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    How would you make all these stories and their characters perfect?

    - Ryuki
    - Faiz
    - Blade
    - Hibiki
    - Kabuto
    - Den-O
    - Kiva
    - W
    - OOO
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    Very quickly:

    Ryuki: Toujou continues trying to kill Yui and end the Game instead of suddenly wanting to save her; Sano is killed by Toujou after he sees him as "weak" for not being committed enough, rather than Asakura out of nowhere; No reset at the end. Either Ren survives and looks back on everything or he dies and the ORE Journal members do.

    Kabuto: Make Drake and Sasword relevant to the story (perhaps allies with Tendou against ZECT); Yaguruma returns as just "Hopper" (with Kick and Punch abilities both) and kills Kageyama; Zabee is destroyed afterwards; Perfect Zecter combines with the Kunai Gun instead of stealing others' Zecters; Dark Kabuto is the Worms' leader whom the Worms have been trying to break out of Area X (hence the colluding with Mishima in earlier episodes)

    Den-O: Focus on the Airi-Sakurai story rather than just remembering it randomly in between having the Imajins do more stupid antics; make Ryotaro more like Steve Rogers/Captain America rather than a schmuck you can only admire on paper.

    Kiva: Scrap the time-traveling; don't make Nago a schitzophrenic; Taiga stays a villain; a Black-like ending where Wataru and Taiga must fight to the death for the Fangire throne, the result being Wataru becoming King and forcing himself back into a life of solitude in order to keep the peace between Fangires and humans.

    W: Give Kirihiko a real purpose for being involved (At first I though he was a double agent trying to get intel on the Sonozakis, but instead he turned out to be just.... nothing); Mellow out Akiko. Don't make her dress and act like a bratty kid.

    OOO: No shoehorning of awful comedy at the worst times possible, as though this was a poor man's Den-O; Really mellow out Kougami and Maki so that they can actually be taken seriously; give Gamel a brain and make him more manipulative (Eg: pretending to fawn over Mezul only to turn on her for her Medals); Don't write out Gamel and Mezul early on only to bring them back for no reason other than "Uva's outnumbered, guess it was a bad idea to kill off the others, huh?"
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    W: Have Eternal pop by as sort of an sixth ranger to the cast, and have the movie be his arrival and his heel face turn. Other than that, pretty consistant.

    OOO: Uh... THE FOUNDATION X STORYLINE THEY DROPPED? DUH! Have Dr. Maki be a Foundation X member and have another Foundation X member come near the end to tell Maki that they're moving projects over to Astro Switchs, with Maki telling the member off and sticking to the medals. Other than that, pretty much the same.
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    Well, "perfect" will depend differently on each person, so of course, I'll just go over how I will think they'll be "perfect." :)

    Ryuki: Make the dialogue more consistent. Don't make Kanzaki a mystery. Have him actually do more so that there's more behind the scenes to support the backstory of the Rider Fight. Don't make Kitaoka comedic. Cut out Odin, Alternative, and Imperer. Keep Raia around a bit longer. Let the finale be all Ren's doing, not Kanzaki's. And give Yui more of a role.

    555: I'm gonna skip this one. Sorry. :p

    Blade: Just needs better directing and acting. Oh, and cut out the Orchid Undead Arc. And make Amane a bit more likable! :p

    Hibiki: I'd say just have two different finales. Or perhaps even a second season! :thumbs:

    Kabuto: Like Black Fang said, make Drake and Sasword relevant to the story. Give Jiya a bigger role. Cut out Punch Hopper, Kick Hopper, and Dark Kabuto. Introduce the Worm Leader much much sooner. Cut out Renge. Kill Kageyama off and let Yaguruma return as TheBee again, with no issues towards Tendou. And have Tendou be a bit nicer. :laugh:

    Den-O: Make the Imagin concept a bit more simplistic, to avoid debatable plot holes, like the whole Yuuto disappearing plot. Tone down the one-liners and recurring gags, especially towards the Imagin. Focus more on the Airi/Yuuto plot. Have Ryoutarou man up a little bit sooner. Introduce Kai a bit sooner too, as well as give him a better send off. Give Seig a bigger role.

    Kiva: Have the 1986 timeline have less scenes in each ep. Let the characters in 1986 kill more Fangires exclusive to their timeline. Give Spider Fangire a more important role. Don't mess up Nago's personality. Have Kengo be more like an older brother figure to Wataru. Don't kill Mio off. Cut out the whole amnesiac Rook plot. Don't have Otoya falling for Maya be so sudden. Give the other two Arms Monsters more spotlight. Give Shima, Yuri, and Megumi a more important role in the show. Give more spotlight to each of Kiva's forms. And let Wataru turn into a badass dragon more often! :D

    W: Perhaps just add a few more eps here and there.

    OOO: Leave out the forced comedy. Don't kill off Gamel and Mezul early, just to bring them back later. Give the Greeeds a bigger role and more personality. And give Satonaka a bigger role. Perhaps even actually let her be a third Birth. And expand more on the apprentice relationship with Gotou. Oh, and have Chiyoko kick butt more. :D
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    Removing Alternative and Kanzaki's mystery would hinder the impact of the Game's purpose on Shinji. He's been trying all this time to stop it and save the Riders and innocents from the Monsters, and then he finds out that doing so means letting Yui die. The rest of the show is about how Shinji tries to decide what to do but ultimately can't because he's an idealist who wants to save everyone. Unless you mean keeping the Kagawa-Toujou plotline but getting rid of Alternative itself. I guess that could work just as well.

    Kitaoka only became more comedic once Megumi showed up.

    That could work too instead of having a Hopper. Maybe Yaguruma could work as a rogue against ZECT while Tendou, Daisuke and Tsurugi work together.
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    - Ryuki: Get rid of Yui. Have Kanzaki be the one who is dying and needs the body. Show all 13 riders in series. Have Kanzaki actually be Odin. Have a actually thirteenth rider, not a Dark Ryuki / Ryouga.

    - Hibiki: Let Hibiki keep his firebreathing. Akira becomes and remains a rider. (Sakurai Yuuto) is non existant. Asumu keeps trying to become a rider, and the series ends with him still trying to. Have an ending that isnt a rehash of the first meeting, make it a big battle.

    - Kabuto: Only one person per zector. Actually give Renge a personality or something. Have tendou get curbstomped every once in a while, especially before recieving the hyperzector.

    - Den-O: Remove the Yuuto missing storyline. The five Imagin are hard enough to deal with, but you add that huge clusterf... in and it becomes too much. Eiri / Airi do not make her so damn stupid/ light headed, her character was horrible. Have Ryutaro actaully fight the final battle, not just let momo control him and fight. Introduce the final villian earlier, not just randomly out of nowhere, as it seems. Have the final villain's actor be able to actually act. Or give the character a personality that isnt crap. (Everytime the Final villian says something about his face or mood, and he has a straight face was stupid and annoying.) Have Ryutaro learn to be less of a coward as the series go on, and please remove those two idiots that stalk Airi.

    - W: Akiko act like an adult not a little schoolgirl, especially in serious situations. Other than that the series was great.
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    I didn't mean get rid of them and leave nothing behind. Hehehe.
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    Ryuki: have more focus on shinji being the good main guy instead of ren's dramatic lovelife... afterall its shinji's show...

    Kabuto: would have been better if its named "gattack" or kagami being the main guy... or just tendou being too much godlike and killing the drama with him being able to do almost everything....

    Decade: hire some decent writing staff...:buttrock:

    W: less akiko butting in and less forced comedy... and more SKULL or JOKER

    OOO: tighter paced storyline?
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    I started writing about how you could make Faiz perfect, and then I realized that I was writing a novel :laugh:
    So, I might as well write it down as points.

    1: Give Kusaka the tragic backstory that they kept hinting at, and focus more on the "I want Mari to be my mother!" thing.

    2: Either get rid of Delta entirely, or continue with the story where the belt can make you go insane if you use it.

    3: Continue the Kiba/Mari relationship subplot, and forget the whole idea of Kiba doing a 180 degree turn at the end of the show.

    4: Introduce the Orphenoch King earlier and give him a better human character.

    5: Cut down on the random misunderstandings and arguments between the characters that made no sense whatsoever.

    6: Give Takumi a showa-style personality. “I have to distance myself from people so that they wont get hurt”
    Let him be a Orphenoch traitor from the start. Then we have a good reason for him to be a loner, and he wont come off as an antisocial jerk.

    It is sad to think about. Faiz had the potential to become a modern remake of the original KR show, but Inoue blew it completely.
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    Hibiki - scrap every single episode after episode 29 and just end it there or keep the same production crew and writers. An ideal Hibiki in my opinion will probably be close to this; shows how Asumu grows up to be a better person, continue with the idea that Asumu loved music and continued to struggle in the school band. Becomes Hibiki's disciple after he mans up and Hibiki deems him ready to start learning. The series could end with Asumu fighting a fight all on his own.

    - Ryuki - the middle part of the series was really dull. Spice it up a bit with faster paced action and Shinji actually getting a conclusion after all those dilemmas he has, then we can bring in the "Saving the world means ending Yui's life." plot point. No time resets.

    - Faiz - Bring on the evolving too fast for the human body to handle plot earlier on so the ending won't need to be rushed. Make Lucky Clover more threatening a force to deal with. Get the Faiz gear and Kaixa gear trashed during a clash between them and Lucky Clover and then receive their Accel upgrade from the rest of the people involved with the girl. Leave out Delta since it's really didn't leave much of an impression anyways. Give everyone in the show the ability to communicate well. Let the Faiz gear has the ability to stabilize Takumi's Orphenoch evolution, but this means he will always have to have the Faiz gear around. Let everyone find out how much a jerk Kusaka is, let Kusaka be Kiba's breaking piont and have Kiba be killed by Faiz without making another heel face turn. The series could end with Faiz going off alone leaving the rest of the case behind while he battles evil Orphenochs around the globe, becoming the legendary firefly rider, like he's called in Paradise Lost movie. Upholding the spirit that Kiba once had.

    Got nothing much to say bout the other series since I'd already talked about them before.
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    FOR OOO, i wanna see Ankh's full form early after lost ankh is destroyed. His full face will finally be shown and his leg skin is empty.

    As for Eiji's Greeed form, he'll be angry at Ankh and his form will show a shadowy image of it with red eyes glowing along with Eiji having his Greeed monster voice.
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    Ankh should absorb LAnkh from within after Eiji knocks LAnkh down from the sky and assume his complete form. In the epilogue, Ankh will share the same body with Eiji and travel around the world with him.

    For Faiz Kiba will become Kaixa after Kusaka dies from a battle with the Lucky Clover. Keitaro will die and become orphenoch and Delta. The Orphenoch king was Hanagata all along and was using his kids as test subject to turn everyone in to Orphenochs and finding a way to stop his rapid evolution. The rider gears were send to his kids to protect himself from being found by Murakami and the Lucky Clover. In the end, the riders will defeat Hanagata and dissolve Smart Brain. The law enforcers will start researching on how to stop people from evolving in to Orphenoch and changing Orphenoch back to humans.
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    OOO-Chiyoko as final boss.
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    Home Page:
    Wait, that wouldn't be the full form then, would it?

    As for Decade, just explain wtf is Narutaki.
  15. HenshinSlayer

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    Okay? Maybe his full body is revealed then.
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    hire decent writers for decade... especially those with no far-fetched ideas in mind
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    - Verde, Femme, Abyss and Ryuga (not as the last 13th rider) in the show. New riders in the movie with different decks.
    - Only Shinji and Ren keep their memories as riders and still carry the decks, but will use those only to protect the innocent.
    - Kitaoka and Asakura fight one last battle. The butler, not Zolda. Kitaoka destroys Asakura's deck in the last minute using the strike vent and they both die in honor. Asakura feels peace for the first time.
    - Shiro as Odin.

    - Humans finding a cure for Orphenochs.
    - Kaido as Kaixa after Kusaka's death while Kiba becomes Orga. Orga's exceed charges from sword to gun are fully revealed.
    - More greek alphabet riders in the movie. Those that are orphenoch.
    - Mari gets a letter from her father telling him to give the Faiz belt to the one who protected her and the family. Takumi reveals to be the orphenoch showing a partial piece of his form to Mari when he rescues her from the dolphinfish orphenoch.
    - The Orphenoch king not a kid.

    - Hajime reveals to be Joker and Chalice to Amane and her mom especially about the father.
    - All riders gain king forms.

    - Asumu becomes and oni rider while Akira becomes one as well.

    - Renge, as a kamen rider called Tento who fights alongside Tendou and Kagami.
    - Mishima takes over as Thebee when Kageyama and Yaguruma become the Hopper brothers. Yaguruma becomes fully Hopper after Kageyama dies and goes to help Kabuto.
    - Tendou as a nice person sometimes. Kagami becomes Kabuto in the final battle and Tendou's spirit is one with the Zecter and helps Kagami fight.
    - Mishima, not the final boss. A Worm Queen appears and intends to eliminate humanity and the Native.

    - Ryotaro once a unlucky kid, but later on learns how to fight luckily.
    - Nega Den-O, an alternate version of Ryotaro who is evil and lucky. His form will be like Liner form. Or Kai becomes the Nega Den-O
    - Airi gets involved with Ryotaro and the Imagin in the final battle.

    - Wataru feared by sunlight and garlic. Not the world.
    - Mio and Wataru get married and she'd still live.
    - Kengo as a rockstar but also a former Checkmate member called Knight. He too is a rider.
    - Megumi discovers Wataru as Kiva first, then Nago discovers when Wataru gets captured by Shima.
    - Shows a few scenes of Otoya in flashbacks.
    - Kivat shown more throughout the series.
    - Otoya returns to life as a half Fangire and as Dark Kiva. Dark Kiva becomes Dark DoGaBaKi Kiva in the final battle against the original King.
    - No Shizuka.
    - No 2-part episodes.

    - Make Shotaro into the Joker Dopant.
    - Kirhiko stays and is now an ally to W & Accel and informs them of information.
    - Akiko not bratty.
    - No 2-Part episodes.

    - Ankh's full form revealed after Lost Ankh dies. Due to the 3 cores destroyed along with the Lost one's conscious, they instantly revive like the phoenix and true Ankh returns.
    - Gamel and Mezool live.
    - Burakawani in TV show as well.
    - No 2-part episodes
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    W-More information on Shotaros backstory
  19. Computron34

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    Is this thread assuming Kuuga and Agito are perfect?
  20. Pencoin

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    To make Kiva better I would do this

    1. More Dragons, more dragon backstory and more dragon action.
    2. No time travel, that was pretty weird. I was half expecting Momotaros to pop up.
    3. The other two monsters should of gotten more story (Fishboy and Fraken-Monster)
    4. The ending scene was 0_o
    5. Similar to Dragons but for the Bats.
    6. Make Taiga go good then bad again before the end.
    7. Make Otoya actually beat some monsters...

    And for Decade:

    1. Dai-Shocker's leader should of been the real Tsukasa who turns into black-decade. Pink Decade should of been AR version.
    2. More Kuuga fighting and action.
    3. Each world should of gotten 3 episodes, no old rider episodes either.
    4. All the normal riders exist in one world, but real Decade wanted to take over the world with his Dai-Shocker. To defeat the other riders he is taking over the AR worlds, finding the riders in them and turning them evil, (Killing Kuuga's love interest, Turning Agito into Gills) and then using them to fight the real riders. AR Decade and Diend are spanners in the works he didn't count on. Kuugas ultimate rising black form (name?) is when he turned evil.
    5. Wataru should of given Tsukasa the Decadriver. Diend should of given him the K-Touch.
    6. Dai-Shocker should been more prominent throughout the series.
    7. At the end the real riders and the AR riders should've had a big fight (Like Emperor Kiva vs regular Kiva.) because Decade didn't destroy them. But they don't turn bad because Decade befriended them and helped them over their troubles. Decade would of appeared and he and AR Decade would've had a big fight. Only Kuuga would turn bad.
    8. Kivara is a normal world bat who Wataru has sent to help the Narutaki who is an ex member of Dai-Shocker, the guy who told the real riders about the on-coming threat.
    9. Make the Rider War actually happen!

    Sorry I have alot of Ideas.

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