~Self Award ~ Who's your best actor/actress in tokusatsu history ?

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    Okay guys, now i've been thinking lately about the actings department in japanese tokusatsu.
    We know that tokusatsu show is one thing that's considered as a goldmine of acting experiences for the new talent in japan..
    While some may start a bit slow, but at the end of the series, some also ended up being a solid formed actor. Those were considered an icon for the series itself by fans. One can argue that tokusatsu is one way to produce an actor that might have become a huge star in the future.

    Now, with all of the lead actor or everyone ever involved in tokusatsu show, who do you think the best performer among them all ? Who were the ones that's you all know brought the perfection of the given role in the franchise ?

    To start, i always considered joe odagiri as one of the best actor in the rider series, and my personal favorite
    Why ? Because he succeeded to brought 'godai' alive in the screen. He could bring all the emotions being a rider at that times. The most part when i watched kuuga, he's the only one that after a few moments, his acting just clicked to me, i can feel the impact naturally from watching.
    As a rider, he's an indefinite number to me, but as a characters and an actor, he's number one on my list. Ones that inspires the heroic sense in me everytime i watch him. And ones that i respect and love even after being a rider alumni.
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    I haven't seen Kuuga, but based on Odagiri's roles after Rider, I would say he's definitely the best. I've seen him play such a variety of roles that I don't think anyone comes close.

    I mean, there are other great actors among the toku alum, but none of them at Odagiri's level.
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    Also haven't watched Kuuga, but reading Odagiri's wikipedia and all the awards he won, I find it hard to believe there's anyone better than him working in tokus. Can we ban this guy from competing for the sake of the thread? :p

    I find it hard to judge someone's acting based on a tokusatsu because a lot of them (probably all I watched) have overacting on purpose (like mexican soap operas, for instance). I can think of a few terrible actors, but good ones are hard to "shine" in a show format that don't allow them to.

    For what is worth it, my favorite toku actor is Hiroshi Watari (played Sharivan and Spielban main character and a sidekick in Juspion). He had an amazing charisma - it is like as if he was born to be a toku hero.
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    I have seen Kuuga, and Odagiri is great and was great in Kuuga, but as he's already been mentioned I'm not going to tread over that same ground.

    To me there are three real standouts, I can't exactly say they are the "best" but they are definitely my favorites. Also I'm only going to talk about their roles in toku.

    Hiro Mizushima the actor who played Tendou Souji/Kamen Rider Kabuto. I just loved the way he played his character, very charismatic and cool. He really pulled off the whole "cool headed bad ass" archetype really well.

    Hassei Takano who played Hiroya Fujimiya/Ultraman Agul, Miyuki Tezuka/Kamen Rider Raia and Ichimonji Hayato/Kamen Rider Nigou from The First and The Next. I think this guy is really fantastic, and in my opinion he has managed to outshine the star in his perspective roles. He also seemed pretty different as all three characters, which is an accomplishment in an of itself I feel.

    Tetsuo Kurata who played Minami Kotaro/Kamen Rider Black and Black RX. He's got a cool look, a great voice, and is the epitome of Showa Rider in many ways. I love seeing him in the Rider Movies too, he's totally still got "it" if you ask me.

    Honorable mention to: Hiroshi Fujioka, Yuko Takayama and Masahiro Inoue.
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    Yutaka Hirose. What guys like Hiroshi Miyauchi, Kenji Ohba, Jun'ichi Haruta, Hiroshi Watari and those kinds of performers are to hero roles, Hirose is to villains. He's a pro, he has presence, he was perfectly suited to these roles; he can be big and over the top, but he's never campy, he always takes the work seriously, so he can still pull off being bad-ass and intimidating. You know he's just always going to bring it. He's also an action guy and does a lot of his own action. To me, he's synonymous with being a Sentai Red's rival, and is a pivotal villain actor to the genre, and he's made the Sentai franchise a richer place with his work. It's a shame he got kind of boxed in, because I do think he had a ton of potential to play different kinds of parts, but that's just what happens sometimes when you're too damn good at your job.

    But another actor I really like, who I think is really good, is Kenichi Endo. He's one of my favorite actors, period, not just in toku. He doesn't really have much on his list as far as toku goes -- Junior doesn't hang around Kakuranger for long, and Endo's other appearances are just guest appearances (and the less said about Lion Maru G the better) -- but I've seen him in a ton of movies, in roles of varying size and productions of varying quality, but he's always good and different. He has a lot of range. He's one of my top favorite actors, I really respect him as an actor, but he's played antagonists so vile that he's made me hate him a couple of times, based purely on performance. He's one of those character actors who doesn't get attention, despite always doing good work.

    Endo was awesome in Kakuranger as Junior, giving the show the villainous jolt it desperately needed, and leaving a huge hole the show never quite recovers from when he's written off. Junior's a large performance, quite insane, quite quirky, but he still has moments of being just a nasty bastard. Endo was also the villain of the Dekaranger movie, and probably gave the best performance that that production saw. I mean, the bar was low with the likes of Ryuji Sainei and Tsuyoshi Hayashi, but, still...

    Oh, and are you kidding me, comparing toku acting to telenovela acting? Telenovela acting is its own category of terrible acting. Those people make the stars of American soaps look like graduates of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. There's a difference in playing a larger-than-life action hero and just being awful and over-the-top.
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    Heh, Kenichi Endo is indeed a great actor, but there's something about him that even when he plays that tragic salaryman you're supposed to pity, you'll still think that at night he goes out serial murdering. Or when he's that loyal and respectable boss, you still get the feeling he'll backstab someone sooner or later.

    Regardless, his mere presence definitely adds layers to a character, and I have to agree he's one of the best.
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    No, I'm not kidding. At least, most Toei tokus (if not all) have overacting problems. It is a style, not necessarily a flaw, but there's no reason to pretend it is not there.
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    While Yukata Hirose is one of my favorite actors, he's already mentioned above, so I'll mention someone else who is also one of my favorites.

    Mark Musashi (Kodama) from Garo. Not sure if many people watch it, since it isn't very frequently mentioned here.
    He is just epic when he gets into action. I was so surprised at how powerful he was when he started fighting Garo in the 2nd half of the series, since his martial arts moves were so realistic (I know he is a stuntsman himself). He also has that quirky grin when he beats Garo.
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    Yutaka Hirose.
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    Akiji Kobayashi, hands down. He made both the original Ultraman and the Kamen Rider series that much more memorable, not to mention had fun roles in films like Diagoro vs. Goliath, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah and the 1992 Godzilla vs. Mothra.

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