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    Today the world was looking up at the sky, for a long time now everyone was being warned, the world had been preparing for this moment. Yet at the same time in the minds of many this day wasn't coming, that it was imaginary reason that had just happened to be a convenient reason to kick start technological developments. That disbelief had been shattered though. Even as far away as they were, the sight of the Darwai ships couldn't be denied, much larger than the scout ships that had come years before. Even with the defenses, Earth still wasn't ready to mount a sizable enough offenses yet, sure ships of our own and other things were in development but were nowhere near being ready. For the time being all they had was the shield, and even that wasn't perfect. There were weak points, or even full blown holes in some areas. They were small, likely only large enough for a small group to slip through, but if they got through and managed to take out a generator, the hole would get a hell of a lot bigger, likely allowing the invasions forces to start pouring in. Thankfully there was something to ensure such threats didn't meet their objectives.

    -Location: Stairway to Heaven-

    Rick Kenway stood on the skyship's bridge, like many others that day he had spent most of it looking up at the sky at what had finally arrived at earth. In a way he knew this day was coming for most of his life without a shred of disbelief. Where some doubted it an some scoffed, he knew and for him it was like waiting for the guillotine to drop. In a way it was almost a relief for him that this day had come, the axe had feel and now him and his team's job had truly begun. He could only help but wonder how the others felt in that moment. Like him Leo, Alyson and Selene had more or less been preparing for this day for most of their lives, even the Psi Foundation's newest recruit had to be feeling something. "Chances are they noticed the shield by now, no doubt in my mind they are already looking for weak points." he said to the bridge crew. It was the kind of thing that didn't take psyker abilities to know.

    He approached the ship's intercom. "Kenway here, if you've looked up at all since you woke up you know whats up there. As of now were officially one high alert. So don't get too relaxed, drink some coffee if you need to. Were monitoring the shield up here, the second a disturbance is detected were going in. Until then sit tight." he said as he set down the com, deciding to help himself to some of that coffee before things ended up getting real. He looked calm and confident, but really he was just as anxious as the rest of them were. Still as the guy who got put in charge of this whole thing he at least look like he was invincible.
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    Though pretty much the entire world was looking up at the sky, on board the Stairway To Heaven, Leo Quin was not. Having been up almost all night, due to a strange surge in his telekinesis, Leo was mentally napping. The soothing darkness of rest was pierced by a flash of red light, moments before an announcement.

    "Kenway here, if you've looked up at all since you woke up you know whats up there. As of now were officially one high alert. So don't get too relaxed, drink some coffee if you need to. Were monitoring the shield up here, the second a disturbance is detected were going in. Until then sit tight."

    "I was sitting tight...napping even! Till you woke me up."
    Leo grumbled mentally knowing that it wasn't Kenway's fault. At least the man was trying to be a good leader... Scratching his head, Leo stiffly stood up and moved to get some water. He wasn't fond of coffee. Leo tried not to think of Kenway outside of the Stairway to Heaven, that side of him irked Leo to no end.

    But... the time for evaluation was later. High alert came first. And that meant refocusing his wayward thoughts. Setting the glass of water next to him, Leo re-assumed his meditation.

    "Emotions are Power. Uncontrolled emotions bring destruction. I am in control. Emotions are Power. I am in control."


    (OOC: The only part of Leo's mantra that can be heard [in any form] is the first part: Emotions are Power.)
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    Stepping out from a long hot shower feeling rejuvenated and ready for what challenges the day may present Selene Kaden walked dressed in a long bathrobe covering her modesty. Using the bath towel dry the excess water from her hair strolled past the freshly made bed laid strewn what had now became the norm uniform attire worn upon the skyship next something more comfortable she’d prefer to wear instead. However, given the increase measures directed towards the shield need not second guess what choice to make there was one article of clothing shall not part with and that would be the punk-rocker choker. Pausing in front of the nightstand where a small black handled data pad illuminated slide her right index finger past few pages of the days’ news in the world until her ruby eyes fell on one of personal involvement sighed heavily closing the window and opening the data pads’ internal library for the musical playlist settling on a classic rock band, Hypnogaja’s “Lullaby” before finishing getting ready to leave her quarters.

    ~ Once upon a time
    Or so the stories told
    Everyone lives happily
    As the end unfolds

    Forever sweet
    And never ending

    All I want
    Is to know why
    Life is not
    A lullaby

    Reality tells
    a different kind of tale
    Everybody tries to win
    but everyone fails

    It's never sweet
    and never ending

    All I want
    is to know why
    life is not
    a lullaby

    It's all a lie
    Tell me why
    It's all a lie
    The lullaby ~

    In sync with the ships’ mainframe Selene’s attention drew towards the electronic device as the volume lowered for an announcement to be heard by all. "Kenway here, if you've looked up at all since you woke up you know what’s up there. As of now were officially one high alert. So don't get too relaxed, drink some coffee if you need to. We’re monitoring the shield up here, the second a disturbance is detected were going in. Until then sit tight." Rick’s announcement confirm her selection of choice finished getting dressed. Everyone gathered aboard be that it other staff or part of the main core held their own reasons had no particular reason of her own. Perhaps that was not entirely true when it came down to the point still felt the scars. Has it really been that long the platinum-hair reminisce briefly brushing back few strands of hair fixing the choker around her neck?

    “I’ll pass on the coffee” Selene spoke to herself, “There is enough caffeine in that to get one feeling jumpy that focus. That and it has a terrible taste,” making a disgusting face, “rather have something more soothing like green tea or juice.” Taking one last glance at her own reflection before heading towards dining quarters to grab something to eat and drink. It was best and common practice never venture off with an empty stomach when one needed to be at their peak in such like a fine example as this.
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    While the others had been preparing in their own way for the invasion of the Darwai -- Richard Kenway stood watch at the bridge of Stairway to Heaven, Leo Quin had been deep in meditation, Selene Kaden taking a refreshing shower and listening to classic rock -- Alyson had been in her room the whole time, snoring loudly as she slept soundly, seemingly unperturbed by the impending invasion. However, she would be roused awake by the flashing red light, along with Richard's announcement over the ship's intercom.

    "Kenway here, if you've looked up at all since you woke up you know whats up there. As of now were officially one high alert. So don't get too relaxed, drink some coffee if you need to. Were monitoring the shield up here, the second a disturbance is detected were going in. Until then sit tight."

    Proceeding to sit up on her bed, Alyson rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as she proceeded to glance out the window of her quarters in the ship with semi-droopy eyes. She would then see the Darwai ships, which, despite their distance, still loomed large. Getting off the bed, Alyson let out a rather deep yawn. "HAAAAAW~....This is so scary," she drawled, scratching her underarms some as she left her room, deciding to head over to Selene Kaden's location in the ship.
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    Reports of the alien invasion have been confirmed! Everybody must enter into the shelters below ground in the next half hour--

    The noise of the XM radio awakened me from my short nap, so I turned up the volume.

    "The barrier has been breached! Repeat, the barrier has been breached!"

    Those words brought a smile to my face. Even though the Project would not yet allow me to join the fighting force, I did my own "business". The fact that I've been denied my legacy and birthright is one factor I cannot let go away passively.

    I glanced outside and seen a few of the "pods" speed right across the glass of my villa , shattering the glass instantaneously. No issue. I swept the glass around me, and with the force field I generated kept me protected. I ran to my elevator which then descended deep into the basements at a moment's notice.

    Awaiting me is my uncle, who shared my enthusiasm. He gave me the device that I tailor-made a year ago when I was suspended from the program. It had similar functions as the "Psyconger" protocol, but it held a sheen and the chic of a traditional superhero. It held a familiarity to my family's legacy as warriors of truth and justice, but also as a legacy much older than that.

    Levi glanced at the transformation apparatus with excitement and , yet a tinging sense of worry, which he disregarded as he grabbed the device and hugged his septuagenarian uncle, who merely had a few tears flowing down his crinkled and weathered face.

    "May the power of Allah give you providence in your fight, my nephew. If that's what you desire." The uncle said in concern

    "If Allah is out there, then I'll have providence." Levi replied bitterly. "My parents died, my baby sister died--"

    "You still have me, my nephew." The uncle smiled. "Allah is there and trusts in us to find our way. Maybe you should step back from going out there solo."

    Levi stood there stunned, but kept his composure. "Ever since I was born, I felt like I needed to display and show my abilities to the world. That I need to do something."

    "Which is what you said when you were abusing your powers in grade school way back in Michigan." the uncle pointedly remarked. "It's not just yourself that you're representing, Levi. Your deeds and acts reflect back on those who brought you up, your entire community. It took Muslims a half century to reestablish their reputation in the world and become as prosperous as anybody else."


    "You have to be the change you want to see the world change into, Levi." The uncle insisted. "Rushing into battle and making yourself a fool won't bring by brother and sister-in-law back. Or help their memory."

    "So we just stay down here and wait it out?"

    "There's nothing else we can do out of this moment." The uncle sighed, walking towards the fridge. "You want a Coke?"



    I sat down on the sofa with my uncle and we just switched the channel to a movie called "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster" in the cave. It was kind of hokey, but it just hit the spot.


    "Do they make more of these films, Uncle Amid?" my nephew asked.

    "Actually, when I was your age, I watched all of them. I wanted to become a film-maker myself actually." He looked at me in disbelief, which I replied on slapping my slightly enormous weight in laughter. "It must be unbelievable that the CEO of Mustafa Motors wanted that, right?"

    "Why didn't you?"

    "Family pressure, and the passing of your grandfather." I honestly replied. "Just because you have these abilities doesn't mean it should be your only mission in life. Everything looks good when you're your age, and I don't want you to make the same mistake. Especially since you have others to support you out there."

    "How about we agree to disagree for now on that, uncle? The'yre just so different--"

    "I wouldn't say that." I replied. "They just learned to cope with their reality. How about I get you embroiled into the film program at U of M?"

    "Tempting, but will I get cake?"

    I only sighed and grinned, realizing the reference. "Yes, my nephew. You'll get some cake."
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    "Sir, breach detected, heading their now at full speed!" one of the operators said looking back at at Richie who was standing near the holographic globe.

    "I see that, looks like it's Levi's neck of the woods. Radio him and tell him to be on standby just in case. The kid is eager to fight, but being half trained at best he might get his ass kicked trying to outdo the rest of us." he said before taking the loudspeaker again. "Alright team, action team we've been preparing for this most of our lives, if we screw this up then earth is up shit creek without a paddle." he said before setting it down and heading up to the observation deck.

    "Safety field down." he said as the transparent shielding around the observation deck dissipated, making it the only open air spot on the Stairway to Heaven. As much as he would have loved to enjoy the breeze but work was work. Using psychic energy to brace himself as he walked from the observation deck to the wing. The attack sight was coming into view quickly. "A few miles away from the nearest generator, far enough to buy us some time, close enough to still be a problem. No time to waste." he took the Psy-pendant from his neck and swung it in a circular motion, causing a red circle of psychic energy to manifest. He stepped in front of it and released his psychic grip on the wing surface and flew backwards through it, the red psychic jacket forming around him in the process. Yes there were far less dramatic ways to go about it, they had after all been instructed to skydive from a lower deck but a moment like this called for something more dramatic.

    ((Insert mood music here ))

    His descent was fast, and the ground was coming up quick. The what looked like a mass of ants before more clearly became people under attack by Darwai shock troops. Covered head to toe in armor and deathly silent they were an enigma, and seemed to just let their guns and capture nets to the talking.

    With the ground closing in Richie outstretched his arm and concentrated, causing a large red fist and forearm ,roughly as big as he was, in front of him which landed palm first, right in the middle of the scene of the attack, bracing his fall and allowing him to land unharmed. The Psy Fist shrank in size as a second appeared along side it, both floating in the air and mimicking the motions of Richie's physical hands. "Psyconstructs, gotta love'em" he said as he punched forward with his right, cauing the corresponding psy fist to do the same, colliding with a Darwai soldier while making a backhand with his left that took out another.
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    Standing between the bedroom’s thresholds Selene turned around to retrieve two vital things in the nightstand next to her bed after the second overhead announcement made. Anticipated in moments such as this not being able to partake on simplest things like breakfast had placed few granola bars in her nightstand. Taking a small bite place the remaining portion and a second wrapped granola bar in her jacket pocket, pulled out Psychic Pendant raising it up to eye level. The Psychic Pendant continued to remain an object crafted in both beauty and awe for the voluptuous young woman. At a glance even to her own eyes still struggled to grasp that these pendant the ability to call forth their Psychic Jackets wherever they may be. Coupled with the fact they were the only ones to stand up against the Darwai. “The fate of Earth and all life counting on our actions when he put it like that sounds scary and overwhelming. But…†Selene intertwined the pendant with her choker exited the room, “regardless how others view us want to give the world another tomorrow.â€

    Lamentation of past events was not needed nor served purpose turned her focus onto the present at hand. There was one thing that Selene could note found it exhilarating when required to freefall down from the ship. The best way to summarize the feeling is being set free from every attachment that weighed heavily upon them. Whether or not this sentiment shared by the other never really came across her mind. Turning around the next corridor found somewhat newly awaken Alyson Nash or at least starting to wake up from her sleep. Training together was pretty much to the limitations that Selene had reached out with Alyson did not quite made them friends yet sighed heavily. “Try to be alert, Alyson. We’re already behind and cannot afford to put this all on Richard’s shoulders alone€.
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    Now fully awake at this point, Alyson met up with Selene, who reminded her to be more alert, and to not place the responsibility solely on Richard. "Yes. I would agree. We have trained for this all along, after all," Alyson nodded in agreement, reaching for the Psy pendant in her left pocket with her left hand, while at the same time scratching her left breast with her right hand, maintaining a somewhat nonchalant expression. Glancing at a nearby monitor in the ship, Alyson noted that Richard has struck first in the fight, striking down Darwai soldiers with his Psyconstruct. Glancing at Selene one last time, Alyson rushed toward the Observation deck, -- the only open air spot on the ship she could find.

    Upon reaching the observation deck, she quickly used psychic energy to anchor herself in preparation for a blast of "wind" -- the air resistance created by the moving ship. "Safety field, down," she said, causing the transparent safety field to disappear. At once, she felt the wind blow strongly against her entire body, her pigtails flying wildly in the air. Breaking into a sprint toward the front, Alyson quickly released her own psychic anchor as she leapfrogged from the railing of the observation deck, making a head-first dive toward the battle. Reaching forward with the hand holding her Psy-pendant, she quickly drew a circle, and dove through it, causing the PsyconGreen armor to form around her body. Continuing to make a headfirst dive into the battle, Alyson once again tapped into her psychic abilities to create a psychic barrier to act as a buffer for the hard landing, causing a shockwave that knocked out the Darwai Soldiers that were in the area she landed. Looking over to Richard, she quickly summoned her own Psy-Constructs -- the Psy-Pistols -- proceeding to pick off a couple of Soldiers Richard was fighting. "Haa..this is rather scary," she told Richard with a rather lazy drawl, knocking about a few Darwai Soldiers with the butts of her pistols.
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    Rubbing the temple of her forehead Selene sighed inwardly toward Alyson’s inappropriate bodily display. At least there was not anyone else present to have witnessed that needed not to say anything to her fellow comrade followed Alyson stare at the nearby monitor. The voluptuous young woman admitted to herself that Richard’s skills were quite impressive. Watching their anointed leader in action realized that Leo Quin not presented with them or out on the battlefield. “Go on ahead without me.†Selene said as Alyson made her way towards the Observation Deck, “I’ll be right behind†glancing back towards the direction she had come. Time not being truly on their side needed to be quick in order ensure that they all were out there not just a few tried to reach out through telepathy only to be met with a barrier sought out one of the crew instead by the Observation Deck.

    “Excuse me,†Selene finally flagged down one of the skyship’s crew, “Leo is likely to be in one of his deep meditations again probably did not hear the earlier broadcast. If that is the case can you let him know soon as possible?†The crewmember merely nodded acknowledging her request did help lifted some of worry knowing he would receive the message and join them shortly. Staring down at the world below from the Observation Deck held back few strands of her silvery hair blowing in the wind. Walking towards the end of the opening Selene’s eyes closed allowing her body to become light like a feather being carried into the wind. Unclear if the other shared the same express feeling free falling down.

    For many of skydivers it was a sensual adrenaline rush to experience simply for their own amusement, but for Selene it was very much different. In a brief moment of time freed from invisible chains weighed down by memories of the past and present to truly feel at peace. Feeling renewed Selene’s crimson eyes fluttered open stared at the pendant around her neck fluttered in front upon descending with a brief smile. As the terra ground grew more increasingly fast into view grabbed a firm hold of the pendant with one hand tearing it free from around her neck. Holding the pendant close to her heart voluntarily swung it in a circular motion, causing a pink circle of psychic energy to materialize. As Selene’s body passed through, the pink psychic jacket materialized forming around her. The hand that held onto the pendant continued to give off a soft pink glow as she concentrated forming a solidified psychic energy, the Psy Whip. Caught in the middle of her own thoughts nearly misjudge how close the ground was shot the tip of the whip to wrap around a nearby ruined structure to shorten the fall before impact. Touching the ground Selene focus finishing what the Darwai Soldiers started bringing it down on them.

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