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    Neko's sales thread (3DS, broken ps2 & wii, ps3 games, other misc)

    1) US buyers only
    2) Paypal or Amazon payments only
    3) Shipping not included unless stated
    4) Everything will be shipped via USPS. It's easier for me.
    5) Opened for reasonable offers unless otherwise stated.
    6) My Ebay page/rating

    If you're paying with paypal, please PM me your email so I can create an invoice.

    If you're paying with Amazon payments, I will send you my email via PM. Please leave a note for what you're paying for and then PM me your address.


    Super Samurai Green MegaBloks x 5

    Special Items


    PS+ 3 month - $15, code will be PM to you



    Gokaiger candy toy, the ones without the cannon ball pieces. I’d preferred not to break them apart unless there are buyers for all of them. BRAND NEW $55 shipped


    Power Rangers TCG


    1-001 Red MF x1
    1-003 Black MegaRanger x1
    1-005 Black MegaRanger x1
    1-006 Black mf x4
    1-007 Yellow MegaRanger x1
    1-008 Yellow MegaRanger x1
    1-009 blue mf x2
    1-014 samurai pink
    1-017 Red RPM Ranger x3
    1-018 red rpm
    1-019 Blue RPM Ranger x3
    1-020 Yellow RPM Ranger x3
    1-021 Green RPM ranger x4
    1-022 black rpm x2
    1-026 High Octane Megazord x3
    1-029 Terra Zord Brothers x2
    1-033 Red Mega Ranger x2
    1-034 red mf
    1-035 pink mf x1
    1-037 pink mf
    1-038 black mf x1
    1-040 black mf x1
    1-041 yellow mf x1
    1-042 Yellow MegaRanger x2
    1-043 Blue Mega Ranger x1
    1-044 blue mf x2
    1-046 Red RPM Ranger x1
    1-047 blue mf x2
    1-049 green rpm
    1-053 Serrater
    1-055 steeleto x1
    1-057 mooger x2
    1-058 Loggie x2
    1-060 dayu x1
    1-063 yellow rpm x1
    1-066 MMPR red
    1-069 blue mmpr x1
    1-071 black mmpr
    1-074 black mmpr
    1-085 red samurai x2
    1-090 s. samurai blue x1


    1-051 Xandred
    1-078 green mmpr
    1-083 Tiger drill megazord


    Comic Party: PVC Statue – Eimi Ohba Changing Clothes – Brand New $30 shipped

    Toshiro Hitsugaya plush, banpresto
    I kept this in a bag since I got it, so it’s new-ish. $7 + shipping


    Final Fantasy XII Limited Edition guide
    Great condition, carefully used, $25 + shipping


    Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny Pin up collection book – All pages intacted, $25 + ship

    Manga, $5 each plus ship

    All are in good condition, with the exception of yellowing on the side

    Full Metal Alchemist v4
    Vampire Knight v1
    Shinobi Life v1, v2
    Q-Ko-chan v1, v2
    Cosplay Korono-chan


    Twilight Sage hardcover book set, includes the cards -$40 shipped
    Like new condition, read only a few times


    These are Chibi-Voice Kamen Rider Den-O They are all new, still in original plastic, except it may need new batteries.

    $12 shipped

    Ura, Kin, Ryuu are sold!


    Megabloks Series 2

    MegaBlue x 1, Training Yellow - $4 each shipped


    ClearRed Red Ranger figure from SDCC 2012 - $8 shipped


    Shrek ears - $8


    Posters (27" x 40") $18 shipped

    The Possession
    Hungers Games, Exclusive from SDCC (that's what it says on the bottom left corner)
    Expendables 2

    Broken PS2 FAT - offers + shipping
    As you can see, the disc drive is removed. It still turns on and stuff. No cables or controllers.


    PS3 games
    All come from PS3 bundle. I don't play these games. Want them gone!

    Brand New, $15 + shipped or all for $50 shipped
    Uncharted: Drake Fortune
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


    Broken AS IS White Wii - offers + shipping
    It turns on, disc drive works (I believe it's been a while.) It turns on to a black screen, meaning it doesn't show the Warning menu. Selling it AS IS!

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    Updated: Added Megabloks series 2, PRS red figure, Shrek ears, and trading cards
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    Update: Added more Mega Bloks PR
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    Update: Chibi Voice KR Den-O Ura and Kin are sold!
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    Update: Added more stuff.
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    Added Pikachu 3ds xl
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    How much for shipping to Seattle for the Ryuuta iDoll?
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    Ryuuta made it safe and sound, and now MAKES sound, since I replaced the batteries!
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    Added: PS+ 3 month sub

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