Ressha Sentai ToQger Ep 26 "The Fight that Started in a Bathhouse"

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    At the next stop, the ToQgers are perplexed to find Close but no Shadow Creep. However, Kagura and Akira discover that something odd is happening at the local public bath.
  2. Kamen Rider Cherry

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    First things first, damn Hikari.
  3. Xtreme RX

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    Cute episode. Akira and Kagura are hilarious when they work together. Cool to see another Shadow Kaijin in human form too. Also, the almost-naked scenes = :thumbs:

    Pretty cool that they're doing a bunch of robot combinations now. Next episode should be great with ToQ1 Hyper and a new villain commander!
  4. ClimaxHeroDen-O

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    I'm just glad they finally played ToQ 6's theme with the vocals included
  5. Photon

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    I like that we got Sulking Right again xD

    The darkness pool thing could be a hint - Coin Shadow mentioned that it could be used to build a new terminal, not just a station.

    What if Pleiades' Shore was built into the current Shadow Terminal, their castle-like base?

    Next episode....looks like Zaram is back to his monster form for some reason.
  6. Undrave


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    This episode was more fun than I expected it! Kagura was adorable and very likeable in this episode! I like when she carges ahead, rather than being the weak link like how everyone wanted to exclude her in the Shadow Town fight. Her interactions with Akira were hilarious!

    :O_O: That's brilliant!!
  7. Black Fang

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    ToQ 26:

    - While I like episodes like these (old customs vs steamrolling modernity), the bathhouse owner's story does get to ridiculous levels. Seeing the supermarket girl bowing to customers though was somewhat cute in that sense.

    - Now I feel this episode is borrowing from Shougeki Gouraigan's batthhouse episode.

    - I'm surprised no one made a joke about the girls' "It's so big!" remark.

    - Rangers shilling for businesses! What would Zordon think?! :shakefist

    - Kagura looks like an Arabian genie in that getup.

    - I like the exchange of mechas for practical purposes this episode.

    - Also like how Hikaru just stares off during Kagura's victory waving.

    - Hyper Ressha looks like a German or American "rocket-nose" streamlined steam engine.

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