S.H.Figuarts Thread: V3!

Discussion in 'Toys Unlimited' started by ShukuenShinobi, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. ShukuenShinobi

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    Since The Next got destroyed in the great purge of MegaThreads, let us continue our discussion here, in the wonderful world of V3.

    The First Thread: It got eaten in the great feast of 2010.
    The Next Thread: http://forums.henshinjustice.com/showthread.php?t=49420

    Places to Buy Figuarts
    CS Toys Japan
    Hobby Link Japan
    Big in Japan

    Middleman Services
    OkinawamToySeller Thread, Web
    RiderProxy: Thread
    Yokatta: Thread, Web
    Tokyo Hunters: Web

    Tamashii Pages
    Tamashii Web (Retail Releases)
    Bandai Collector's Shop - Tamashii Web Shop (Exclusives)
    Bluefin Distribution (US Tamashii Distributor)

    Tamashii Twitters
    Bluefin's @TamashiiNations Twitter
    Tamashii.jp's @t_features Twitter

    Figuarts Checklists
    Riders, Rangers, & Rambles Cool Guy List
    FanMode List
    The ToyBox Wiki
    MyFigureCollection's Complete List

    Limited Tamashii Stage Quotes
    Kamen Rider KickHopper
    (Do you want to fall to hell with me? Become my little brother.) 
    (We are residents of darkness! Forsake the light!)
    (Did you.. just laugh at me?)
    (You're lucky... unlike someone like me..)

    Kamen Rider PunchHopper
    (The worst is the best.)
    2.「いいなぁ あの犬 褒められてる」
    (Ahh, I envy that dog...)
    (That's me... I've also been smashed to pieces...)
    (The sun... is polluted..)

    Kamen Rider Ixa
    (Return your life to God)
    (Do not defy me!! I am always correct!)
    (Don't you know who I am!? I am Nago!!)
    (I did not hear that, please say it again in a louder voice)

    Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion
    Final Attack Ride Decade
    ディディディディディケイド !!
    (Final AttackRide
    De De De De DECADE!!)

    ("Don't mind the song!")

    Terror Dopant
    "Kore ga shinno kyoufu da!!"
    (This is true terror!)

    Smilodon Dopant
    "食べたら張り切って 探してきてくれ ミック"
    (When you've eaten, put forth your enthusiasm and bring it home, Mick.)

    Taboo Dopant
    "まさか忘れてないわよね? 私の怖さ"
    (You haven't forgotten about my terror/fear, have you?)

    Tamashii Nations 2010 Photo Gallery

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts
    • Nigo (Showa)
    • V3 (Showa)
    • Riderman
    • X
    • Stronger
    (All shown at Tokyo Toy Show 2009)
    • G3 Mild
    • Kabuto Masked Form
    • Saga
    • Futo-Kun
    • Accel Yellow Signal Form
    • OOO Lots of Forms

    • Shinken Red Kaoru Ver. (Shinkenger)

    • CureSunshine (PreCure)
    • CureMoonlight (PreCure)
    • Dark PreCure (PreCure)
    • Cure Peach -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
    • Cure Berry -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
    • Cure Pine -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)
    • Cure Passion -Cure Angel- (Fresh PreCure)

    • Vegeta (Dragonball Kai)
    • Goku (Dragonball Kai)
    • Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Dragonball Kai)

    • Ryuho (Scryed)
    • Zetsuwei (Scryed)

    • Master Asia (G Gundam)

    • Nobita Nobi (Doraemon)

    • Wild Tiger (Tiger&Bunny)

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts EX
    • Beat Gouram (Kamen Rider Kuuga)
    • Revolgarry (Kamen Rider W)
    • HardSplasher Unit (Kamen Rider W)
    • Accel Bike Mode with Gunner A (Kamen Rider W)

    Currently Unreleased Figuarts Zero
    • Scarlet Kiss (Star Driver)
    • Professor Green (Star Driver)
    • Ivrogne (Star Driver)
    • President (Star Driver)
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  2. Bogard

    Bogard Irregular Hunter

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    Well, the previous thread has been archived, so here we go.

    I'm personally looking forward to OOO, Kazuma, and Crystal Skull.
  3. dvillangelo

    dvillangelo Member

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    anyone still looking for G3 and Gills are welcome to check them out at Hobby Search... 50% off + rebate point...

    Also, dark kiva was suddenlyavailable at amiami yesterday for some reason... but temporary sold out after few hours...
  4. Skiks

    Skiks Member

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    Shoot I should get another Gills. I knicked the gold on one of mine when removing his pincer things.
  5. SamuraiEchidna

    SamuraiEchidna Member

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    Awesome. New Figuarts thread. :laugh:
  6. chubbyman

    chubbyman Member

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    WOOT V3!!!
  7. salveo

    salveo Member

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    Just a correction on the Smilodon quote. There's a hiragana (
    "ra") missing and the translation is slightly off. It means something more like
    "When you've eaten, put forth your enthusiasm and bring/find (it) home, Mick."
    It's the line from the episode about Evil Tail, when Ryuube was feeding Mick the special dessert. :laugh:
  8. Vox Age

    Vox Age Member

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    Thanks for setting up the new thread, dude. Just a few things though:

    I don't think we ever saw a prototype of Hardsplasher Figuarts EX. And Revolgarry was just a scene decoration, so I don't think it's meant to be a Figuarts EX. Also, I think the six Showa Figuarts won't be released at all since they're just mockups. And finally, the bike Kuuga was riding in Tamashii Feature's Vol. 1 back in Feb 2010 is TryGouram. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks again for maintaining the thread. :thumbs:
  9. AyaToyBox

    AyaToyBox New Member

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    New S.H Figuarts Home :thumbs:
  10. Skiks

    Skiks Member

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    We did see the HardSplasher being ridden by lunatrigger at one event.
  11. dvillangelo

    dvillangelo Member

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    This could be lead to future releases:


    I think it does mention something about Shadowmoon...
  12. Sentaifan'07 Xman

    Sentaifan'07 Xman "Let's DRIVING!!!!!"

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    Alright, I can't wait.
  13. dchoc

    dchoc All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!

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  14. Jedah Crow

    Jedah Crow Dull Brilliance

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    At the moment HLJ currently has the pre-orders for Shinken Gold & GataKiriBa Combo re-opened. Got mine in this time. :buttrock:
  15. chubbyman

    chubbyman Member

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    I don't get what that japanese ad means...
  16. Ryuutaros

    Ryuutaros "Training."

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    Got GataKiriBa through as a backup in case TaToBa is not available so I will at least have a OOO SHF.


    ~ Gotta GataKiriBa! ~

    See what I did there?
  17. Dark Kabuto

    Dark Kabuto In Justice, We Trust!

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    So, Shinken Red Karou, Pink, and yellow have pretty much been confirmed as releases?
  18. Relik影

    Relik影 Henshin!!

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    Ahhh that new thread smell.

    Any way back on topic. Im really hopin for a LaGoZoe(Lion Gorilla Zoe) Figuart seein as how that's my favorite form so far. Also a Utopia Dopant would be awesome.
  19. Kazuma

    Kazuma あたりまえ

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    -kickhopper reissue in May
    -cant read all the other word besides something about tamashii shop stuff :sweat:
  20. Ryuutaros

    Ryuutaros "Training."

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    Lol all GataKiriBa pre-orders are filled up and closed now on HLJ. I got mine through.
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