Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 38: "The Collection Piece From Outer Space"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Guess who's finally back?!
    This week: The ice man returns! Is it suspicious that the Ganglers, phantom thieves and Global Police all receive their intel at the exact same time? Well that Iselob suit is near-pristine so I imagine that will get repainted for another appearance. It's cool that Destra gets more screen time but it really shows off how much more obvious the eye holes on that suit are compared to other monsters.

    I kinda like Super Lupin X despite how dumb it is. Triggers in the most difficult to operate position possible, no peripheral vision, probably gets deafened every time he opens fire and really should get knocked off his feet every time too. But tbh it's a lot less dumb than a lot of super modes in recent years. It looks like Kairi's getting one too following the break, but I guess Keiichiro's being left out?
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    Hey, Zamigo, where have you been? Oh... you're still doing absolutely nothing, okay, cool story bro.
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    Zamigo is the secret star of this episode. I wish he'd do this more often in EVERY Super Sentai. When things are getting a bit too silly, he just waltzes in out of nowhere, one-shots one of the superfluous characters, says something like "No. We're not doing that."

    That aside, this episode was... Not really what I was expecting?
    I've been wanting the police to get more Lupin Collection pieces lately, and I thought that's where this episode was going. However, I'm not sure that's what we got. The thieves used the Siren Striker first, and later got to keep the Victory Striker. Yes, I realize Noel got to keep the Siren Striker, but that just means it's another tool that he can play both sides of the fence with. So basically, the police came out empty handed and the thieves continue to grow their arsenal... Again. I sure hope the kids are rooting for thieves, otherwise some of them are probably feeling very disappointed.

    Also, do the police really refrain from collecting pieces unless Hilltop tells them to? That's kind of lame. Explains why they don't, I guess, but still very lame.

    Last of all, I like what Keiichiro said about protecting Noel because he's still a human. I hope he remembers that when he learns who the LupinRangers are and what they're fighting for.
    It still makes me wonder why Noel is still keeping secrets at this point when it seems like they'd be stronger as allies. I still think there is more to him that has yet to be revealed, but I just have to accept that they are saving all the good stuff for the end of the series.
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    You just gave me an idea for a joke for one of my reviews. Thanks. :-D

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