Rook: Knight of the Double Blade

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    They arrived in the general area by late afternoon before splitting up to go do their designated locations. Fortunately it was still day light so the chance of running into a Horror was slim since they didn't need the added delay. Jules had the park in view when she started slowing down here pace. It looked like their hacker friend was correcr in one thing as she didn't see anybody at first glance, Silently deciding to do this in a couple of waves she did a quick look around the area, just to see if anything looked out of place. Nothing did, naturally. What did she expect?

    Walking to roughly the center of the park she turned her head. Just surveying the area a bit more closely. “Alright,” she muttered, “if I was secretly planning to split the order where would I met up?” She spotted a couple of areas that could have been the answer to that question soon enough. Picking one at random she started toward what looked like an equipment barn at one time.

    “What are you doing here?”

    Jules stopped in her tracks, recognizing the voice almost at once. Slowly she turned around to face the source. “Reks,” she said almost casusally, “fancy meeting you here.” She studied him real fast, trying to gauge his reaction. The first thing she spotted was his brush in his hand. And the device strapped to his wrist. He was still using it, But his arm wasn't up right away so neither were currently pointed at her. Maybe she could talk him down, get him to com in willingly. Maybe prove that small voice in her head saying there's been a huge mistake made about him right. “There's been a lot of rumors going around.”

    “Oh I'm sure they're more than just rumors at this point,” he said with a slight smirk on his face. One that made her feel sick to her stomach. More so that his brush raised a bit, toward her. “What exactly have you heard?”

    “Nothing good,” she told him,” trying to look as non threatening as possible. “Just a lot of crazy stories at this point.”

    “I'm sure,” he sneered, “they didn't sound that crazy coming out of Greystone. Did they?!”

    Jules held her ground. “I saw the bodies of that family.” Like she hoped that caused him to stop what he was doing. The look on his face almost made her think it wasn't true, at least his involvement in it. Either way it was something she could use to buy herself some time. “Tell me your side of things Reks. I don't wan't to believe what's being said.” Slowly her hand went for her pocket. If she could just activate the sphere and contact Carter.

    She spotted another brush pointed at her head out of the corner of her eye. “You better keep those hands were we can see them, Terrance told her.” That smirk returned to Reks' face once this happened and he pointed his brush at her as well. Damn it, he distracted her while she was trying to distract him.

    “It didn't have to be this way Jules,” he told as he came closer. “If you understood what we're trying to do.”

    “Anything that involves killing innocent people....”

    “The Knights are not innocent!” he exploded at her.

    “What about their families?”, she shot back. That stopped him. “What about the children?” Terrance's brush wavered at that. She saw her chance and quickly kicked Terrance away before pushing Reks back. Holding her brush out she tried to keep it pointed at both of them. “I suggest both of you stand down now.”

    Of course neither of them did that as the both faced off against her. There was no chance for her to call Carter now, not unless K-Byte had eyes on the situation. If it came down to a straight one on one she was the better fighter by a wide margarinr. But two on one, against two other magic users? The odds of one of them landing a lucky shot was definitely more in their favor than her's. Unless she could take one down right away.

    All three of them were caught off guard by the arrival of a newcomer landing between the.m Jules recognized him after a brief moment, “Vincent.” He held his brush down as he faced the other two but they didn't rush him, in fact the backed up a little.

    “I heard everything,” he announced. Jules relaxed a bit. Not because the odds were even now but Vincent would make sure Reks came in alive as well. “Reks,” he said sounding disappointed in his former pupil. “There was a reason why I said to don't try and recruit her.”

    “Wait...what?”, she sputtered while realizing what he just said. He spun and pointed his brush at her. It pulsed before she could make sense of what was going on. She was sent flying back and hit the ground hard. Barely moving she realized Vincent was standing over her. He blasted her again and everything went black.
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    Coming up to the abandon mall Carter looked it over before finding an entrance he could use. “So why did you split up with Jules?”, Xypher asked. “An extra set of eyes would be great seeing how big this place is.”

    “Because I imagine it's also has several areas inside perfect for an ambush,” he answered.

    “Trying to protect Jules again?”, he asked. “After that whole 'I want someone to fight with me not for me,' speech she gave you?”

    “No,” he responded, “at least not completely.”He stopped trying to figure out the best way to say this. “Despite what she says I can tell this whole thing with Reks is still bothering her. She may...hesitate if she saw him in there.”

    “You really don't think she'd let him go do you?”

    “No. Of course not,” he said quickly shooting that idea down. He added with a sigh, “But I do know it's easy to let down your guard a bit when confronted by some one you thought you could trust.”

    “Like what happened to you with your former Makai Priest friend,” Xypher said in understanding. Carter just grunted. “Then Jules won't here about this from me.” Carter looked down at the pin on his label and smiled slightly. He might be a pain at times but he was usually good to his word.

    Continuing on toward the supposedly empty building he found a way in soon enough. One that was apparently used often despite the condition of the place. Walking a few feet inside Xypher said in a warning tone, “Carter.”

    “I sense it,” he replied as he slowly pulled his staff out of his coat. The feeling of darkness in here was almost palatable. “Any idea how many we're dealing with?”

    “There's too much Miasma in the area,” the pin answered. “I'm getting it all over the place, it's pretty much masking anything else in here Why didn't I sense it before we came in?”

    “One thing at a time,”Carter said as he cautiously went deeper into the old mall. Senses alert and trying to be as quiet as possible he pulled the staff apart. Blades in both hands he approached a corner and saw nothing, but that really didn,t mean anything given the circumstanses. No, he did see something on a secondary glance, something on the floor. Slowly he made his way to the thing. The closer he got the more he realized it wasn't a “thing” as much as a drawing of circle some sort. The Makai symbols sirrounding it was the only thing that told him somebody in the order did this.

    Kneeling down to get a better look at it he spoke to Xypher, “Do you recognize this?”

    “I'm pretty sure this is an entrapment seal,” he answered. “Makai Priests use to use this to trap Horrors back in the day.”

    “How far is 'back in the day'?”, he asked. He hadn't seen anything like this that he could recall.

    “Something like centuries,” the pin answered. “They stopped being used after the Makai Knights were formed., or around that time.” he added, “My knowledge of this sort of thing is pretty limited. Depending on how many of these there are in here it could be why I didn't detect anything outside.”

    “It's that powerful?”

    “Like I said my knowledge is limited but I think that was one of the main reasons Makai Priests stopped using it. It blocked detection of Horrors in some cases as well as capturing them.” Carter looked down at it, if this was a magical seal. He broke the line of the circle with one of his blades. “Now I'm detecting a Horror, just the one so far.”

    Nodding Carter walked past the seal and deeper into the mall. Even if he was trying to find Reks he had to cut down that Horror before it got out and consumed somebody on the outside. Especially since he broke the seal to begin with.

    In a part of the mall covered in shadows he got his blades ready. Behind him a lone demonic looking Horror emerged from the floor and quietly followed him. Hungry for it's next meal, so much so it risked going after such a dangerous pray instead of leaving since it's prison was now broken. Carter was seemingly unaware of it's presence which made it grow more confident. Suddenly Carter spun his Blades around and stepped backwards as he stabbed back, both blades impaling the Horror in it's gut. It screamed in pain at the sudden attack. Stepping forward Carter pulled outwards, cutting the beast even more as his blades freed themselves. Spinning around Carter sliced through the Horror again. One final jab finally ended things as it fell backwards and exploded.

    Reforming the staff he looked around for any more incoming. “I'm not sensing anything.. wait,”Xypher spoke up. “There's something close.”

    “I see it.” In one of the old stores, on the back wall. A huge spot of Horror blood pulsated. Entering the store he approached the spot. Retrieving his Madou lighter he ignited it on the wall. In moments he stepped back and watched the blue flame quickly consume the blood. “Can you sense anything else?”

    “Okay that cleared up most of it,” the pin answered. “I'm not currently detecting anything else. We might be clear.”

    Without a word he turned and headed for the door he entered. Reaching into a pocket he pulled out the small spear and rubbed it with his thumb, “K-Byte.”

    The reply came quick,”I'm here man.”

    “There was no sign of Reks at this location. But I did discover some Horror blood so mark it on the map.”

    “And done.”

    “I already took care of one Horror here and the spot but I'm not ready to say this area is clear just yet. If you have a way to contact Alexander let him now about this location so the Order can do a more thorogh check.”

    “He's going to want to know why,” K-Byte said, “but I'll think of something. Everything is still hush, hush I'm guessing.”

    That was one way of putting it. Granted having him contact another Makai Priest was a bit risky since they still didn't know who was involved in this mess. But Carter reasoned K-Byte would have already been taken off the board by now if Alexander was in league with Reks. “Have you heard anything from Jules?”

    “Not yet,” there was something in his voice that made Carter pause. “Okay that's not right.”

    “What is it?”

    “That whole area just came back online.” He explained further, “The city cameras I mean. That area went dark for a few minutes.”

    Not waiting for a further explanation Carter took off at a sprint for that park. Pushing past people and jumping over what ever was in his path. He reached the park but was trying to ignore the feeling he was too late. That was hard to do since he immedately couldn't see anybody. Looking around his heart felt like it stopped as he found Jules' brush on the ground. Trying not to think the worst he held the sphere in his hand. He wanted to call her but was afraid doing so might give this communicator away. It could be the only way to find her at this rate. “K-Byte can you track Jules through her sphere?”

    “If she activates it yeah.”

    “But she has to activate it first,” he reapeated bitterly. That figured, nothing could be that easy.

    “Look, I'll see what I can do on my end,” Ky byte told him hearing the tone. “But I'm not promising anything. Come on in so you'll know as soon as I do. I'll start working on it while you do.”

    “Right,” he said as he headed out. Reks and who ever was with him had better hope she wasn't hurt.
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    When she came to Jules found herself bound to the floor somehow. Granted it wasn't the most dignified way of waking up but it could have been worse. Much worse as she remembered why she was knocked out to begin with. Yeah for a brief moment there she thought that was going to be it. And by her mentor, and she thought friend, Jules kept herself calm, getting angry wasn't going to get her out of this. First thing first, why was she stuck? Head still able to move she looked around as best as she could. It looked like some sort of spell was holding her down. If she had her Madou Brush she probably could have broken it easily. Which meant one of them was smart enough to take it away from her. In fact she realized her coat was off her entirely. In way that was good because that meant they didn't physically search her,

    It was also bad because all the equipment she carried was in there, Not that she could move her arms all that much. So at the moment that meant her only option was to sit back and wait until somebody freed her. She couldn't help herself, “Well this sucks.”

    “You're awake,” Reks said as he came into view. “Good, I was afraid Vincent hit you with too powerful of a blast,” he started to reach out to touch her cheek. Thank God she was still able to turn her head because she did so as fast as she could to avoid contact with him. Fortunately he pulled his hand away and didn't press the issue. “It didn't have to come to this,” he said walking away.

    “You're trying to split the Order,” she shot back. “How did you think it was going to go?”

    “I'm trying to get things back to the way they're supposed to be,” he told her. We were the original protectors, not the Knights. And we can be again, once they are gone.”

    “And what about the really powerful Horrors?,” she shot back. “The reason why the Makai Knights were created?”

    “They lacked conviction,” he told her. And the idea he seemed to believe what he just said scared her just a bit. “They gave up too easily. Too willing to hand the power over to someone else.”

    “What happened to you?”, she asked. “What happened to cause you to think like this?”

    “Sigma happened,” was his answer. “He showed us that we didn't need the Knights. That we could do the job ourselves.”

    “Sigma's plan involved using people to power a device to do that,” she reminded him. “It's why the Priest that were with him turned against him to begin with. Please don't tell me you're going to take up that part of his plan too?”

    He looked offended she would even think that. That made a small part of her happy at least, he hadn't completely gone off the deep end yet. “Of course not. Everyone involved should have felt betrayed by his ultimate plan. But they gave up too quickly when it was over. None of them truly had the conviction to keep going.”

    “No,” she said suddenly, “That can't be just that. Something else must have happened. You ran into the wrong crowd, something. You weren't like this when we were younger.”

    “Because I didn't know it was possible when we were younger, not until Sigma. You'll see we were right in the end. They'll all see we were right.”

    “Do you really think others are going to willingly join in after how things with Sigma ended?,” she asked him.

    “After we're done they won't have a choice,” he told her. “Once the Knights are gone for good, Just a footnote in our history that's best to be forgotten.” Then he looked at her in a way that frightened her a little. “But it's not all of the Knights you're worried about, is it? It's him, Greystone! You slept with him, haven't you?” When she didn't answer he grabbed her by the chin and shouted, “Didn't you?!”

    “Even if I did,” she said through her teeth,”It wouldn't be any business of yours.” She knew that would enrage him as it looked like he was mad enough to hit her.

    But Terrance quickly interjected and pulled him back, “Reks calm down. He said to not harm her remember?” That 'he' had to be Vincent. Was he the one in charge of all this? If he was why was he trying to do everything he could to help her and Carter? Okay that one was obvious, to throw them off the scent, and he did a good job there. But why would he want to restart the the conflict between Priests and Knight? It made no sense. Vincent was opposed as anybody to what Sigma was doing, at least as far as she could recall. “She's trying to anger you, just back away for now.”

    “Terrance is quite right,” Vincent said as he entered the room. Reks backed away a little more willingly but he was still furious. “Like I told you, she wouldn't understand what we're trying to accomplish.” He turned to Terrance, “Would you please take him to the other room and help him calm down?”

    “Right,” he replied, pulling a reluctant Res behind him.

    Jules stared at him. Somethings puzzle pieces starting to fit together, “You tried to stop me from going behind the house.” He sighed and nodded hid head, seemingly bracing himself for what was coming. You knew the kids wre going to be back there. I thought by the way you were describing things you were speculating on what happen. But you were confessing.”

    “At least you didn't say I was bragging,” he attempted to joke. He had enough sense to realize how unfunny it was. “I am upset with myself, although I don't suppose that help any.”

    “Why?”, she asked. Although she wasn't sure how bad she wanted an answer.

    “Because, I didn't need to have my involvement known just yet,” was his answers. He sat there with a far off look on his face, reliving the final moments of Morgan's wife and children. “I didn't want it to be known now. But circumstance forced me to reveal myself when I did,”

    “But to pick up were Sigma left off. You made it sound like a terrible time, Why would you bring that about again?”

    “Not everything is quite what it seems,” he told her. Before he could elaborate Reks and Terrance came back in. “What is it?”

    “I searched her jacket like you asked,” he answered. I didn't find her brush but I found this,” he held out the sphere. He was also rubbing it just a bit.

    “Carter!”, she called out. Everyone looked at her and missed it twinkle. She had to cover for the outburst. “Is going to find me. He's going to find this place and kick your asses.”

    Reks snarled, “He can try.”

    Vincent on the other hand just looked back between her and the sphere in Terrance's hand. Then he seemed to understand what just happened.

    But he didn't destroy the sphere like she thought he would. “Carter is rather tenacious,” he said instead. “I wouldn't be surprised if he was on his way right now,” he gave her a knowing wink but still didn't reveal what she just did. “We should be ready just in case.”

    “There's no way he knows were we are “Reks protested. Terrance quickly agreed with that.

    “And under estimating a Makai Knight is never a smart idea. The plan is almost ready, I've already placed the devices in the designated location. But we can't let our guard down, not just yet. I'll finish up the final preparations, I need you and Terrance to stall him for as long as possible while I complete them.”

    Reks nodded, “Of course Vincent. We'll hold him back. Won't we Terrance?” The other man looked relucant to respond in any way, but eventually he nodded his head. Death to the Knights.” Reks didn't seem surprised the his old teacher didn't repeat it. Instead he reached around and patted him on the back by his neck. For a brief instant Jules thought she saw a piece of paper in Vincent's hand before he did so, but it there was nothing there when he pulled it away.

    Soon they left her alone. Jules struggled against her bonds even more once they did, but the spell barely let her budge. Jules really didn't want to fall into the whole damsel in distress cliché, but right now she had no choice but to wait and hope Carter would be able to use that quick burst to find where she was.
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    Back in the secret room at the knick knack shop K-Byte was hard at work trying to locate Jules' location. Carter was leaning against a wall trying not to fidget. After a bit K-Byte turned around to look at him. The silence was killing him personally. “Just wanted to say thanks and all for not hovering over my shoulder or pacing a hole in the floor. But I can feel the wave of frustration over her.” Carter still didn't respond to him. “Shut up and keep working, got it,” he mumbled as he went back to the computer.

    After a few moments Xypher spoke to Carter, “It's more than just frustration. Something is on your mind so what is it?”

    To this Carter responded, “Just how common is the knowledge about that entrapment seal?”

    “”Like I told you,” the pin answered, “Makai Priest stopped using it centuries ago. So I doubt it's a common spell learned today. I only know about it.because A Rook I used to be contracted to asked a Makai Priest he knew to look into it.And it took him a couple of weeks to find something.”

    “This Terrance was coming out of that mall,” Carter said, thinking outl oud. “So someone aligned with Reks and him has to know about it. Jules told us that Terrance had a binding spell at his disposal, Do you think it could be him?”

    “It's possible, there could be some similarity in the spells depending on how he performs it. But the thing that I can't figure out is why are they trapping a Horror to begin with? I'm pretty sure the one you dispatched had been there a while. Smart enough to avoid triggering the seals but not to get out.”

    “Maybe they weren't trying to trap that horror. Terrance could have gone in to make sure it didn't get out.”

    “There are more efficient ways to keep a Horror in one location,” Xypher pointed out. “It's baffling to me.”

    “Then I'll make sure one of them stays coscious long enough so you can ask,”Carter told him.

    “Jules has been a good influence on you,” Xypher said with a slight snort.

    “Carter!”, Jules voice cam from his sphere. As he pulled it out K-Byte started typing faster on his computer.

    “Come on,”the hacker mumbled, “Keep the line open for as long as possible.” She seemed to comply as she kept talking.

    “That's Reks,”Carter said as he responded to what she said. Then a third voice spoke up and Carter paid even more attention to the conversation that was being played out over the sphere.

    “That sounded like Vincent,”Xypher said. Carter wanted to tell him that he was wrong, but he known the the man for a long time, from his time as Makai Knight traniee.That was him, he didn't need anybody else to confirm it.

    “Do you have a location yet?”, He asked K-Byte. His response was to point up at the city map now floating above them. A single glowing dot focused Carter 's attention whose location that he quickly memorized. “I'm coming Jules,” he muttered at that dot. “Thank you K-Byte.”

    “Just go get her,” he said, “you can thank me later.” Nodding Carter turned and headed for the door. One way or another he was getting answers from somebody tonight.
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    Arriving at the location marked on the map Carter was greeted by an old boarded up warehouse of some sort. He should have thought to ask K-Byte which floor her signal was coming from. Same plan as usual then, the moment he faced some resistance meant he was close. Figuring the way in wasn't something as obvious as the front door, he made his way down a side alley. A short search revealed an unlocked door with a stairway leading down. Making his way down he retrieved the staff from his coat, senses open for any sign of an assault.

    Reaching the bottom he found another room with nobody in sight. Going in a little deeper he found another set of stairs leading up to the main floor. Again he tried to see any sign of a trap as he made his way up. Still he didn't see anything right away. Xypher got his attention, “When were done here we should head back down, I thought I sensed a Horror down there. But it was faint so I can't be sure.” Carter looked back in the direction they came from. Another Horror and these guys. What was going on?

    “Maybe that's were they're storing the Horror Blood,” he mused. He made a mental note to recheck that area just to be sure, any collection of Horror blood was a bad thing. Locating a bigger open space on the floor he found her, “Jules.” She was bound to the floor by some sort of spell, more than likely the one she mentioned Terrance used.

    He got about half way from reaching her when she started to call out something and someone dropped in front of him that forced him back a few steps. Reks. “So you did find us,” he sneered. Carter held his staff in front of him while trying to keep an eye out for Vincent or Terrance. “I guess the traitor told you about this,” Reks held out his arm and activated the saw device, he started smiling as he brought the spinning blade up closer to his face.

    Carter stared him down,“The only traitor I see is you.” Reks yelled and came at with a swing Carter easily dodged. Jumping out of the way of a back swing he tried to gauge how far it extended the his reach. Reks refused to give him the chance as he started swing widly. So wild he had to deflect a few that were getting a little too close to connecting with the staff .But he was able to slowly get the battle away from Jules Despite his current anger even Carter suspected that Reks didn't want to harm her by accident.

    A kick to the stomach knocked him backwords and Carter fought to stay on his feet. Sensing the opening Reks went in for the kill. Carter blocked the attack in time by getting the staff up in time. Another kick by the Priest knocked him back again breaking the deadlock. “She may have told you about this little toy,”Reks told him, “But I doubt she knew about this.” Flexing his wrist a bit the saw blade started to expand, It was almpst tripled in size by the time it stopped. Carter stopped trying to figure out the arch of the thing since it could change size apparently. The Priest took advantage of his temporary confusion and charged at him again.

    Despite it's size Reks swung it at him just as easily as before. The larger size also allowed him to knock the staff out of the way every time Carter tried to block with it. Carter found himself backed up against a pille\ar, Reks drew his arm back then punched it forward aiming the edge of the saw at his neck. Dropping to a knee it barely flew over his head and cut into the pillar. Carter got in a shot to the gut of his own as he punched Reks while he was freeing the spinning blade. With the free moment he created Carter pulled the staff apart, he was going to need the option of another weapon the rate this was going.

    He had a slightly easier time deflecting the saw with a sword blade in each hand. Still didn't stop Reks from trying to kick him away like he had been, although knowing it was coming helped Carter stay a slight step ahead of that particular tactic. Still he was primarily on defense at this point.He had to get on the offensive somehow if he was going to end this.He briefly considered summoning the armor but everyt ime he made enough space to even connect the staff together in it's double bladed formation Reks quickly stepped up his attack to keep that from happening. That told Carter he wasn't sure how it would do against soul metal armor.

    And it was a theory Reks wasn't in a hurry to let him test as he stepped up his attacks, continously driving him back.and keeping him from finding his footing, Apparently sensing now was the time Reks brought the saw up and then down in a chopping motion. On instinct only Carter brought both blades up to keep it from sinking into his head. The Priest tried to force the saw down even further but Carter held his ground. Locked in another apparent deadlock they stared at each other, Reks sneered, “You think she'll be grateful? She won't be, she is a traitor to her sect. She doesn't matter to anyone.”

    Carter knew what he was doing, he was trying to get under his skin. In this case, it was working. Almost growling he told him while looking him dead in the eyes, “She matters to me!” With a shout he forced the saw away from his head and kicked Reks in the chest, Swinging his swords he tried chipping away at it. Finally he caught it in a way that caused the piece attaching it to his wrist to break. One last hit sent it flying up. Both of them looked up and tracked it in the air. It took Carter a moment to realize it was heading toward jules. Running toward her he did his best to swat it away with the blades when it got close enough.He altered the path enough that it landed to the left of her.

    They looked at each other in the brief moment they had, then Carter fell forward after getting blasted in the back, “Carter!”

    “Took you long enough,” Reks grunted as Terrance came forward, brush pointed at Carter.

    “Had to make sure he didn't see me coming,” he answered. “It was the first clear opening I saw.”

    “It doesn't matter,” Reks said retrieving his brush and came closer as well. “Let's finish him off and get rid of the body. Maybe we'll leave him by the other one if the body hasn't been found yet.” Terrance made a bit of a disgusted sound as they approached. Carter struggled to move and noticed a small trinket on the floor. Seeing another one on Jules' other side forming a magical circle. Quickly he got one of the blades on the inside and knocked the trinket out of position.While it didn't disrupt the circle like he thought it would, it did weaken it enough that Jules was able to break free of it. Jumping into the action as soon as she was on her feet

    Reks intercepted her and the two of them started fighting. Terrance tried to get involved but Carter recovered enough to cut him off. Two sets of fights occurred next to each other, the two renegade Priests realized they were at the disadvantage but kept on any way while Carter and Jules pressed their attacks in hope of finishing this quickly. During their conflict Reks energized his brush after Jules kept deflecting and blocking his physical attacks, causing a small explosion every time the bristles came into contact with something. The first one off a table was enough to distract Carter long enough for Terrance to get a decent shot in. He pressed his attack until Carter was able to start defending himself better. He backed up a bit and tossed one of his blades at him. Terrance caught the handle on instinct alone, not realizing what the plan was until the weight of te soul metal caused him to bend down as the sword went to the floor. With the free moment he retrieved a Madou brush from his pocket and threw it in the direction of the other battle, “Jules!”

    She caught it and block Reks' brush. Terrance freed his hand in time to be met with a punch to the face. As he staggered back Carter retrieved the fallen blade and reconnected them into the staff. Reks and Jules continued their battle She kicked him in the side then tried to knock the brush out of his hand but he held onto it tight. On the otherside Terrance was getting rocked by Carter. Suddenly Carter saw Jules turn toward them, a grey piece of paper in her free hand. “Move!,” she ordered. He obliged by stepping to the side as she brought her brush toward the slip and brushed swiped it in Terrance's direction. The paper flew out of her hand and formed a metal spike that went through one of the sides of his vest and impaled in the wall , temporarily pinning him there. “He's yours,” she suddenly spoke up. Jules rolled backwards away from Reks as Carter back flipped over her.

    “Come on Knight!”, Reks challenged him. Carter obliged by turning around and sweeping the staff low catching him in the knee. Terrance freed himself and was caught by a roundhouse kick by Jules that knocked him out. Reks tried to use his brush like before but he was easily stopped by Carter and the staff. Frustrated after a shot to his side connected he spat, The time of your order is over!” Carter grabbed him by the collar of his coat and threw him across the room.

    After he crashed into the wall Carter just told him, “Shut up. Jules.” She waved her hand and brush around a bit then pointed it at Reks who was suddenly wrapped in a binding spell of her own. Now both of them relaxed a bit, at least this part was over. Then another group of Makai Priest and Knights came running into the room. Carter and Jules stood next to each other ready for another round.
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    A Priest stepped forward with a hand raised, but obviously holding something in the other, “Whoa we're friendly. . Then he opened the hand for them revealing a small, familiar looking sphere. Carter and Jules looked at each other as he continued, “We have a similar companion.”

    Jules looked at him and asked, “Alexander?”

    He nodded in response, “He contacted me and suggested I round up a group and help out here.” Looking around he shrugged and added, “Looks like we' were late or he was wrong.”

    “Let's just call it faishonably late,” Jules told him. “And I'm glad to see you at least.”

    “Although I'm wishing he contacted you a bit sooner,” Carter added. Jules elbowed him in the side.

    Alexander smirked, “But what the hell is going on? K-Byte just said you needed a hand, but he didn't say what with what.”

    “Traitors!,” Reks shouted at the newcomers. “The time of the Knights is over! Our time is coming, the sooner you realize that the better we'll all be in the long run.”

    “This nonsense again,” one of the other Priest said as he put a spell on his mouth to quiet them. It still didn't stop Reks from mumbling loudly trying to speak any way. “I thought that was done with.”

    “Not with everybody it seems,” another said as he hauled Terrance to his feet and tied his hands together.

    Alexander looked back at them, “I can see why K-Byte didn't say anything now, this could have been a bigger mess than what it was. I was really hoping Sigma's whole ordeal was over after Japan.”

    “We all did,” Carter said. “But the cracks are still there People like them just try to exploit them when they can.” Alexandar nodded as the group took custody of Reks and Terrance. “But they're not the only ones, there's at least one other, and maybe more. We need to find out before what they're planning is enacted.”

    Jules looked at him, “You did hear Vincent then.”

    “I did,” he told her.

    “Vincent?”, Alaxander looked at the both of them. “I can't believe it.”

    “Neither can I,” Jules told him as Reks and Terrance was taken away. “We have to find him at least, he's the one starting whatever the plan is.”

    Elsewhere Vincent looked out over the city then at his own Madou brush. With a heavy sigh he simply said, “I”m sorry Reks,” and activated a spell with a heavy heart.

    Back at the hideout while Reks was being taken to the door. He suddenly tilted his head back and tried to shout in pain before he dropped to the floor. “What the hell?”, Alaxander cried out as all of the crowded around the fallen Reks.

    A Knight looked him over then at the rest of them, “He's dead.”

    “What?”, Alexander said as he knelt down and exaimed the body himself. A quick examination revealed a small mark on the back of his neck. Jules gasped a bit as she remembered that piece of paper in she saw in Vincent's hand earlier. That was the spot he patted Reks on then. She suddenly felt a pair of arms around her. Struggling to get free before realizing it was Carter she leaned into him for the support. “Vincent did this,” she said. “he killed him.”

    “I'm sorry,” he told her. “Somebody check him,” he added nodding at Terrance. He eagerly accepted the check as he didn't want to die in the same manner. Jules felt Carter's hand explore the back of her neck as well. While she was positive Vincent didn't put that spell on her she was grateful for the check none the less. Satisfied nothing was there and she was safe he walked over to Terrance, who was apparently clear as well. “Where's Vincent?”, he demanded.

    “Somewhere you can't get to him in time,” was his answer. And that was all he was going to say from the look of things.

    “Downstairs,”Xypher spoke up. “Were I sensed whatever it was. We might find a clue there.” Carter was already heading for the stairs before the pin finished speaking. Jules and the others followed him down. Reaching the room Carter asked him where it was. “Give me a moment, maybe turn around a bit. It was pretty weak like I said.Stop! There, behind that wall.”

    Alexander and a couple of other Priests studied the wall Xypher pointed out. “I'm not seeing anything. A way to get in, nothing.”

    “Are you looking for a spell or something?”, Xypher asked. They said they were. “When was the last time I mentioned you humans over think things?” Everybody looked at the pin. “Would you use magic to hide something from other magic users?”

    “No,” Carter mumbled as he and Jules joined in. she found a spot on the wall, where it looked like it was touched repeatedly. Pressing the spot a panel slide open. A Priest started to walk in but the Horror trapped within tried to jump out at him. Alexander and Jules pulled him back as Carter went in and stabbed it with both blades. In it's weaken state it succumbed easily and blew up. Once Xypher gave the all clear they entered the small room. “I think that explain all those seals we found.”

    “I think so to,” Xypher replied. “They wanted to catch a Horror. And they did, but for what I still don't know.”

    “It was to get rid of you Knights,” Terrance finally decided to speak up. “I'm not sure how but that what Reks said the plan was. I never knew how it was supposed to work, I still don't.”

    Jules and Alexander examened some tubes on the wall where the Horror was. Looking at each needle on the end she muttered, “Were they siphoning it's blood?” They followed the tubes to yet another secret room and found vials of Horror blood inside. As well as a cube like device. She looked at a piece next to it, and flashed back to Vincent trying to cover something similar a few days back when she visited him. Now that she got a closer look at it and the cubed shape device. She had an idea what it was now She looked over to Alexander to confirmed he saw what she did. “This is a spraying device,” she announced to the group. “Iit looks like the vial of Horror blood goes in here and connected to this.”

    “Look here,”Alexander said as he studied another table. “Maps of the city. I'm just guessing here but I think theses marks here,” he gestured at the various Xs dotting the maps, “are where these devices are supposed to be placed.”

    Looking over his shoulder Jules commented,” And these are office buildings. I use to pass by them when I started patrolling by myself. Assuming these are all buildings.”

    “Those devices were going to spray the Horror blood into the air,” Alexander finished for her. “The wind patterns would cause it to cover a extremely wide area. Thousands would be hit by it.”

    Carter looked horrified as he thought about the scale of what they were talking about, and he wasn't the only one, “We would have to cut all those people down, that's if a Horror didn't get them first. There's no way we could cover that sort of massacre up.”

    Everyone in the room looked at Terrance, who look like he was about to lose his lunch,”N... no. You're wrong. You have to be.The plan was to get rid of the Knights, not infect innocent people with Horror blood. I wouldn't have agreed to this if that was the plan.”

    “We all would have had to disappear,” Carter commented. He looked at Jules and Alexander, “Vincent is the activating these devices. He wouldn't do it one by one.”

    “No he wouldn't,” Jules agreed turning back to the maps. “Especially now that he knows we'd be looking for him. There has to be a master device that controls the others.” Studying the maps she pointed at one location then looked over at Alexander to see if he agreed, he did. “Here, he would have to be somewhere tall enough for the widest possible coverage for the signal.”

    “You guys go,” Alexander told them. “I'll stay here and study the device here. Maybe I can figure out a way to block his signal. It's a long shot but we can't let these things go off.”

    “Ill,” Carter began then caught the look Jules was giving him, “we'll confront Vincent. The rest of you cover those other locations. Disable them if we can't stop him.”

    “If we're not already too late,” one of the Knights commented.

    “Let's not start thinking like that,” Alexander told the group. “This device here, while not loaded is fully functional. It hasn't activated yet so we still have time. Time we're wasting standing around and looking at each other. Get going.” Jules and Carter headed for the other stairway while the rtest tried to look at the map to see where the other devices were located. All praying that they had more time than what they feared.
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    On they way to Vincent's location Carter contacted K-Byte. There were no cameras on the roof, but he had eyes on the building in question, and a few others since Alexander had called him as well. So they were basically going in blind, at least Alexander hadn't called saying the devices had activated yet. Finding the building unlocked they rushed inside and quickly found a set of stairs heading up. Several long minutes later Carter busted the doorway to the roof wide open.

    Both of the scanned the roof until they spotted him standing by another of those device, a vaia in his hand. Looking back at them he said, “The device is armed,” he informed them. “All I have to do is insert this vial. And I've been standing here hesitant the entire time. Funny how you lose some of your resolve once the moment arrives, isn't it? Particularly when the scope of your action finally hits you?”

    Both of them hoped that meant the mam they both admired wasn't completely off the deep end yet. Although was quick to realize he wasn't stepping away from the device. “Why?”, he asked. Why do it at all? You had to have realized what would happen if you go through with it. What we'd be forced to do.”

    “I fully realized it the moment the idea planted itself in my head,” he answered. He turned back to look out over the city and sighed to himself, “All those people, all that darkness in their hearts. Could you imagine how much easier things would be if they learned to control that darkness? How much of a harder time the Horrors would have to enter our world.”

    “It would expose our world and make them afraid of us,” Carter interjected.

    “At first,” he conceded. “But I'm sure they would realize that very fear is what leaving them open to the Horrors and learn to control all the dark aspects of humanity.”

    “Or it could be Salem all over again,” Jules finally spoke up.

    He looked sharply at her, like he was shocked she would even mention it. Finally he went, “Perhaps, But I like to think Humanity hass grown a little sense then. Eventually reason would rule out in the end, eventually.” He didn't sound all that convinced of his own statements.”

    “And how long would it take for reason to win out?”, Carter asked him. “We deal with creatures from another dimension. Creature that look like they come from their nightmares.”

    “I'm not saying it would be immediate,” he told them. “It would take some time of course, humanity very nature is to be afraid of the unknown after all. Particularly if they let us help then guide them.”

    “You're the one,” Jules said, “who's always saying that we have to remind ourselves there is good in humanity as well. What happen there?”

    In another confusing reaction Vincent almost seemed proud she asked him that. “Yes I do say that, and I still believe it. But it occurred to me that they needed to be reminded of it too, Have it grow to the point where we won't be needed. Admittedly as dreams go, this one of mine is rather broken. But even broken dreams desevre the chance to flourish and grow sometimes.”

    “What about Reks?”, she demanded. “What was his part in all of this? Why did you kill him?”

    “That was an example of me cleaning up my own mess,” he said, answering her second question first. “I tried my hardest to make sure the blood of the innocent only stained my hands. However Reks was a little more determined than I thought he would be to get his dirty as well. Feeding victims to the Horror we captured, no matter how he tried to validate it for example.” He looked over at Carter with the saddest expression, “As Jules already surmised I was the one who killed Morgan's family. So if you must hate anyone, let it be me.”

    “And this nonsense about reigniting the rifts between Knights and Priests?”, he asked, barely able to control his anger over the situation.

    “A distraction,” he simply answered, “To keep you from discovering the true goal. I told you as much when you first received the assignment. I did tell you the truth though, when I said when Reks' attitude toward Sigma became known to me. It was surprising and I have no idea where it came from. But it did give me an opportunity that I was lacking at the time to jump start this endeavor.

    “So you just used him,” Jules spat at him in total disgust. “Like some pawn in this sick plan of yours.”

    “Yes, well I guess there really no other way to describe it is there?”, Vincent attempted a small smile that faded quickly. “Despite how he felt there's no doubt in my mind that if he knew my true plan He'd be right here beside the two of you trying to stop me.” He looked at the vial in his hand, giving the two of them another brief glimpse of hope that he was coming to his senses. “Once, I insert this there won't be a countdown. It'll activate immediately, So the two of you may want to head inside before I do.”

    “You'll be covered with it as well,” Carter pointed out. “If it's as immediate as you say you won't be able to get to cover.”

    “I don't think he planned to,” Xypher finally spoke up.

    “That is quite right,”Vincent confirmed the pin's thoughts. “I thought it was a fitting penance to the deaths I have caused and the chaos that's about to happen. It would be much more appropriate than anything the Watchdogs or Senate would have handed down. So I did think everything through you see.”

    “Not everything,” Carter told him as he and Jules each took a fighting stance.

    Vincent took one as well, he wasn't going to just surrender from the look of things. “I knew there would be resistance,” he said. “Actually I'm glad it ended up being the two of you believe it or not. I doubt any one else would have let me get that off my chest, or give any others the opportunity to find the other devices,” here he did smirk right before he ran at them.

    Carter was ready for it, blocking his initial strike. Despite being older Vincent was holding his own deflecting his counterattacks with ease, even more so once Jules joined in. Having trained her made it possible to guess what she was going to do at least. Carter was the other story, having known him since he was just a trainee, before he became associated with the previous Rook, so he had a few different techniques he had melded together from over the years, but there was at least enough of one he was able to try and predicte what he was going to do as well. But it wasn't easy in either case.

    Given the basics of the Makai fighting arts he wasn't surprised at how well they were melding together. Given the time to learn how the other moved in combat he two of them would make a most magnificent duo. If given time., time he couldn't give either of them, since one of them is going to realize he was still clutching the vial. And they weren't going to just let him to carry out his plan, so he had to end this budding partnership. Grabbing his Madou brush he aimed a strike at Jules, if something happened to her Carter may get angry enough to make a mistake.

    Jules was caught by surprised, seemingly frozen by the tactic. It didn't connect as Carter quickly put the staff in it's way. A determined look on his face said he knew what the intent was. Pushing him away it looked like he was ready to draw the blades but hesitated in the moment. An opening Vincent gladly took advantage of. Getting between the two he altered his initial plan a bit. Both of them were taken off guard by this particular tactic and were easily separated by him. With a little more room he forced Jules back and knocked Carter to the ground. Holding up his brush he faced her and did a quick motion to fire off a magical blast. Carter forced himself to his feet while he was doing so and quickly got between the two of them, taking the blast. Vincent kept the magical attack up forcing the Makai Knight to the edge of the roof. “No!”, Jules called out as she realized what was happening. A heavy heart and one last blast knocked him off completely. Jules reached out to him vain, “CARTER!”

    Falling he ignored the pain from the blasts and was able to get enough contact with the building to kick off and flip around enough to face the building. Seperating the staff he plunged both blades into it. Creating duel grooves as he continued his downward plunge. His foot hit a flag pole, causing a sudden halt to his decent. Keeping the blades in the wall he was able to get his other foot on the pole and looked around quickly. Outside of a few other flagpoles to his left and right he wasn't seeing an immediate way out of this situation. “How are we getting out of this one?”, Xypher asked, sounding a bit afraid.

    “I'm working on it,” Carter said. Looking down he figured if he summoned the armor at the right time he could survive the drop. The problem with that was that was going the wrong direction. He had to go up.
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    Jules had Vincent on the retreat after he blasted Carter off the roof. But every time she was close to finishing it he was able to foil her attempt. If he was playing with her that was making her angrier. Part of her realized that might have been what she wanted. But at the moment it was hard to listen to that part of her head. The rage was so great at one point she charged right at him. He sidestepped the attempted attack easy ily enough. And she stopped herself ust in time. But in the brief moment she looked over the edge she saw Carter sticking to the side of the building somehow, he wasn't dead. The sight of him was able to calm her rage enough that she was able to think a little easier. A plan quickly formed, she just needed to be able to pull it off.

    Facing Vincent again she went at him, but a bit more under control than she had been. Something that seemed to catch her former mentor off guard. That part was right he wanted her angry, this realization gave that part of her a stronger voice in her thoughts. Keeping her movements as flueid as they have been when she wasn't fighting on a emotional level she knocked him back, far enough that she was able to reach into her coat and pull out several slips of silver paper. Channeling her magic through the brush she touched the bristles to them, turn around quickly and swiped the end over them. The papers flew out of her hand, forming metal spikes in the air. Usually she let them fly off this time she kept the brush pointed at them. They went so far before Jules swung her arm down causing the spikes to reverse direction and fly a downwards angle. Below Carter looked up as the spikes embedded themselves into the building above him.

    Studying where they landed Carter bounced on the flagpole a bit, just to see how much flex it had. Adjusting his positioning a bit he bounced a little harder. Getting to the point where he felt he had to do it Carter pulled the blades from the building and jumped up to the closest spike. A second before he landed on it he located the next closest one and jumped for that one as soon as he landed on the first one and repeated the process.

    Back on the roof Jules kept Vincent busy while hoping Carter was able to figure out her intent. Suddenly he mentor backed away. And produced a small flame from some sort of device from up his sleeve, one she'd never knew existed before now. Bringing his brush to it he quickly pulled it away, the flame following the brush, He spun around with a fire trail following the path of the brush. Holding it over his head, Vincent planted his feet then brought the brush down, pointing it directly at her. Jules saw it coming and quickly lowered herself out of the way by doing a split as the fire flew over her head. Behind her Carter came into view, reacting in time to knock the magical blast out of the way with one blade and tossing the other. Vincent dodged the apparent attack on instinct alone before he realized exactly how far it was away from him. He watched it sail pass and pierce the device behind him.

    Looking at it spark he heard Carter land on the roof behind him. Vincent knew that it was over, still it didn't stop him from suddenly running toward the stairway entrance. Startled for a brief moment the two of them gave chase, with Carter going to retrieve his other blade first before altering his course to follow. Vincent raced down the stairs as fast as he could, only occasionally firing off a magical blast in their direction to try to slow them down, if even for a second. The chase continued the entire length of the stair well until Vincent barged through the door leading to the main lobby. A few moments later Carter rammed the door open with a shoulder stopping only long enough to locate the fleeing Makai Priest. Jules spotted the still closing door first, “There,” and lead the way after him. Once outside Vincent ran toward a slightly wooded area near the building, which might have given him the opportunity to escape fully if he tried.

    If he tried that is. Vincent didn't go very far before he stopped, looking up at the night sky through the trees. Carter and Jules both stopped wary for a trap of any kind. Vincent kept looking at the night sky. Finally he said, “When I was younger you could see so much in the night sky, before I relocated to the city. I always was a bit disappointed in that.”

    “Vincent,”Jules said taking a cautious step forward. “It's over, just stop fighting and come with us.”

    Looking over at her and smiling he went on. “There's so much I should have taught you but didn't because I was afraid it might currupt you. So much forgotten magic and spells that's going to die with me.”

    “Nobody said anything about dying,” Carter quickly interjected.

    He's right,” Jules quickly agreed. “Nobody else needs to die over this.”

    “While I appreciate the optimism,” Vincent told them, “I already came to terms over it once I set down this particular path.” With a thumb he popped the top of the vial and jerked his hand up. Both of them backed up as a huge drop of Horror blood flew up into the air. Vincent stayed where he was watching as it reached the apex of it's acent before falling back toward the Earth. Carter and Jules looked on horrified as the drop hit him in the forefead. The splotch stayed there for a moment before absorbing into his skin. After it was gone he rubbed the spot as he looked at them.

    “Why?”, Jules was able to choke out.

    “Like I said, it's a more fitting punishment than what anyone else could come up with.” Looking sad he added, “Although I do wish it wasn't the two of you. Outside of the extra hurt it'll cause, nobody else is likely to hesitate. Although,” he mumbled looking thoughtful, “maybe if I gave the proper incentive.”

    “You know the law,” Carter told him. “What other incentive do you think we need.”

    “And yet I can hear the hesitation in your voice, imaginary or not.” With that he brought his brush up the the remaining bit of Horror blood in the vial and cast a quick, old spell before spilling the contents on the ground in front of him. The ground started to shake as something started to emerge A huge rock like Horror made it's way free. “It's bigger than I was expecting. I can see why it was never used much now. A hint for the future Jules. Make sure you studying everything about a spell before using it for the first time. Of course I'm pretty sure I already taught you that lesson now that I think about it. I should listen to myself more it seems.”
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    “Xypher?”, Carter went as the monstrosity continued to free itself.

    I got no idea what he did,” the pin answered. “This is totally new to me.”

    At least twenty feet tall The rock like Horror pulled a leg out of the ground. It looked briefly down at Vincent before turning it's gaze toward the two of them. Carter was already on the attack, charging the creature the moment it turned toward them. Jules started attacking as well trying to get it's attention long enough to give Carter a bigger opening. Jumping up he landed on it's forearm and started slicing away, he was only able to knock off small chunks, maybe some dime size at a time. Carter had to jump off as it reached for him with it's other hand. Vincent held back watching the fight, waiting.

    The Horror tried to smash Jules with an open palm but she had already gotten out of the way. But it gave Carter a chance to jump on top of it's shoulder and try to plunge his blades into it's head. It shook him off as soon as the tips of the soul metal slid away when they made contact. Rolling to his feet as soon as he hit the ground he looked up in time to see it raise a fist to try and smash him. Several spikes suddenly embedded in it's face stopped that attempt. While it clawed at it's face to get the spikes out Carter connected the blades to form the double bladed staff and spin it over his head.

    From the glowing circle above him red armor flew down and covered him and he took on a fighting stance for a renewed attack. Jumping at the rock creature he was quickly batted away out of the air. Quickly getting to his feet he ran at the creature again. The Creature made a movement with it's arms and the ground started to shake again. Boulder size protusion came out of the ground, one even knocking Rook to the ground as one came up under his foot suddenly. Rolling out of the way as a foot tried to stomp him he came up with his Madou Lighter in his other hand. He had to activate Blazing Armament, it was his only chance that he could see. But before he could ignite it Vincent blasted it out of his hand. Rook took his eyes from where it landed to the rock creature to see what it was going to do.

    Jules on the other hand saw exactly where it landed and ran for it, while trying to keep an eye on both the creature and Vincent. Rook ran in at the creature swing his sword at it's shin, much like before he barely did any damage. Vincent saw where Jules was heading and sent a blast her way. She dropped down and slid, grabbing the lighter along the way and running off in a different direction. Rook jumped up over a grab attempt and made a huge gash in it's face. Landing on one of the boulders he started to jump off again but something was holding him in place, looking down he saw he was sinking into it, No matter how hard he tried he kept sinking, in fact he seemed to be sinking in faster the harder he struggled. Jules saw what was happening and blasted the stone, but to no avail. Looking at the lighter in her hand she ignited it. The blue flame danced briefly as she brought her brush to the brush to it. Instead of using it like she usually would she aimed the flame toward Rook, or at leeast his head and sword since that was the only parts of him still showing as he continued sinking.

    She mumbled, “Please let this work,” before firing off the Madou flame. It hit the blade of the sword as it sunk fully into the stone. After a few tense moments the boulder started to vibrate a bit. Then it violently erupted as Rook shot up in a blue flame. Bringing the doubled bladed sword over his head. With a grunt he swung with all he had, the creature got it's hand in the way to try and stop him. The flaming blade cut through it easily. The creature recoiled and made some sort of sound that might have been a scream if it was organic. Running at it again Rook leaped at it low slicing through a thigh as he passed. Outside of the gash now in it's leg it hardly seemed affected at all. Forming a new plan he ran at the creature again, but just stopping short. He stayed in one place long enough for it to get a bead on him. It started to grab at him again and he jumped up enough to launch himself off it's arm. He swung the staff in the air making an arc of blue flame in the air. The he swung with the other end to make a big curving x. Shouting and using the momentum of the swing to spin around and punch the center of the X. It flew at the creature and the flame went through it. Halting in it's movments then it and the surrounding boulders started to crumble, Rook landed on the ground amogst the falling debris and saw Vincent and charged.

    Vincent saw this and ran away but Rook kept up his pursuit. In one last bid to stall him Vincent turned and fired one last blast. Rook jumped over it easily. Armor flying off of him and back into the circle that reappeared above him Carter flew toward him with his sword pulled back to strike. Once he was close enough he plunged the tip of the blade forward. Vincent gasped as the blade pierced him. The two of them stood there for a moment, the burning of the soul metal the only thing telling Vincent he was still alive. He looked down, if the survival instinct all living creatures had didn't kick in at the last second that would have pierced his heart, a kill shot if there ever was one. Vincent looked Carter in the eyes with the moments he had left, there was no joy in them, just sadness. Despite the situation Vincent started to smile, “A man... man of.... justice.”

    “Damn you,” Carter whispered before pulling his sword out and swinging it around, cutting him down and ending his life. He looked over to see Jules with a hand to her mouth. Without a word he pulled the sword apart and reformed the staff, replacing it to the holder in his coat. Taking a moment to look at the fallen Priest he headed over to her. Together they left the area.
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    They were inside his home when she finally said anything, “Why didn't he just surrender? Why mark himself with Horror blood?”

    He took her coat and hung it over a chair before answering, “I wish I knew. But he was prepared to end it this way, it didn't matter if we agreed with it or not.” She said nothing so he didn't push it. Carter went into his den and put Xypher on his stand before returning to her. Jules was already on the steps leading to the second floor but wasn't past the second one.

    He started to join her when she spoke up, “Carter I know this is usually counter to what I usually want you to do, but...”

    Putting a hand on her shoulder he said, “I'll stay down here.” she gripped that hand looking grateful before heading up without another word. Carter watched her enter his bedroom before finally removing his jacket.


    The next morning Carter woke up on the couch in the hallway. Strecthing out some of the kinks he headed toward the den automatically without looking around.”Carter,” he heard the pin call out from it's spot. “Jules hasn't walk by yet,” hearing this he looked at the chair that where put her coat, it was still there.” He looked up at the stairs as the pin went on, “I'm pretty sure she's still up there.” Not wasting a moment he hurried up the steps and headed for his bedroom door. He knocked on it lightly before testing the doorknob. The door swung opening and he saw her all balled up in the bed.

    He started to close the door when he heard her say, “Carter.” She was looking at him. He came in and knelt down beside the bed.

    “How are you feeling?”, he asked, realizing how dumb that question was as soon as he said it.

    “What's going to happen now?”, she asked him.

    He reached out to rub her cheek, he was thankful she didn't pull away. He told her, “I don't know.” he smiled at her softly, But we'll figure it out together.” There was a loud knock at the front door, surprising both of them. Although at the moment Carter was more annoyed than anything. “I'll go check it out,” he told her.

    She didn't argue as he left the room. The knocking continued, harder this time, as he made his way down the stairs. Glancing over at his staff he made sure it was in reach before opening the door and was greeted by the sight of two Makai Priests, who he was almost sure arrived with Alexander the night before. Sill he glanced at his staff before going, “Can I help you?”

    The gruffer looking of the two barged past him saying, We've come for the suspect.”

    “What suspect?”, he demanded. The gruffer one went further into his home before Carter reached out and pulled him back, “Answer some questions before wandering a man's home.”

    The other one quickly interjected himself, “Our apologies Double Bladed Knight, but the Watchdogs want to question Jules about what she knew about Vincent's plans.”

    “That doesn't mean she's a suspect,”Carter informed them.

    “Doesn't mean she's not either,” the gruff one countered.

    The other one interjected again, “Don't mind Walter here he has a guilty until proven innocent mentality. They just want to see if she remembered hearing or seeing something to give any sort of indication of how long he'd been planning what he was.”

    “I'm not sure what I know but whatever I can do to help,” Jules said as she walked down the stairs. Walter looked like he was going to go up there to meet her, if Carter wasn't standing in his way and the other one was holding him back. She ignored those two and focused her attention on Carter, “We both had to know this was going to happen on some level. It's better to do it now and get it out of the way, right.” Carter handed her her jacket. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Just a small bump on the road to figuring things out right?” Looking at the other two Priest she said, “Let's go.” they both parted to let her pass, although Walter gave her a hard shove toward the door when she did. His partner protested but Walter found himself slammed to the wall with a serious looking Carter pinning him against it.

    Walter started to protest but Carter cut him off, “I know what condition she's in as of right now. If I find out she doesn't arrive to wherever you're taking in her in this condition there will be nowhere you can hide.”

    Walter tried to look defiant but was faultering under the look the Makai Knight was giving him. He did get out a “Are you threatening me Knight?”

    Leaning forward a bit more Carter answered, “I'm promising.”

    Jules protested for the Priest, “Carter, don't.”

    His partner said, “Nothing is going to happen to her. You have my word.” Carter glanced over at him before finally letting the other one off the wall. Walter looked like he was going to say something but the other one stopped him, “Stop it before you make things worse.” To Carter he repeated, “You have my word.” Jules looked at him one last time before heading out with the other two in tow. Carter stood in the doorway and watched them go down the path.


    Standing in the middle of the street Carter looked around for any sign of a Horror. In the six months since Vincent tried to reveal their world in the absolute worst way possible, things had more or less returned to normal in the Order. While Vincent, Reks and Terrance were the only ones in that particular group a few others tried to take up splitting the order. Half a year and they still didn't know what really happened, half a year since he'd last seen her. The Watchdog did reveal that they did summon her for questioning they wouldn't reveal exactly where she was or for how long. So he just waited, for six months. Apparently her sphere being delivered to Alexander who gave it back to K-Byte.

    He stopped sensing someone behind him. He looked and felt his heart skip a beat. Jules looked at him with a slight smile and waved. “Long time,” she said.

    “Yes it has,” he agreed as he stepped closer to her.

    “You couldn't call?” Xypher went. “Do you have any idea how worried he got?” Jules stepped in and gave the pin a light tap on the forehead before he could flick it. Xypher grunted, “I'll take that from what I usually get from him.”

    “The questioning didn't take that long,” she looked down at the street, “I needed to figure some things out first before I saw you again.”

    “Have you?” Carter asked.

    “I wouldn't be here if I didn't,” she told him. “And I better say it now before I lose my nerve.” That statement concerned him even while she looked at him and took hold of his hands. “Marry me,” she ended up saying. Caught off guard Carter couldn't say anything. Jules didn't take his silence as a rejection. “Granted it's probably better not to follow any advice Vincent gave me but he did tell me if I knew what I wanted I should grab it before it got away from me. And I want you in my life, forever.” She looked down again then back at him,”Well Carter, will you marry me?”

    Carter knew his answer, he just couldn't get his voice to work. Before he could his head turned at a scream that sounded close. “I'm sensing a Horror,” Xypher said as he ran off.

    “That Horror has lousy timing,” Jules said as she raced after him. Going down the various side allys they found what theyt were looking for. A Horror stalking a young woman. It snarled right before Carter nailed it with a jumping kick to the back. The young woman didn't need any other incentive to run for her life out of thereas Carter backed it off with the staff. She bumped into Jules who quickly directed her in the right direction, “That way, go!” Once she was gone Jules put a red slip of paper on the ground and ran her brush over it activating the spell. “Barrier's up, it's not getting out this way.”

    Carter stepped away from the Horror and stood straight, “Makai Priestess Jules.” she was caught offguard by his sudden use of her formal title. “If I defeat this Horror,” He turned his head to look at her, “the answer is yes.” It took a moment but she started grinning when she got what he meant. Facing the Horror he separated the staff and ran in jumping at the Horror.


    ED – Shaman Harvest – Broken Dreams


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