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Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by Storm Eagle, May 7, 2014.

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    Ask Alpha through the live chat about Edenoi here, and he had a 404 error. Assuming this movie does well, we're getting a Kamen Rider movie.


    I'll post proof of the chat here. I'm going with the "Alpha is wiped theory". Or I'm reading way too much into this.

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    Could this be the last trailer online before we start seeing trailers on television?
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    And may they do something in the realm of The First (without the romance side story) and The Next (without the J-Horror side story)
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  5. I was at Best Buy yesterday, and they have a stand with Lionsgate titles that include $6 in e-movie cash for the PR movie. It's their PR titles, Hunger Games titles, and their Marvel titles.



    Sorry about the picture quality.
  6. Cast appearances this week:

    Elizabeth Banks
    3/14: Live with Kelly
    3/16: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

    Bryan Cranston
    3/16: Today Show
    3/17: Live with Kelly

    There's supposed to be some snow storm in New York on Tuesday the 14th. So there's a big chance that Elizabeth Banks' LWK appearance won't happen on that day.

    Power Rangers will also be featured on the Today Show on the 20th.
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    www.comicbookmovie.com is reporting that Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson will both have small cameos in the movie, and there will be a mid-credit sequence which does not show Tommy but confirms that he exists in the 'verse of this movie.
  8. Two new Ninja Steel episodes premiere tomorrow. After that, is The Loud House, where possibly during commercial breaks, there will be a behind-the-scenes thing for the Power Rangers movie.
  9. Movie cast appearances this week:

    Monday, 3/20
    The Today Show: the listings only mention the movie, so just what they'll cover is anyone's guess
    Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Bryan Cranston

    Tuesday, 3/21
    Harry: R. J. Cyler

    Wednesday, 3/22
    Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bill Hader

    Thursday, 3/23
    Access Hollywood Live: Becky G

    In my own local listings, Entertainment Tonight will air in a 12 midnight time slot on Friday the 24th on WLNYH, and will feature the red carpet premiere of the movie, and will have Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks.
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    Bryan Cranston's interview with Stephen Colbert last night was absolutely hilarious, btw. Also, is there a reason why this site keeps getting reported as hostile on & off the past few weeks?

    Anyway, having seen a fair bit of previews, I'm starting to get a vague idea where this movie is going. I don't know if or when I'm going to get a chance to see it, but I kind of had some notes for discussion (especially for when people do see the movie). This has nothing to do with the movie being good or bad, but trying to shift it to be a little more in line with Power Rangers in general. I haven't seen the movie, I'm not bagging on it, & there's some things they've done that I'm sure will be more in the vain of, "lie in the bed you made," regardless, but, all that besides--

    Many of the concerns I have are connected to the villains, monsters & (assuming there is a sequel) the Green Ranger.

    I kind of get where they are going with both the Putties & Goldar-- in the show, Rita & other villains would usually animate random crap to attack the Rangers-- & I'm on board with the idea of almost using them as tools, or drones. They have no minds or wills of their own & simply operate as commanded. That's a good start. However, the way Goldar appears to have been used is disappointing. He was a main villain, built up as a kind of badass & could've been a major asset to the film(s) in general. To be honest, though, if you'd said it was a less liked main villain, like Baboo, no one would've flinched whatsoever. I don't know if there's any way around that, but if you see a villain in the original show that seems like they were trying to build him/ her up in that way, don't waste them. As to the Putties, I kind of liked the original design from the show. It would be interesting to use something to the effect of that, maybe with a spin like the minions the Enchantress created from "Suicide Squad" thrown on them, in later films.

    Going off from that, I kind of see it as a loss if these "drone" monsters don't talk. Not that I prefer what was often done in the show-- where the monster would spout off terrible puns that I don't think kids ever found funny & adults just find annoying. Although, I think if you were to play such a thing off differently, it could come off kind of disturbing & unhinged, which would be pretty cool. Imagine if this thing just spotted you in a room & walked through everyone to get to you, not noticing what all it was doing & saying bizarre, confused, punny things the entire way. It really gives off a vibe that there's no reasoning with it & it's not going to stop until it gets whatever it seems to want, plus comes off as mimicking life, but not truly being alive. Not that the show necessarily had much of a horror aspect, but I think creating things that are elementally creepy without over-the-top violence or gore wouldn't be uncalled for. Although, I think one movie is enough to really play around with the idea to effect, then move on to other things. And never use a monster as a villain, but for traps/ distractions/ etc.

    That kind of runs into the villains. Most of the villains Saban created especially for the show-- Lord Zedd, Scorpius, Mesogog-- were well made & kind of creepy. It's really in keeping true to that aspect of the show that I generally think any real villain you use should be just a little disturbing. The image of a real-life Rita I'd had in mind was more like a desiccated corpse-- a threadbare, dirt-brown dress, long, dirty nails, long, tangled, grey hair & a raspy voice who shuffles about & leans heavily on her staff. She doesn't look like much, but, for whatever reason, she's practically untouchable if you come after her. Generally, you shouldn't really be changing that much for main villains at all, just taking what's there a bit more practically. I also figured that, since Lord Zedd appears to be skinned, maybe he ought to be wearing some sort of glass-like, full body armor that would protect him in lieu of skin.

    I also have to point out that, while it's been said you shouldn't use multiple villains, most movies that lost that fight tried to have several villains competing for screen time instead of working in unison, on a single plan. The latter is more in line with PR anyway. Just don't overdo it & make sure everyone gets decent screen time. The only exception to the last two rules are evil Rangers. They don't do the best job of showcasing it in MMPR, but every evil Ranger I can remember kind of goes rogue & becomes, more or less, uncontrollable. Feeding back into the Green Ranger mythos, I wouldn't have his usage be part of a legitimate plan by any villain, but you could have them work around his whims & use him to their effect instead-- either that, or use the opportunity to showcase a fatal flaw in Rita's intellect or understanding of Ranger power. She could be pretty dumb & single-minded in the original show. Lord Zedd was supposed to be the real tactician.

    Now, on the the armor-- I had said, myself, that the Rangers should wear light armor, but I wasn't thinking full body. My thought was metallic-looking spandex with reinforced areas, like forearms or shins. The reason is there are other characters or weapons which will now have to mean armor over armor if you were to take them literally. All I have to say is this is one of those "Lie in the bed you made," scenarios & if they get to introduce characters like the Green or White Rangers, or Ninjor, they should try to be true to the original design as possible, but err on the conservative side so things don't look silly. If you can manage to do something that is easily recognizable as the Green Ranger & looks really good moving around on screen, you win.

    The last thing I have is mainly on the character of Tommy Oliver himself. I don't know exactly how you'd plan to go with him, but I almost feel like you can mess around a lot with the other Rangers, but they'll hunt down the person that decides not to make Tommy, Tommy. That's really one of those unchangeable rules. In terms of updating him, though, (you know they have to) I did kind of want some input from others. The obvious fact- Tommy is Native American- actually gives you a pretty good opportunity altogether for such a thing. I really don't think he needs this extensive backstory or anything, but for the sake of understanding I think I need to bring up what all I know- minding that I'm definitely no expert- on the character.

    Particularly in the West & South of the US, these people have almost fractured into factions of Traditionalists, Christians & Atheists & all three of these groups really seem to chafe on one another bad. Not to mention, the only thing that they all seem to agree on is everyone outside of the tribe hates them & wants them to suffer. I don't know why, but you generally seem to get a pretty consistent result of people who are physically tough, emotionally walled off & relatively quiet. There's that general core of a sense of dignity, strength & working hard toward your personal goals, but you also get people who are way to quick to stand up to physical threats & often completely incapable of defending themselves with words or standing up for what they believe in. Not to mention, when people like that reach their limit, they really, really explode. It's a very volatile combination. I would bring up the white name, but I don't think that's particularly weird for the US (as opposed to Canada). A lot of these people, when dealing with outsiders, but hate having their race mis-identified, but also gravely fear being correctly labeled, regardless of whether that would be a good thing, or a bad thing. I guess they just don't feel like they should be the ambassadors for their entire race, or something, so going by a white name, if one is available, honestly makes a fair amount of sense.

    Again, I don't think he needs a backstory, but the type of character could be kept in mind. I think someone who wants to do right, but takes wrong turns way too hard while remaining a very clear physical threat & appearing to regularly be a pool of calmness & a rallying point for a team of impressionable teenagers would make sense for the character. And, you absolutely have to keep the karate.
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    I was fortunate enough to win a ticket for an advance screening of the movie and I wrote a small review on my tumblr.


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    Things I liked:

    Anything Billy (and now he's a demolition expert along being a gear head, little brother to Jason, learning to fight, interaction with Alpha...also...notice Billy grabbing a pole arm to fight Rita unmorphed...Power Lance anyone? So much elements from MMPR Season 1)

    The Individual Dinozords especially Pterodactyl...far more efficient than Guardian Beast Pterandon, Chi Beast Houou, and God Kark

    Elizabeth Bank's Rita...is a f'ckin lunatic...far more psychotic than Witch Bandora...NO WAY IN HELL SHE'LL BECOME MAGIC MOTHER IN THIS INCARNATION

    The Putties were actually menacing...HOORAY!!!

    Things that made me face palm:

    The destruction of a certain car...btw...the Tyrannosaurs Dinozord PWNS you

    The Me....eee....EVAzord 01...even tripped and fell over like one...and the dancing...*groans*

    ...doughnuts...*shakes head*

    PS: As long as Alpha 5 is from Edenoi...
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    I'm currently working on a 3D printed green ranger fossilized power coin and golden Power Morpher as well as Zach's costume from the new Power Ranger movie as well as a male version of Rita's Green Ranger costume both of which are proving to be extremely hard to do but I won't stop until I'm done
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    Yeah I think I'll email a mod about this site making my antivirus go off...

    But in any case, I loved this movie. I don't really have any complaints. I hope it makes enough for a sequel. I wonder how they'll incorporate elements of Dairanger, Kakuranger, and Ohranger...
  15. The movie comes out on home video on June 27th.



    Target will be selling a store exclusive version, but details about it aren't yet known.


    Special features announced:

    Blu-ray/4K UHD Combo Pack extras will include:
    Audio Commentary with Director Dean Israelite and Writer John Gatins
    The Power of the Present Documentary:
    -Rangers Then to Now
    -Building the Team
    -Beyond the Rangers
    -Suiting Up
    -Rangers, Welcome to Training
    -Rangers in the Wild
    -It’s Morphin Time
    -Power Ballad: Music and Sound
    -This is Your Destiny
    Deleted/Alternate/Extended Scenes
    Theatrical Trailer with Audio Commentary by Director Dean Israelite

    DVD extras will include:
    Audio Commentary with Director Dean Israelite and Writer John Gatins
    Deleted/Alternate/Extended Scenes

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    Ok, really late to be saying this, but I finally got a chance to watch the movie. They did a decent job- particularly with the characters (That includes Alpha, Zordon & Rita, for me.) I kind of wish Rita had stayed old & shriveled up, though, but the personality was perfect. Also, commentary says apparently the direction taken with Goldar was because he seemed too stereotypical & they wanted to do something else with him/ it. Kind of wonder where we're going with the sequel, but at least we know we're getting Tommy in some sort of recognizable form. The movie wasn't exactly perfect (besides the cast) but they did a good job. I have to commend them on that.
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    Yeah I'm very very late to the party, but I finally got a chance to watch the movie and here is my review:

    It was good. It was better than the first two Power Rangers movies from the 90s. The plot was competent, characters were fleshed out and likable. The suit designs are cool. The zords, while looking like complete garbage as a Bandai toy, the cgi in the film was good. I still do not like the Megazord design but ehhh its ok.

    Elizabeth Banks did a great job as Rita, it was so much fun seeing her going all crazy. Alpha 5 was good too and less annoying than the original one. I loved the little references, including the JDF, AJJ cameos, the zords running scene and hearing the 1995 cover of the theme song!

    CONS: The cow joke at the beginning was trash and should of been taken out because it was not funny at all. Language was surprisingly tame for a pg-13 movies nowadays. Zordon was a bit of a dick in this film, they didn't give him the wise supporting mentor personality and instead was a discouraging almost asshole type guy. No action scenes until the last 20 minutes of the movie, which is surprising for a typical pg-13 scfi action movie that tries to cater to a wide range of audiences. NO BULK AND SKULL!!!

    Overall the movie was fine, they played it safe with everything and dropped a lot of hints for future sequels that may or may not come. I was surprised that this movie only made 140.2 million. I was expecting Ninja Turtle numbers.
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    I think the Nostalgia Critic said something similar. Which brings me to something I always reply with... (BTW, Raden238, I'm not specifically calling you out or anything, I'm just making a point.)

    I don't think it's fair to compare the 90's movies with this recent one. Clearly, those original movies were tie-in movies, bonus content made for the people who were currently enjoying the TV show, content that may or may not be canon but still features the actors and many other things from the TV show. Tokusatsu is no stranger to tie-in movies; Super Sentai and Kamen Rider have done the same thing for ages, though they usually keep the same suits from the show. Point is, the 90's movies were never meant to be an origin story, so they shouldn't be treated like stand alone pieces. This movie is a complete reboot that starts over from zero, so of course it's going to be an origin story. The only fair comparison would be this movie and the first episode of Mighty Morphin. I believe the Nostalgia Critic hates stuff like that because he wants movies to be stand alone (which is rather elitist of him), but I honestly see noting wrong with tie-in material. If it was meant to be supplemental material for an all ready established show or property, for an audience that all ready exists, then the only real problem would be if the movie is so bad that it alienates the audience being targeted. But if you can watch or absorb the tie-in movie, there should be no reason why you can't watch at least a few episodes of the TV show.
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    Finally got around to watching it. It was... decent. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I was entertained, so there's that. And there were a couple of groan inducing moments. The dancing comes to mind. But there were more posatives than negatives. I like how they had to learn to be a team first, and learn to be friends. And each of them had a thing that lind of defined how they acted, like Zach and his mom, and help them grow into the Rangers. Still not a fan of the Megazord design, even after seeing it in motion.
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    Lol. That was actually pretty close. Check out the deleted scenes to hear Alpha ask constant questions that it seems like he ought to already know in the context of this movie. Honestly, I think they were really trying hard to balance him out, because he almost ruined so many shots (even if he said exactly what I said in the last one. Best deleted scene ever.). Plus, there's an even better Jason David Frank/ original Kimberly cameo from earlier in the movie that they cut out. I didn't realize it until after I saw that, but she was also in that final shot that JDF was in.

    The only thing that is really worrying me about a sequel is how they plan to make Evil Green Ranger make sense & be compelling, since they now have to work around how the morphing powers function. I think they can probably pull it off, though. I am near to exploding with ideas as to how I would write the first sequel, though.

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