Makai Gaiden: Rook- The Bride of Sorrow

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    With one last cry of anguish Helvax exploded in a fireball that quickly dissappaited. The armor flew off of him as it returned to the portal above him. Around them the Cards slowly started fading away revealing the loft they were covering up. Before too long things were back to normal. Then Jules pointed behind him, “Carter.”

    He whipped around and saw a human looking Lucille stumble out what was left of the explosion. Singed and wounded she reached out toward him with a pained and sad look on her face.”Be...”, she said as she slowly came forward. Carter was at the ready for any sort of attack. But all she did was come toward him slowly, almost willing herself to reach him. “Be...,” she repeated. “Be happy...” Slightly confused bt her choice of words Carter caught her as she fell forward. In his arms she looked up at him, fresh tears streaming down her face. Smiling weakly she told him, “Be happy together,” before she slumped in his arms, body disappearing into a bunch of tarot cards that blew away like dust.

    “That wasn't the Horror,” Xypher announced once she was gone. “That what was left of the real Lucille.”

    “Be happy together,” Carter repeated before looking over at Jules. She took his arm and silently led them out of there.


    Hours later after they rested after the ordeal Marcus stood holding the sword out. Jules waved her brush over it, bristles glowing as she made several slow passes over it. Finally she said, “I can't detect anything. Damn if I know how it was done.” Next to them Judith stood there with a I told you so look on her face. “Are you absolutely sure something was done to the sword? Because I'm convinced those two are making it up.”

    “I thought the same thing,” Judith informed her. “At first.”

    ”But the weight is off,” Marcus insisted. “At least compared to every other sword I've every wielded.”

    “It's going to go down,” Judith added, “as one of life's great mysteries. That secret was lost when Paul's grandfather died along with the Priest who did it.”

    “I better get back to practicing with it,” Marcus said as he sheathed the blade. “If you'll excuse me.” With a slight bow he left for the practice yard. Judith smiled and went to her not quite so secret porch. Jules joined her and together they watched father and son in a sparing match.

    “Well this was one way to introduce ourselves to each other wasn't it?”, Judith said as they watched for a bit.

    “It wasn't exactly how I imaged our first meeting going,” Jules agreed. “I'm just happy Carter and his father are on better terms now.”

    “You will get no argument from me there,” Judith told her.


    Carter blocked and parried everything his father threw ar him with the wooden training sword they were using. Backing up when necesary and charging forward with his own attack only when he saw the appropriate opening. And he knew his father's tells well enough to know when an apparent opening was a trap. Then he did sometc the wooden sword up Carter grabbed his wrist with his free arm before Paul could bring it to his neck, and claim victory. Struggling a bit Carter was able to flip out of the hold and in the same motion flipped his father over to his back. It stunned him long enough for Carter to bring the edge of his sword to his father's neck.

    Seeing the situation at hand and not seeing an immediate way out he dropped his training sword and said, “I yield.” Keeping the blade there he reached out a hand to help him to his feet. “Good,” he muttered, “you remembered the lesson about not assuming the battle is over until it is. So did you learn that little flipping move from Lowell?”

    “Not exactly,” Carter told him. “I came up with it myself using what both of you taught me.”

    “Combining the skill sets into something your own,”Paul said. “I figured as much when I saw you fight the Horrors those two times. Good for you son,” he slapped him on the arm. “You're as good as me now.”

    “Almost,” Carter told him. He looked over to the practice yard and his father did as well. Together they watched Marcus try to swing the sword around like he witnessed Carter doing. “Looks like he almost has the hang of it now.”

    Grunting in agreement Paul added, “He didn't even need my grandfather's journals to do it either.” Carter looked at him smirk out of the corner of his eye. Guiding him away from the sight to give Marcus a little privacy he said, “So your wedding is in a couple of days now. If I know your mother she already has me dressed in her head, so that should be enjoyable. Are you sure there's going to be room for us? We did confirm that we're attending pretty much at the last minute.”

    They heard Jules call out, “We'll make room.” They looked to see her come up to them.

    “Didn't you tell her we were going to have a private chat?”, Paul asked him. Carter answered with a slight nod. “Listens to you doesn't she?”

    Carter looked over to his side and smirked, “About as well as mom listens to you.” He motioned with his head when his father looked confused. Coming in from another direction his mother was joining the apparent party. Before he could protest she worked his way under his arm as Jules stood next to Carter. “I was going to make sure there room for the two of you one way or another.”

    “He did,” Jules confirmed. “Not that I was going to argue the point.”

    “Hopefully my future daughter-in-law can be as forgiving of the harsh greeting I originally gave her,” Paul told her.

    “Already forgotten,” she told him. “The way I figure it I met you at a bad time.” Putting a arm around Carter she added, “Besides you helped raised this guy right here and he turned out all right. So you can't be all that bad.”

    Paul chuckled at that, “I'll give credit where credit is due where Carter is concerned.” He gave his wife a quick squeeze. “But I'll take the bad time excuse, it's close enough to the truth.” He looked at Judith expectantly.

    She looked back and said, “You're not expecting me to disagree are you?” Paul just grunted.

    “I hate to leave so soon,” Carter spoke up, “but like Dad said, the wedding is in a couple of days and we still have some things to take care of before then.”

    “Unfortunately he's right,” Jules added. “The maor things are done but there are some smaller details to take care of.”j

    “Don't worry dear,” Judith told her. “I remember those particular days well.” Letting go of her husband she gave Jules another big hug. “We'll see you at the wedding. You come here,” she told Carter who obliged and she hugged him as well. “My boy's getting married, I can hardly believe it.”

    “It's still a little surreal to me too mom,” he said as he hugged her back. Letting go he turned to his father and extended his hand, “Dad.” Paul took the hand then quickly pulled him into a hug of his own. Then he gave one to Jules, who looked like she was getting squeezed again until she let go. “We'll see you in a couple of days,” he said repeating what his mom did. “We better get going,” he told Jules.” They headed down the path as Paul pulled Judith closer and gave her a quick squeeze as they watched them go.

    “A ton of details,” Jules said after a bit. “I'm sure we forgot something since we were dealing with Lucille and Sean. And there better not be another mission waiting for you when we get back.” Carter nodded his agreement as they walked down the path. “Where do you think we should start?”

    “Personally?”, he asked. “I think we should have a long talk about you heading into a dangerous situation without me backing you up.”

    “I was scouting the area out first,” she told him, getting a little annoyed. “And I had Marcus with me.”

    “Ah Jules,” Xypher said. “You might want to be glad he didn't let you keep the riding crop for this talk.”

    She looked at the pin, “Carter would never do me like that, would you Carter?”

    “Of course I wouldn't treat you like that.” He put an arm around her and pulled her closer. As she rested her head on his shoulder he added, “Much.”

    She looked up at him, “You heard that, huh?” After a few beats he looked at her and grinned. She returned it as they continued down the path.
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    Two days later in a Makai temple Paul, Judith and a group of other Makai practitioners stood around, The two Watchdogs stood on a special balcony over looking the situation. Before long one man, Makai Priest Alexander, stepped forward and faced those who had gathered. Looking at no one in particular he nodded on either side of the room ten Makai Priests and ten Makai Knights standing in rows of two got into position. The Priest each took out their Madou Brush and pointed them at a area slightly above them, creating five softly glowing orbs that created a lighted walk way of sorts on the other side the Knights unsheathed their swords and created an arch of steel. Before long Jules and Carter both appeared and came forward. Carter had the staff in his hands while Jules held her brush like a bouquet of flowers as they met in the middle by Alexander.

    Carter held out his staff and opened his hand slightly Jules did the same with her brush as she held it against the staff. Both of them grabbed both items and stood there. Alexander stepped closer and retrirved a ribbon that he tied loosely around their hands. Looking at the assembled crowd he began, “Friends, and esteemed Watchdogs, we have come here to bear witness to these two protectors who have decided to pledge their loyalty to each other and no other. Have both of you agreed to this arrangement, swearing not to do anything to nullify this union and join forces to protect humanity from the Horrors and their like. Do the two of you swear to honor and protect each other? To lay down your life for the other if need be. To defend humanity as two protectors acting as one?”

    “I do,” Carter said.

    Jules smiled as she said, “I do as well.”

    Nodding Alexander looked at the crowd. “These two have sworn before us their intention. And as the one presiding over this union I accept their statements as the truth. Now does any one present wish to say anything against this union?” The crowd looked at each other but no one said anything. Satisfied Alexander started smiling, “As no one has issued an argument against this union I pronounce this union of two to be officially united as husband and wife.” With the crowd clapping in approval Carter leaned in and kissed Jules. “Let nothing, not Knight, Priest or Horror tear this union apart.” as they broke the kiss Alexander undid the ribbon, “Allow me to present to you the new Mr. and Mrs. Greystone. And let any Horror that comes across them beware.” Again the crowd applauded in approval as Carter and Jules stood there soaking it in, neither letting go of the other's weapon. “Go on,” Alexander told them, “Go greet the crowd.

    Looking backat him Carter glanced down at his chest and gave a quick wave at the not so hidden camera Jules had pointed out earlier. Jules did the same before both of them walked toward the crowd where they were greeted but several well wisher.

    Looking down Alexander mumbled, “You owe me for this one K-Byte.”

    “Come here dear,” Judith told Jules right before giving her another bear hug. Paul congratulated Carter before giving Jules a not quite as big hug as his wife had. “My boy's a married man now,” she said hugging Carter and started to cry a bit. “Now remember what I told you there's no rush for any grandchildren.”

    “Speak for yourself,' Paul said. “I'm fully ready to be a grandfather.”

    A woman came in a gave Jules a quick hug of her own, “Mom,” Jules went.

    “I agree with your father in law Jules,” she said. “And your father sorry he couldn't make it.”

    “It's alright,” she said. Actually it wasn't but she swore to herself that she wasn't going to throw a fit if he couldn't make it. “Oh mom, this is Carter.”

    “I figured Jules,” she said with a little laugh. “I just wish I could have made it out here sooner to meet you properly.” Taking both of his hands she told him, “Take good care of my little girl now, she's the only child I have.”

    “I will,” he told her. “With my life if need be.” She seemed satisfied with his answer so she, Judith and Paul stepped aside to get to now each other a little better since they were technically related now.

    Jules looked over to see Mason standing there. She walked over to him saying, “Why aren't you with the rest of the group? I'm sure carter wouldn't mind.”

    He coughed in his hand a bit, clearing his throat. “First of all my sincere congratulations to the two of you. But first someone wanted to say hello to you personally.” Behind him the head of a dark haired woman peeked out, looking a little nervous.

    “Hi,” Jules said feeling a little confused. “And you are?”

    “Um,” she began while stepping around Mason, by the way she was dressed she was obviously a Makai Priest.”Well you could say I'm your sister-in-law. One of them anyway. Well the one who'd admit to it at any point.”

    It took a second, and taking a second look at her coat to see a golden pin similar to Carter to put two and two together. “You must be Lillian.”

    “You would be correct,” she said. “I wanted to say hello personally before I greeted Carter.” Again Jules was confused and it apparently showed. “I heard about your last assignment with the fallen Priest. I didn't want to put any thoughts in your head after hearing her story.”

    “I don't think that would have popped in my head but okay then.” She grabbed Jules in a hug before she could react. “Nice to meet you too.”

    “Oh you have no idea how happy I am for you two,” she said after letting go. “I thought Carter was going to follow my father whole line of thinking in all aspects of his life, so I was ecstatic to hear you were in his life and the two of you were making it official. You are going to see a lot of me in the future, just to warn you. Faux big brother!”, she suddenly cried out getting Carter's attention. Once he turned around she started hugging him as well. “Papa wanted to come but he didn't want to cause an issue between you and your father.”

    Taking a moment to hold her side a bit Jules asked Mason, “Why does it seem like everyone on his side of things act like they want to squeeze the life out of me?”

    He chuckled slightly before saying, “I won't presume to speak for others but Miss Lillian is quite the hugger. There were times I was afraid she was going to squeeze Carter in two on occasion.” Seeing that Lillian was done talking with Carter he added, “Again congratulation, but I'm afraid Miss Lillian could only get away for the ceremony and this part before having to return. I'm sure I'll see you soon.” With a slight bow he followed Lillian out of the room. Both Jules and Carter watched them go before turning their attention to different guets.

    “Wow,what a day,” Jules said as they entered his, well now their, home. Carter closed the door behind them and went to the den to put Xypher on his stand for the night. All three of them satisfied there was no red envelope in sight. Before they walked away Xypher spoke up, “I'm happy for the two of you, I really am. Almost like a proud father.” Smiling Jules gave him a light tap on the head before they left the den.,

    “Jules,” Carter said suddenly. “Lillian said her father told her to give me this.” In his hand was a small velvet box. He opened it to reveal a pin like his. Carter took it and placed it on her jacket. “He's taking you in as one of his as well.”

    “I'm honored, although I get the feeling the other two daughters wouldn't approve. Based on what you and Xypher told me about them”

    “One would eventually,” he told her, “the other one not so much.” He looked at her, almost like he was studying her, “What is it?”

    “It's stupid,” she told him. He pressed the issue gently until she said, “I just can't help thinking about Lucille.” He nodded in understanding as she went on. “All that hatred that grew in her because she never got to see this day she was suppose to have.”

    “All because she got involved with the wrong person,” he added. Lucille had popped in his head on a couple of occasions today as well.

    “Makes me think what would have happened if I never met you,” she said putting her hands around his waist.

    “Or if I never met you,” he told her holding her tight. “But let's not think about the what ifs. Let's worry about the here and now.”

    “Agreed,” she said. “And let's try to be happy like she wanted us to.”

    Carter nodded his agreement of her sentiment and held her a little tighter. “Are you ready to call it a night Mrs. Greystone?”

    Her smile grew a little bigger, That was not something she was going to have to get used to. “I'm ready if you are Mr. Greystone.” Keeping his arm around her shoulders they made their way upstairs.

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