Seeking artist to draw a very odd request.

Discussion in 'HJU Art Institute' started by Doronyango, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I have been looking all around trying to find someone good at 2d art to draw a re-imagining of a very old character who i use as a character alot.

    There is only one pic of this character on the internet, and it deserves some love and fanart/ a re-imagining.

    A warning to who looks to take up this task, I am very shy about the character and would rather give the picture over skype than on here from fear of being laughed at, plus I will want a few things changed, such as smaller teeth, and a more 'cute' look of the character.

    I really hope one of you step up to take this challenge, as it will be hard with only one ref.

    ~ Emily
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    i can do that for $ 20, accepting payment through PayPal, check my samples at

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