Marvel To Create New Ultraman Comics

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    As just announced at Tokyo Comic Con (and afterwards in press released on both Tsuburaya and Marvel's websites), Marvel have partnered with Tsuburaya to create brand new comics and graphic novels based upon the Ultraman franchise, which will start coming out from next year.

    According to the press release, "Today, Ultraman continues to be a worldwide phenomenon, but fans will always remember the groundbreaking thrill and wonder of the first generation of Ultraman that started it all. Beginning next year, Marvel will expand that iconic era of the Ultras through the lens of Marvel’s art and storytelling."

    To me that kind of implies that their content will be based specifically on either just the original Ultraman, or the Showa seasons? We'll have to wait for more details.
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    This is interesting.
    I can't wait to see him crossover with other Marvel heroes!
    I would like to see Ultraman vs. Giant-Man (Ant-Man). :D
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    Wow, Ultraman is getting alll sorts of love lately haven't they

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