you find what courage really means, then you can do anything you want, starting with telling your family your feelings.” Kurisu smiled and placed her forehead on top of Misora’s. “I promise you, kid, once you do, you’ll feel loads better, and your view in life will broaden.”

    “Kuri-tsuuuu~” buzzed a voice inside Kurisu’s bag.

    “D-Did you hear that?!” Misora exclaimed, looking around.

    Kurisu quickly grabbed her duffle bag and held it close. “S-Sorry, Misora! I got to go! I wish you luck!” And with that, she ran.

    Misora simply looked on. With her hands to her chest, she closed her eyes. Then she reopened them. “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality…” she repeated. After standing on the main pathway alone for some time, she nodded to herself. “Alright. I’m going to do it…”


    It was now evening, and Misora was at the dinner table with her father, an older man in his forties, and her mother, a woman with impeccable beauty. There was a fourth seat, but it was empty. Their dining room was majestic, paintings covering each side of the walls while two maids waited at one side of the door. While Misora worried about the empty seat, her parents paid it no mind as they continued eating with their silverware. “Misora,” said her father, “I heard Kotaro skipped school again.” Hearing this made Misora jump. “Do you have any idea why?”

    “W-Well…” Misora stuttered, not making eye contact with either her father or mother.

    “Now, Misora,” her mother started, “you shouldn’t be defending Kotaro’s actions. We are fully aware of what he’s been doing. We’ve had his school notify us of his behavior. And you should know that we do not condone lying.”

    As they talked, the front doors of the mansion opened. Kotaro had returned. “Welcome back, young master,” said one of the maids nearby.

    “Sorry for coming home so late,” Kotaro replied, taking his shoes off at the door. “Did they start eating yet?”

    “This way, young master.” The maid led Kotaro towards the dining room, where he heard the following:

    “I-I’m not defending or supporting his actions whatsoever!” Misora exclaimed, shooting up from her end of the table.

    “Do not raise your voice at the table, Misora,” her father sternly replied.

    “But I do not understand why Kotaro-kun should be subjected to this treatment!” Her tiny fists were balled. “I’m not special! I shouldn’t be! Why are you treating me like a prized possession?!” The words were just coming out on their own. “We’re your children, not your puppets!”


    As Misora tried to catch her breath, her father took careful considerations of her words. “Dear, please,” he said to his wife. “Misora, please understand…we only want what’s best for you both.”

    The sound of a creaking floorboard interrupted the conversation. Kotaro stood at the doorway, wide-eyed. “Kotaro-kun!”

    “What’s best for us both?” Kotaro repeated. “Don’t you mean what’s best for onee-san?” He glared at his father and mother, then at Misora as he said this. “Aren’t I just an extra to give her some motivation to succeed? It doesn’t matter what I do, right?”

    His mother stood up. “Don’t you dare talk to your father that way!”

    “Or what?!” Now it turned into a shouting match. “You’ll send me to my room?! You’ll put me into some delinquent school?! Whose fault is it that I turned out this way, anyway?! Years of neglect and competition, and not once have you ever acknowledged me as your son!”

    “Kotaro-kun!” Misora grabbed her brother by the shoulders. “I-It’s not like that at all!”

    “Shut UP!” With that, Kotaro pushed her sister down. “I’ve had it. I’m tired of being your shadow! I’m tired of all this! My FATHER?! As far as I know, I have no family!” He then stormed out in rage, Misora chasing after him as their mother sat down in shock. Their father simply closed his eyes, and though his expression remained unchanged, he was filled with deep regret.

    Misora watched Kotaro put on his shoes and slammed the door shut. It thundered throughout the entire mansion, as if it was completely empty. Yeah, empty, like the family she lived with for twelve years. She stood there with her head down, tears streaming from her cheeks. “Suzumiya-san…I failed…”


    Dinner was officially ruined. The family didn’t talk the rest of the night, and Misora locked herself in her room and cried on her desk. As she sobbed in her arms, a tapping could be heard from the window by her balcony. The tapping increased and grew louder. She stopped her crying and teetered to the window, unlocking it and opened it. A green blur flew past her. “Huh? What?” she said and looked around.

    “Whew! Shelter-pii!” said a voice behind Misora. The girl turned around to find a slender and doll-sized bird nestling itself onto her bed sheets. It was shiny and of a deep green color, like an Emerald. “Sorry for bargin’ in on ya-pii! But it’s dark outside, an’ I need a place t’stay-pii.”

    Immediately, Misora fell onto her buttocks and pointed at her bed. “A-A-A-A-A talking bird! It’s a talking bird!” She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. It was like something out of a fantasy book! “Are you for real?!”

    “I’m as real as real can get, deary-pii,” the bird chirped. “Pamerald’s th’name-pii. But you can call me Pami-pii.” Pamerald then hopped of the bed, using its green stick-like legs to walk towards Misora. “Now why th’ red eyes-pii? Y’look like y’ve been cryin’-pii.”

    Misora looked down at the bird, and her tears began to well up. It didn’t matter who she could confide herself to now. Kurisu’s advice failed her; what good would a talking emerald bird do? “It’s all my fault…” she sobbed to Pamerald. “I tried…I tried to speak my mind, but Kotaro-kun wouldn’t listen…he stormed out before I could explain myself, and I couldn’t stop him…” She began to hiccup. “It took all I had to find the courage to say what I feel, and it didn’t change anything…it made it so much worse…I don’t know what to do…”

    “Assumin’ this ‘Kotaro-kun’ is your brotha, he must be at that r’bellious stage-pii.” Pamerald nodded some. “I don’t got brothas m’self-pii, but they’re like m’brothas-pii. One is an overachieva who rushes headfirst inta ev’rythin’-pii. Th’ other’s a trouble-maka that does whateva he wants-pii.” Just thinking of these two was beginning to annoy Pamerald as an anger vein popped on her head. But she calmed down and sighed. “But they got good hearts-pii. They think of ev’ryone b’fore themselves, ‘specially within our circle of friends-pii.” She hopped herself onto Misora’s knees, nestling against her stomach.

    “I’ve watched them fer years-pii, an’ they neva change-pii. Your brotha’s goin’ through a phase, an’ it’s our jobs as olda sistas t’look after th’ younga brothas-pii.” She then looked up at Misora with her gleaming eyes. “It’s just as important that y’don’t give up when things look bleak-pii. Yer courage won’t be wasted if y’REALLY pour yerself to ‘im-pii. Just keep smilin’ an’ stand up again.”

    Misora looked down at the bird as the tears poured. But she wiped her eyes quickly and sniffled a bit. The tears were gone, but her eyes were still red. She forced a smile and tried to laugh. “Y-You’re right,” she said to Pamerald. “Your Osaka accent makes it hard to understand, but I understand well enough. Thank you…Pami…”

    “Just stick with me, an’ I’ll tell ya all y’need t’know-pii!”


    In the darkness of the nearby woods that bordered the eastern side of town, Kotaro ran through the dirt path. He was panting heavily, and sweat dropped from his cheeks. He then tripped and slid on the dirt, though instead of getting up, he laid there face down. He finally rolled over, breathing heavily. A strained laughter escaped his breaths until they turned into sobs. “I’m nothing…” he said to himself. “She has everything…I don’t have even a parent’s love…”

    “Who says you need a parent’s love?” said a voice in the darkness. Kotaro quickly shot up and looked around; out from the trees stepped Madam Moiss. She crossed her arms and smirked as she looked down at Kotaro. “You want what you rightly deserve?” she asked him. “You need not say anything to me. I understand you well. The proof is in your dulled Heart Gem.” Her right palm pressed itself against Kotaro’s chest, and an invisible force shattered the peridot. A moissanite Counterfeit Heart took its place. Kotaro then fell to his knees, his eyes empty and dulled. “You’re mine now, dear boy. So find me a Gem of Light.”


    Summer Casual Fuuma Misora and Fuuma Kotaro
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    More....more....MORE! For the love of God MORE!!!!

    Another nice chapter Kaji; looking forward for number six. The characters are developing well, the enemies are plotting, the characters are staying true to past chapters, and the grammer is pretty polished. Makes me want to write a fan fic with high school angst! Very good. Yes,
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    My personal feels when I first started this project was kind of mixed. At first, I was excited to start a fanfic fanseries of Pretty Cure, which I never thought myself to do. At the same time, I was worried because all I had saw at the time was HeartCatch, Futari wa, and I had just finished Suite while working on Max Heart. With Splash Star and Fresh fully subbed, with Yes! 5 almost done and Yes! 5 Go Go and Smile well on their way, I had resolved to give it a try.

    The initial ideas went through trials and errors, such as the enemies, the mascots, and so on. Research had to be done, such as Japanese onomatopoeia that were synonymous to "shining". Words such as "glittering, sparkling, twinkling, and flickering". I had to look up Birthstones and how I would be able to use them. I plan to reveal how I categorized Heart Gems and Gems of Light on a later date. After all the research done, I tackled the series.

    As the chapters went on, I found myself making subtle edits, such as renaming "birthstones" into "Heart Gems". At times, I forgot details such as eye-colors during the transformation sequences, and or I had to wait to start the transformation paragraph because I don't have a visual.

    My biggest problem as I did this fic was how close to the Pretty Cure series will I make this fic? When I make fics of series, say Buso Renkin or MegaMan Star Force, I like to keep them close, as if they're extensions of the series. However, I was doing a fanseries, giving me a little more freedom like I did with my Digimon fic. Pretty Cure is a series that caters mostly to girls and some young men (I shudder at saying "young men", but that's what we are). Writing for a girls series, I resolved to try and keep it close to Precure as possible: girly and campy. But as the first bit of action happened in the first chapter, I found myself writing it in a mix of a girls and boys style. Then the actual Precure battle happened, and I found myself making it somewhat darker than I had expected. I had subconsciously used Super Sentai and Kamen Rider as a basis for how "dark" to make it compared to the original Precure series. Futari wa, one of the more darker Precure series IMO, helped keep the "darkness" of the fanseries balanced by being a more active reference than Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.

    So thank you all for enjoying this fic, which is probably the hardest but my most favorite project to date.
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    Chapter 6 – KiraKira! The Selfless Prodigy’s Answer​

    The next morning, Kurisu walked behind Iruka, lugging her dufflebag with her. She had left Opero in Iruka’s care because she had ended her Fencing class earlier than Kurisu due to having to stay behind with Misora. Iruka never told her how it went, but judging by the silent treatment…not so well. “Hey, Rubee,” she whispered, “what does Opero usually do?”

    “He digs-tsuu,” whispered back Rubee. “Opero likes to dig wherever he goes-tsuu. Kinda like the first time you guys met him-tsuu.”

    “Oh…” Thinking on it, that might be way Iruka’s giving her the silent treatment. “Hey…Iruka?”

    “For your information,” Iruka started, “Opero was a well-behaved dog last night. I am only mad because you…” She hesitated and blushed. “…were late with your class…”

    So that’s it. Iruka wanted to walk home with Kurisu. The blonde’s lips widened, and she ran up after Iruka to give her a big hug from behind. “Awww, you’re SO cute when you admit your feelings!” she squealed, and Iruka panicked.

    “Kurisu, boundaries! You’re invading my boundaries!”

    “Shhh, don’t. Let’s capture this moment together…”

    Once more, as the two had their little moment together, they failed to notice the sound of shuffling feet just behind them. Without realizing it, Kurisu felt a pair of hands cover her eyes. “Good morning, Kurisu-TI~na!” In an instinctive reflect, Kurisu jabbed the person behind her with her elbow. The hands fell, and the blonde saw Mariko crouching down, holding her stomach. “G-Good job,” she groaned in Engrish with a thumbs-up. “Excellent jab…”

    “That’s what you get for surprising me,” Kurisu sighed. “Morning Seina-chan, Yuki-chan.”

    “Good morning, Kurisu-kun and President Tennouji,” Seina smiled, and Yuki simply lifted her hand up.

    “Please, we had lunch together. Please call me as you wish.” Given this grand opportunity, Mariko quickly recovered and hugged Iruka. “Boundaries! My boundaries!”

    “Then I shall from now on call you ‘Irucha!’” Mariko exclaimed.

    The thought of the name made Iruka blush with embarrassment. “P-Please don’t…”

    The girls laughed among themselves, but Kurisu stopped when she saw Misora passing them. There we circles under her eyes, like she had little sleep. “Hold on a second,” she said to her friends and ran towards Misora. “Hey, Misora! You okay? You look like you’ve been ran over by a bus!”

    “That’s…oddly specific, Suzumiya-san…” Misora groaned. “But…I guess I have seen better days…”

    There was an odd silence between the two. “I’m guessing…my advice didn’t help at all?”

    “It’s not that it didn’t help…but…” The girl looked as if she was ready to cry again.

    “No! Wait! Don’t cry! We can make this work, yeah!” Like before, Kurisu grabbed Misora’s sleeve. But instead of up the hill, she took her to the circle of friends she had just left. “We’ll make it work. All of us.”

    Misora looked up to see Mariko, Seina, Yuki, and Iruka. They all smiled to her, and she felt a bit warmer. Finally, she cracked a smile, letting a few tears drip. “Mm!”


    In the downtown area, Kotaro was in one of the local arcades. He was pounding on the buttons of a fighting game, whose opponent was on the other side of the machine. In the game, his character was at half health, which was depleting quickly. It was a big and muscular-looking character that eventually lost to a smaller and slender but more agile character. Kotaro then slammed on his machine in rage.

    “Woah, man!” said a student, a high-school delinquent, said on the otherside. “You’re pretty good for a kid! You almost had me on the ropes there!”

    “Are…you mocking me?” Kotaro growled and hopped off his seat, making his way to the student. He was glowing a dark green glow. He grabbed him by the undershirt and glared at him with his empty eyes. “Do you think you’re better than me, too?”

    “Huh?” Before the student knew it, he was being dragged outside by the smaller Kotaro, who took him to a nearby alley way. His posse followed after, only to hear the sounds of beating. They only watched as their friend was being beaten down by the younger middle schooler.


    At the end of the day, Kurisu stood alone on the main building’s roof. Her duffle bag was sitting next to her, still as a board. Then it began to rustle, and Rubee’s head popped out of the zipper. “What’re you waiting for-tsuu?” he asked.

    “I wanted Iruka to look at something for me,” Kurisu replied. She tapped on her elbow a bit and pushed her hip to the side. “For the student president, it shouldn’t be taking this long…”

    All of a sudden, the door to the roof opened, and Iruka came out with a folder in one hand and her fencing bag in the other. As she set the fencing bag down, Opero jumped out of it. “Sorry it took so long,” she apologized. “It was a hassle trying to keep Opero still while trying to find the files without arousing suspiscion.” She then waved the folder to Kurisu. “This is the file you asked me for. Though, asking for a student’s personal file is a strict offense.”

    “I’m worried about Misora, okay?” Kurisu retorted. “It sucks that my advice didn’t really help things. I thought that if I knew a little more about her, I’d understand where she’s coming from a little more.”

    Iruka took careful consideration of Kurisu’s words and sighed. “Fine,” she gave in. “Come here. We’ll read it together.”

    Iruka opened the file as Kurisu moved to her side. “Oh my god, it’s…” Kurisu gasped in surprise, but then her expression sunk, “…pretty damn empty.”

    “What do you expect? Fuuma-san has only been a student of Jyuunisujou for only a week. She hasn’t joined or registered any clubs yet, too.” Iruka inspected the file a little more. “I knew the name sounded familiar.”

    “What is it?”

    “She’s the daughter of the president of Fuuma Metalworks, one of Japan’s leading construction companies that helped contribute to many buildings in cities such as Tokyo.” She then turned the page. “One sibling. That’s probably Fuuma Kotaro…”

    “Misora said that Kotaro gives her a hard time because of her parents.”

    “Fuuma Metalworks has a very high reputation in the country. Fuuma-san’s natural talent only boosts it. But in reality, Fuuma-san can’t be the next president of the company because of her gender. Every generation of presidents have always been male, and with Kotaro being the second-born but only male, he should be next in line to inherit the company. I can see how such expectations, as well as being forced to compete with Fuuma-san, can hamper his thinking.”

    “I think he’s just bein’ a brat…”

    “As I recall, Kurisu, you’re an only-child yourself.” This shut Kurisu up a bit. “Don’t forget, Fuuma-san and I must follow these sort of traditions. It’s the price we pay for living in a high-class society…”

    Kurisu sat on the floor a bit with her arms crossed. “A high-society, huh?” she repeated. “Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about stuff like that? Being all prim and proper?” Now Iruka was silent, thinking of her friend’s words. “Though if it’s you, I can’t see it.”


    Opero’s nose lifted during their conversation. It twitched and sniffed, and Opero’s droopy ears lifted. “Wan!” it barked.

    “Look alive-tsuu!” Rubee announced. “Opero sniffed out a Gem of Light!”

    Now Iruka and Kurisu were alert. “Really, Opero?!” Iruka said.

    “Well what are we waiting for?” Then Kurisu stood in her ready pose. “Let’s get crackin’, people!”

    Suddenly, Opero jumped in front, pointing his nose at the door on the roof. “Wan!”

    “Opero says that the Gem is approaching-tsuu!”

    Iruka and Kurisu looked at the door, trying to prepare themselves for what was to come. All four of them could feel their hearts beating louder and harder as they could hear footsteps at the door. The doorknob then turned, and the door opened. Kurisu and Iruka couldn’t believe their eyes.

    “Eh?” said the girl who just came up to the roof, surprised to see her two upperclassmen here as well. “What are you two doing here?”

    “M-M-M-Misora?!” Kurisu gasped. “No way! Absolutely no way! Misora has a Gem of Light?!”

    “I wonder what the requirements are to have a Gem of Light…” wondered Iruka.

    “Wh-Why are you two looking at me like that?” Misora then looked down at Rubee and Opero. It was her first time meeting the ruby bee and opal dog. “Oh! I wasn’t aware that you had Gemite friends, too!”

    “Too?” Iruka looked at Rubee and Opero, then at Misora. “And you called them ‘Gemites’. Does that mean you…”

    Misora nodded. “I actually came up here to meet my friend. She promised to meet me after school.” She saw a shadow hover over the floor of the roof. “Speaking of, here she is now!”

    The feeling of doom and dread loomed over Rubee and Opero. They felt as if the end was near, much nearer than they realize.

    “RU-PII,” growled a voice over them. “O-PII-RO!” The two Gemites turned to the sky to find their emerald bird friend, radiating a malicious aura. “I.FOUND.YOU.TWO.”

    “Run-tsuu!” Rubee yelled and proceeded to buzz away, but Pamerald flew by and pecked him continuously on the head. Opero also tried to run for the door, but Pamerald swooped in and pecked him some new lumps. The two Gemites were down for the count.

    “An emerald bird…” Kurisu muttered. “And she put Rubee in his place…”

    As Pamerald perched herself on Misora’s shoulder, the girl brushed her fingers on the bird’s neck. “This is Pamerald, a Gemite like yours. We met just last night, and she’s been very helpful.”

    “An’ you two must be th’ two Misora-chan’s been talkin’ ‘bout-pii,” said the bird as she bowed her head politely. “Thank ya for bein’ a help t’her-pii.”

    “An emerald bird…” Kurisu muttered, “…that speaks in Kansai-ben…”

    “An’ thank ya kindly fer takin’ care o’ m’trouble-makin’ friends-pii,” Pamerald continued.

    Iruka bowed as well. “We must be thanking you, for it seems your assistance has made Fuuma-san much happier.”

    “Now, what’s this about a…‘Gem of Light?’” Before Kurisu and Iruka could explain, Misora’s phone began to ring. “Hold on a second. Hello?”

    “Misora!” yelled her mother over the phone. She sounded as if she was in a panic. “I heard Kotaro’s in the downtown district, and he’s destroying the place!” This piece of news made Misora freeze. “Do you have any idea what’s going on with him?! He’ll get hurt, or worse! Where are you?!” She didn’t say anything; Misora knew that she had to stop her brother from causing a mess downtown, though how he was doing it was a mystery to her.

    “I’ll call you back,” she said to her mother and hung up. She then looked up at Kurisu and Iruka. “It’s my brother…they found him, and…he’s on a rampage or something…”

    “Then that means…” Kurisu hesitated a bit as she looked at Iruka, who nodded to her. “They must’ve gotten to him…Misora, it’ll be okay. We’ll take care of your brother.”

    “Take care of?” The girl was confused by Kurisu’s choice of words.

    “Ru-pii, are these girls…”

    Rubee then buzzed into the air, looking out towards the town. “I sense a Synthesan, Kuri-tsuu!” he stated. “You and Iruka should go now before he hurts someone!”

    The two girls looked at their underclassman, then at each other. “Fuuma-san,” said Iruka, “we’ll bring your brother back. Trust us. So stay here where it’ll be safe. Let’s go, Kurisu.” The blonde then nodded, and the two ran down the stairs from the roof with Opero and Rubee following. Misora watched them with worry.

    “You should follow ‘em-pii,” suggested Pamerald on Misora’s shoulder. “If y’have th’ courage to, you’ll see somethin’ truly amazin’-pii.” The girl was quiet, trying to think of what to do now. She couldn’t just stand there and wait for her upperclassmen to fix everything for her. She had to take the initiative, like she did last night. Finally, she turned to the door and ran towards it.


    The two girls headed into the town square, where a hooded boy sat in the middle. The place was a mess; broken cars, mashed-up benches, and trees torn. “Woah!” Kurisu exclaimed. “He did that by himself?! He must’ve thrown quite a tantrum!”

    “I believe that jokes are not necessary to gauge the situation, Kurisu,” Iruka sighed.

    “Onee-san…” the boy in the center whispered. He slowly stood up and pulled his hood off. “This…is not enough. Where is…onee-san…” His dulled eyes glared at Kurisu and Iruka, sensing their Gems of Light. “Onee-san…you know…where onee-san is…”

    “Aw dammit, we’re gonna have to fight him, aren’t we…”

    As soon as Kurisu and Iruka held up their Gems of Light in their ring forms on their left hands, a small body ran past them. “Kotaro-kun!!” yelled Misora. “Stop this, Kotaro-kun! This isn’t you!”

    Misora’s sudden presence caught Kotaro’s attention, and his green aura grew. “Onee-san…onee-san!!” In a loud roar, he tackled Misora down to the ground. His hands were wrapped around her neck, trying to strangle her.

    “Agh…ga…K-Kotaro…-kun…” She couldn’t move; Kotaro was actually trying to kill her.

    “I won’t live…in your shadow…anymore!” Kotaro growled, gripping tighter. “They’ll acknowledge me as one…of their own! I’m not…gonna be…a puppet…anymore!!”

    Just as Misora was about to pass out, Kurisu jumped in and kicked Kotaro in the stomach with enough force to send him rolling towards a broken bench. “Now you’re REALLY on my shit list!” Kurisu said, helping Misora up. “How can you live with yourself, trying to kill your own sister?! You’re one of the worst we ever had to face!”

    Iruka stepped up next to the two, holding the same angry visage. “Even if you’re Heart Gem was shattered, I will never forgive you!”

    Misora was somewhat conscious when she heard them. “Heart…Gem…?”

    “They’re kind of like a hearts,” Kurisu explained. “They house all our emotions and our feelings; the good and the bad. When the bad emotions take over, the Heart Gem dulls and cracks…says a certain bee, anyway.”

    “There are these people,” added Iruka, “that take the overshadowed Luster Energy from the Heart Gem and shatters them, replacing them with a stone called a Counterfeit Heart that amplifies all their negative emotions…says a certain bee.”

    Misora tried to open her eyes, looking at Kotaro who was beginning to stand. “Kotaro-kun…” she whispered. “Who…did this to you…”

    Then there was a loud, obnoxious laugh. “Oh ho ho ho ho!” it echoed. Out of the glow Kotaro was radiating appeared a familiar green woman. “That would be moi, as in Madam Moiss!”

    “Oh come ON!” The blonde clearly showed her dislike for the Synthesan. “Why’d it have to be YOU?! Seriously, I was hoping for that big guy.”

    “Kurisu, now’s not the time…”

    The Synthesan sneered. “Not like a commoner like you would have any taste, anyway,” she snickered. “But this boy harbored so much Negative Energy to counterbalance his Luster Energy that I just COULDN’T resist! So much more than that blue-haired President-wannabe.” She placed her crystalline hand on Kotaro’s blonde hair, stroking it slowly. “I’ve taken to grow a liking to this boy. Very promising. So be a dear, and…retrieve for me their Gems of Light.”


    “Relinquish your Luster and lose yourself in the Dullness of the world!” The moissanite in Kotaro’s heart began to pulsate and grow. His dulled eyes widened as the moissanite began to take him over; it first covered his legs, and then his arms. Like before, the newly born Synthesan was a few inches taller than Kotaro, but it was much smaller than Jinsuke. It held the same slim shape, though this time its hands were more round and blunt than edged. It then raised its head, droning as the slits of its yellow eyes glowed.

    “Damn…looks like we don’t have a choice, huh?” Kurisu sighed.

    “For Fuuma-san and his brother…it’s our duty,” Iruka replied. The two of them lifted up their ring hands in front of us.

    “Suzumiya-san…Tennouji-san…what are you…”

    The two upperclassmen turned their heads to Misora. “Stay behind us,” Kurisu smiled.

    “We’ll take care of everything,” Iruka added. “Ready?”

    “Let’s do this!” Their Heart Flashers appeared from their Heart Rings.

    Then Pamerald fluttered next to Misora with Opero and Rubee standing in front of them. “Watch ‘em closely-pii,” Pamerald told her. “Y’re ‘bout t’ see somethin’ magical-pii.”

    The world around the two girls darkened as they closed their eyes, and their Heart Flashers shown lights onto their faces. “It’s…show time!” They tossed their Heart Flashers into the air. As they twirled, the two girls cried out, “Pretty Cure! Lights…ON!” The two of them snapped their fingers, and their Heart Flashers bursted into sparkles of light that lit up their world of blue and pink. The lights formed over their bare bodies, clothing them in magical energy that formed their dresses, boots, gloves, and accessories. Kurisu’s hair untied itself and grew a little brighter as her hair tie was replaced by a large pink bow with a heart-shaped diamond while Iruka’s hair grew much longer and tied with a turquoise ribbon. Kurisu then opened her newly changed pink eyes, and Iruka opened her light blue eyes. The transformation was complete.

    “Like the endless universe glittering inside a tiny diamond! Cure Diamond!!”

    “Like the vast ocean that sparkles towards the horizon! Cure Ocean!!”

    Misora watched as her upperclassmen magically transformed right in front of her into warriors radiating with a pure and warm light. “What the…Suzumiya-san? Tennouji-san?”

    “Let’s go, Ocean.”

    “Yes!” The two Pretty Cure launched themselves forward with one step towards the Synthesan, raising their arms for an attack. However, Ocean pulled herself back as Diamond went for a straight right punch; the Synthesan disappeared just before Diamond could attack. “As I thought!” Ocean exclaimed, and her light blue eyes followed the Synthesan’s movements around them. “Behind us!” Ocean made a 180 to cover their backside, but the Synthesan had just sped off before she could attack. “It’s faster than the previous one!” It was true, as the Synthesan was now above the two Pretty Cure.

    “Look out!” cried Misora, but it was too late. The Synthesan’s hammer-like hands slammed on top of the Pretty Cure, knocking them into the concrete and cracking it.

    “Agh!” Diamond groaned. “He’s way fast!” Just as she felt her body rise from the impact, she slammed her palms into the ground and pushed her legs over to kick the Synthesan in front of her. All she kicked was air, but she managed to get up. “Dammit, I hate the fast ones! I can’t even land a decent hit on them!”

    “This is only your second one,” Ocean retorted, trying to stand up. “But I agree, he is faster than Aoba-senpai. It must be due to his smaller size. With his increased speed, Kotaro-san’s impacts are much harder than they appear to be.”

    Now the Synthesan stood in front of Misora, getting ready to move. Misora could see her brother floating inside and moving along the monster. “K-Kotaro-kun…” she whispered and tried to get closer.

    “What’re y’doin’-pii?!” Pamerald called out. “Get back-pii!”

    Misora stopped when sharded moissanite were pointed in front of her face. The Synthesan grew the shards from its right hand, holding it close to Misora’s body. It droned, “Onee…-san…” The girl was frozen and scared to move.

    “Kotaro-kun…come back to me…” she sobbed as the tears rolled down her cheeks. “Please…let’s go back home…together…mother and father…they’ll understand you if we just explain everything…Kotaro-kun…”

    “Misora, get away from him!” Diamond’s cry alerted the Synthesan, and it turned to her with the pointed shards. They shot out like bullets at a machine gun’s rate. “Oh snap! Ocean, move!” As quickly as they could, Diamond and Ocean split into different directions. But the Synthesan’s left hand grew its own set of shards and started firing on Diamond while the right hand shot at Ocean. “Oh god oh god oh god oh god!!”

    “Calm yourself, Diamond!” Ocean called out as she ran from the bullets more skillfully than Diamond. She ran along the walls of a nearby building and shot out towards the Synthesan. Her right hand began to glow. “GiraGira Spread!” she called out and thrusted her palm. Water streams shot out in different directions, catching the shards and acting as a shield. But it only caught the shards in front; the rest tore through the streams and cut at Ocean. “Ahh!”

    “Ocean!” Diamond stopped and then ran through the hail of shards. Her signature battle cry roared through the air as she felt the shards rip at her skin and clothes. “You damn brat!!” With one powerful punch, the Synthesan was launched all the way to another nearby building. “Ha ha, BOOYAH! I got a hit in, punk!” Before she could get another taunt, a whip began to strangle her in the neck.

    “I normally don’t like to get my hands dirty,” sneered Madam Moiss, “but I don’t like the idea of you hitting my babies in my presence. Synthesan, carve out her Gem of Light if you have to!” At her command, the Synthesan stood from the debris of the building it crashed into and proceeded to walk towards Diamond with its sharded hammer-arm ready.

    Misora watched as her legs gave way. She was scared because her brother tried to kill her, twice. “Suzumiya-san…” she whimpered. “Kotaro-kun…stop…please, stop…”

    “Are ya goin’ t’ let it end like this-pii?” asked Pamerald, looking up at Misora. “Are ya gonna sit here as th’ friends who are riskin’ their very lives t’ protect ya are ‘bout t’ be killed-pii?!” Misora didn’t know how to respond. All she could do is cry. “For th’ luvva…courage doesn’t just sit on its ass an’ wait t’ blossom! If y’ have any o’ th’ courage y’desire-pii, y’ll find a way t’ stand on yer own feet-pii!”

    The Synthesan grew closer, and Diamond struggled to get the whip off her neck. Ocean laid on the ground, hurt from the shards. All seemed lost as Madam Moiss cackled at the helplessness of the Pretty Cure and for her eventual victory. But as the Synthesan raised its right sharded-hammer arm, Misora stood in front of the white Pretty Cure with her arms spread out. Her expression had changed. “Onee…-san…”

    “I know…I’m indecisive and I’m scared to make promises…” She looked deep into Kotaro’s eyes. Not the Synthesan’s, but the boy inside the Synthesan. “But I’ve always believed that we could be a happy family. Even if we’re a higher class, we’re still family. But because of my indecisiveness, because I was scared to be hurt by my own family, I never said anything and took it all in. I never even knew how much I’ve been hurting you because I kept silent.” Misora tried to smile. “Kotaro-kun, I promise, one I intend to keep, that I will not run away anymore. I won’t be afraid to step forward for me and you ever again. We’ll get through it together, as brother and sister. So…I’ll stop being afraid of you!”

    With the declaration of these words, a yellow light shot from her chest, blinding the Synthesan. Misora opened her eyes to find a heart-shaped pearl ring floating in front of her. “This is…”

    “That’s your Gem of Light-tsuu!” Rubee called out. “Your courage is giving you the opportunity to become the Legendary Warrior, Pretty Cure-tsuu!”

    “The Legendary Warrior, Pretty Cure…” As Misora held the ring, she looked back at Diamond, who gave her a reassuring smile while still trying to break free. “Yell out, ‘Pretty Cure! Lights on!’-tsuu!”

    “Oh no, you don’t!!” Madam Moiss roared and swung Cure Diamond out of the way. Her moissanite-sharded whip then shot its way towards Misora’s back.

    “GiraGira Straight!” A bullet of water streamed through the air like a bullet and knocked the tip of the whip away from Misora. It had come from a recovered Ocean, who’s right hand was shaped like a gun with her index finger and thumb out. She smiled and nodded to Misora, acknowledging her as one of them.

    “Make it flashy for us,” Diamond grinned.

    Misora looked down at the ring once more and slipped it over her left middle finger. It reacted to her and released a bright flash of light, and her Heart Flasher popped out into the air. “I can do this,” Misora whispered as she closed her eyes, taking the Heart Flasher into her hands. She repeated those words over and over until the world around her became dark. Then she took a deep breath. “It’s…show time!” Misora’s eyes opened, and she tossed the Heart Flasher into the air. “Pretty Cure! Lights…ON!!” With a snap of her fingers, the Heart Flasher bursted into light and illuminated her world in yellow. The light bathed her bare body, dressing it in a yellow dress with white shorts underneath and dark purple frills over her thighs as a black ribbon wrapped itself around her waist. The black trimmings lined themselves along her skirt and spiked sleeves as white stars placed themselves on her hips. Her hands were then covered in fingerless yellow gloves with white stairs on the top, and yellow boots formed over her feet. Her brown hair grew a little brighter as her twin tails were untied and grew somewhat longer. The light bathed itself onto a segment of her hair that split on the top and popped into pearl-shaped hair ties as her twin tails hung over like the tails of shooting stars. Finally, her strawberry-shaped hair clip transformed itself into a heart-shaped pearl that held her bangs to the side. A second heart-shaped pearl formed a purple ribbon on the girl’s chest, and Misora opened her eyes to reveal its change from a light blue to a golden yellow. Her very first transformation was complete.

    Her hands waved over a night sky, as if trying to catch shooting stars. “Like the millions of stars that glitter the night sky…” She placed her hands over her chest into a prayer, as if making a wish, and then she exploded them out and twirled into a girly-like kiddy stance. “Cure Starlight!!”

    Pamerald nodded as Rubee and Opero admired the appearance of the third Pretty Cure. “I knew she had it in ‘er-pii,” she said to herself.

    “Tch, of all the luck…” Madam Moiss was not pleased that she allowed the third Pretty Cure of legend to appear now. “Synthesan! Eliminate her, now!”

    The Synthesan droned as it raised its sharded-hammer arms, firing moissanite bullets at Cure Starlight.

    “Watch out!” Diamond called out, but it was too late. The shards punctured Starlight as she was lifted into the air. Her eyes widened in disbelief that the new Cure was defeated so easily. But all of a sudden, Starlight bursted into light as her glowing remnants glittered onto the ground and faded. “Wh-what?!”

    The Synthesan was also taken aback, unknowing that Starlight was at its left when it fired. She smiled at it and jumped into the air, launching a spinning back kick to the head. The Synthesan bounced towards a car and slammed into the door. Starlight landed and looked at Diamond in an apologetic bow. “I’m sorry for worrying you like that.”

    “An after-image?” Ocean deduced. “No, a doppleganger made of light…”

    “Dude, you’re so like a ninja or something!” Diamond was all too excited about this. “Like Sarutobi Sasuke!”

    Starlight giggled a little, but the movement of the Synthesan caught her attention. “Hold on, we’re not done yet!” The Synthesan roared and fired more bullets, but instead of getting hit, Starlight skillfully dodged each and every shot, moving closer each time. As soon as she reached the Synthesan, she chopped from the side with her right hand outward, but the Synthesan quickly escaped. At the same speed it escaped, Starlight followed. “KiraKira Shooter!” Between her fingers, shurikens of light popped, and she threw them at the Synthesan. It landed on the window of a nearby building and swung its arms to knock away the shurikens as it ran along the windows. Starlight followed after on the same wall; the two of them were running along the vertical wall. She was fast; no, faster than the Synthesan. She was so fast that two more after images of her followed her on her sides. The Synthesan was taken off guard and tried to shoot at the center Starlight, but it disappeared into light as the two from the sides closed in. It then jumped off the wall and fired on both Starlights, but they both bursted into light. The real Starlight was behind it and raised her hands. “Take this!” she yelled and slammed the bottom of her clenched fists over the Synthesan’s head, making it crash into the center of the downtown’s center island.

    As Starlight landed, Diamond and Ocean ran to her. “That was amazing!” Ocean applauded.

    “You totally rocked, Misora!” Diamond added.

    “I-It was nothing…” Starlight shyly replied. “But…if you will, just call me Starlight for now. Okay, Diamond? Ocean?”

    The three Pretty Cure of legend were united, and they turned towards Madam Moiss, who had readied herself to battle. “I have enough data on you two,” she growled at Diamond and Ocean, “but it doesn’t matter if one, three, or five more show up! I will destroy you all and take your Gems of Light! Synthesan!” At her command, the Synthesan stood up, ready to face the Pretty Cure at its master’s command.

    “Hey…let me take care of her,” Starlight whispered. “I’ll make her pay for making me fight my own brother like this.”

    “Ohhh, so bold,” Diamond teased. “Give a good hard whack for me.”

    The three of them launched themselves towards the Synthesan, but Starlight jumped over it to get to Madam Moiss. “Haaaaa!!” she cried and launched a left midair roundhouse kick.

    The Synthesan general raised her arm to block. “Don’t make light of me, little girl!” she sneered. “I’m not as weak as my pawn!”

    “That pawn just happens to be my brother!” As Starlight landed, she performed a backwards somersault kick at Madam Moiss’ chin, sending her flipping back. “KiraKira Chain!” Out of her right hand formed a chain with star-shaped links that she swung at Madam Moiss.

    “Don’t kid with me!” she exclaimed and swung her moissanite-sharded whip. The chain and whip wrapped around each other, and as Madam Moiss landed, the two were at a tug-of-war. “Just because I don’t like to fight doesn’t make me weak, little girl!”

    “And just because I’m a little girl doesn’t make me weak!” Starlight gripped her star-linked chain tighter. “My allies…my FRIENDS taught me that!”

    Meanwhile, Ocean and Diamond exchanged blows with the Synthesan. It had grown weary due to its bout with Starlight, as it began to suffer cracks on its body and was becoming slower. “Ocean, do that thing you do!”

    “Got it!” As Ocean launched the Synthesan into the air, she pulled back her right hand. “GiraGira Spread!” As she shot her right hand forward, the streams of water that spread from her palm seeped into the cracks of the Synthesan. It droned in pain, not realizing that Diamond had jumped high after it.

    “Doryaaaa!!” she roared and punched the Synthesan in the torso. The blow was so powerful, a burst of air traveled through its back and out towards the sky. Diamond and Ocean landed victoriously as the Synthesan fell after them.

    As Cure Starlight and Madam Moiss continued pulling at their respective whips, Starlight dissipated hers to cause Madam Moiss to stumble. In an instant, she propped herself both her index and middle fingers held together glowed a yellow light. “KiraKira Stardust!” Using her speed, Starlight appeared behind Madam Moiss, leaving a star-shaped pentagram light mark behind her. Multiple cracks appeared on both her shoulders, both her thighs, and her neck.

    “Aaagh!” she gasped and fell to her knees, panting. “You…this is why I prefer not to fight! I’ll get you for this, little girl!” And just as quickly as she cursed Starlight, she disappeared.

    Starlight turned to Diamond and Ocean, who seemed to finish off their opponent. But Kotaro was still in his Synthesan form. “What do we do?” she asked, not noticing her fingertips glowing.

    “Use your power to purify the Synthesan-tsuu!” Rubee explained. “Channel the power of the Pretty Cure through your Gem of Light!”

    As the smaller Pretty Cure looked down at her hands, her seniors stepped out of her way. “Right,” Starlight replied and looked at the rising Synthesan. “Kotaro-kun…I’m sorry…I’ll polish that which has dulled your heart!” At these words, the lights in her fingertips glowed brighter as she pulled her arms back with her fingers spread. “Illuminate! Pearl of Light!” She pulled her body forward and her arms further back. She then stepped forward into a long front stance. From there, she jumped high into the air, the lights leaving a trail. As she rose into the air, two more copies of herself appeared on both sides. “Pretty Cure…Starlight…Shower!!” Then she and her copies swung their hands forward. The lights shot out from their fingers with each consecutive swing, and they trailed through the sky they descended like shooting stars. Each “star” hit the Synthesan’s body, and each explosion grew bigger and bigger with each hit. Starlight skillfully landed and twirled on the tip of her right foot like a ballerina as her copies disappeared into glitters of light. “Pollification…” Her left foot stepped down with her feet at shoulder-width, her left hand held her hip, and right hand formed a horizontal peace-sign over her winking right eye. “…complete!” There was a bigger explosion behind her which caused the moissanite to shatter, and Kotaro’s body descended onto the ground.

    Ocean ran to Kotaro and picked him up. “He’s fine,” she announced to her two Pretty Cure allies. “He’s just unconscious.”

    “Oh thank god…” Starlight was more than relieved that Kotaro was now okay, tears streaming down her cheeks.

    “You were so amazing!” Diamond exclaimed. “You’re really a prodigy! You grasped the whole ‘Power of the Pretty Cure’ thing so easily! I wish I could have fancy techniques like you and Ocean…”

    Starlight blushed a bit. “P-Please stop calling me a prodigy…” As the girls laughed, the battle scene magically fixed themselves through the will of the Gems of Light.


    At dusk, Kotaro woke up on a repaired bench. His head was laying on Misora’s lap, who was brushing his forehead. “Onee-san…” he said to her. He couldn’t look at her in the eyes. “What happened to me…all I remember was darkness…”

    “It was just a dream,” Misora reassured him.

    “…Was it? Because I heard you…Your voice in the darkness echoed like a ray of hope…” His eyes began to water. “You’ll…keep your promise, right?” The tears slid down the side of his face.

    “Yeah…” Misora was crying as well. “We’ll get through it all…together…”

    On the other side of the street, Iruka and Kurisu, the latter drinking a large fountain drink, watched the scene unfold. “I called my local connection,” Iruka said, “and had them erase any evidence showing Kotaro as the culprit.”

    “Wow,” Kurisu smirked as she sipped her drink. “Rich people’s connections are scary.”

    “How I envy those with siblings,” Iruka sighed. “Familial bonds are a very precious and inspiring thing.”

    The talk about family and bonds made Kurisu stop sipping her drink. Her eyes fell solemnly until they closed. “Yeah…family bonds are…quite something…”


    The next day during lunch period, Kurisu and Iruka sat on the roof with Rubee and Opero running around because it was just the four of them. Five because Pamerald was sitting on the fence, watching them all. As they ate their lunch, they heard the roof’s door open, and Misora ran to the group. “I talked to my parents,” she announced to them. “We…talked everything over. It seems my father’s eyes were opened the other night and have realized that Kotaro-kun and I deserve much better. So the four of us are working to become a closer family.”

    “That’s very good to hear, Fuuma-san,” Iruka smiled. “And how about Kotaro-san?”

    “I agreed to tutor him whenever I can.” Misora seemed proud to say that. “He wants to study hard so he can get into Jyuunisujou, so I’m helping him study in advance for the placement tests.”

    “Oh joy, he’s going to be an underclassman,” Kurisu sarcastically commented. “I’m kidding, but I’m glad to hear that you two patched things up.”

    “And I couldn’t have done it without you guys.” Misora looked up at Pamerald and smiled brightly. “Pami…and…Kurisu and Iruka…” As she called them by their first names, she blushed slightly. “I-It sounds weird to call my upperclassmen by their first names like that.”

    “Don’t be, Misora.” Now Iruka changed her addressing of her underclassman. “We’re friends now. It’s okay to be familiar with each other.”


    Kurisu sat back and chuckled a little. “Now then…” She looked at Rubee, Opero, and Pamerald. “…There’s three of us…and three of them. Pami can fly wherever she wants, but Rubee and Opero likes to crash with me. I can’t afford to lug around extra weight around every day.”

    “Why don’t we just take one of each, then?” Misora suggested.

    “My my, I neva knew we’d be of any concern-pii,” Pamerald joked. “Though I AM curious ‘bout Kurisu’s lodgings-pii.”

    “It’s a total mess-tsuu!” Rubee chimed. “She hardly cleans her room, and-” Before he could continue, Kurisu jumped on the bee and covered his mouth.

    “Enough out of you!”

    The other two girls laughed at the exchange as Pamerald looked down at Misora. A great change from the girl who had spent their first night together crying, and all because of the two friends she had made. “Hmm…I guess it was worth comin’ to this place after all-pii. Havin’ friends…”

    “It’s such a wonderful thing-pii…”


    And without further ado, the third Pretty Cure of the fanseries, Cure Starlight.


    If you can tell by the way I described the battle, Starlight is very "kunoichi" in appearance. A kunoichi is a female ninja. If you google image "kunoichi", you can see some resemblance between Starlight and them. My initial design was something more "bold" than Diamond and Ocean, which ends up showing a little more skin with her arms and legs. Starlight's design is also the flashiest of the three Cures, like a shooting star. As such, Starlight's final design, from image to moveset, became very ninja-like.

    And now that the "Legendary Warriors, Pretty Cure" arc-set is complete, I can work on filler arcs...oh god, filler arcs...
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