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    Everyone wants to rewrite Decade. Who can blame them?
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    i want to share some thoughts about rewriting fourze

    What if they gave time to introduce the horoscopes, like gave them more development when introducing them since near the end of the series they just rushed it as fast as they could. it would have been better to have 4 established at the beginning of the show, so you would have only 8 to introduce.

    what if Erin Suda then joined the Kamen Rider Club after her memory was erased? she could have been a great entry into the club.

    [HIDE]What if the final battle when it got to the gym was more fair, gentaro de-transformed to prove that real friendship is the true power, and it would have been cooler if gaumo de-transformed as well and they then had a fair fight untransformed, like something inspired by gekiranger. and after words gaumo re-transforms and gentaro transforms back and they then finish the battle like the original final episode. after gaumo became "friends" with gentaro, gaumo tricks him and pushes the aquarius switch which then caused him to die slowly. CONTINUE.\/[/HIDE]

    [HIDE]This would happen to gaumo because when the core switch was destroyed, his human body died out but he was still alive as a ghost spirit and somehow found a way to enter the aquarius switch hacking it to destroy gaumo from the inside out. in other words, the aquarius switch would now be the new core switch and kengo would be resurrected[/HIDE]

    [HIDE]and what if the movie(Minna de Uchū Kitā) was actually the final episode? like pulling a ryuki and making the movie the final episode, but unlike ryuki, where it was a alternative ending, this would be a sequel/following events after gaumo's defeat. this would also make the fusion switch more important as well since the switch is powered by every switch even cosmic, and so powerful it merges with meteor's powers. so it could make sense that the ultimate switch is the fusion switch and would be the final and biggest journey of the rider club since they are living there dreams of entering space, and also since this would be in the summer before they graduate.[/HIDE]

    so that's how i would fix fourze a bit.
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    KR Kabuto

    - 35 years ago, the Natives escaped their homeworld via the 1st Shibuya meteorite to prevent further corruption of their race (this corruption in their genetic code gave birth to the more aggressive Worm). They plan to revive the "Alpha Native", the first Native that gave birth to their species (they produce asexually). Using its perfect Worm genetic structure, it can end the corruption of their species and ensure their survival.

    - The "corrupted" Worm, sensing danger to their kind, followed the Native to Earth, via the 2nd Shibuya meteorite 7 years ago.

    - The reason why the Worm attack the humans is because they see the humans as allies of the Natives, and therefore a threat to their survival. They are also naturally cruel and aggressive due to the corruption.

    - As time went by, the Native's motives have changed. Now, they plan to revive the "Alpha Native" to "inject" Native DNA to all humanity, thus creating another Native homeworld on Earth. This is different from mimicking, as all human will be transformed into Native when this is accomplished.

    - The Native ask ZECT and their human allies to defeat all Worms using the Zecters they created, saying the Worms will arrive to eliminate the human race. But their true intentions were so that the Worms might not foil their true plans of reviving the Alpha Native.

    - The Masked Rider Project was developed by the Native as a means to collect data from the riders, as using CLOCK-UP creates a tear in speed and time, thus reversing the process of death and decay, and rewriting the genetic code of the "Alpha Native", whose remains are kept in secret in ZECT HQ. Only Mishima and Negishi know of this secret.

    - Dark Kabuto is revealed to be the template for the "Alpha Native". He is the real Souji Kusakabe, Hiyori's true older brother in the present time. He disappears after the 2nd Shibuya meteorite, and is experimented on by ZECT to properly be the vessel for the Alpha Native. He retains his gentle and childish attitude with some cruel tendencies.

    - Hiyori is not a Worm, but just lost her memories. Her memories are revived when Dark Kabuto appears and the two Kabutos fight for the first time.

    - There are currently two timelines in the series: Tendou Souji's timeline (The "What if this happened instead" timeline) and Kusakabe Souji's timeline (The present real timeline). Changes in one timeline affects the other i.e. killing the Alpha Native or preventing its revival will erase its existence from the other timeline. This is the law of space and time in the series. This is also the reason for Tendou Souji's erasure of existence after Dark Kabuto's death. One existence cannot exist with the other.

    - The current Kabuto is Tendou Souji (his real name) from an alternate future. In his alternate timeline, he lives a normal life with Tendou Hiyori (the alternate Hiyori), and they are not affected by the 2nd Shibuya meteorite, as they escape before the meteorite hits. After a few years, the Alpha Native, whose template is unknown, has succeeded in turning most humans into Native and killing Hiyori in the chaos. He receives the Kabuto, Hyper, and Perfect Zecters from Riku Kagami, head of ZECT, who sees him as one of the last humans alive, and, before succumbing to the Native "infection", says to save Hiyori and the rest of humanity, Souji must go back in time via the Hyper Zecter to prevent ZECT and the Native from reviving the Alpha Native. As the Hyper Zecter creates a tear in time and space, when he goes back in time, he arrives not to his past but to the past of another timeline, Souji Kusakabe's time, to when the 2nd Shibuya meteorite crashed. He becomes a kid again because of the Hyper Zecter's powers, and the Hyper and Perfect Zecters lose their powers because of the power used to travel to a different timeline. There, he witnesses his other self being kidnapped by ZECT. He tries to help his other self but sees Hiyori in the rubble, so he helps Hiyori instead. Hiyori loses her memories here, and Tendou brings her to Bistro La Salle to ensure her safety. He realizes Hiyori has lost her memories, and knowing he is not the real Souji Kusakabe of the present time, chooses not to divulge the truth to her as to prevent confusion, he is after all her older brother from another timeline. This is to protect her as well. So he leaves her in Bistro La Salle in the care of Yumiko.

    - In the alternate timeline (Tendou Souji's timeline), another unknown kid is kidnapped by ZECT during the chaos at Shibuya to become the Alpha Native template.

    - The kid Tendou cannot transform into Kabuto at the time he arrived at Souji Kusakabe's timeline because his body cannot take the power of the Zecter yet. He trains himself for 7 years to be physically and mentally fit to use the Kabuto Zecter and eventually, the Hyper and Perfect Zecters.

    - The Gatack Zecter is destroyed after Kagami confronts Dark Kabuto alone to stop Kabuto from facing him alone, but he is saved by Kabuto and the two Soujis battle it out.

    - After the current Kabuto disappears, Kagami becomes Kabuto and defeats Negishi and Mishima, who have absorbed the Alpha Native's remaining powers have become the final villains to defeat. For the first time, Kagami henshins to Kabuto Hyper Form and defeats the two, as Tendou and Kagami's bonds have become one and eternal.

    - Epilogue is Tendou Souji's time is saved, as the Alpha Native is erased from existence, and consequently, the Native and Worm's existence as well. On a sad note, Tendou Souji is never born in this time, and Hiyori lives and becomes a single child. She desires to have a older brother. He becomes good friend with the alternate Kagami. After some time, her mother becomes pregnant of a child, a boy, and she gives Hiyori the call to name her younger brother. Hiyori names her SOUJI. Tendou Souji.

    - Epilogue for Kusakabe Souji's Time: Kagami is the only one who knows about the existence of Tendou Souji in his time, as he now holds the Kabuto Zecter (Zecters don't fade away in time, as they control time itself). ZECT still operates but this do damage control in the area, and is now headed by Tadoroko-san. Kagami helps in this endeavor and also promises to keep his promise to Tendou: to protect Hiyori in his place. Once this is done, ZECT disbands, the remaining peaceful Natives return to human society, and Kagami returns to working in Bistro La Salle.

    Hiyori does not remember Tendou and his older brother (Kusakabe Souji) anymore, as their existence have been erased, but sees a one-of-a-kind tulip growing outside Bistro La Salle, and reminds her of someone giving her a similar tulip. She looks at the sky, and murmurs the name "Tendou..." with tears in her eyes...


    - A relationship actually develops between Misaki and Tsurugi, for more episodes. After learning Tsurugi is really the Scorpion Worm, Misaki, with the request of Tsurugi holding his Worm self back from killing Misaki, kills the Worm using TheBee's Rider Sting and Tsurugi's resolve. Yes, for one episode, Misaki henshins into TheBee. After Tsurugi's death, Misaki gives Tendou the Sasword Zecter.

    - Yaguruma remains TheBee for more episodes. He becomes Kickhopper after Kageyama, betrays him and orders Shadow to kill him, as he wants the leadership of Shadow for himself, or so he thought. Wanting revenge and forgetting his "Perfect Harmony", TheBee Zecter abandons him, and the Kickhopper Zecter is drawn to him.

    - After his betrayal, Kageyama dons TheBee Zecter. Kickhopper avenges himself by killing Kageyama/TheBee. After killing him, he puts a Rider Belt and the Punchhopper Zector (born from Kickhopper) on Kageyama, making him a servant of Kickhopper. Kageyama's fate is worse than death, as he has become an unwilling servant of Yaguruma, bond to him forever.

    - Tadoroko-san henshins into TheBee to protect Kagami from Nogi for one episode.

    - Daisuke gives Tendou the Drake grip and Drake Zecter (i know this one really happened in the series, though i'm not sure), and continues his normal life with Gon as a make-up artist[/HIDE]
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    KR Decade
    Such great potential, wasted...

    [HIDE]- Remove the FINAL FORM RIDES. These are the lamest KR gimmicks I've ever seen.

    - Wataru gives Tsukasa the Decade Driver, instead of him finding it in the rubble.

    - The Wataru who gives Tsukasa the DecadeDriver in the first episode is actually his other self in disguise, or the first Decade. He wants Tsukasa to finish what he has started: destroy all the Rider Worlds.

    - "Narutaki" is actually the 1st decade, who destroyed the Riders in the Rider War years ago. And he is not an old man, i would like it more than he is the other Tsukasa, hooded and in black clothing until the near end of the series. He comes from the Nega World.

    - All former actors of the main riders guest star. They henshin with Decade and do a combi attack with him. After that, they give him their power via the cards.

    - The last KR World visited is Kiva world, where Tsukasa meets the real Wataru, and discovers the fake Wataru and the other Tsukasa.

    - The other Tsukasa is actually the real Tsukasa, and the Tsukasa who currently dons the DecadeDriver is a part of the real Tsukasa, broken away because of Natsumi's wish that the real Tsukasa becomes good again and stop the madness of destroying all the Riders.

    - Natsumi is actually a "Constant", a special being aware of all the worlds and can exist in any world she pleases. Her father, also a "Constant", is the creator of the DecadeDriver, his purpose for its creation being so that they can travel to these worlds freely. She feels partly responsible for the real Tsukasa's actions. The real Tsukasa, an assistant of Natsumi's father, and also a "Constant", was a good man until the power of the DecadeDriver warped his mind.

    - In the end of the series, the real Tsukasa is destroyed by KR Decade/Tsukasa(BROKEN) and all the riders coming to help him. They henshin together in the beginning of the fight, and it's Decade vs Decade(evil). Decade(evil) can still transform into all kamen riders, while Decade cannot as he already gave back the powers of the riders to their respective owners.[/HIDE]
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    if anything 4 Fourze, it could surely use 3 riders. and not just Fourze and Meteor.

    - A zodiarts rider named Constellar who is also the legendary Ophiuchus horoscopes.
    - Sonoda stays and goes rogue as she is rescued by the rider. In fact she'll be his prisoner and love interest.
    - Utahoshi Rokuro is alive after the attack.
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    KR Fourze

    More Sakamoto fights

    More switch usage

    More switch combos

    Less mentally insane Yuuki

    Miu actually does things

    Power Dizer doesn't disappear mid-show for no reason

    Libra is actually TACHIBANA-SAN! and turns into Garren, revealing that this was exactly as planned.He's also now Light Yagami, since he said that.

    Kengo tells Gentaro "Beat up Gamou as bad as you can, but don't kill him.You're not a murderer, Gentaro.Don't forget your true self." or something like that, instead of "OH HEY DON'T HATE THIS GUY IF HE KILLED ME HES JUST TRYIN TO DO SCIENCE!"

    Better pacing

    Better special effects on the Youth Galaxy Giant Giant Giant Drill Kick.

    Meteor uses his Meteor Galaxy more

    Ryusei doesn't spam Meteor Storm to death

    One more episode, just to expand on Gentaro's life after he beat up Gamou.Kengo comes back in that final episode and has a better explanation of how he was revived OR EVEN BETTER DON'T REVIVE KENGO AT ALL AND WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE WAR

    Gamou is actually an Orphnoch and Smart Brain Lady makes a cameo.

    Gentaro has normal hair after Kengo dies, because he gets depressed and crap.Not Takumi-tier depressed where he tries to kill himself though.

    JK uses his informant skills more

    Tomoko's powers are explained, maybe with her being able to listen to the Presenters as well, like Yuuki and Gamou, and they gave her special powers to sense how switches work.

    The M-Bus guys get explained.

    More Kijima.

    The Anti Zodiarts Alliance is actually a large group of scientists and spies instead of just Tachibanana and Ryusei.

    For the final attack, Gentaro touches all the right hand slots on the Cosmic States chest, throws the Barizun Sword (Boost Mode) in Limit Break mode straight at Gamou, thrusting him into space, and then activates all 40 switches, tearing a hole in space because logic doesn't exist in Rider.
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    Um, it's the exact same as this thread.
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    Looks interesting.

    Actually, Natsumi found it in the rubbles while Tsukasa was blocked off by the distortional wall.
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    Good work on Decade along with Kabuto. What can you do about Den-O, Kiva, Double, OOO & Fourze?
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    If I rewrote Fourze... I'd make it like Gokaiger. I'll set it up in a sort of timeline going from when the story would begin in universe, to when it would end, broken down into points.

    • The story begins with a retelling of Let's Go Kamen Rider, where it asks "What if the All Rider Break costed the riders their powers?"
    • A bunch of scientists (The OSTO) find out a massive surge of energy trapped near one of the moons of Jupiter, and make Switches out of them. However, they realized that they couldn't unlock all the energy, especially since a booming voice says they've been deemed unworthy.
    • Then, one of the scientists decides to betray every member of OSTO in order to take in the energy for himself after hearing how one of them was planning on sharing the Cosmic Energy with everyone on earth. He kills everyone one by one, but one of the scientists manages to escape in a Lunar Lander, leaving the murderer for dead... Or so it seemed. The Scientist set up a base on the moon and placed the Switches there, preparing the Lander for when a new generation of children would discover it. One of those children being his son.
    • Then it proceeds like normal Fourze for a short while. Mainly the Orion arc stays the same, though things slowly change. By the end of the second episode, a man passes by the school, carrying with him a stick holding his underwear for tomorrow.
    • From there, the format changes. Gentaro still makes his friends as usual, just that now the enemies have changed. Instead of the Chameleon Zodiarts, it's now the Chameleon Orphnoch... Or something like that. Basically, the monsters Gentaro faces are now original Kaijin based off the Kaijin from the previous Kamen Riders, much like what happens with Decade.
    • Gentaro still unlocks his switches as usual, but he also unlocks the Legend Rider Switches each time he gains the approval by the riders before him. And sometimes they're required to unlock the States, such as Blade unlocking Elec, Ryuki unlocking Fire, Double unlocking Magnet, and Decade unlocking Cosmic.
    • Meteor is changed a bit. The Meteor Galaxy has changed to have instead the Shin Lever, the ZO Lever, and the J Lever. Pretty much filling the niche for the Movie Riders. Meteor Storm is still unlocked as usual, but through the approval of a certain second Rider from the past.
    • The Horoscopes are the ones who changed the most. They're the scientists who died on the moon, including the murderer, all revived by the Cosmic Energy and given the powers of riders from the past. So Scorpio Zodiarts is now Sasword, Leo is now OOO Ratoratah Form, and pretty much every Zodiart is a Kamen Rider that matches their motif. Sagittarius is now Kuuga Ultimate.
    And yeah... I don't know a lot, but that's the ideas I have in a nutshell.
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    Well, for half of the Horoscope Zodiarts should be at least half of the murdered astronauts and the other riders that were turned Zodiarts should be silhouettes.
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    Hm... Good idea.
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    Movie Wars Megamax (this is gonna be long and very fanficcy so please take it easy on me):
    [HIDE]First and foremost, Double doesn't appear. While Shotaro makes a quick voice cameo, he and Phillip are never actually onscreen. Instead, their part is filled by the five protagonists from Smile Pretty Cure, with Yayoi/Cure Peace having the most focus.

    The third part of the movie starts with Yayoi arriving in Fuuto through the Mysterious Library after hearing about the meteor and Foundation X's plans. Being the tokusatsu fanatic she is, she doesn't hesitate looking for them, but they are the ones that find her. After thinking about what Shotaro would do in her position, Yayoi transforms into Cure Peace and fights the Kamakiri and Kabuto Yummies, but much like in canon her interference (and clumsiness) causes the SOLU sample to leak away, and Yayoi, noticing this, heads to the Narumi Detective Agency to tell Shotaro and Phillip about this, despite having never really met them.

    During the Fourze part, right after the brief "love at first sight" moment between Gentaro and Nadeshiko, we go back to Fuuto, where Miyuki, Akane, Nao, Reika and Candy are looking for Yayoi until they find her shedding tears while facing the entrance of the Narumi Detective Agency; it turns out that Shotaro and Phillip aren't around, as Akiko took them with her on a trip to Osaka, which is pointed out by a note pinned to the door. Akane quickly recognizes the name "Narumi Akiko" and reveals that she and Akiko are close friends, and she has kept Akiko's cellphone number. This info comes in handy for Yayoi, who uses the phone number to contact Shotaro about the whole thing involving Foundation X, and Shotaro advises her to go after it herself. After that, we cut to the scene with the KRC and Nadeshiko in the infirmary, continuing her storyline from where it stopped.

    The final part begins with Eiji and Gentaro meeting up with the Smile Cures, with Yayoi having a brief fangasm and hitting it off with Gentaro (in a much friendlier way than the Shotaro/Gentaro scene in canon) before telling them what she knows about Foundation X. After that, the scene goes like the canon version, but with the Smile Cures replacing Double, until a certain point where Fourze finds the Rider-themed items, which, in this version, are not Medals and Switches but rather special Cure Décors, which, when used by the Cures, allow the spirits of the Seven Legendary Riders to possess them and fight in their bodies.

    Finally, during the epilogue, instead of the scene with Gentaro and the real Nadeshiko, we get a scene involving Gentaro and the Smile Cures placing the Rider Décors in the Décor Décolle, which causes the Seven Legendary Riders to be restored to their original forms. After a brief conversation between Cures and Riders, an overly-excited Yayoi asks the Seven Legendary Riders to sign a blank page of her sketchbook, which they do, causing Yayoi to faint only to be caught by Gentaro in a similar way to how he caught Nadeshiko earlier.[/HIDE]
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    Uh, that's a fanfic all right. A strange one at that with the mixing of 2D and 3D characters.
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    After just finishing Agito....just delete it, that counts a rewrite. Never air it and just have re-runs of Kuuga.
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    Care to explain Cyberslayer?
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    I went into Agito expected some epic show that everyone talks highly about but I just never understood what was going on for the first 30 episodes, Souichi gets his memories back for 1 episode only to lose them again and make that episode pointless. Another Agito came out of no where, I was expecting him to be another character that was around for a while but nope, it was just some teacher we never met before. Gills and G3 were meaningless. Hojo was a bland proto-Kageyama who's only reason for being there was to mindlessly say "let's catch Agito" over and over....and to use G3 for an episode but to muck it up instantly. The exact same battle theme played every fight that every character was in (even the very last fight) and it got old real fast. Every time Agito got a new form it was downplayed so much that its like even the show didn't care he got a new form. Gills entire purpose was just to get killed over and over (You killed Gills again, you bastards!). The family that Souichi stayed with weren't interesting, especially Mana....Miss. Dues Ex.
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    I kinda liked Agito myself, but we're all entitled to our opinions.

    But you are right about Shouichi getting his memories back for only one episode that was a load of bullcrap.
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    I'm sorry if I'm coming down hard on Agito but I tried so hard to enjoy it. I assumed that it would be like Blade where it took about 20 episodes for me to start to get into it but it never came. The Agito costume itself is good and the theme song is always nice to hear but I can't find anything else to like besides those.
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    I don't think I hate Agito as much as you, but I agree with a number of your points. The main issue I had with the show is that right in the middle it totally abandons the entire concept of Kamen Rider (transforming hero battles monsters) and becomes "let's just watch a little girl be sad" for about ten episodes straight. If you're going to do something completely different then make it interesting! Gills dies so often I'm surprised he wasn't nicknamed "Kenny" by the fandom (and when he's not dying he's wallowing in depressed self-pity just like Mana). Plus, Gills really has nothing to do with the story. You could have removed him altogether and the show would have barely changed. Hojo was interesting at first, mainly because I actually wanted to see more of his Metal Hero-esc V1 suit, but kind of became a generic secondary villain. But I disagree with you about Another Agito. He was interesting in his own right. The G3 unit were the heart of the show for me. The show is more about them than it is about Agito until near the end. Hikawa and Sumiko were fun characters. The whole "warring deities" idea was pretty cool too. The series really needed more of the bike's "hoverboard" mode too. Coolest rider bike concept ever....barely used.
    I also found that with Blade. Ryuki and Faiz also take at least a third of the series to become remotely interesting to me.

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