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    Using the 40 teams worth of Ranger Morphed Uniforms this game is to be
    called Mystic Guardians. Apart from the Uniforms it will be built from
    the ground up (Story and that sort of stuff)

    The teams will also be renamed to connect with the Mystic Knights
    Game. This is to allow to be unique.

    Team Names

    01 Mystic Guardians
    03 Globe Knights
    10 Cosmic Knights
    13 Sonic Knights
    14 Amazon Knights
    15 Eagle Knights
    16 Jurassic Knights
    17 Aura Knights
    18 Shinobi Knights
    18 Feline Knights (Hannah Ninja Bonus Team)
    21 Astro Knights
    22 Beast Knights
    23 Rescue Knights
    24 Quantum Knights
    25 Jungle Knights
    26 Hurricane Knights
    27 Triassic Knights
    28 Delta Knights
    29 Magic Knights
    30 Relic Knights
    31 Wild Cat Knights
    32 Engine Knights
    33 Samurai Knights
    34 Celestial Knights
    35 Legend Knights
    36 Cyber Knights
    37 Dino Knights
    38 Rail Knights
    39 Ninja Knights


    Katana Blades
    Power gloves (For hand to hand)
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    You pick up Knights VIA Game Levels after
    each mission.

    Start with 2 Knights

    Total Series Based Level sets - 40
    Total Levels - 10 each generation

    Massive story takes effect once you
    unlock all 40 teams

    The Knights are gained after so many
    levels each.

    New Story Mode multi Levels start after
    unlocking all Knights

    Gameplay style and format to be decided.

    Team Names are coming shortly. I've had to think on this one.
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    Game plot

    Once you obtain all 40 teams of Knights the story starts up.

    Story (Upon recruiting the Mystic Knights Teams)

    Through history the Power Rangers and Super Task Force teams have
    protected our planet dating back to 5 Ranger and MMPR in the USA.

    Both forces have kept our world safe until now....

    Someone has wiped the Rangers and Super Task Force teams off the
    grid. Only their powers remain. Now a Knight must seek out these
    powers to save our world. Only then can the Power Rangers and Super
    Task Force be restored.

    This adventure spans 40 generations of Rangers from both franchises.
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    I will need help building this game from the ground up. (Graphics and stuff) Details are in posts
    1 and 2 due to length. This is a new project BTW. Also placing in team names. I was waiting for
    Toei to launch Generation 40 before setting this up. New teams may be added after 2018 if
    more Morph designs are confirmed. A new story will be built for this. Story details in Post 3

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