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    This is my fourth original Power Rangers team. I was inspired while thinking about Kakuranger in the parking lot at work. I decided to do something similar but with Western Warriors. I chose Knights due to nobility and honor. There are only a FEW elements of Kakuranger. I'm still thinking up the arsenal & villains. I named all six Rangers after people I've worked with. Here's the premise.

    When an evil sorcerer is accidentally unleashed by two lifelong friends, the two friends must work with three others, because they are all the descendants of five legendary knights, must unite & stop him. With help from a wizard, the five will learn to use weapons similar to what their ancestors used and unlock their true powers. Doing this, they will become POWER RANGERS KNIGHT FORCE!!!!!!!
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    Sorry I haven't been up to date with this, but here are the Rangers' first names & their mythical creatures.

    Kofi - Dragon
    Ben - Sea Serpent
    Dennis - Pegasus
    Gaby - Griffin
    Robin - Phoenix
    Randy - Unicorn
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    Hi, i'm new to this but i myself have just recently thought about a knight themed power rangers to. I like the idea of a knight theme because it's new and it seems like the power rangers thinkers (or the people who come up with the ideas for each season) are running out of ideas. I would like to know what you think about this cause you're kind of on the same mind set that i am with this idea.

    My first thought is that the knight idea could somewhat revolve around Merlin the magician and the knights of the round table (And i'm only suggesting that to give it more knight theme if you will). It would take place in modern day society and the rangers would be descendants of the knights of the round table. They have been called to battle because a descendant of the evil foe from the past (perhaps a foe of Merlin) has arose and is now a threat. They must come together to take down this foe once and for all because it is their destiny and they're the only ones who can stop him.

    If you will, tell me what you think about this cause I am all for a knights themed power rangers.
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    Sentai Rider 1983 Tokusatsu Geek

    I'm drawing some inspiration from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger about the Rangers.

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