My review of Ninja Steel Return of the Prism

Discussion in 'The Power Chamber' started by SaikoDragon, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Hey guys. I just uploaded my review of the first episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Return of the Prism. Check it out.


    I know these things usually go in the Viewing Globe but since traffic is low, I thought it would be OK to post it in the Power Chamber to increase visibility. Let me know what you think. The video took me forever to put together (ugh) so not sure if I will do more.
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    This was awesome man, great job. It was funny and informative, without blindly loving it because it's PR but also without ragging on it, just cuz either.

    I agree with everything, but I'm surprised you found Pink's acting to be the weakest. I found that she did the best job delivering crappy lines naturally, in years. Thus far, she runs circles around Shelby's actress. To my surprise she isn't just a pretty face. She isn't the best PR has had, but she was way more consistent through out the episode as opposed to almost-hit-or-miss Brody, and a "meh" Preston.
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    I've seen this episode and I has to post how much I like it. :coolshades:

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