Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 40: "Can't Stop Worrying"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Nov 25, 2018.

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    It's Ok, you can pose either side of me even though you didn't do anything...
    This week: Kairi is acting shady, Touma and Umika could not be more obvious that they were following him, yes we'd all like to forget that episode Touma, woodpeckers attacking your stomach is an extremely specific event to think up, so Noel can't trigger his transformation himself?, and puppies melt Kairi's heart enough for him to offer an olive branch to Keiichiro.
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    Well, it was basically just another oddball episode. Kind of boring, actually.

    Although, I did like how the MOTW was keeping notes. It was a nice stealth advertisement for the magazine that comes out regularly (which I cannot remember the name of). Better than just throwing the actual magazine into the show and giving the fourth wall the middle finger.

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