Power Rangers movie #3 - Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Storm Eagle, May 7, 2014.

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    They also introduced the Zeo Crystals and there is a rumor about Zedd for the next movie. My biggest fear is that they are going to be leaping around too much, trying to squeeze too much too fast into these movies.
    But maybe they'll introduce a real morpher in the 2nd movie? They did make toy of it, despite it never appearing in the movie. If HISHE makes a video on the Power Rangers movie, I hope they make a reference to this. They could have saved a lot of time if they used a device to morph instead of tying it to their mental state.
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    That could be an issue too. I kind of feel like the second movie should run a little longer, as long as the story is coherent & doesn't feel slowed down, (which I can definitely tell a lot of effort went into for the first one) any length below 3 hours shouldn't be an issue. Honestly, I think the biggest focus ought to be on the Green Ranger's journey & how that affects him & the other rangers. Then, they could have a kind of slow physical &/ or mental downfall of Rita over the next movie as she kind of gets stuck in between her own failures & the coming threat of Lord Zedd, without actually having him in the movie. Plus, I'd like them to, at the very least, bring up NASA-DA, or hint at a couple other characters (if in name only) from the MMPR series, like Ernie, or Lt. Stone.

    But, yeah, I think my own imagination isn't adding much, here... lol

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